Working Late… and Loving it

An Evening with the Adobe 2015 Creative Residents Kelli Anderson and Becky Murphy

CR Event

Adobe’s San Francisco office was brimming with inspiration Wednesday night, as more than 100 creatives gathered to get an up-close look at projects from Adobe Creative Residents Kelli Anderson and Becky Murphy. The event was part of the “Working Late” speaker series, which features influential individuals in design and provides interactive opportunities for creative expression.

With hands stained red, black and orange, participants kicked off the evening by printing out original designs at the Make Ready Station and playing with a selection of stamps at the Typekit Studio.  Next, they settled down to hear what Kelli and Becky have been up to as Adobe’s first Creative Residents, a program that gives them the freedom to work on a creative project of their choice for a year.

Kelli discussed the function of design, and the painstakingly laborious process she goes through to make functional paper art.  Her upcoming book, “This Book is a Planetarium,” features pop-up, lo-fi paper contraptions like a planetarium and guitar which involved months of research and experimentation to develop. As anyone who’s ever attempted to make a paper airplane or origami crane understands, Kelli explained that “you can only understand certain experiences with your hands.”

Illustrator and author Becky advocated for “getting started,” a message she is living out with her project “100 Days of Getting Started,” and said she creates her best work when she is “[her] own client.” Becky outlined her artistic process, describing how she “consistently [creates] problems” and then applies her unique perspective to create a fresh solution, like a flowchart on whether or not it’s time to wash your hair.

If you’re interested in seeing more of what’s in store this year for the Creative Residents, check out Kelli and Becky’s websites, follow Becky and Kelli on Instagram, or visit Adobe Inspire and Adobe Conversations to learn more about the Creative Residency program.


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