Celebrating Innovation

Adobe named one of World’s Most Innovative Companies by Forbes


Adobe’s founders John Warnock and Chuck Geschke believed that good ideas come from everywhere in the company, and that it’s important to create new markets rather than being a “fast follower.”  That spirit of risk-taking and innovation has touched every part of Adobe, from major business model shifts to cutting-edge research and product innovations.

We’re proud that we had our innovation recognized this past week by Forbes, with Adobe featured on the World’s Most Innovative Companies list.

Adobe innovations span a wide range of people, functions and products.  Here are five that we would especially like to celebrate today:

  • Our well-loved “Sneaks” program was developed to show some of the most cutting edge inventions coming out of the Adobe Research Labs.  While not all of these demonstrations wind up in final products, many of the most awe-inspiring experiments do.  One recent example is the “Dehaze” feature in Photoshop, which allows a designer to remove haze from photos, something never considered possible before.
  • The Adobe Digital Index analyzes terabytes of data to find trends and make predictions based on website traffic and social media.  Tamara Gaffney and her team have produced reports have accurately predicted everything from Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to box office hits.
  • Adobe Behance, led by Scott Belsky, VP of Products, CC Ecosystem & Behance, is the world’s leading online platform for creatives to showcase and discover creative work.  While helping to inspire and recognize creative work, it now also serves as a major way that companies can discover and hire new talent, as highlighted in this recent blog where breakthrough projects were secured at places ranging from Marvel Comics to National Geographic to iconic tech advertising, celebrity photo shoots and record album covers.
  • Anil Kamath, Adobe Fellow and VP of Technology, was one of the first to apply the algorithms being used in finance and investing to the online advertising world. This ultimately provided the backbone of Adobe’s advertising solution Adobe Media Optimizer , which helps you forecast the best mix of search, display and social ads. He is considered one of the world’s leading researchers in this emerging field.
  • The Kickbox program was founded by VP of innovation, Mark Randall.  Adobe employees worldwide who participate are given a red box with various tools, including a $1,000 prepaid credit card to fund their project free of expense reports or approvals and a 6-step process to refine their ideas. KickBox has touched over a thousand Adobe participants to date, producing full-fledged business plans and products, and is now open-sourced to help other companies do it too.

Check out the Forbes’ story about Mark and the Kickbox program, and congratulations to all the companies recognized!