The World through Artists’ Eyes

Adobe’s Creative Cloud 2015 launch featured 15 updated desktop apps, new mobile functionality, the Adobe Stock imaging service and an expanded enterprise offering—all helping to transform the creative workflow even more.

To generate awareness, produced something new: a Virtual Launch Experience. The stars of the virtual experience are three “campaign heroes”—artists who bring the CC 2015 story to life at scenic locations around the world.

Three Artists, Three Special Landscapes

Adobe sent Shawna X, David Mascha and Takehiro Tobinaga to White Sands, New Mexico; the abandoned Bärenquell brewery in Berlin; and Kumano Forest in Japan, respectively.

“It’s been an amazing process—a huge undertaking for Adobe, and a big ask to these creative pros,” explained AJ Joseph, creative director for the launch experience. “Think about it: We fly Shawna to White Sands and say, ‘Here’s a tent in the middle of nowhere; you have five days to create something.’ We introduce her to a bunch of new apps and we sit back to watch (and film) how she uses them to create an incredible piece of art.”

White Sands
Shawna X’s creations embrace the ethereal quality of white sand dunes, sapphire skies and stark yet beautiful plant life.

“Shawna is colorful, and she has this really cool retro perspective; it’s all very unexpected,” AJ said. “Her style is smooth, sexy—electric.”

“A lot of my work is inspired by impulses, because I think in that moment of impulse, there’s no B.S,” she said. “It’s very emotionally charged.”


Bärenquell Brewery
At the deserted brewery in Germany, David Mascha used his creative vision to show how the brick monolith, although abandoned, still pulses with life, through the imprints of people (graffiti, shattered glass) and nature (invading plants).

“When I first got there, I was excited. It’s full of light, texture, ideas and inspiration,” David said. “These new Creative Cloud tools give artists like me a chance to show the world through our eyes.”

David has worked with Adobe for many years, including on the “Adobe &” campaign.

“He has such a wide range of ability,” AJ said. “It’s all very technical, rich and industrial. He’s an incredible creative.”

cca_davidKumano Forest
Takehiro Tobinaga explored the waterfalls, textured rock faces and misty skies of the historic Kumano Trail in the Japanese rainforest.

“I came here hoping to create work to express the mysterious power that Kumano holds,” Takehiro said. “The Creative Cloud apps made it possible for me to turn what I felt and sensed into a piece of art, while keeping it true to the place.”

“The level of detail, layering and depth in Takehiro’s work is unreal,” AJ said.

Adobe’s goal in engaging these creatives has been to show our audience how far we’ve come in advancing the creative workflow.

“Once you see it, you get it,” AJ said. “It’s all completely integrated: Simple mobile apps allow you to sample the world around you—to use your environment to create art; and they’re connected to your desktop apps, which makes it easy to use.”

cca_takehiroAnother plus for Creative Cloud users: We’ve put every brush, swatch, shape, color, texture and image the three artists developed into a CC library for the community to use.

What It’s All About
The 2015 CC launch is meeting its goal of inspiring and educating creatives—as you can see from this sampling of comments on the projects’ Behance pages:

  • “This is sooooooo inspiring!”
  • “I don’t comment often, but I really felt I had to say something. Art is ever evolving, and wow, to think you did this using these tools. Keep it up. Hope you inspire more people with your work.”
  • “I loved seeing this process.”
  • “Just amazing! So powerful and inspirational!”
  • “Excellent. Your art is my new wallpaper.”

At the end of the artist videos, we see each of the artists when they first discover their artwork—in their environment—displayed on a supersized light box.

“They’re having that “wow!” moment. That’s the kind of thing that really gets us excited,” AJ said. “That’s what it’s all about.”

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