Adobe Debuts The Next Generation Of Mobile Creativity Apps During Apple iPad Pro Keynote

Today, during Apple’s keynote announcing iPad Pro, Adobe previewed the next generation of Creative Cloud mobile apps – including our much-anticipated new digital imaging app, Project Rigel.  We can now reveal the name of this new app – Photoshop Fix.


Adobe’s Director of Mobile Design, Eric Snowden, demoed versions of Adobe Comp CCAdobe Photoshop Sketch, and Photoshop Fix on Apple’s just announced iPad Pro. Adobe also demonstrated how our CreativeSync technology enables mobile apps to work with each other to achieve the best results. We’ll be talking more about these apps and the new connected creative workflows that they power at Adobe MAX, The Creativity Conference, in Los Angeles, October 5-7.

You can watch the recording of the keynote here.

What’s different about Adobe’s Creative Cloud Mobile Apps?

Rather than work in isolation and rely on a device’s “camera roll,” Adobe’s new mobile apps work together and use Adobe’s Creative Cloud service to enable professional results. For example, designers can create a layout in Adobe Comp, easily retouch images using Photoshop Fix, and then save their changes back to their layout in Adobe Comp as one connected workflow. All creations are “non-destructive” meaning they can be edited on an ongoing basis, accessed across other mobile apps, and saved in formats such as PSD (the Photoshop file format). Creative Cloud mobile apps are powerful in their own right but gain even more impact through deep integration with our industry-defining desktop tools, such as Photoshop CC and InDesign CC. Imagine opening up and tweaking your Photoshop Fix creations (in full screen glory) on a 27 inch Apple Thunderbolt Display, thanks to Photoshop CC.  Also we’re powering cross-app workflows using Adobe’s Creative SDK (a software development kit that allows Adobe and third-party apps to participate in this ecosystem of connected mobile and desktop apps).

During Apple’s keynote, we also demonstrated the extraordinary speed and precision of Adobe’s Creative Cloud mobile apps on Apple’s new iPad Pro. iPad Pro is great for creative workflows with a high res 12.9″ touch screen display at 2732 x 2048 pixels. The optional Apple Pencil was designed for iPad Pro and can differentiate between stylus touches and finger touches. This allows apps like Adobe Comp to use fingers as modifiers while manipulating objects with the stylus. The 1.8mm tip works for fine detail, and tilt input allows users of Adobe Photoshop Sketch to vary thickness and flow through the natural motion of tilting the stylus. With the iPad Pro, iOS9, and Adobe’s Creative Cloud mobile apps, professional creativity is coming of age.

Adobe’s investment and experimentation in mobile apps has helped tablets and mobile devices move from their initial role as content consumption devices to hardware that will be central to the creative process.

Adobe & The Era Of Mobile Creativity

Creative potential cannot be chained to the desktop. Such limitations defy all we know about creativity. Namely, that inspiration strikes where you least expect it, and we are most creative (and productive) on our own terms, which has new meaning in a mobile world. Our latest suite of mobile apps, with the power of CreativeSync, unlock endless potential for mobile creativity and show Adobe leading the creative industry forward once again.