Seen This Week: Portland Artists Design Apps to Save the Planet

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This week, artists in Portland turned green. We hosted a Creative Jam session and challenged nine design duos to develop apps to reduce Portland’s carbon footprint. Running on unlimited creative freedom; three hours; local beer, wine and soda; and Adobe Experience Design, the teams developed Earth Day-inspired eco-apps. Winners included an app that lets users calculate their personal carbon footprints, and a futuristic tool for energy sharing. Check out a video and details here.

Creative Jams are the “Top Chef” of the creative world—we tap local creatives through their Behance portfolios, and invite them to a no-ideas-barred three-hour creativity tournament. Each Jam has a secret theme that we reveal just before the clock starts ticking. Artists work in pairs for a fast and furious three hours to design something original and inspired using Adobe Creative Cloud tools, and then judges and attendees choose winners. Past Jams include a San Francisco competition based on the Picasso quotation, “Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction,” and a Tokyo challenge inspired by Yukichi Fukuzawa’s “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Check out video highlights of the events:

During Creative Jams, the attendees who aren’t competing listen to talks by local thought leaders and mingle, sharing work and ideas with other artists in their communities. “The Creative Jam is a great way for top designers in the city to share their process with a broader audience. It is so inspiring to see what everyone makes,” says Liz Schmidt, Senior Community Manager, Creative Cloud, Adobe.

Last year, we hosted 30 Creative Jams, and we’re scheduling two to three per month around the world this year. Check out the Creative Jam Behance Gallery to see all of the work created to date and follow us here to keep up on the latest.