Students Grab a Passport to Creativity; Document Environmentally Protected Areas for Earth Day

We recently tapped six super-talented art students and creative hobbyists and dropped them into three of Earth’s most remote, protected places. Why? To find out what happens when creativity collides with conservation. We partnered with Passion Passport, a company that helps storytellers, photographers and explorers unite through travel, to kickoff Passport to Creativity. The program paired students with creative mentors and sent them to stunning, fragile landscapes in Chile, Kenya and Australia. We challenged participants to use Adobe Creative Cloud tools to bring the sights and sounds of their destinations to life in an immersive installation on Earth Day (April 22).

“Each location was chosen with several parameters in mind: a pressing conservation story, diversity in subject matter, and diversity in ecosystems. We worked closely with researchers and individuals on the ground who could grant us access,” explained Zach Glassman, the founder of Passion Passport. “It’s important to send young people to sites of active conservation because these issues will continue to be more and more critical during their lifetimes. Their art can impact and empower others to join the cause, and their youthful ebullience and spirit adds fuel to the fire.”

The project culminates at sunset on Earth Day with a multimedia installation of the students’ work in L.A.’s Bloom Square, in the heart of the city’s art district. The exhibit will include three tunnels, each one housing a deeply immersive experience that will transport urban dwellers to the awe-inspiring, endangered environments in Chile, Kenya and Australia.

“The students brought so much creativity and vision to this mission, and they captured the natural beauty and the struggle of conservation in a way that will really reach viewers,” said AnnMarie Baba, senior manager, marketing campaigns for Adobe. “Now we’re installing their work in a busy urban setting. It’s a way to bring a little piece of these faraway environments back home, and to show how creativity can influence others transform our relationship to the planet.”

To find our six talented artists, we asked interested students to tag their Behance portfolios and Instagram feeds with #MadeThis and #PassportToCreativity. We chose our participants based on their creativity and unique perspectives on the world. Passport to Creativity is part of our Make It with Creative Cloud campaign. It’s one of many projects that connect up-and-coming student designers and art hobbyists with awesome, real-world creative opportunities to build their skills and portfolios with Creative Cloud apps and tools. Previous projects included partnerships with AIDS activists at DANCE (RED) SAVE LIVES and Marvel Comics.

For sneak peeks of the students’ progress and to hear about their experiences, stay tuned to the Adobe Conversations Blog this week. We’ll meet the participants and reveal photos and videos of the big installation in Bloom Square!