Supporting Our Employees Through Enhanced Parental Leave

APAC enhanced leave

(From left to right) Adobe employees Paula Parkes, Nidhi Chopra and Marshall Tolentino

Adobe has always pushed the boundaries when it comes to introducing innovative practices to help ensure its global workforce feels supported in every aspect of their jobs. We’ve introduced channels that allow our people to hone their creative spirits, opportunities to enhance and explore new areas of education, and encourage better work-life balance.

Now, as part of the ongoing effort to enrich the lives of our employees both in and outside the workplace, Adobe Australia and New Zealand has announced significant enhancements to our parental leave benefit.

Highlights of Adobe’s enhanced Australia and New Zealand parental leave benefit include:

  • Parental Leave for Primary Caregivers: 26 weeks of paid-time off, including commissions and allowances, for the birth or adoption of a child. Previously, the allowance was 6 weeks.
  • Parental Leave for Non-Primary Caregivers: 4 weeks of paid-time off, including commissions and allowances, after the birth or adoption of a child.  Previously, the allowance was 1 week.

These leave enhancements reflect a fundamental shift in the ongoing government and enterprise debate about the type and level of support provided for working families. Specifically, these enhancements move away from Maternity and Paternity leave provisions, to an inclusive program that supports Primary and Secondary caregivers, with all employees enjoying equal access to this benefit.

Women comprise 30% of our workforce globally, and in Australia and New Zealand, the percentage is even higher at 36%. This initiative is one aspect of our diversity strategy, making it easier for employees to balance their home commitments with work.

Our employees make the Adobe culture and business a supportive, enriching and successful one. We’re proud that we’re driving significant changes to support working families.

  • “As a first time mum, all I know is to expect the unexpected and embrace the early moments! The new Adobe parental leave enhancements give me the gift of time. I have peace of mind knowing I can focus on caring and bonding with my newborn in the precious early months of life.” -Paula Parkes, Adobe Director of Marketing, APAC Digital Marketing (Baby due this September)
  • “As a first time mom and an immigrant into a new country, I am so thankful to Adobe for this leave enhancement. When we learned we were pregnant, we were super excited but at the same time nervous given we have no access to government allowance or support. It would have meant a change in lifestyle and diverting our savings towards an unpaid leave. The new Adobe parental leave enhancements give me not just extended time but also alleviates financial stress to allow me to focus on spending quality time with my baby. I now also look forward to visiting my home country so my family can meet the baby and we can celebrate this new phase together.”-Nidhi Chopra, Adobe Manager for Employee Resource Center (Baby due this June)
  • “With my first child I was at another company where I did not have the opportunity or benefit of taking time off work. It created a tremendous amount of stress for my wife and me to become new parents and balance my work schedule at the same time. Adobe’s new parental leave enhancements will give the support I need take care of my growing family.” -Marshall Tolentino, Adobe APAC Marketing Insights and Operations Manager (Baby due this September)