Roundup: Let’s Get Real About Virtual Reality

virutal-reality-mainEven though virtual reality is considered an emerging technology, it’s already inspiring creative minds across a wide range of disciplines.

Icelandic musician Björk incorporated VR into her music video for her song “Stonemilker,” transporting the viewer directly into her world. The New York Times has led the charge in the field of journalism by immersing their audience in stories and cultures from all over the globe through VR. We’ve experimented with VR at one of our largest customer events Adobe Summit.  Create magazine and have been exploring this budding technology, the promise, its benefits and its drawbacks, and we rounded up a few stories that highlight perspectives across creativity and marketing:

  • 360° and VR Video: New Technologies, New PossibilitiesWhat is the difference between 360° video and VR video? How is it being used today and who is using it? How do you make a great VR video? Adobe’s Senior Creative Director Dan Cowles discusses the great things and the not-so-great things about VR and 360°.
  • Is Virtual Reality Viable for Marketers in 2016? Maybe not yet, but soon, says contributing writer Angela Rumsey. Although many industries, such as auto, fashion, and entertainment, have already begun to incorporate VR into their marketing strategies, the technology itself still needs a little development. And as more consumers are able to get their hands on headsets, it will be easier for brands to tailor their strategies.
  • Defining What VR Marketing Means to Your BrandNow that you know the basics of VR videos, it’s time to consider how to put this technology into action. But before you do, Klaus Sommer Paulsen, CEO Creative Director of AdventureLAB: Strategic Experience Design Studio, wants you to ask yourself “Why VR?” If the answer doesn’t provide a unique experience for your brand, you may need to reevaluate your strategy. Read on to see what else Klaus recommends for brands looking to get their feet wet with these immersive experiences.

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