Seen This Week: Share Your World on World Photo Day

Happy World Photo Day! Kicking off in San Francisco today, our Lightroom team is on a global expedition. At each stop, we’re taking a picture of our favorite Lightroom patch as a fun way to personalize our photos and catalogue the places we visit. This patch is a personal memento we created based on a symbol of the passion we hold for photography.


We love that photography can be both personal and global, and we want to see what traveling mementos are your favorites to photograph. Whether it’s a flag of your favorite sports team or a symbolic memento, we want to hear about what makes them special and where you’ve been. Share your memento shots with us via Facebook in the comments section of our photo, or respond to us via Twitter. Remember to include #WorldPhotoDay each time you share. No matter where you are – we want to see your world.

About the “Seen this Week” series: Sometimes a picture says it all! Each week we’ll capture a moment that will give you a better view into Adobe, our employees, customers and communities.