Adobe Analytics: New Features Make Powerful Insights More Accessible

The best digital experiences are ones backed with great data. As the volume of what brands have to measure continues to grow, knowing which insights to pull and how to action it across an organization becomes most critical. Successfully doing this will drive the customer intelligence that powers personalized and engaging experiences, helping brands retain their existing audiences while drawing in new ones.

Analysis Workspace within Adobe Analytics was built with this in mind. Leveraging a flexible “canvas” approach and bringing in our creative heritage, users of any level – whether you are a data scientist or on the product marketing team – can pull data insights that enhance their work. Users of Analysis Workspace can tap into Photoshop-like tools to drag and drop different data dimensions, processing this at the speed of thought and curating the outputs in a way that resonates with recipients; gone are the days of sending static, canned reports.

Today, we are announcing new capabilities within Analysis Workspace that furthers our mission to democratize analytics. These include flow exploration and fallout analysis, which not only allows brands to develop a deeper understanding of how people are navigating across their digital channels, but it also lets them identify stumbling blocks so they can initiate changes that drive conversion and prevent churn.

Read more about the new Analysis Workspace features here.