Four Fun Facts About the Big Game

Super Bowl Sunday means three things: Americans will be glued to their TV sets for hours, they’ll be on their phones chatting about the game and the commercials, and they’ll be overeating.

To get a better understanding of what to expect during the upcoming game this year, Adobe’s Digital Insights (ADI) team took a look at massive amounts of aggregated, anonymous data around social engagements, advertising performance, and website visits from past big games. The findings range from social buzz to favorite teams to sports gear sales. We pulled some fun data about food from the report, because let’s face it, the parties are all about the food:

  • Not surprisingly, people eat a shameless amount of chicken wings. Online chicken wing sales increase 40% on Super Bowl weekend compared with the average weekend. Surprisingly, online pizza sales increase by only 4%.
  • People love their traditional bone-in chicken wings. It generates the largest share of social mentions (80%).
  • Hot wings have the most hype, because nothing says true fandom like a mouth on fire. Hot wings have the largest share of social mentions (38%) over Buffalo, BBQ, Ranch, Blue Cheese, and other flavors.
  • In the pizza realm, people are talking about classic cheese (52%) over any other type of pizza, followed by pepperoni (24%).

Check out all the data from ADI in the blog post, report, and infographic: