Adobe Summit 2017: Tackling What it Takes to Become an Experience Business

Think of your favorite brands… Why do you like them? They know you as soon as you reach out, and it doesn’t matter if you called, browsed the site on your phone or opened an email on your laptop. They understand when you are just looking around and when you are ready to buy. They make it easy. And, when things go wrong, they are quick to fix them. This brand gets you and then gets out of your way—they are what we call an “Experience Business.”

It sounds simple on the surface, but becoming an Experience Business is anything but easy. In fact, more than 38 percent of consumers say their expectations are not being met today. And, nearly 90 percent of companies recently surveyed by Gartner indicated that they expect to compete primarily on consumer experience — up nearly three times from 2010.

It’s a challenge that’s top of mind for the 12,000 marketing leaders who are joining us in Las Vegas this week for Adobe Summit, the world’s largest digital marketing conference. And, through the keynotes, news and nearly 300 sessions, marketers can expect to get strategies and new ideas to improve their customer experiences. 

At Summit, leaders from Facebook, Intel, Microsoft, the National Basketball Association, National Geographic and T-Mobile will present their own journeys to becoming Experience Businesses. We’ll even have some star power on hand, with Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon and Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning talking about how their personal brands are evolving in today’s digital world. Among the exciting events on tap, we’re holding a Think Tank with experience leaders and announcing technology and platform enhancements to answer one of the biggest business challenges today: enabling brands to meet unprecedented customer demand for exceptional experiences across screens, devices and channels.

Here’s how you can follow the events and news at Adobe Summit 2017:

  1. Watch the Keynotes Online

Day 1 Keynote: Make Experience Your Business
Tuesday, March 21, 9–11:30am PT

Join Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen and GM and EVP Brad Rencher with guests from National Geographic, T-Mobile and Microsoft, as we discuss how brands can deliver the experiences that consumers not only expect, but demand, today. We’ll also explore the art of what’s possible with Adobe technology, helping inspire the experiences of tomorrow.

Day 2 Keynote: The Emotion of Experience
Wednesday, March 22, 10am–12pm PT

Join Adobe VP of Strategy, Alliances and Marketing John Mellor and CMO and EVP Ann Lewnes as we focus on the importance of emotion in designing meaningful and impactful brand experiences. Learn from others who are driving effective change within their organizations to achieve the Experience Business vision.

  1. Check Out the News at Adobe Summit 2017

Introducing the new Adobe Experience Cloud
The Adobe Experience Cloud is the first single platform designed to help brands make the leap to becoming Experience Businesses. It’s comprised of Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Advertising Cloud and Adobe Analytics Cloud.

Developing an Open Industry Standard for Marketing, Sales and Services with Microsoft
We’re furthering our partnership with Microsoft to help enterprise companies digitally transform.

Enhancing Adobe Cloud Platform and Sensei
We’re making significant enhancements to our Cloud Platform including new tools and partner integrations that enable brands to deliver compelling experiences at scale across any customer touch point.

We’re also offering new capabilities for Adobe Sensei, the intelligence layer in the Adobe Cloud Platform.

  1. Stay tuned! At Summit Sneaks, we’ll reveal all our latest innovations in AI, VR and IoT. Check back here on the Conversations blog later this week for demo videos of the most popular Sneaks.

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