Adobe Marketing Cloud: Metrics, Not Myths

Adobe faced a host of challenges as it moved into a burgeoning digital marketing space. Given the noise, Adobe needed to reposition its brand while raising awareness and demand for its new offering, Adobe Marketing Cloud. With a focus on marketing to marketers and business decision makers, Adobe needed a campaign that was not only bold and creative, but also highly effective in its approach.

Adobe unveiled the rebrand of its end-to-end digital marketing and analytics solution – The Marketing Cloud – in October, which coincided with the launch of a powerful campaign, Metrics, Not Myths.

Adobe led the campaign with a bold manifesto created by Edelman – Marketing is Bullsh*t – which ignited the spirit of the campaign.

Marketing is BS


The campaign was supported by social media, PR and advertising, led by Edelman Digital, Edelman and Goodby, Silverstein and Partners, respectively. Core to the social media efforts were:


The Myth Challenge app was home to the live debate, “How Do We Prove the Value of Marketing?” featuring industry influencers Jon Vein and Olivier Blanchard, and a humorous video series created by Goodby, Silverstein and Partners.

hQmfoJ5 - Imgur






The series was a mix of ironic, humorous – and sometimes provocative – ad-like videos, alongside more serious, data-driven customer success stories, infographics, and light-hearted man-on-the-street takes of the customer and consumer point of view on data and marketing. These videos were strongly amplified on social, and supported by both paid social and advertising buys.


  • Metrics Not Myths Ad Video Sample: BS Detector

  • Customer Success Story Sample: Slate Group

  • Video Infographic: The State of Online Advertising

  • Man-on-the-Street Video Sample: Marketing is BS

Anchoring the entire campaign was the need to demonstrate results and essentially prove that marketing isn’t BS – it’s measurable and impactful. Adobe executed this with the utmost transparency with its Ultimate Case Study, where real-time updates on the impact and learnings from this “Metrics, Not Myths” campaign was tracked and shared.

Ultimate Case Study