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Kevin M. Lynch

As former senior vice president and general manager of Document Services at Adobe, Kevin M. Lynch oversaw Adobe’s digital document solutions that make up the Adobe Document Cloud. Lynch joined Adobe in December 2005 as part of the company’s acquisition of Macromedia, Inc. He was vice president of e-learning and collaboration at Macromedia. Prior to Macromedia, Lynch served as president and CEO of Presedia, Inc., the inventor of rapid e-learning Software as a Service solutions, which Macromedia acquired in January 2003. Lynch previously served as president and CEO of Kalyn Corporation and held management positions at Hal Computers and nCHIP, Inc. Lynch holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and graduated from Rice University with a BSEE, magna cum laude.

Kevin M. Lynch

Our Next Milestone in Modernizing Documents

Earlier this year, we introduced Adobe Document Cloud to the world with the promise of addressing the epic waste and inefficiency associated with document processes, once and for all. No small feat, in part considering how dependent many of us stubbo...

Kevin M. Lynch / 4 years ago