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Matt Rozen. @mattyroze

Matt is director of brand publishing at Adobe. His team creates content (articles, videos, podcasts and more) for Adobe’s primary editorial site, helping groups across the company tell their product and customer stories in ways that best serve the brand narrative. Previously, Matt led Brand Social Media and he still consults on creative programs and experiences to grow community and affinity.

Matt Rozen. @mattyroze

Save the Date: Adobe Think Tank at Cannes — What’s Your Brand’s EQ?

If I’m your customer, I have high expectations of you. I want the best products that I can easily find and buy online, I want share-worthy in-store experiences and great service no matter if I call, text or tweet you. I also expect you to align wit...

Matt Rozen. @mattyroze / 2 years ago

Sneak Peeks at Adobe MAX 2015 Rocked

I don't usually headline a blog with such overflowing self aggrandizing of our company's efforts but this year the sneak previews of early technology impressed. We don't stream the Sneaks live (sorry), like we do the rest of our MAX program (watch t...

Matt Rozen. @mattyroze / 3 years ago

Creative Renaissance: Cannes Lions 2015

The future is bright for creatives. Over 80% believe their best days are ahead of them and more than 2/3 believe they have more influence and impact in their business/company than ever before. On the main stage at the Cannes Lions International Festi...

Matt Rozen. @mattyroze / 4 years ago


The Community Inspires Creativity keynote on Tuesday, October 7 is must watch. You will get insight into how some really creative people work and hopefully walk away with a few new ideas to incorporate into your next project. One speaker on Tuesda...

Matt Rozen. @mattyroze / 4 years ago

Latest Updates to Creative Cloud: Get your Creative On

We've done it again. And again and again. Check out the new updates to Creative Cloud services and apps that are now available: Have you used Creative Cloud Market yet? It's a collection of high-quality, curated assets for creatives by creatives. A...

Matt Rozen. @mattyroze / 4 years ago

Random Acts of Creativity

How many times have you gone for a walk and realized you had no recollection of what you saw along the way? How great would it be if there was a moment of creativity on that walk that made you stop, take notice, and feel inspired? Perhaps it would sp...

Matt Rozen. @mattyroze / 5 years ago

Recent Service Outage Update

We want to apologize for the disruption in some Adobe services, which went down or were unreachable for many of you over the last 24 hours. The failure happened during database maintenance activity and affected services that required users to log in ...

Matt Rozen. @mattyroze / 5 years ago

Adobe Summit 2014 Explores Reinvention in the Digital Marketing World

Adobe Summit 2014, The Digital Marketing Conference, kicks off Tuesday in Salt Lake City, Utah, with an expected crowd of more than 5000 digital marketers, publishers, agencies and technologists. The theme of this year's conference: marketing ...

Matt Rozen. @mattyroze / 5 years ago

The Adobe Guide to SXSW 2014

A huge event for tech, film and music – SXSW is filled with so much creativity that of course we have our Adobe fingerprints all over it. Here is a rundown of where to find us, how to connect with us in person and online, activities we want you to ...

Matt Rozen. @mattyroze / 5 years ago

The Bar is Set High with Summit 2014 Speakers

Every conference website says, ‘This is the year you won’t want to miss!’ Perhaps true for them…but with the speakers at this year’s Summit… Is “prepare to be enraptured” too much hyperbole? Our stellar lineup of guest speakers inclu...

Matt Rozen. @mattyroze / 5 years ago

Adobe Social Media in 2013 – A Closer Look at the Numbers

As the year comes to a close, the Adobe social media team does what all good corporate citizens do and gathers up our successes and program metrics to see what worked and what didn’t. Here are a few of the more notable numbers, activities, desig...

Matt Rozen. @mattyroze / 5 years ago

Summit 2014: Yes, It’s (Almost) That Time Again

Yes it’s still 2013 but we couldn’t wait to kickoff the Summit 2014 talk – so welcome to our first “official” blog post! Planning is in full force for next year’s March event and this is the place to stay up to date digitally with all thi...

Matt Rozen. @mattyroze / 5 years ago