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Matt Thompson, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Field Operations

"If you do what’s right for your customer, good things will happen,” is Matt Thompson’s mantra. As Adobe’s executive vice president of worldwide field operations, Matt is responsible for the strategy and direction of Adobe’s global sales organization and customer-facing functions. He is relentlessly focused on understanding Adobe’s customers, and leads the field team through his example of integrity and commitment to openly exchanging ideas. Matt holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and management from Northern Illinois University. He’s a native of Chicago, but has discovered he’d rather spend his winters (and summers, springs and falls) in Northern California. If Matt were not at Adobe, he would be a world-class basketball coach.

Matt Thompson, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Field Operations

Selling in the Age of Experience

In today’s business climate, you’re either evolving or dying—there’s little middle ground. Advances in digital—analytics, AI, and personalization to name a few—are transforming every business and empowering customers with new levels of...

Matt Thompson / 3 years ago

I Hold an Annual Sales Conference Live & In-person. Here’s Why:

  I don’t think of myself as a radical, but these days, I seem to be bucking the trend when it comes to sales conferences. While many of my peers at other big companies are replacing in-person sales conferences with virtual conferences, I ...

Matt Thompson / 5 years ago