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Mike Dillon, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Mike is anything but your typical general counsel. His distaste for acronym use and “legalese” drove him to rewrite Adobe’s contracts to plain English and develop a whole new writing style guide for the legal community. He oversees legal affairs, public policy, and compliance interests by day, but outside the office, he’s an avid blogger, writer, and adventurist. Given his love for writing, it may come as no surprise that Mike received bachelor’s degrees in communications and sociology from UC San Diego before getting his juris doctor degree from Santa Clara University. If Mike were not at Adobe, he’d like to be playing second baseman for the Oakland A’s.

Mike Dillon, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

A Melting Future

It has taken me longer than I thought to write this. I had wanted to share some of what I learned from our expedition in a way that was constructive and positive, but that’s proven to be a challenge. With what I’ve seen and read this su...

Mike Dillon / 7 days ago

Really Tired of Seal Meat

Finally back from more than a month in the high arctic. And while I have sampled seal meat in the past (it tastes a bit like seaweed), it was not on the menu on this trip. Instead, the above title is in reference to one of my favorite quotes, th...

Mike Dillon / 2 weeks ago

Heading North

This story originally appeared on Mike Dillon's personal blog. Later this week, I’m heading north for more than a month. Really north. My travel itinerary looks like this: San Francisco to Toronto to Ottawa to Iqaluit to Resolute to Fort Conger. F...

Mike Dillon / 3 months ago

Adobe Honors the Paris Agreement

This month, the United States government announced it would pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. The agreement which was signed by 195 countries in 2015, is a global action plan to put the world on track to avoid climate change by limiting global...

Mike Dillon / 3 months ago

Earth Day and Lawyers: A Perfect Match

Data protection, privacy, security, international taxation – all are in the news and areas of attention for companies and their legal teams. Without doubt, they present important issues. Yet, there is a challenge for us on the near horizon that dwa...

Mike Dillon / 1 year ago

Equality for All

Last week we were honored as a Best Place to Work for the LGBT community by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), with a perfect 100% score on the 2016 Corporate Equality Index, during a ceremony in New York. It was a proud moment for us at Adobe and punc...

Mike Dillon / 1 year ago

Leading the Way to a Low-Carbon, Sustainable Future

Sustainability at Adobe has been hardwired from the beginning, going back to our invention of the PDF almost 25 years ago. It marked the beginning of a paperless office, dramatically reducing the need to print documents. Today, PDF is at the heart of...

Mike Dillon / 2 years ago

Get an Internship!

It seems like every few weeks someone asks me to meet with a college or law school student to discuss career paths. While I enjoy these mentoring opportunities, the conversations inevitably rekindle some of the anxiety I experienced at that stage in ...

Mike Dillon / 2 years ago

Taking Legal out of Legalese

Note: This blog is cross-posted from ACC Docket. “The minute you read something that you can't understand, you can almost be sure that it was drawn up by a lawyer. ”
― Will Rogers The famed American humorist, Will Rogers, was almost...

Mike Dillon / 2 years ago
Feature Image for Finally, Less Time with Paper, More Time with Clients

Finally, Less Time with Paper, More Time with Clients

Today Adobe is releasing something that will make all of our lives a bit easier, and in the legal profession, that goes a long way. But first, a walk down memory lane. I began my career with blue fingers. You may have as well. Copiers were not ...

Mike Dillon / 2 years ago

Running the Table

Note: This blog was originally posted on Mike's Blog. It’s that time of year. Time to look back over the past twelve months and consider things accomplished and areas for future improvement. Like everyone else, I’ve got a number that come to ...

Mike Dillon / 3 years ago


Note: This blog was originally posted on Mike's Blog. Forgive me in advance, but I’m going to go on a bit of a rant here. I simply can’t take it anymore. One of the little discussed aspects of corporate culture is our affinity for using ac...

Mike Dillon / 3 years ago
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