Articles by Kristin Naragon

Consumers Are Still Email Obsessed, But They’re Finding More Balance

Our love affair with email is still as strong as ever, but these days we’re finding a bit more balance with it. That’s just one of the insights from Adobe Campaign’s third annual consumer email survey. This year, we checked in with more than 1,...

Kristin Naragon / 3 months ago

Email – Still the Alpha Channel

Nearly half of us can’t even use the bathroom without checking email. This is just one of the surprising — or not — findings from Adobe Campaign’s second annual consumer email survey released today. The report surveyed more than 1,000 white-c...

Kristin Naragon / 1 year ago

Subject: Email, We Just Can’t Get Enough

There’s an incredible technology available to marketers for reaching millennials where they work, play, eat, sleep and shop. It’s not a new device, app or cutting-edge social network. Would it surprise you to learn that it’s email? The Adobe...

Kristin Naragon / 2 years ago