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Abhay Parasnis, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Abhay has always been fascinated with how things work — from gadgets to hardware and software. His early passion for tinkering paved the way for his commitment to tech innovation and formed the basis of his core belief: Continuous reinvention is how businesses disrupt and lead. At Adobe, Abhay is applying that same desire to disrupt and lead to the company’s technology strategy, bringing fresh ideas and insight to initiatives across cloud platform, mobility, data science, and ecosystems. Before joining Adobe in 2015, Abhay led teams at IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, i2, and Kony and contributed to more than 20 patents.

Abhay Parasnis, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Mastering Creative and Experience Intelligence: A Year with Adobe Sensei

As a company whose mission has always been to design and deliver exceptional experiences, Adobe has long combined creativity, data and intelligence to push the limits of innovation in pursuit of this goal. While data science techniques such as ar...

Abhay Parasnis / 11 months ago

Redefining the Future of Work

Digital transformation continues to accelerate across industries at a breathtaking pace. The most successful companies today will focus relentlessly on providing an exceptional, differentiated customer experience as they digitally transform – the t...

Abhay Parasnis / 1 year ago

Introducing Adobe Scan – Modern Document Creation for a Mobile-first World

Our goal with Adobe Document Cloud is to provide people with a modern, efficient way to get work done with documents. Whether you’re a student, small business owner or large enterprise, we want to help you work smarter and faster with intelligent t...

Abhay Parasnis / 1 year ago

Adobe Sensei: Mastering Content and Data

This is a big day for Adobe.  Not only are we hosting the largest MAX creativity conference ever – we are introducing Adobe Sensei, a framework and set of intelligent services built into the Adobe Cloud Platform which dramatically improve the ...

Abhay Parasnis / 2 years ago