Adobe Lightroom

It’s satisfying to see that the Adobe Lightroom public beta is being well received by the user community. I’m especially happy for my friends and former teammates in the Arden Hills, MN, and San Jose, CA, offices and have been putting in a lot of hard work to get this product ready for public beta. Hats of to you!

Here are some links on Adobe Lightroom I found useful:

Training and Tutorials

News and Reviews:

Some members of the Minnesota Lightroom development team will be on hand at the next Twin Cities Photoshop User Group meeting to give users a glimpse at the application.

2 Responses to Adobe Lightroom

  1. Antonio Acuna says:

    Lovely looking, but why an apple beta and not a pc beta, after all, Apple users have Aperture, PC users have nothing like it, this software fills a gap for PC users not Mac users, why then do a Mac version first?[Antonio, I’m sure the developers had a reason for doing things in the order they are, and I’m sure that decision was made before the news of Aperture. Here’s an excerpt from the Lightroom FAQ: “Q: What about a Windows version? A: A Windows version of Lightroom is already under development, but is not yet ready for its public debut. The final, packaged versions for both platforms should be released within a few months of each other. As Microsoft is gearing up for a major operating system transition, and since Lightroom is a brand new product from Adobe, we are spending extra time on the Windows side to investigate the best design approaches that will support our Windows customers today, while also building for the future.” Take heart that a PC version is coming. – J.T.]

  2. sean naghibi says:

    While I agree with Antonio (Since I am a die hard PC user) I never touch a mac even if you pay me. However I was so excited by Lightroom that I actually downloaded the beta and decided to bite the bullet and installed and ran it on Mac!!! It was funny because everyone in the office is giving me a hard time on such a U turn and my Uturn was only for the app LR and NOT the mac!!! Fantastic app. Counting the mins, hrs, days for the Windows version 🙂