Keeping Photoshop Up-To-Date

Many software issues are resolved by simply updating Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw to the latest version.

For details and instructions, see: Photoshop Help / Keep Photoshop up to date

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Looking for info on older versions of Photoshop? See: Legacy version updates.

300 Responses to Keeping Photoshop Up-To-Date

  1. Len Little says:

    I need help with up dats for CS4 if it’s possible, can I ad on the extension for 3D when I boughy my version I opened it before I realized they sent me the wrong one. I have the sixty-four bit edition. All my old plug-ins will not work either they are all 32 bitis is there some way i can make them work. thank you very much

    • Hi Len. You need help with CS4? How long ago was that? You’re probably past the point of being able to return/exchange it Photoshop Extended. If you’re talking about Photoshop CS5 and you just recently purchased, you should contact customer care to make an exchange. Read this article for details on running 32bit plug-ins:

      Plug-in changes in Photoshop CS5:

      • Lee says:

        Some of us Jeffrey cannot afford to upgrade photoshop every time it upgrades(too often) so dont be such a bloody snob, i know people who are still using versions of photoshop far older than CS4.

        As far as i am concerned, if a program works it don’t need fixing, so if ‘somebody’ is using Adobe photoshop 6, and buys a Canon Eos 6d, there should be updates available for the program to make the compatibility between the two seamless.

        • Hi Lee,

          That’s perfectly fine if you’re happy with your older version of Photoshop. You don’t need to update. We provide free camera compatibility for versions of Photoshop going all the way back to Photoshop CS2 via the Adobe DNG converter. More details here:

          And, please, let’s not start name calling and keep things productive and positive on my pages, please. Thanks

        • Andy says:

          “As far as i am concerned, if a program works it don’t need fixing, so if ‘somebody’ is using Adobe photoshop 6, and buys a Canon Eos 6d, there should be updates available for the program to make the compatibility between the two seamless.”

          You’re joking right? By your logic I should be able to play MP3s on my grandparents gramophone.

          • lucan says:

            i agree with andy. i’m sick of forever updating stupid workarounds to broken fixes that never worked in the first place. by the way, your grandparents gramophone worked and never needed updates.

  2. Dominique Boisvert says:

    What if I run CS2?

  3. kat gilbert says:

    how simple…thanks for the heads up- even checking the downloads area doesn’t cover it as well!

  4. rod says:

    Im trying to install an update for CS4….however it keeps telling meto close Adobe Bridge. The problem is that Adobe Bridge is NOT open. As a result I cant upgrade. Any ideas?

  5. steve says:

    Please note that 12.0.4 was released on 5/3 and John Nack has a blog post:

  6. Espen Rikter-Svendsen says:

    How can I find out what is new in the newer versions and how important an update is? I have Photoshop ver 12.0.1 x32 and Camera Raw ver The IT people here are reluctant to make available each and every update to each and every application, and I understand them well.

  7. Adam Leja says:

    I have CS4 suite and a D7000. Bridge nor photoshop will read raw files. Why is this?

  8. Donna says:

    So now all we need is the $500 to buy Photoshop right?

  9. clvngodess says:

    What if your computer with photoshop doesn’t have internet access? Then what?

  10. Goob says:

    I have Photoshop CS5. Will be available CS 5.5 for me as free upgrade?

  11. Osama Zain says:

    I have Photoshop CS5 ME version (Middle Eastern) & i cant update to 12.0.4 through update inside Photoshop
    any idea!!

  12. zhandos says:

    Fotoshop is perfect!!!

  13. Abdullah Altaweel says:

    I have a problem with the Adobe PS5 that when I open it I have lag when I try to do anything like open new layers or change fonts and every task takes 20sec to response my task
    To let you know I have MacBook Pro 2.3 i5

  14. Blagoy Mishev says:

    I have some difficult whit updating of Photoshop 7.0

  15. Hi
    I am fairly new with Lightroom 3 and have recently changed from as PC (30 years on a PC) to an i mac. I put lightroom on the iMac however it will not accept the raw files from the camera disk. I use a dSLR Nikon 3100. Please help as I am now starting photography as a new business and am still working on photos on my laptop PC and sitting beside a huge iMac screen which I can’t use. What do I need to do? Thanks so much, I really appreciate the help, Prue

  16. Mark Sheinfeld says:

    I am currently running CS5 under Wiindows XP with a 32 bit processer. I want to upgrade to 64 bit system with correct operating system but am worried about all the plug-ins I have installed under CS5. If I upgrade to 64 bit operating system and machine what must I do about the plug-ins. Incidently all my plug-ins are of the OnOne, Nik, Pictocolor,Akvis, Neat Image, Noise Ninja variety. Thanks a lot.

  17. Hi
    I am fairly new with Lightroom 3 and have recently changed from as PC (30 years on a PC) to an i mac. I put lightroom on the iMac however it will not accept the raw files from the camera disk. I use a dSLR Nikon 3100. Please help as I am now starting photography as a new business and am still working on photos on my laptop PC and sitting beside a huge iMac screen which I can’t use. What do I need to do? Thanks so much, I really appreciate the help. beng

  18. issam says:

    I have Photoshop CS5. Will be available CS 5.5 for me as free upgrade?

  19. dayana says:

    there is no photoshop css5 5 what diffrrence between photo shop cs 5 5 and the version photoshop that comes with creative

  20. RAHUL chothe says:

    how simple…thanks for the heads up- even checking the downloads area doesn’t cover it as well!

  21. rebecca wilson says:

    I own photo shop 4. I’m changing laptops but cannot locate my dvd. I do have my # that goes with it. What can i do?

  22. Michael says:

    I own Photoshop CS5 (Mac/Lion) and can not print (Epson 3880 Pro). The errpor message reads:

    /Library/Printers/EPSON/InkjetPrinter/Filter/ failed

    Anu advice?

  23. Andrish Saint-Clare says:

    To whom it concerns.
    I put Adobe CS5 onto a G5 and My Apple laptop. Recently, the G5 became unserviceable and I got rid of it, however I forgot to deactivate CS5 before it went to the tip. I have now tried to activate it on my new G5, but it is telling me that the limit of 2 has not been disabled etc. So it does not recognise the trashed computer.
    I then tried to delete the whole program from my laptop but it won’t recognise that action either. I still have the disk, what am I supposed to do?

    • Hi Andrish, I had support check the account for the email address you used to post and they didn’t see a copy of CS5 registered. I’ve sent you an email. I’ll need more info to have someone assist you.

  24. Eraste says:

    Tack för att ge det här programmet trotts jag ska lära mig mycket med detta.

  25. Liza C Wolf says:

    I have been using PSCS5 on my iMac & I want to install it on a MacBookPro but I just moved and must have thrown out the disc. Is there any way out of this dilemma? (Other than to buy the full version)&what could I do when the next upgrade comes along & I try to register it?
    I have Lightroom 2 & 3 if that’s any help. And I think the last full version was PS3 or 5.
    your help would be much appreciated.

    • If you registered your serial number on (which is always a good thing to do when you first install a product) you can log into and retrieve your serial number. Then you can simply download the Photoshop CS5 trial and enter your serial number.

  26. Kanon Kulpa says:

    I’m getting error messages when trying to open a PS file:

    first one says, “There was a problem reading the layer data. Read the composite data instead?” And I click “Read composite data” button.

    then I get this, “Could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop.”

    I have Photoshop CS 5 Extended v12.1 – why am I getting this message? I can’t find a newer version than what I have.

  27. Vivian Barrios says:

    I have a Mac computer that belonged to somebody else, will I have a problem installing the Photoshop CS5 registered with my name?

    Thank You

  28. Steve says:

    I’m currently running OSX 10.5.8, Photoshop CS4 11.0.2, and Lightroom 3.6. I want to upgrade to Photoshop CS5, but I can’t seem to find a trustworthy place to buy an upgrade from CS4. Places like Amazon want $500-plus for what I assume is a brand-new copy and license. I’ve been looking for two days. Do I have any options here?

  29. axle says:

    How to Download photoshop express editor?

  30. Malcolm Bond says:

    Bought a new coputer running windows 7. Installed Photoshop CS6 3 days ago and initially it worked O/K, but now it refuses to work. The programme opens but no response when clicking the mouse. Microsoft Office works o/k.

  31. Bruce Himelman says:

    Jeff: recently updated to LR4.2 and I use PS CS5. Now I get that dialogue box when going to CS5 from LR, that asks you if you want to have lightroom render your photo and you need to update CR 7.2. Of course you can’t do that in CS5. This seems to happen every time Adobe updates lightroom. It happened when lr4 replaced lr3. Any ideas to fix this?

    • Pete Green says:

      What camera? What happens if you have Lightroom render the photo? That would be the recommended workflow to use the RAW files in CS5 since the ACR 7.2 update doesn’t apply to CS5.
      Your other alternative would be to use the DNG converter to be able to work with both applications outside of the camera’s RAW format.

  32. When I try to run the updater it tells me the server is not responding. I have turned off the virus detection and firewall yet it makes no difference

  33. There is no update available for Photoshop CS 3 rigth now

  34. Hal Schneider says:

    How can I get Version 12.1 for Photoshop CS5 updated from my Version 12.0.4 on my Mac.
    Apparently Apple says the 12.1 version will work with Mountain Lion while 12.0.4 will not.

  35. Elena says:

    Hi, I have a problem when saving files from Camera Raw. When I choose NEW FOLDER and choose the folder, nothing pulls up. When I try to save, the error comes up as THIS FILE CANNOT BE CREATED.

    I recently got CS6 and had problems on and off with this and now the error persists. I checked for all updates and everything seems up to date.


  36. lori says:

    I bought a nikon p7700 and when I try to update to 7.2 it keeps saying update server is not responding or firewall settings may be incorrect

  37. Alex Martinez says:

    Are you guys updating the Adobe Camera Raw soon? I got a 6D and cant process my raw files :/

  38. Daniel says:

    Hi, the direct link for Camera Raw 7.3 Macintosh is not working.

  39. Rob says:

    Is there a 13.02 update for windows users with a perpetual license?

    from above

    “Photoshop CS6

    The most current version for Photoshop CS6 is 13.0.2 for perpetual/boxed licensed product and 13.1 for Creative Cloud members.
    The most current version of Adobe Camera Raw for Photoshop CS6 is 7.3 on both Macintosh and Windows.”

  40. saeed rahbaran says:

    I updated to 7.3 and still cant process the raw photos from my Fuji X-E1. Also my macbook is not letting me preview the files

  41. Ivan says:

    Is there a raw converter for elements 10 for a nikon D5200

  42. Ivan says:

    I have tried to install the dng convertor without sucess it looks as if I will need to update to Elements 11 many thanks for your reply

  43. Glenn Auve says:

    Is it not possible to get ACR 7.3 for CS5?

  44. T.holy says:

    Photoshop CS5 12.0.4 update on MacBook Pro with osx 10.5.8
    This is what I did: I already had a clone of my hard drive and since I had a clone that means I had a copy of all the fonts in font book(you can probably just copy all your fonts to an external drive). Step 1: go to font book and select ‘All Fonts’ in the Collection column and all your fonts should show up in the Font column.
    Step 2: highlight all your fonts in the font column and then hold down the command key as you deselect the few fonts your going to keep(I kept Arial, Arial Black, Arial narrow, Ballantines(bold, light, regular, demibold), Courier, Geneva, Helvetica, Helvetica neue, Lucida Grande, Monaco). This way your computer has some fonts to use since your about to remove the rest.
    Step 3: go to the file menu and choose ‘Remove Fonts’ (have patience as it may take a few for the computer to delete them)
    Finally: restart your computer or just leave it on like I did and open photoshop cs5 and your text tool shouldn’t crash your system.
    Just add the fonts u want to use now or as time goes by. I had over 1000.

  45. ian smith says:

    7.3 cam raw…… for mac. How do you get this installed on a mac if you do not have CS5. I have PSE 11.


  46. Lynda Williams says:

    I have been showing an update available for Camera Raw since I purchased CS6 last year, however every time I try to update it the update fails, and suggestions?? I cannot edit my raw files due to this in Photoshop (I have to use Lightroom). I shoot with a Nikon D3100 and my OS is Windows 7. Also I am in the market for a new computer, and all have Windows 8 since I cannot afford a Mac. Will I be able to send my programs over to the new computer or will I have to buy them again?? I have been having a lot of hard crashes on the old computer lately.

  47. David says:

    I just got the RAW 7.3 update for my PsE11, and when I read thru the description, I wonder why I actually need it. The lens profiles don’t help anyway in Elements, and the fixes for iphones, LR and TIFF for bridge ect are irrelevant in my case. Obviously I took it anyway … (keen Adobe addict here), just curious if there’s anything in it I will notice? And (knowing this isnt the thread to ask), when will RAW for Elements include lens correction?

  48. Centro Arte Fotografico says:

    I want to open my photos in camara raw using adobe bridge, but not works only show this window:
    ¨Camara raw editing requires that a qualifying product has been launched at least once to enable this feature. ¨
    what can I do?

  49. JC says:

    I have Photoshop CS6, Lightroom 4 and Camera Raw 7.3. When I open images from a Nikon D7000 in Camera Raw, I have no lens correction data or camera profiles available. In Lightroom, all lens correction settings and camera profiles are available for the same images. Any ideas what I should do to fix that?

    I thought I might reinstall Camera Raw but the latest version available from Adobe is 7.1. Why is that?

  50. Rick Popham says:

    Why aren’t the Camera Raw updates available from the regular Product Download pages? The latest Camera Raw update listed on that page is 7.1. It seems a little strange to have to look for these on a Blog, so where can we find them on the Adobe site?

    • We’re promoting the use of Help>Updates… mechanism to install updates – our data indicates customers are much more successful installing updates this way.

      • Mark says:

        Help>Updates wasn’t updating my version of camera raw. It showed as an older version 7.1 or 7.2 I forget which exactly but it was 1 or 2 versions behind. Was able to upgrade via the direct download link you posted on FB. Thanks!

  51. kayla says:

    I tried to download the new raw update but I have CS4 and it wont install….I can not get my RAW images to open anymore. Can I get any help?

  52. Albert Barr says:

    Hi Peter,
    my plugin of Camera Raw is
    that plugin I got from one site on the internet
    is the most actual and recent published by Adobe?

  53. Albert Barr says:

    Problem solved.
    “camera raw editing is not enabled bla bla bla “
    how to correct ?
    in bridge > Edit > preferences > General > behavior > Double click edit in camera raw !


  54. Raul says:

    I have PS CS5 Extended v.12.1 and i try today to update my Camera Raw from v.6.7 to7.4 but is telling me that is now update for me avaible. And also is a little problem on Lightroom v 4.3 i try to use my Nikon D80 in capture mode with him but Lr is not seeing my camera. I can fixed this problem somehow?
    Best regards.

  55. Piotr says:

    when i try to update my cs6 it says that is up to date but still i have camera raw 7.3 version ? How to fix it?

  56. Wim Rietveld says:

    Using Lightroom 5 beta and exporting to CS6 invokes the question for Camera Raw plug-in version 8.1. Is there a beta ACR 8.1 available?

  57. Edward says:

    I have two older versions of Photoshop on one computer: Photoshop Elements 3.0 with Camera Raw 2.3 and Photoshop Elements 8.0 with Camera Raw 5.5. (The PS Elements 8.0 came as a package with a version of Adobe Premiere I purchased.) The computer has Windows XP Pro 32 bit installed.

    I currently use a Nikon D70 (NEF files) but am considering the addition of a Nikon Coolpix P7700 (NFW files). I want to be sure the NFW files will open in the PSE versions mentioned above.

    Can I just download and install Digital Negative Converter 7.4? I will eventually move the PS Elements 8.0 to another PC with Windows 7 installed. Any potential problems with two versions of PSE on the same computer?

  58. Jenny says:

    If i upgrade to CC for PS & LR and after the 12month period decide not to continue membership will I still be able to use my previous versions?

  59. Jenny says:

    If i buy LR 5 & then join CC will I get a reduction in price when i join

  60. Sravanthi says:

    I was getting DEP error on Vista with Photoshop version 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00) x32. So i wanted to updated to new version as listed above to 13.1.2 but when i tried Help –> Update option adobe download manager popped up but it did not pick up any update for photoshop.


  61. Liz says:

    You were able to provide me with the update for camera raw 8.0 that Adobe was unable to do…thank you so much…

  62. Don says:

    Is there such a update as Camera Raw 7.3 and if there is where can I get it?

    • If you have Photoshop CS6, just choose Help>Updates… to install the latest version of Camera Raw 7.x. If you have CS5 or earlier, version 7.x is not compatible with older versions of Photoshop. You’ll need to use the free DNG Converter for the latest camera support in older versions of Photoshop.

  63. charles forrest says:

    I seem to have lost Photoshop, possibly because of changing internet providers. What can I do to recover? [low tech!]

    • Not sure how Photoshop could have been lost by changing internet providers. Can you provide more information about what happened? Are you referring to the website/service as opposed to Photoshop the desktop application?

  64. Bill Goldberg says:

    What can we do about camera raw for a CANON Powershot G15 and Elelments 9? we are up to date on the latest version of camera raw that Elements 9 supports – ACR 6.5.
    Is there any fix – or can we try to install on Elements 9 a later version of ACR – say 7.3 that supports the Canon G15?


  65. Don Gagnon says:

    I had Photoshop CS5 and have subscribed to the subscription service for over a year now, at which time my Photoshop was upgraded to CS6. However, my present version is 13.1.2 x64, and I don’t understand, since I am paying for the subscription, why my Photoshop hasn’t been upgraded to the CC version. I understood that by paying for the subscription, I would always have the latest and greatest version of Photoshop.

    • Pete Green says:

      Hi Don,
      13.1.2 is the latest version of PHotoshop CS6. So you’re up to date on that front. If you want to install Photoshop CC, which you are certainly entitled to do, you can by downloading the Creative Cloud application installer and directing it to download and install Photoshop CC. More info here:

      • Don Gagnon says:

        Thanks Pete. I tried to update my Application Manager, but it flashes an error message near the beginning of the process (it disappears too quickly to be able to read it), and then after waiting for a couple of minutes for the application to finish updating, it gives me an error. It did that twice, and when I tried it a third time, I got this message:
        “Adobe application manager is corrupted and must be reinstalled. Please contact customer support”
        I’m going to reboot and try again, and if that doesn’t work, then I’ll have to call customer support I guess.

  66. Marie Bury says:

    I have CS5 and just upgraded my camera from Pentax K7 to K5 mark II and find I can’t open raw files in Camera Raw. What do I need to do.?

  67. Ashley says:

    I just got a Canon 6D and trying to update the camera raw to the recent 7.4 version for PS Elements 11. It’s not letting me do it through the Help > Updates instructions stated on the Adobe site. I am getting an error message stating the update server is not responding. Is there a direct link to it?

  68. Jan says:

    I currently have PS3 Extended Version 10.0. Do I need to update? Everytime I go to “Help” and then select “Update”, PS crashes. Thank you!

  69. Daniel says:

    Je viens vers vous car je n’arrive pas à trouver sur le net une réponses à mes questions. Je suis sous Mac OSX 10.9.1 avec Photoshop CC 14.2 Camera Raw 8.3 & Lightroom 5.3 avec des boitiers Nikon. 1ere anomalie aussi bien avec Camera Raw que lightroom impossible d’appliquer le profil pour mon 105 macro nikon lors de l’exportation vers Photoshop: à chaque fois une bande noire correspondant à 1/5 de l’image à droite sur une photo format paysage et en haut sur la version portrait. Si on n’aplique pas la correction profil aucun problème. 2eme anomalie si je travail sur lightroom et sur une copie virtuelle l’exportation vers photoshop normale ou en objet dynamique ne tient pas compte des reglages de lightroom.
    Pas de problèmes avec des éditeurs externes comme Niksoftware…
    Bugs ou pas….
    Aucun problème avec la version 14.0.0 de Photoshop..j
    J’essaye de faire remonter l’info sur un forum Photoshop en francais de preference. Depuis que j’ai remis la version en 14.1.2 de photoshop CC que j’utilise pour mes Nef Lightroom 5.3 je n’ai plus de probléme.
    J’ai banni Bridge et Camera Raw car si j’ai le malheur d’ouvrir un raw par bridge et camera raw pour l’ouvrir dans photoshop le pb reviens. Je ne dois plus me servir de bridge…super.. Il suffit de le savoir.
    Pour info une nouvelle mise à jour de Photoshop CC 14.2.1 vient de sortir et miracle les bugs sont toujours présents voir pire. Les recadrages dans lightroom disparaissent dans l’exportation ds photoshop, la copie virtuelle 1 apparait sans réglage, les copies virtuelles 3, s’ouvrent plus dans photoshop….. Quelle avancée…..merci l’abonnement….retour à la case départ.
    La suite à la prochaine mise à jour…avec Camera Raw 8.4 release…

  70. Julie says:

    I was using CS3 just minutes ago and then closed out, decided to work on my design a bit more and now nothing loads at all. The window around the tool bar and all the way around turns black and when I select any of the tools, I get a message Photoshop has stopped working. I have screen shots as well as my license information. I need to get this back working. I have tried restarting to no avail. HELP!!

  71. Daniel says:

    Bonjour, Je vient de mettre à jour le Plugin Nik software en version Camera raw en 8.4 Photoshop CC en 14.2.1 TOUT fonctionne normalement It’s good…..OUF…
    Thank You No Problem now…

  72. MF says:

    I am trying to open .ARW files taken by Sony a7R in Photoshop. ARW files are converted nicely by DNG converter 8.3, but the resulting .DNG files are not recognized by Camera Raw. I have Photoshop CS4 and Camera Raw 5.0. Tried to update CR to 8.3 or whatever available later version either directly from Photoshop (“no updates found”) or by downloading installation file (installation does not work, ” this update is not suitable for your product”). What do I do? Thank you!

    • If you launch the Adobe DNG Converter and click [Change Preferences] in the dialog, then choose “Camera Raw 4.6 and later” from the Compatibility pop-up and convert your files, do they open?

  73. Daniel says:

    Comment modifier lors d’un recadrage l’arriere fond car depuis le passage à la version CC 14.2.1 l’arriere plan est toujours blanc quelque soit la couleur choisie. Impossible de la modifier.
    Merci d’avance

  74. Dick C. says:

    I downloaded and installed ACR 8.4 for CS6 from the link provided above, only to discover that it doesn’t work on Mac OS 10.6.8 (note to Adobe: The damn installer should realize that and not perform the install). So I found a link to ACR 8.3 for CS6 (, but it would not install, presumably because a later version had been installed already. It gave me error code U44M2P7. What can I do to fix this?

  75. Martijn says:

    Doesn’t work.

    I have CC, latest version 14.2.1 x64 (on Windows), and both updates packages say the update is not applicable for me.

    Auto update from Photoshop doesn’t update CR either. Installing DNG converter 8.4 doesn’t update CR either. So how the hell to I update CR to 8.4 for sure?

  76. Carlos Alberto Gagliardi says:

    Não consigo instalar o câmera RAW 8.4…. diz que não é compatível com minha versão e estou usando a versão Photoshop CC 14.2.1.
    Alguém sabe o porque.

  77. Cliff Warner says:

    Having a problem upgrading to newest Camera Raw — please advise.

    Mac 10.6.8
    Photoshop CS6 13.0.6
    Camera Raw

    Photoshop/Help/Updates only shows Camera Raw 6.7 Update

    Link to Camera Raw update from

    Downloaded AdobeCameraRaw-8.4-CS6-mul-AdobeUpdate & installed using included Adobe Patch Installer

    After installation, when checking Photoshop About Plug-ins get error message:
    “Could not complete the Camera Raw command because the file was not found.”

    Camera Raw is now no longer available — none of my NEF files will preview (CR2 files do preview), but get same error message when trying to open.

    In the new folder Library/Application Support/Adobe/
    CameraRaw/Adobe folder I find an AdobePatchFiles folder with this file

    I’m wondering why there is a compressed file here?

    Also in this CameraRaw folder are CameraProfiles and LensProfiles folders


  78. Tom Brayne says:

    Mac OS 10.7.5, CS6. Downloaded and installed CR 8.4 as soon as Updater alerted in Mac toolbar – April/14. Camera Raw grayed out from bridge, command R shortcut dead. 8.4 PlugIn showed Adobe Soundbooth as “Kind” . Trashed that PlugIn, installed new from: Same behavior, no change.
    Deleted AAM logs as suggested above. No change.

    Is there a working version of 8.4 available? The kind that works? From Bridge?


  79. Harry Rzepka says:

    Camera raw doesn’t save my corrected pictures when said DONE. It does’t show the badge and the sliders are not in the middle. I have CS6 and it worked fine until 2 weeks ago. What’s going on???

  80. Richard Vail says:

    I have a new computer without a DVD Drive and an older version of Photoshop. How do I get that on my computer? What options are there to upgrade to a newer version if the old version is not on the new computer?

  81. Michael says:

    Jeff, where is the link to update Elements 11 Camera Raw to version 7.4?

  82. cloius42 says:

    Why when I drag an image size 6×6 240 into a new file 24×7 240 image size does it print out 6.25×6.25?

  83. Daniel says:

    I’m having problems upgrading Camera Raw. Please advice.
    Mac 10.9.4
    Photoshop CS6 13.0.6 x64
    Camera Raw (updated)
    Hi: I updated Camera Raw to 8.5.0 (that is what I can read) but the new tools are missing
    What can I do?
    Thanks in advance

  84. Helen Ivory says:

    I’ve ended up uninstaling and reinstalling CS6 and still not get the Raw Plug in downloads for the Canon 6d and G16. Do I have to download both 7.3 and 8.2, or just the latest beyond them? I’ve followed thread after thread and link after link and am still not able to make this happen. I don’t think I’m a stupid person – why must this be so difficult? solution please. I’ve done the photoshop update and it tells me 7.0 and further update attempts tell me I am up to date. Help please

  85. Larry says:

    I’m having problems upgrading my Mac 10.9.4 Camera Raw for processing ARW images from my new Sony a77ii. Am very frustrated after searching Adobe, Adobe forums, doing the manual Camera Raw plugin installation and installing DNG 8.6 Converter. Why can’t Adobe provide a simple download link for making this upgrade so I can process my new images in Photoshop CS6 13.0.6 x64, Bridge and Lightroom 4.4?

    Adobe’s not new in this business, and clearly, this frustration has been allowed to continue for months without proper resolution for those in this forum.

  86. Gil says:

    are there no news about Camera Raw 8.6 ?

  87. ann says:

    I just downloaded ACR 8.6 on my computer, using PS CS6. I see absolutely no change and cannot see the before and after feature that is available in the 8.4 version. Was that just for CC or shoud it be in 8.6 for CS6 too. Also the Spot removal does not have any of the new features either.

  88. Phong Le says:

    Hi there, Is there any way to install Camera Raw 8.2 now? I updated my Camera Raw from Version 7 to 8.6 and found that it doesnt have some new features of the version 8.2 or earlier. Looks like the Spot Removal Brush of Version 8.6 are almost the same. Pls help. Thanks.

  89. Susan says:

    Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 has stopped working. A problem caused the program to quit working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

    I downloaded and installed the trial version of Adobe Photoshop CC 2014. When I run the program photoshop comes up with a window to continue trial then a window with the above message then it shuts down.
    I have a Window 7 Probook 4730, 5 core, Radeon Graphics.
    I’ve checked to make sure I have the installed the newest version.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  90. Jim Cooper says:

    ITs a pretty simple question, I think. I just bought a new mac and currently own an HP desktop with windows. The HP has Photoshop Elements 12 and the companion video editor (12). Do I have to purchase new mac software or do I receive some type of credit?

  91. Katie says:

    I uninstalled photoshop at one point, have since purchased it but it wont let me download it again because the cloud says i’m up to date on my product! help!

  92. I have photo shop dulex and can’t find out how to make sure the program knows I have 4 gigs of ram now and that everything is adjusted for the vertual memory on auto. and I didn’t really want to pay a lot of money for a new photo shop, I like the old tools on the old photo adobe shop dulex program is there a way to get updates for photo shop dulex 4.0 my old computer crashed and I put it on my new one and maybe I’ll put it back on the old one it is not on there now. Even thought I know I can put it on a lap top also I only have it on one computer right now and I don’t understand what give. I didn’t want to mess with the vertual memory of this new computer to get it to run. For giminy sakes it has four gig. I’ll try reinstalling it and see if that works.

    • PhotoDeluxe is an older 32 bit application and cannot allocate more than a couple GB of RAM by definition. You’d need to upgrade to Photoshop Elements 13 which is a 64-bit application that can allocate more than 4GB of RAM.

  93. Emily McElfresh says:

    When I try to load updates I’m getting this code: u41m1c212
    My Photoshop isn’t working properly and I don’t know what else to do, any suggestions?

  94. R says:

    Why can’t 2014.1/.2 updates be installed with perpetual licenses?

    • Photoshop CC is a membership/subscription product. I didn’t see a Creative Cloud individual license under your Adobe ID. Would it be under a different Adobe ID? Are you an Enterprise License customer?

  95. Richard Kalina says:

    HEEELLLPPPPP!!! Did the unforgivable update to YOSEMITE, & Photoshop 5.1 does not work, ….. I do not have the money to upgrade to CC what can I do, kids, wife, mortgage come first, but I need to use my humble 5.1….. HELP PLEASE.

    Desperate Richard.

  96. Glenn Urban says:

    My updates keep failing to update and keeps asking to try again later.

  97. Ahmed Rezk says:

    i am using Adobe CS5 and i downloaded Camera Raw 7.3 and installed and from my CS5
    Help > Auto Blug in > Camera Raw. i can see that that v. is already installed but still i cannot open my RAW photos from CS5.

    any advise please…..

  98. Patricio Alvarez says:

    I tried to update my Photoshop CS5 and I got this answer
    Felkod: U44M2P6

  99. Scotty Henderson says:

    Hi Jeffrey
    Can’t seem to find an answer to this. I’ve had CS5 Design & Web Premium plus CS5 Indesign for 4 years, and disliking the new CC assembly, because I’m not a professional user, bought a digital download of Master Collection. This is a new serial number as you can’t upgrade a suite unless it is the same suite. This should allow me to use the CS5 on another computer since it is a separate licence, but wanted to know if I install it on my main 64 bit Win7 computer, will there be any issues, or will they simply coexist in their own directories. It seems to me a few years ago I had a similar situation and newer versions of Adobe programs like Photo Elements, and they simply installed separately. Thought it wise to check first in this case. Can’t see any reason not to de-install CS5 first but curious.

  100. Stan Reneau says:

    I am receiving this message when initializing Photoshop:

    Licensing for this product has stopped working. Error: 148:3.

    Please help.

  101. Ashley Tucker says:

    I Just barely got the Nikon D5200 I currently have a windows 8 computer. I have the Adobe Elements 11 and every time I try to edit my pictures it tells me that it can not open the picture cause something with the Camera Raw. and to see the documentation…? I have no idea what it means or what to do? Help please.

  102. Hi!

    My Photoshop isn’t working as it should, I can’t save as jpg for example, and brightness/contrast and other functions are unclickable/grey…any idea what is wrong and how I can fix this? Tried downloading it again, but the same issues remain. I’m paying for this every month and need all functions to work …now! Help!

    / Angelina

  103. Leilani Ng says:

    I have Photoshop CS5 version 12.1 running on OS X Yosemite on a 27″ late 2012 iMac with an i7 orocessor and 8 gigs of memory. I finally got my Epson 7800 printer driver version 9.33 installed, but when I try to change the custom paper size, the program thinks about it for 15 seconds then quits. There’s something I’m not doing right and don’t know what it is.

    • Is your driver up-to-date? Just updating the driver may not work. Many customers are reporting the need to delete the driver, delete the printer, install the latest driver then install the printer.

      Also, see this document from Apple on troubleshooting printing on OS X:

      Did it work properly prior to upgrading to Yosemite? I don’t recommend that customers upgrade to Yosemite without doing testing to ensure that it will work for their needs with their current hardware and drivers.

      Photoshop CS5 runs on Yosemite, however, it wasn’t designed and nor extensively tested to run on this new OS. I don’t recommend that customers upgrade to Yosemite without doing their own testing to ensure that it will work for their needs with their current hardware and drivers.

      If it’s not obvious, you should never upgrade your critical production environment before testing. Always use a separate partition or drive.

      I also recommend that you do a clean install of the OS and your software so you don’t introduce any issues through user migration or bring along any incompatible cruft.

  104. Tony says:

    Hey! Windows 10 is going to be a free upgrade. So, all Windows users rush-off and get a ‘free’ upgrade and, guess what, no current Adobe program (and lots of others) will run on it. Or am I being cynical?

  105. Jacques Pichette says:


    How can I upgrade the Camera Raw module in Photoshop Element 11 ?

    I need Camera Raw 8.7.1 to support my new camera ….


  106. Harpreet Singh says:


    i have photoshop elements 10 installed on my machine and camera is 6D. what is best plugin advised so that i can directly open the raw files without changing to DNG.


  107. Heidi says:

    I just switched to a new computer and deactivated and reinstalled CS6 on my laptop. Everything is sooooo tiny. My Kubota dashboard, my tools, etc. How can I fix this?!

  108. ksoleo says:

    I have CS6 Photoshop CC and until yesterday had no problem printing to either of my (HP) printers. Now it’s like there is no message getting from Photoshop to the printer. The whole thing freezes up. When I hit File>Print everything freezes and I have to shut down. I’ve done updates to the printer driver, etc. and with CC all updates have been done. What do I do now?

  109. Edward Hagerty says:

    All I am trying to find out is as follows; I have an older computer running Windows XP and on it I have Photoshop 7. Up until a few months ago I would automatically receive updates to Photoshop. Then although the Updates continued to come,
    there was an Adobe Online Error, File could not be downloaded, http://cgi…tform=ODLLVer=, There was a problem connecting to Adobe Oonline. Please check your Internel Settings in your Inernet Control Panel.
    Am I not getting updates because WINXP is no longer supported so why do I still get updates every month?

  110. Austin says:

    Once you download PhotoShop off of the Adobe web site then cancel the 10$ a month am i able to still use it or do i have to keep paying the 10$ a month just to use it?

  111. David R says:

    I have Lightroom 4.4 but it does not support DNG conversion of Olympus OM-D E-M1 RAW files. I have DNG 8.3 converter running as a stand-alone which works fine, but I want to convert the Olympus files on import in Lightroom, rather than having to go through the stand alone programme first, but can find no mention anywhere of how to do this. I have been through the and it tells me my version is up-to-date and is empty. So how do I update the DNG conversion part of Lightroom ?

    • The internal converter for DNG in Lightroom 4.4 can’t work with that camera model for the same reason it can’t read the native raw files. You need to use the external DNG converter to convert the files to DNG before Lightroom 4.4 can read them in.

      • David R says:

        That looks like poor planning in software development. With new cameras and RAW formats coming out practically every month I would have expected the RAW conversion in Lightroom to be a module that can be updated as and when required.
        Are we stuck with the same drawback in Lightroom 5?

  112. Ardis says:

    I have tried to load RAW images from a Canon EOS 350D to my Dell laptop. I have PhotoShop CS2 and microsoft XP. My camera stayed busy for 30 minutes but the six images never came through. Do I need some other software? I see others in previous questions discussing certain ones. What am I missing to be able to do this or isn’t it possible?

  113. Gwen Peterson says:

    Re: Photoshop Elements 10

    Had a HDD failure on my mid-2007 iMac (running OS X 10.8.4 / Mountain Lion) and replaced the drive.

    Reloaded everything (apps, settings, etc.) from my Time Machine backup but now getting a string of what looks like Arabic characters and the message “Photoshop Elements cannot start or continue because of missing file(s). Please reinstall.”

    How can I simply re-load Adobe PS Elements 10? (Originally purchased as a download; I have no DVD)

    Not really interested in an upgrade – yet – until I can be fully assured that I can get what I already bought up and running ………

  114. Das says:

    Hi, I’ve just updated Lightroom to V 5.7 and its saying I need to update Camera Raw Plugin to V 8.7 when I try to edit images over to PS. I’m running PS5 extended V 12.1 x64 with Camera raw V Do I need to upgrade to PS6 to fix this issue or is there something else I can do? Thanks.

  115. Robyn says:

    Hi there

    I’m hoping someone will be able to help me. My Photoshop just refuses to open – it will bob up and down but then the program never opens. It is CS5 and I am on MacBook Pro 10.6.8 OSX. Please help..

  116. richard waller says:

    Downloaded PS15.
    Now have confusion…
    It’s verified for C.R. BUT, BUT still have PS14 running. I thought the new version would automatically replace the older one.
    What do I do?
    You people need to make updates a lot more straight forward.
    We’re not all techies !

    • What OS are you on? It sounds like you just updated Camera Raw for CC 2014. Per my FAQ above: If you install CC 2015, by default it will uninstall CC and CC 2014 unless you change the Advanced Options.

      • richard waller says:

        I’m on OS Mac 10.9.5.
        Don’t think I changed any A.O.
        I thought I downloaded PS15 and then installed it by following the prompts.
        But all I have, I think, is the latest CR, but not the latest PS.
        When I try to re-download PS you tell me my computer is up to date.
        But of course it’s not !

  117. richard waller says:

    Just got a message from someone at Adobe.
    They said call back. But there was no number !
    Please make this process a better one for the buyer …

  118. graham says:

    I have elements 9 and cant import raw files using my 600d or my 70d. what raw update do I need?

  119. Willie Rodgers says:

    I need a serial number for CS6 Photo Shop for Mac
    How can I purchase one?

  120. Peter says:

    Hi Jeffery
    I use Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1 & have done for many years but now it will not open files etc & the 1st message is “Could not initialize Photoshop because of a program error” if I double click a jpeg image to open in Photoshop it tells me that the scratch card is full. I have tried changing the preference but that does not work either. please can you let me know if there is a fix for this problem.
    Kind regards.

  121. sam says:

    I have recently purchase LR6 and have been having no problems.
    Now i am unable to open it. It is running on windows and tells me that the lightroom catalog is not responding. I cant get into help or anything.


    • Does your system have an AMD Graphics processor? I would suggest rolling back to a prior video driver:

      Install the older AMD ”14.4” driver from April 2014 *
      * The range we’ve identified includes AMD Radeon HD 5xxx to 8xxx Series graphics cards running driver versions 14.501.1003 & 14.502.1014.

      Or simply disable “Use Graphics Processor” in the Lightroom>Performance… preferences until AMD released an update.

  122. Svyat says:

    I’ve updated lightroom to CC 2015 (and adobe camera raw to 9.1.1 – manually) (before I had LR CS) but in “Effects” don’t have Dehaze feature. I’m reinstalled few times Lr and Ps – but don’t have it. (In PS CameraRaw Dehaze works fine). What should I do to solve it? (OS Yosemite)

  123. Ralph says:

    Just wondering if anyone has any advice for an offline machine running windows 7 x64 that gets the
    “Update Failed / Updates could not be applied. This patch is not applicable for you” whentrying to update Photoshop CC 2015?

    Thanks for any help

  124. The 9.1.1 is NOT a plugin for Photoshop. It is a standalone conversion module that takes a RAW image from an unsupported camera – in my case a Canon MK5sr – and converts it to something you can load into PS CS6.
    This is a time consuming and awkward process. When you have several hundred images to review, you can go to lunch while the time is burned up.

    I urge everyone who owns and depends on CS6 to protest this marketing strategy. Give your previous customers a real plugin for CS6.

  125. Brian Beck says:

    I have Photoshop 11, and a Sony a7 camera. When I use this camera in RAW I am unable to down load pictures to PS11. Is there a solution to this problem other than purchasing a more recent version of PS Elements ?

  126. Sabine says:

    I am on a Mac OS 10.9.5 and looking for the best suited Photoshop version. My old Photoshop 7 version does not work anymore since my last update of my OSX. What would you recommend?

  127. Sabine says:

    I am on a Mac OS 10.9.5 and I am looking for the best suitable Photoshop version as my my old Photophop 7 does not work anymore since my last OS update. What would you recommend?

  128. chris ogden says:

    Thanks for your (as usual) informative post Jeff. Question though: in CC Updater, how do we tell what version will be installed BEFORE installing it (and then manually having to roll it back)?

    Wouldn’t it be a trivial mod to include the full version number of updates under “What’s New”?

    It’s particularly relevant now with the LR 6.2 issues. Even clicking “What’s New” just says is “Lightroom CC?6 Update – October 2015: This release includes fixes for crashing and performance issues.” (except for the date, this is a next to useless description.)

  129. Miguel says:

    Camera raw 9.4 does not recognize any file jpg,dng or nef,cr2,etc, all files open normally in photoshop but none of them in camera raw.
    What can be done?
    Thanks in advance

  130. shibin says:

    I can’t open camera raw 9.4 in pcs6 after installation of camera can fix this problem?

  131. Tim says:

    After the Camera Raw 9.4 Update (Win 7 x64 in the latest version of Photoshop C2015 x64) the radial filter does not work properly. All other tools work correctly. The radial filter can be moved and changed (size and form) only with a massiv delay.

  132. Tim says:

    Wäre nett wenn ihr endlich in Camera Raw (Photoshop) die Beschränkung der Adjustment Brushes aufhebt. Habe über 170 adjustment Brushes von Lightroom nach ACR übertragen kann diese aber nicht auswählen da anscheinend nur 100 angezeigt werden.

    Zudem sollte in Lightroom und ACR die Möglichkeit bestehen, die Adjustment Brushes in Ordnern zu sortieren / zu speichern. Dann hat man in der Anzeige nur einige Folder z. B. für Protrait- oder Landschaftsfotografiere und kann nach dem aufklappen der Folder die einzelnen Adjustment Brushes auswählen.

  133. Ashley says:

    I had gotten a new computer and had to have Photoshop pro x5 reinstalled on the new one. when it was installed however it no longer had all of my old plug ins. such as my nikon ones. Where can i go to get them back or is it something that i will not be able to get back?
    Thank you in advance

  134. photoshopping since 1997 says:

    I’ll probably never do business with your company again!

  135. Monica says:

    I’m having trouble locating a download for Camera Raw 8.4; I’ve only located the DNG converter link. Searches for 8.4 have not been productive, I’ve scoured the forums and blogs for over an hour. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  136. penum says:

    Photoshop CC 2015.5
    I cant find the Windows 32-bit Updates.
    Where i can download it.
    The AdobeCloud show no new Update CC 2015.5 of the 32-Bit Version.

  137. Tim says:

    I want the following changes in Adobe Photoshop / Camera Raw.

    You can stitch panoramas in Camera Raw, but you cannot apply the adaptive wide angle correction to a RAW file. Please make this possible.

    After I have applied the adaptive wide angle correction I want to crop the image and want, that ACR do a content aware fill.

    Since the last update has Photoshop a font recognition. You can compare the fonts with the text “sample”. That is good, but not perfect. It makes more sense, to input the selected word and compare it then.

    ACR is not able to save more than 100 (?) local adjustment presets. Please change that. I want to save much more presets. But I want to save the presets in “local adjustment folders” that I have created and named (for example portrait, landscape, food, etc.). The folder content must be visible or invisible by a tree-view-structure (+/-). And I want to drag the presets from one folder to another folder.

    Content aware crop is good. But if you stich a panorama or do a wide angle correction and do a normal crop (without rotating), then is content aware not working. Please change that.

  138. Tim says:

    And I want to save ALL the local adjustment settings, that are under the sliders (brush size, etc.).

  139. Tim says:

    I want to create severals folders (add, rename and remove them) for the ACR development presets and display/open/close the folders like a treeview element. I want to copy the presets in ACR into and between the created folders.

    If that is not possible I want, that the last used ACR developent preset is shown in the listview if I open a new image / photoshop again. I droves me crazy to search and select a specific development preset each time new, if I start Photoshop new.

  140. Tim says:

    I need the 5D Mark IV RAW development in ACR.

  141. Tim says:

    Is it possible to get the Beta ACR development for the 5D Mark IV. I know that the beta ist out.

  142. Daika says:

    Je vous écris en français mon anglais n’étant pas parfait, merci de votre compréhension.
    Je suis l’administrateur de mes Mac OSX (sierra) dont un qui n’est connecté sur internet. j’ai fait les mises à jours Photoshop CC 2017 et Lightroom CC2015.8 sur l’un mais sur le deuxième les mises à jour manuelles camera raw 9.8 et lightroom CC 6.8 sont impossible. J’ai une fenêtre qui me dit: ” Si vous souhaitez appliquer les mises à jour sur votre machine contactez votre administrateur car celui-ci a supprimé les mises à jour en question”, je suis l’administrateur. Chez Adobe cela correspond à l’erreur 23 mais aucune solution. Avez vous une solution? Merci d’avance. Daika

  143. Tim says:

    After the installation of ACR 11.2 I can see a thumbnail window on th left side, which normally only appear if I want to make a HDR image or panorama.

    Please make it possible to hide this window for the normal RAW development as in the older versions.

    Thanks in advance

  144. Gary S Williams says:

    Hello and greetings,
    I’m trying to stay calm but I cannot open my Panasonic G9 raw files in ACR or Photoshop CS4.
    I have downloaded & installed the DNG convertor version but ACR says “This item does not have camera raw settings”.
    I hope you can help

    • Did you change the pref for the DNG Converter for compatibility with the version of ACR for CS4? Did you actually drop the raw file on the DNG converter to convert the file and then open the resulting the DNG in Photoshop? Many people think you just need to download the DNG – but you need to convert your files to DNG first, then open the resulting DNG Files.

  145. Tim says:

    I hate the new camera raw workflow and want the old one back. It’s a pain to work with the new layout.

    When we will see the Canon R5 support? I use the camera since a few month under NDA and using the Canon DPP Software is a pain.

  146. Tim says:

    Where is the ruler tool and transform tool in the new ACR Version?
    Put the new features in the old ACR design and old ACR process and we all will happy.
    We don’t wont the LR way to edit our Images. I slows down our develop process.

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