Why doesn’t my version of Photoshop or Lightroom support my camera?

I get a myriad of questions about camera support in Photoshop and Lightroom so I thought I’d try and answer them in this blog post.

For a localized, translated version of this document, see: Camera Raw Help| Why doesn’t my version of Photoshop or Lightroom support my camera?

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I just purchased a new camera. Photoshop CC/CS6, or Lightroom 6, does not recognize the raw files. What do I do?

First, make sure you have the latest updates for Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop. (The process to update Lightroom is similar. Launch Lightroom and choose Help>Check for Updates…) It’s always a good idea to have the latest updates installed.

Second, if updating to the latest version doesn’t give you joy and let you open your camera raw files, verify your camera make and model is on the list of supported cameras.

Finally, if your camera came out within the past 90 days and it’s not on the list of supported cameras, be patient, as you may need to wait for the new camera support. Adobe goes through a rigorous process of adding support for and testing of each new camera raw format. Adobe generally releases updates of the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in and Lightroom to provide new camera support about once a quarter, or about every 90 days. Feel free to drop us request or vote for specific camera support on our Feedback Site.

What if I own an older version of Photoshop or Lightroom?

A lot of people ask, “Why do I have to buy a new version of Photoshop or Lightroom just to get the latest camera support?”

The answer: You don’t have to upgrade to get the very latest camera support. Adobe provides backwards compatibility for the latest cameras for FREE in Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5, as well as Lightroom 1, 2, 3. 4 & 5, through the Adobe DNG Converter.

Download it here:

Win: Adobe DNG Converter
Mac: Adobe DNG Converter

For instructions on using the DNG converter, see: Installing and using the DNG Converter

What are the benefits of using DNG?

There are other benefits to using DNG besides backward compatibility if you haven’t explored those:

  1. The metadata, keywords and raw adjustments are stored in the file – along with a processed preview of the image. This makes the file portable and keeps your metadata safe and secure.
  2. DNG files are smaller than the original raw file, which will save you disk space and time in the long run.
  3. DNG is an openly specified file format which means the file format isn’t going away. If you use another raw processor that supports DNG, you don’t have to worry about compatibility or portability of your metadata.

Julieanne Kost has created a video on Adobe TV outlining the benefits of DNG in your everyday workflow and how to use the Adobe DNG Converter:

Note: Julieanne goes through the process of converting your raw files to DNG using the Adobe DNG Converter around the 7:12-9:44 point of the video.

Why is DNG necessary for legacy version support?

The problem with supporting Adobe Camera Raw plug-in updates for legacy version of Photoshop and Lightroom is camera manufacturers insist on creating a new proprietary raw format each time they come out with a new camera – and new cameras are coming out faster and in greater volume. If camera manufactures either settled on a single raw format for their brand of cameras or just used DNG it would make compatibility a non-issue.

It’s untenable to keep updating previous versions of the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in going back to CS2 to support new cameras/raw formats in a timely fashion. Using the DNG converter is the fastest way to deliver backwards compatibility to ALL users (CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 Lightroom 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, as well as 3rd party apps that support DNG). Put simply, this allows us to support the greatest number of customers and cameras as possible.

Additional Resources:

Product Pages

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402 Responses to Why doesn’t my version of Photoshop or Lightroom support my camera?

  1. Rob says:

    Having just gotten a Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W3, I was surprised and disappointed to learn that Lightroom doesn’t even see mpo files. It’s bad enough that Lightroom can’t manipulate that format, but for it not even to be able to recognize the file is bewildering, especially since Adobe Bridge can. (Though Bridge sees the file, it can’t display a thumbnail. That’s something that Cerious’s ThumbsPlus is able to manage just fine.)

  2. Michael says:

    To echo Rob’s comment; the 3D MPO (Multi Picture Object) file format has been around long enough. Rather disappointed Lightroom can’t even interrogate the basic meta-data values within the file (considering Bridge can). I figure if enough people ask then maybe one afternoon I’ll flip on Lightroom and whoosh I can avoid that thing FujiFilm put out to manage these files… 🙂

  3. PECourtejoie says:

    And one can check when support was added for a given camera in Camera Raw (substract 3 to the camera raw version to find the Lightroom version) in this document: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/407/kb407111.html

  4. Andre says:

    I totally agree with Michael. It is a shame that a company (and its application) that claims to be on the edge of image manipulation does not recognize the most popular 3D camera around. Come on, Adobe, it is not that difficult, is it?

  5. Zev Eisenberg says:

    What I’d like to know is why it took so long to get D7000 tethering support, given how quickly its RAW format was supported? That said, I’m incredibly grateful that it’s finally in there!

  6. CC says:

    So, the Camera RAW plugin is created anew for each version of Photoshop? I don’t get why so many other plugins work across multiple versions of Photoshop, but the Camera RAW plugin does not. Also, I thought DNG support was added to Camera RAW plugin version 2.4 which is the last version supported for Photoshop CS. Is DNG not supported in CS?

    One more question: How does DNG get to be smaller than the original RAW file? Does it throw data away or use compression?

    • Yes. Camera Raw is more tightly integrated with Photoshop and Bridge than most other plug-ins/filters. Also, there are a lot of changes needed that are platform specific. For example, for CS5, Camera Raw needed to be written in Cocoa and made 64bit for the Mac version. This type of change is pretty radical. Even a lot of other plug-ins/filters needed to be rewritten for compatibility for this.

  7. David Rose says:

    I have a Fuji S200EXR and Lightroom 3.4.1 cannot read RAF files! The camera has been out around 3 years. I did download DNG Converter but still no good. I have to download into Picasa, (reads files perfectly) the export a folder, then import into LR. But then they are jpeg files. Why is this?


  8. Lee Runion says:

    I would be great if adobe would have a camera raw plugin
    For the highest end of cameras, Sinar. Adobe don’t forget
    About us pro’s out there.

  9. Raul Izquierdo says:

    It seems Adobe being the center of our image processing universe has offered the use of the DNG format to all, yet the manufacturers wish to keep their raw process to themselves. Unless they are proactive and get the conversion info to Adobe before the new cameras hit the showroom we will always be a step behind. It would be nice if DNG were offered as an alternative right out of the box just like RAW + JPEG or TIFF in some cases. As it stands only about 32 cameras create a DNG file at the point of capture.

  10. Alessandro Rosa says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Thank you for the info on the blog. I do have a question related to the DNG backward compatibility workaround. It is camera specific so you may not be able to give me an answer but I am hoping you can point me in the right direction.

    Some background: I currently have LR2 (updated to the last released version, I think 2.7) and have Raw files from the Canon 1D Mark IV that I wanted to edit. As the Mark IV came out after LR3, I converted the files to DNG and brought them into LR to edit. What I noticed when viewing at 1 to 1 was a lot of noise (both Luminance and Color) at relatively low ISO’s (400, 800, 1600), even in midtone areas. Given this camera model is supposed to have very good signal to noise performance, even at 3200 ISO and higher, I wouldn’t have expected to see this.

    Is it possible that this is a result of the ACR engine in LR2 not being fine-tuned to demosaic this camera’s Raw files (as it doesn’t support it natively) and that the rendered images would have less visible noise using LR3 or is this an issue that I would need to look to Canon for help on? Thanks

  11. James says:

    Your camera in on the supported list, you sure you’re using Camera Raw 6.4 or Lightroom 3.4.1?

  12. Terry says:

    My camera’s RAW files are supported, but my camera (Nikon D2X) is not profiled in the lens corrections. Why is that? It’s not that long ago that this was Nikon’s flagship pro camera.

  13. Barrie says:

    Somehow I don’t quite buy that last answer.
    Even if it were a technical issue, it’s not major and you have the resources to do it easily.

    What’s wrong with admitting that it’s part of the strategy to thwart piracy through “inconvenience” (which I can’t say I blame you), and also to force upgrade adoption lessen support fragmentation.

  14. Yoma Ullman says:

    I am told that the only way that Adobe will support RAW work from my Canon G12 is if I update from my current CS3 to CS5 and presumably also download the relevant plug-in. Is this correct?
    And will I then be able to work with RAW captures from my Panasonic DMC-LX3?
    I find all this complication predatory on the consumer.

  15. Jeremy Verinsky says:

    Jeffery, thanks for the posting. I’ve been preaching about the free DNG Converter for older versions for a while, but many people seem to think Adobe needs to update their 3 releases ago version for free because it’s inconvenient for them. Another much cheaper way to get integrated RAW support is to purchase the latest version Photoshop Elements which will meet most users needs.

  16. Tomas says:

    Hi everybody, thanks for article, but it didnt work for me 🙁
    Is there really one expert who can solve my problem please ? 🙁
    I tried to write and make previews into jpg in keep it simple style, but if any question to my problem, please ask….. iam being really desperate and this problem stoped me to release any photos 🙁


    I red many many forums and nobody is able to solve this problem properly.
    It looks that Nikon using his own recipes, which is able to view properly only at Nikon softwares (ViewNX). For example function “Active D-lightning”.

    Thanks A LOT for any inputs

  17. Ian says:

    Hey Jeffrey,

    I am having problems getting lightroom 3.4 to recognize .cr2 files from the canon Eos 1000d. I verified that the camera is on the supported list for lightroom and camera raw.

    On import I get the message “The files are from a camera which is not recognized by the raw support in lightroom” and prompts me to check for updates. When I check I am told “Your software is up to date. No updates are available at this time.”

    What should I do to get lightroom to recognize the files?

  18. Daniel*1977 says:

    Need Samsung NX200 support, got few files, and now waiting for my camera.
    Hope you will add ASAP this camera.

  19. John says:

    Hello, I have an older Power PC Mac G5 (OS X 10.5.8). I recently bought a Leica D-5 and installed the Lightroom software (2.7, as my older MAC does not have the Intel chip) and I’m having trouble importing RAW files.

    I can see thumbnails of both the RAW and Jpeg files in the Lightroom import window – but when I hit the import button, only the Jpegs download. I tried to import the DNG converter 6.5 hoping that might help, but a window informs me that the application (DNG) is not supported by my architecture.

    Is my chip too old to work with RAW or???

  20. Gordon Whirry says:

    My edits done in the DNG converter and saved to DNG do no show in Picassa. Is there a way to fix this?


  21. Josh Green says:

    I need tethering support for my FujiFilm S5pro and ISpro cameras. They might have some mileage on them but, they are great bodies

  22. Mark Forte says:

    Nearly eight months, the first commenter asked about support for the MPO files created by the Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W3. I do not know if Adobe is working on this, but I want to add my voice to those who would be extremely happy if the MPO format were supported.

  23. vincent leonardo says:

    Photos are saved to my hard drive as DNG lightroom will not let me open these files. Is there a simple way to chang them back to JPG if so please send me this information. I am shooting in raw, photos are coming out as JPG. they were saved as DNG and the sersion of lightroom will not let me open them. They want me to buy a software deal for 30.00 more. I cant afford it. HELP

  24. I want to download a trial version of CS5.5. It downloads and goes thorugh all of the motions of loading but doesn’t.

    I get the following message: “DW 065 – display requirements not met for (53CF3920-648B-4F99-8DOS-6A6C5298F57B)

    I’m on a Sony VAIO with the 64 bit Windows 7

  25. Mike Kelly says:

    I recently downloaded the CS 5.5 30 day eval to my machine. Everything works perfect. On last day of trial I removed it from my machine using the uninstall program. Immediately after Lightroom 3.5 which I own no longer sees my Compact Flash cards shot from either my Canon MK5D or Canon MKIV D. In addtion to that, the cards are now corrupted and can’t be seen in any machine. LR 3.5 crashes everytime I try a new card.
    Everything else on my system is good. I’ve done deep virus scans tried different CF readers. The second my card touches lightroom, it’s corrupted. Any thoughts?

  26. Todd Erding says:

    Man, talk about a great post! I’ve stumbled across your blog a few times inside the past, but I usually forgot to save it. But absolutely not again! Thanks for writing the way you do, I truly appreciate seeing somebody who actually has a viewpoint and is not just regurgitating junk like the majority of other writers today. Keep it up!

  27. John Huffman says:

    I’m stumped! I have a Sony Vaio (VGN-S2791N) that does not show the photos I have imported! On the library mode you can see an outline, and when I select several and go to slide show they do work. Nothing is visible in Develop of Print. Presumably the latest driver is loaded (OS is Windows 7 Ultimate). What is going on?

  28. Joshua Peters says:

    Okay. Im getting wicked confused here. I have a Canon Rebel T3. Just got it like a week ago. I take a photography class in my highschool so i would say i have a good amount of experience in photography. But this RAW file format is like alien technology to me! I have no idea what it was! So i decided to shoot in it for a couple of shots. Forgot to change it back. Went to an actual photoshoot took a couple hundred pictures and i thought i was shooting in a Jpeg. Opened up my Adobe Lightroom 2 (version 2.7) and it doesnt recognize the .CR2 files. So i decided to research and your blog here tells me to download Camera Raw 6.6 and Adobe DNG Converter. Done. But… same problem. My lightroom doesnt recognize the RAW files!!!!! Help?

    Also when i downloaded the Camera Raw stuff, its all compressed. Am i supposed to install this thing? Because in the compressed file, idk what to click on to install it.

    • Sounds like you are you trying to open the raw files instead of the DNG files after you convert them. You haven’t said what OS you are on, so I’m not sure how to answer your question about the files being compressed. On a Mac, you should have a DMG file to double click to unexpand and run the installer. On windows, you should have a zip file you expand and then install. If you have more questions, I’d post them with more details about your system and the types of files you’re having trouble with. http://phtshp.us/AskAQuestion

  29. Greetje van Son says:

    I have an issue with opening RAW files.
    I have download a trail version of PS 5.1 with a raw version 6.3.
    I cannot upload the latest RAW plug in 6.6. A popup appears: close Bridge 5.1 while it is closed already.
    Can anyone tell me what to do?

  30. Tom Andrews says:

    I have been trying to download the Adobe DNG Converter to my Mac. It ends up in the applications folder but when I double click on it nothing happens. It doesn’t open. I have tried downloading several versions of the DNG Converter from old to newest with the same results. I have a dual-core Intel Xeon running Mac OS X 10.4.11 and I am using Photoshop CS3. I need the converter to open RAW files from a Canon S95. Can you help me?

  31. Ian says:

    I have Adobe CS4 and an iMac G5 version 10.4.11 and cannot update ACR any further than what I have at present. As I am buying a new camera and will shoot RAW if I was to download the latest version of the DNG Converter suitable for my current operating system and convert the raw files to .dng will I then be able to open them in my version of Camera Raw 5.7.

  32. seo says:

    Your blog does not show up correctly on my android – you might wanna try and repair that

  33. I downloaded 50 photos on Adobe Photoshop – Starter Ediotion web site and erased photos off my camera before I found out that you had cancelled the program. I have called Adobe offices 4 or 5 times and people keep giving me web sites to go to that haven’t produced any results. I think there is some simple way for me to retrieve my pictures which I sincerely want and cherish, and would appreciate a mrthod of retrieving the pictures that is simple and straight forward, Please help ! ! John Hurst

  34. I am very interested in purchasing Lightroom 3. I am apprehensive though because I plan to buy a new Canon D-SLR this year (like a 5D MKIII or equivalent). I am worried that if Lightroom 4 comes out before the camera body, that LR3 will not release a camera profile for my new camera. Does anyone know if Lightroom 4 will use the same ACR as LR3? Or is using the DNG workflow just as good?

    • Hi Timothy. I would probably wait a short bit for Lightroom 4 to be released if you’re not in a huge hurry. You can download the either the Lightroom 3 trial or the Lightroom 4 public beta to start learning the program.

  35. VANESSA STERN says:

    I have a Lumix DMC-G2. I used to have no problem downloaded Raw images into Bridge, but since my PC has been wiped(by my computer chap) I can no longer do it. I have downloaded DNG6.6 but get the message “source folder does not contain raw files. But the camera is set to take raw files

  36. Greg Holland says:

    I have a Canon T3i with PSE 6.0 and have followed the instructions for placing the Camera Raw.8Bi file in the Plug-Ins/File Formats folder (under Program Files (x86) since it’s Win 7), but I still cannot open the RAW files. What am I doing wrong?

  37. Lisa says:

    Hi I have CS 5.5 and it will not recognise my camera which is an EOS Rebel 600D by Cannon.
    I did check and it is on the list you had on the llink in this article. Any suggestions on why and how I can fix the issue would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  38. Nancy Macfarlan says:

    I have CS5 and recently the images in photoshop have become very bland. I shoot in Raw and when they open in raw, they are find but when I open the images in PS, they are completely washed out? Suggestions, please. I also have Lightroom 3, which updates automatically.The images there are fine. I’ve tried updating updating CS5, and it says all updates are there but I don’t think so, the last time I had to search the Internet to find them. Appreciate any help you can give me.
    I know this is a lot of info, but am upset with CS5.

  39. Michael Frey says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Adobe says, that it supports all these raw-formats but it doesn’t really.
    I havea Nikon D90 andAdobe Lightroom cannot show the real previews and works not really good with the raw files.
    Or can you show me a way to see the real real real Nikon Camera raw nef preview???

  40. DENNIS HARVEY says:

    I was trying to convert .RW2 files from my Panasonic FZ150 via DNG converter 3.7 – 5.4 so that I could then deal with them in Bridge in Photoshop CS2. To-day after reading your blog, I downloaded Adobe DNG converter 7.1. For the first time I successfully converted 6 shots to DNG files. I can see both the DNG conversions and the original .RW2 files in Bridge but I still cannot open the DNG version. I get “The source file does not contain any supported camera raw files”. I am using Windows XP.

    What else do I have to do? Panasonic’s only advice is use “Silkypix”.

    • Pete Green says:

      How are you copying the image files to the computer from camera? Are you using a card reader? or importing directly from camera?
      Try with card reader and see if those will convert better … You could also try uninstalling and reinstalling the DNG converter incase something happened during the initial installation
      A while back another user had a similar issue which he resolved here: http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?t=972538

  41. Jody Shanhun says:

    I have light room 3.6 and cs5. I cant get my raw files to work from my new camera Canon 1dx

  42. John Leung says:

    I converted my RW2 to DNG using Adobe RAW converter,,, but they are not read by my CS2. My LR 4 reads the converted files,, but not the CS2. CS2 is able to read DNG coming out of my Leica directly. What is the problem here?

  43. Justin says:

    What a load of bollocks. iPhoto which is free with MacOs can read Canon EOD 5d mk iii raw format, but apparently you need to cough up before Adobe is going to support you. Aperture, here I come…

  44. isaac says:

    How do I get files from a sony dscxr100 into lightroom? even the adobe dng converter doesnt recognize the file

    • Pete Green says:

      Currently we don’t have support with DNG or ACR with this newer camera. We’ll need to wait for an update to ACR and the DNG converter

  45. fhoawalwkje says:

    This is the straight Why doesn’t my version of Photoshop or Lightroom support my camera? Jeff Tranberry's Digital Imaging Crawlspace diary for anyone who wants to seek out out virtually this topic. You react so more its almost wearying to contend with you (not that I real would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new twisting on a issue thats been handwritten around for life. Good bunk, but uppercase!

  46. AZPhoto Destination says:

    I own a 5Dmark III and I would like to know when Adobe is going to release the technology in light room Four so that I can tether to light Room.????

  47. Monty says:

    Any word on support for Nikon D600?


  48. jantina says:

    I have a canon eos iDX , photoshop cs6 with 7.1 camera raw, lighroom 4.1 .
    The camera is listed but I cannot import any of the .cr2 files/
    Any other suggestions?

    • Pete Green says:

      It should work, have you added any other plug-ins that might be conflicting?
      Try updating camera raw to 7.2 — labs.adobe.com/technologies/cameraraw7-2/

  49. Vyfot says:

    Adobe DNG Converter 6.3 – 7.2 – Do not expand the folder with the RAW files in Vista 32 !
    Any other suggestions?

  50. John O'Brien says:

    Using CS5. Just acquired a Canon G15; Camera Raw, last update 5/2012. Are you going to add a G15 patch for CS5 Camera Raw. Raw v7.1 & 7.2 are not CS5 compatible, so are you no longer supporting CS5 Raw?

    • Per the article above, we’re supporting the latest cameras for legacy versions of PS and LR (LR1, 2, 3; PS CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5) via the FREE Adobe DNG Converter.

      • John O'Brien says:

        Thanks for your response Jeffrey. But, after downloading and installing DNG Converter v., I am unable to convert Canon G15 .CR2 files. The DNG Converter does not see G15 .CR2 files in the folder where they reside. (It also does not see Canon D50 .CR2 files, which is quite confusing since I can convert them with my latest version of Camera Raw for CS5. I read the “article above,” understanding the rationale. I’m very willing to convert my G15 .CR2 files to DNG for use with Camera Raw CS5, but presently have some sort of disconnect in all of this. Can you advise?

      • John O'Brien says:

        Jeffrey, after reading the forum, I got the folder selection procedure, but now I’m getting an error msg: no coversion due to file parsing error. Does that simply mean that the G15 .CR2 format has not yet been added?

  51. Grimble Gromble says:

    I’ve gone through all the stuff about DNG and ACR and still don’t appear to have an answer that makes any kind of sense regarding the legacy issue.

    What is it about the ACR plug-in that prevents earlier versions of programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom from using the latest version of ACR to process the DNG files produced by the latest version of DNG Converter?

    If the DNG Converter (kudos to Adobe for making it free, by the way) has done all the hard work of converting all these different propriety formats to a single, common RAW format, why the issue with earlier versions of software? One of the reasons for a common format such as DNG is that any software that supports the format will continue to work with images from new proprietary formats after processing by DNG Converter.

    It seems to me that ACR shouldn’t be addressing the format interpretation issue at all – leave that to DNG Converter – it should be concentrating solely on the aspects that Lightroom tackles in the Develop module. Because of the way Adobe is handling this, those of us who can’t afford to upgrade our software every year or two are unable to take advantage of the latest improvements in ACR. I would suggest a complete decoupling of these processes, keep DNG Converter free (as promised), charge a nominal fee for the developement aspects of ACR so us poor people can take advantage of those improvements regardless of which versions of Adobe software we are using, and then they can charge whatever they feel they can get away with for programs such as Lightroom and Photoshop which can incorporate access to the DNG Converter (if necessary) and ACR as part of their normal operation. This would make updating any or all of these pieces of software so much easier.

    Just a thought, but if you can explain why we can’t do this now, I’d appreciate it.

    • Hi Grimble,

      The article above does explain it.

      “It’s untenable to keep updating previous versions of the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in going back to CS2 to support new cameras/raw formats in a timely fashion. Using the DNG converter is the fastest way to deliver backwards compatibility to ALL users (CS2, CS3, CS4, Lightroom 1 & 2, as well as 3rd party apps that support DNG). This allows us to support the greatest number of customers and cameras as possible.”

      It’s a ton more work to develop and test plug-ins going back nearly 10 years (namely an explosion of OS versions/compilers, hardware that needs to be kept around maintained). Many of the features in the latest version of Camera Raw simply wouldn’t work in old versions of Photoshop running on old operating systems and hardware. Further, at the end of the day, it would pull resources away from innovation in our processing technology and the # of cameras we support. Again, using the DNG converter is the fastest way to deliver backwards compatibility to ALL users (CS2, CS3, CS4, Lightroom 1 & 2, as well as 3rd party apps that support DNG) and support the greatest number of customers and cameras as possible.

  52. Edward Tsui says:

    I am using Photoshop CS5. Recently I purchased a Canon G15. Photoshop CS5 cannot read the raw files created by Canon G15.
    I then downloaded Adobe DNG Converter version However, Adobe DNG Converter still cannot read the raw file created by Canon G15.
    Can you help me how to read and edit the raw files created by Canon G15.

    • Hi Edward, the answer to your question in in my blog post above.

      “Third, if your camera isn’t on the list of supported cameras check on Adobe Labs for a release candidates of the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in or Adobe Lightroom. A release candidate is a very close to done version of the plug-in that Adobe shares with the community prior to full release for additional testing.”

      That camera is brand new so you need to look on Adobe Labs. Version 7.3 of the Adobe DNG converter will work to make the G15’s files compatible with CS5:


  53. Joel Markham says:

    Hi! I run Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended on my iMac, with version 6.7 of the Camera RAW plug-in. I have just purchased a Canon EOS 6D, and obviously I can’t open RAW files from this camera just yet. My question is this: when Adobe eventually includes the Canon 6D on its list of supported cameras, will I need to upgrade to Photoshop 6 to be able to access the Camera RAW plug-in for the 6D? Cheers… JOEL

  54. Mike Eilenfeldt says:

    Latest version of Lightroom does not support raw files from my new dmc-gh3. I did not know that this would be a problem. Can I get my money back?

  55. Allan S says:

    Why is there no further questions since last year… The problem has not gone away.. I downloaded DNG did as asked it can’t see my Nikon d4 NEF files (or any files for that matter) CS3 . D4 Windows vista

  56. Adobe DNG Converter version 6.5 is the last version that will work on PPC (G5) macs. Grab it here: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=5257

  57. Robin Dunn says:

    My updates to LR3 and Photoshop CS5 have not solved my problem of not being able to read my Canon CR2 raw files or being able to convert then using dng converter. The camera is a Canon EOS 650 D purchased in early November 2012. The canon software Image Browser can read the file so it seems that the camera is taking the raw photos ok. Can you help or is it just a matter of waiting and watching for updates?

  58. Fung8036 says:

    Is that CS 5.1 will support new Canon EOS 6D camera raw file ?

  59. I have read Adobes argument for not backwards supporting older versions of Photoshop/LR/ACR and I have looked into using the DNG convertor.

    But honestly blaming the camera manufacturors for changing formats smacks of blameshifting. I “had” to purchase CS5 in 2011 after buying an EOS5DII which my CS3 would not support and I now I “have” to buy CS6 because my new EOS650D is not suported in CS5. CS5 is only the last iteration and you don’t support it fully!!! No other manufacturor dumps support for the previous version of anything like Adobe does, you could at least support the last 1 or 2 iterations of ACR with updates. Don’t whine about the work involved in doing it either, you guys make software for camera files and if the status quo with manufacturors is what it is then you have to deal with it and provide reasonable support for your licencees that doen’t involve using additional software.

    And don’t bother replying with the DNG convertor, honestly do you think making me go through another time waisting process to get my nearly new software to read my camera files is a solution? I am a professional and I do everything within my powers to reduce the amount of time I spend in front of a PC processing files as I process ten’s of thousands every year and Adobe thinks a solution is to make me work more??? You guys make software for camera files, stop whinging about the manufactorors and start supporting at least the last 1 or 2 iterations of your software. That’s what you do, deal with it.

    I for one wish there was an alternative to Photoshop that provided better support as I would use it in a heartbeat.

    Regards Jeff.

    • “I for one wish there was an alternative to Photoshop that provided better support as I would use it in a heartbeat.”

      I think that’s the point. Adobe is supporting our customers by providing solutions in both the free Adobe DNG converter and constant updates for the latest cameras. Our goal has always been to support the greatest number of customers and cameras as possible. The current strategy is the most effective way to do this.

      • Jeff Kossoy says:

        I think you are missing his point. Almost all software vendors support an N-1 cycle. That means that you support the current and and 1 previous version. That would mean for Adobe CS, you would support CS6 and CS5, including camera updates. The same would go for Lightroom 4 and Lightroom 3.

        I’m a student and I can’t justify purchasing a new version every time I need to replace a camera. And also don’t tell me to use the DNG converter. That is not an option, as I have to work with the plain RAW files as they are.

        Oh, and to let you know, I’ve been in the IT field for over 30 years, so I do know what most vendors do.

        • Hi Jeff, we support new cameras 5 versions back – all the way back to CS2 – via the free DNG converter. Not a lot of companies provide that kind of backward compatibility. Again, the issue is camera manufacturers insist on creating a new proprietary raw format each time they come out with a new camera. Leveraging the Adobe DNG converter is the fastest way to deliver backwards compatibility for the greatest number cameras as possible to ALL of our customers.

  60. David Schultz says:

    Lightroom version 4 won’t recognize the raw files from my new nikon d3200. it reads fine from the D300 and D700. Can anyone help?

  61. Glenn Auve says:

    I agree that it makes no sense for you to provide support all the way back to CS2. But I think it is ridiculous that you don’t support the previous version (i.e. CS5). I spent hundreds of dollars for CS5. The least you could do is support the latest version and one version previous.

    Guess I will have to just muddle through using Capture NX2 and figure out a way to use HDR Efx2 with that.

  62. Amanda says:

    I currently work with Nikon D700 & D300 raw files in PS5.
    I have just purchased Sony NEX 6, only to find that PS5 does not recognize them unless I use this DNG converter? I want to be able to convert my SONY RAW files without having the hassle of of going through this converter, is this at all possible, after all it is 2013???

  63. Amanda says:

    Thanks for your reply Jeffrey, I have just found out that Lightroom 4.3 will recognize NEX 6 RAW format, is this true?

  64. Amanda says:

    One other question if I upgraded to PS6 and added camera raw 7.3 would this recognize the nex 6 raw format?

    • That’s correct. Either Lightroom 4.3 or Photoshop CS6 with ACR 7.3 will support the Sony NEX-6 natively. Otherwise, DNG is the free option to get support in Lightroom 3 or earlier, Or Photoshop CS2-CS5.

  65. Raegan says:

    I run CS6 with Camera Raw 7.3. I have had a Canon Mark III since October and have had no problems opening up the RAW files. Tonight that changes. When I try to open my RAW files I get a PS Error Code: U44M1P7 saying that Camera Raw does not support my camera. I ran the updates hoping that would solve the problem and it does not. Everything was updated properly except for the Extension Manager which I get a n error in the downloading. Any thoughts on what is going on?

  66. Toby Silverman says:

    I have the same problem with my new 5d mark iii

    I have just bought Lightroom and upgraded it to 4.3

    I have no problem opening the files in Photoshop Elements 11

    However, I cannot import into Lightroom 4.3 unless I use the dng converter.

    I am running this on an imac

  67. mike says:

    Hi, I bought a sony a57 and am having no joy with my photoshop 7 or elements 9 in converting sonys awr even tho ive downloaded dng converter. today I deownloaded a trial cs6 to see if its my photoshop programs that are at fgault, but no luck, cant open the arw files at all. any suggestions – im desperate

  68. deejay says:

    When will we get the Camera-RAW of Fuji X100S using Lightroom4?

  69. It seems like i am having the same problem.

    I have just bought Lightroom and upgraded it to 4.3

  70. Michelle says:

    I have a Nikon D7100 and I can’t import my NEF files into Lightroom 4.3. Will there be a new update to support this camera soon?

  71. Warren Bergholz says:

    When is Camera Raw going to support the new Nikon D7100?

  72. I bought the Canon eos 5D Mark III, but work with a macintosh G5 power PC, so I can´t go further than Lightroom 2.7 and Photoshop CS3.
    Have I got a way to read The CR2 files from the camera or convert them to DNG without having to buy a new computer?
    Thank you.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t know of any converter for that particular camera that runs on PPC – I don’t even think the Canon software will. You’re best bet is to get on the intel bandwagon. You will see a crazy increase in performance from the modern Intel processors. I had a the last top-of-the-line PPC PowerMac tower as well as the very first Intel iMac that came out was twice as fast to launch and run most applications. I just bought a new iMac for at home and love it.

  73. Bruce Frye says:

    Can I arrange to be notified when there is a Cameras Raw update to accept raw files from my Nikon D7100?

  74. Jaynie says:

    I have photoshop cs4 and Bridge cs4 running on a Mac intel based machine running OS 10.4.11 and all works great. I just upg.raded to OS 10.6.8 Nd photoshop works fine but now Bridge won’t recognize or open my raw files (NEF files from my Nikon D90 camera). Do I need a plug in or some other software to read my raw images? Thank you.

  75. Len Janes says:

    I have the new Canon Eos M I have downloaded the newest DNG converter, but will not convert my CR2 Raw files, anyone else having this problem. I have tried bersions 7.3 and 4.


  76. Paul Ellis says:

    I just tried to download some photos from my new Nikon D7100 using Lightroom 3 version 3.6 after updating Adobe Camera RAW to 6.6, and the latest DNG converter. The download seemed fine until I got the screen: “Some import operations which is not recognized by the RAW format support in Lightroom.” When I check for updates I am told that all software is up to date.
    I get essentially the same message from iPhoto and Nikon View NX (older version that worked with a D90)
    What can I do to download the photos?


    • Hi Paul,

      Just to confirm, you converted the 7100 files to DNG using the Adobe DNG Converter version 7.4? And when you try and import the resulting DNGs into Lightroom 3 they give that error?

      Post more details, including the answers to these questions, on the Lightroom forum, we can help you there: http://adobe.ly/LR-U2U

  77. David Garcia says:

    I recently purchased a Sony RX100, which saves raw files in .arw format. Since I use Photoshop CS3 for Mac and understand that it cannot process raw .arw files, I downloaded Adobe’s DNG Converter v7.4 and converted all of the .arw files to .dng. But, when I try to open the .dng files in CS3, I get an error message telling me “Could not complete your request because Photoshop does not recognize this type of file.” Also, I checked and my CS3 install has ACR v4.6, which appears to be the latest version supported by CS3. Can you tell me if CS3 should open .dng files and, if so, why I’m having this problem. Thanks.

  78. Eric Chapman says:

    Help with Importing my D600 .nef files! Please.
    I normally shoot raw with my Nikon D7000. I rented a D600 for a recent trip to Iceland. Now I can’t view the .nef files from the D600 in Photoshop, Bridge or Lightroom. Additionally, DNG converter won’t convert them. I feel stuck.
    Here are my software versions:
    Mac OS 10.8.3
    DNG converter: (downloaded to troubleshoot this issue)
    Lightroom: 5.0 with ACR of 8.1 (downloaded the trial version to try to troubleshoot this issue)
    Photoshop: CS5 12.0.4 with ACR of
    I transfer the files from my card reader to my hard drive with Nikon Transfer 1.52

    Lightroom, Photoshop and DNG converter all working fine for my D7000 .nef files. However when I try with the D600 files I get errors. Lightroom says, “The files are not recognied by the raw format support in Lightroom.” DNG converter says, “The source folder does not contain any supported camera raw files.”

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  79. David Watson says:

    Please help. I installed Adobe DNG Converter Version 8.1 – it would not open. I deleted it and installed Version 7.4 – this version will not open either. I am using a Macbook Pro with OSX 10.5.8. I am wanting a converter that will open and enable me to convert RAW files from a Fujifilm X20.

  80. Douglas Black says:

    This is misleading. I have CS5. I downloaded from the DNG Converter from the link you give, which is for version 8.1. I need Camera Raw 7.2 to access my Canon T4i RAW images. I cannot download Camera Raw 7.2 for CS5.
    How do I get a DNG converter for CS5 to read my Canon T4i RAW images?

    • Hi Douglas, If you have CS5 or earlier, version 7.x is not compatible with older versions of Photoshop. You’ll need to use the free DNG Converter for the latest camera support in older versions of Photoshop. Version 8.1 of the DNG converter will convert the files to work with CS5 and older versions of Photoshop. (Watch the video for a tutorial on how to use the DNG Converter)

  81. Neil Paisnel says:

    I just had to re install OSX on a work Mac Pro, so once this was done, I re installed with upgraded CS6 and Light room 4.4

    Before I re installed Photoshop and Lightroom, the Mac preview would preview and show thumbmails and full images of Canon CR2 raw files.

    Now i have updated to Newer version of both LR and PS, the mac can’t preview the raw files in Finder.

    I know the previous install DID preview CR2 files as the old installation is on a different HDD, so i can still boot in tot he old install.
    I had to re install the operating system due to other issues (constant Sys Prefs crashes).
    But now with the new same version of OSx 10.6.8 and newer PS and LR, with updated Camera Raw plug-in..I can’t Preview RAW files in Finder?

    Bizarre..anyone got any idea

    • Hi Neil,

      Apple provides their own codec for rendering raw files in the Mac OS finder. Have you checked for updates from Apple? (They may have documentation on what cameras they support in different versions of their OS)

  82. Andrew says:

    I have just purchased a brand new iMac and put the latest version of Lightroom 5. I have looked for updates for this, there are none. It cannot find the NEF format files taken with my Nikon D3, which iPhoto can see. I have removed LR5 and reloaded it but this has not helped. Am I going to be able to get a refund?

  83. norbury says:

    What a load of cobblers why can’t adobe give just supply info and downloads on how to open raw file when using adobe bridge and photoshop cs 3,4,5,6. instead of video tutorials trying to convert make things more complicated by talking about and using DNG XMP and others all people want to do is open up RAW FILES WHEN THEY have purchased a new camera like the Canon 6D IN STEAD OF STUFFING AROUND with all sorts of other programmes. ADOBE GET YOURSELVES INTO GEAR AND FIX THIS PROBLEM.

  84. Sacha Bauer says:

    Hi !
    I just bought myself a Nikon D600. I’m using Lightroom 3 on Mac OS 10.5.8… I knew I wouldn’t be able to edit the Nikon D600 raw (i.e. NEF) files on Lightroom 3, and I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to use the Adobe DNG converter for the D600, as it requires Mac OS 10.6. But I AM still FRUSTRATED !!! Why do things have to be so difficult ?? Does anyone have an idea about how to solve this problem (without upgrading to Mac OS 10.6) ?
    Cheers !

    • Hi Sacha,

      Have you tried to download and install it? I believe 10.6 is not hard enforced – meaning you should be able to install and use it on 10.5, but it’s not officially tested and supported on that version of OS X.

  85. Rick Warner says:

    I have Lightroom 5 installed on my windows 7 laptop and I cannot import NEF files from my Nikon D4 or D7100 although it does see the files from my older D60, the software update tells me I have the latest version, the Lightroom support pages are of no use as they all say that my camera are supported by the version of camera raw I am using, any ideas please?

  86. Rick Warner says:

    A further interesting development is that Lightroom 5 will import D4 RAW files that are older, that is the same camera used 5 months ago no problem but images taken last week are not recognised, I have put 5 NEF images into the same folder they are, D7100, D4 new D4 old D6 and D700, if I import the contents of the folder into LR5 it only imports the last 3 and does not recognise the first 2.

  87. Rick Warner says:

    I have now solved this myself, any file saved using the Nikon Transfer utility that came with my camera is not recognised by Lightroom5, if I use LR to download the files from the camera it is fine and if I save the files by dragging them from the camera into a folder it is fine, this only seems to be the case with Windows 7 as the same programme running under Vista was not a problem, hope that helps anyone with similar problems.

  88. John Brzezinski says:

    I’ve read the article and remain baffled. All I want to do is to get my 6d and the four lenses I use loaded into the CS6 lens correction. I have already spent 45 minutes researching this and cannot figure it out. I downloaded Adobe Lens Profile Downloader 1.0.1 and the Canon 6D isn’t even listed. Can someone please explain how to do this. Thank you.

  89. catherine says:

    Frustrated!! Bought a new camera Canon 6D trying to update so C S 6 will read RAW but update mechanism in PS not working and in Bridge it says server is either offline or my firewall settings are messed up..shut off firewall still can’t get on…been trying to update for 3 days…please help!! Is there a way to manually update..I have downloaded the dng 7.3 converter..please advise.

  90. Barnabas Wilson says:

    I wish to buy the Panasonic G6. I only shoot in Raw format.
    My computer is Dell Inspiron 32 bit.
    Processing is done in ACR and CS5 using the CS5 bridge to download.
    It seems that I need DNG 8.1 to be able to download raw files from this camera.
    I am not prepared to upgrade to CS6 or Creative cloud.
    Would DNG 8.1 work for me? If so please advise how I am to down load it.
    Thank you,

  91. Molly Hawkey says:

    Shot a wedding this weekend. My second shooter used a Canon 6D and a 5D Mark III. She gave me 3 cards worth of shots. I have CS5 and the files would not open or preview. I did the updates and it worked for 2 of the 3 folders that I downloaded. I’m not sure why the third one is still giving me this: “Could not complete your request because the file appears to be from a camera model which is not supported by the installed version of Camera RAW.”

    Don’t know what to do. Can anyone help?

  92. Libbie says:

    I have downloaded the lastest updates and the DNG converter 8.1. I have a Canon T4i. When I open the converter and search for my files, none of the CR2 files show up. I can see them when I go directly to my memory card. What am I doing wrong? This is my first time going through this. Lightroom supported my Olympus raw files just fine. I will be LIVID if something happens to these files. Please help! Thanks.

    • Hi Libbie, what version of Lightroom do you have? That camera should be supported in Lightroom 4.1 or later.

      You should copy your raw files from your camera to your hard drive before converting the files to DNG.

  93. Michel says:

    Is there any way to import Nikon D7100 RAW files on a PPC with OSx 10.5.8?

    • Not directly. The latest versions of Adobe DNG Converter require an intel processor to run on a mac. If you have an intel mac with a later version of OS X, you could run the DNG converter on that system to convert the files and then move the files to the PPC.

  94. Elizabeth says:

    Help please….I have recently purchased the Canon EOS 6D and have been using Photoshop CS5 with my previous camera. Now I have worked out that there is no camera raw plug-in for CS5 for my new camera and that I have to use the DNG to convert the files to be able to use them in CS5. No problem. I have now downloaded the latest version of it, DNG 8.3. Opened the program as a stand alone application as I can’t see it in CS5 or in Bridge like it show in the video above.
    I then went to the folder where my raw files are using DNG and they can’t be seen. Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do?

  95. Sandeep says:

    Hi Jeff, Need some urgent help…

    I have raw NEF files from a new Nikon D610. Iam unable to read these files in CS6 though my Camera Raw is updated to 8.3. The DNG convertor does not recognise these files either. Im stuck and need help.. Any pointers will be highly appreciated.. Thanks

  96. monique says:

    HI. I have upgraded to latest Lightroom (5.3) but can’t manage to sort camera Raw conversion when I go to edit in photoshop. Ive downloaded DNG converter 8.3 and its on my desktop but don’t know where to put it in system so it links into photoshop? (I can manipulate Jpeg files straight from Lightroom to Photoshop CS5).

  97. Jason says:

    Almost as bad as Apple. Hostage-ware until you upgrade. Of course, Canon’s probably should have come up with a RAW image format that would have worked for future cameras without major modifications.

    PS: The only reason that I mention this is that GOOGLE provides the latest and greatest camera support in it’s tiny little FREE program called PICASA. No $79.99 upgrade fee for convenience.

  98. 楊智傑 says:

    Embarrassed to ask Nikon j1 ​​save raw thank you in ps6 Why can not open the …

  99. Ken Mayer says:

    I had a NIKON D5100, used Light room 4 with no problems, now I have a NIKON D610, my Light Room does not recognize my RAW files. Tried to download DNG 8.3, but I keep getting directed to download Light Room 5 ?
    Need help, what is the answer?

  100. JIm Zuccaro says:

    I’ve upgraded to PS CS6 for ACR support of a new camera, as is advertised for CS6.

    After a new installation of CS6 (yesterday), I find that the new installation of CS6 does not have the current (as of last year) version of ACR, 8.2, and I learn (here) that I need to update my new PS installation to ACR 8.2. The instruction on this forum is to use the updater in PS to update to ACR 8.2. This does not work. The updater in PS and Bridge fails with server down / firewall up error. And an ACR 8.2 download link downloads a CC version of ACR, useless for CS6.

    I would like to have this product work as advertised. I do not think that I should need to have the skills of a computer technician, or spend a day searching Adobe blogs and forums, to have the product functionality that was promised in the product advertising.

    thanks, Jim

  101. JIm Zuccaro says:

    Thanks, Jeffery

    The error is “The update server is not responding. the internet or firewall settings might not be correct.”

    I have checked the host file and the Adobe domain is correct, per a page that I found searching “host” on Adobe.com. The same page has ‘click on this’ to see an icon page, and ‘click here to see if you connect to some server’ links; all of them work. Windows Firewall is temporarily off. The Lightroom updater functions correctly and connects to the server, and says LR us up to date. I found a ACR 7.4 package, and the AdobePatchInstaller works from the desktop and installed ACR 7.4 in to CS6 Bridge. I have downloaded ACR 8.4 Beta, and the AdobePatchInstaller works from the desktop, and installed 8.4 beta. The 8.2 download from a link in a ACR forum post failed to install, with the message that the update was not compatible with the product installed on the computer. Another attempt with a download from another forum posted link failed with the same ‘server unavailable / firewall / internet settings incorrect’ failure, from the desktop. (By way of installing the 8.4 beta, I have solved the problem, except that I’ll see a ‘nag’ window every day after 2014-05-31…)

    I apologize to you if you are not the appropriate person to address these complaints to: Finding answers on Adobe.com is like looking for a needle in a haystack. The value of the time that I have wasted on the problems of this upgrade dwarfs the price of upgrading Lightroom and Photoshop.

    The LR upgrade, a week ago, installed LR 5.something, not the current 5.3. That was a 860 megabyte download. One half of that download was the LR distribution for Apple/Mac. Unnecessary for my windows machine. I use LR Updater to update to 5.3, another big download. LR updates to 5.3, and installs 5.3 along side of the previous LR installation. Can I safely uninstall the earlier version? That is the next answer I need to find. Ditto can I safely uninstall the 32-bit and unnecessary prior versions of Photoshop, after the PS upgrade? Another answer to look for. When I open LR, a pop-up tells me I don’t have Quicktime Player. I do have it as a Chrome plug-in. So I go ahead and click the ‘install Quicktime’ button, anyway. LR opens Internet Explorer, and starts download/installation of Quicktime *and* Google Chrome, which I already have installed on the machine. The process stops, and says ‘you already have Google Chrome! Congratulations!’ LR still pops-up ‘you need Quicktime’ warning. When I click on a video file in LR, the video plays. So it’s ok, I guess… but that’s another answer to look for. Etc. Etc. And I still need a permanent ACR 8.2 or newer.

    I have been using Photoshop since PS4. Each Photoshop upgrade is another trip thru the spin cycle.

    thanks, Jim Zuccaro

  102. JIm Zuccaro says:

    Jeffery, thank you!


  103. Ed says:

    Hi there,
    I have similar issues.
    I have Photoshop C5. The RAW files work great with my older camera.
    I just got a Nikon D3200 and the RAW files are not recognized.

    What do I need to to?!

    I can’t afford to upgrade to C6 let alone pay a monthly fee for CC. But, I really NEED to be able to see my RAW files from the new camera.

    Is there a plugin I can use?
    How do I get the plugin?
    Would the plugin (if available) mess up the current RAW data reader that works so well with my old camera?

    And finally. The computer where CS5 is, is not online at all. How do I download a plugin and then put it into that computer? (yes, that cs5 is legit and registered)

    Thank you.

  104. Mike Thorpe says:

    I took delivery of an A6000 on Friday slotted the card into my laptop today switched on L5 to be met with the message
    The files are not recognised by the raw format support in lightroom. (27)
    Checked for updates my version is up to date, scrolled down the list of devices supported and there it is. So what’s the problem, never had one with the Nex6.

  105. Mike Thorpe says:

    Well! going back into L5 checking for downloads again and now there is is one, a total rewrite. 20mins download and all is well. Strange.

  106. Ed Conner says:

    And if all 3 criteria as stated above are true including the camera being on the list and has been for at least 3 iterations ACR? But will not recognize raw files from that camera?

  107. brandon says:

    You say that the Fuji X-T1 works on the newest Raw plugin update. But it does not work! Wasted my time and money!

  108. I’m finding Lightroom 5.4 does not seem to support tethered capture from Nikon D610, and apparently D800 too. Is this correct, and if so, when is this likely to happen?

  109. Stan Rowin says:

    I have LR 5.4 and The Nikon D610, whose NEF files open in Photoshop CC 14.2.1 and Bridge CC using ACR But Lightroom refuses to open them using ACR “8.4.”

    Any ideas?


  110. Benoit Jaubert says:

    I have the Nikon D800. My mac is on the lastest version of Mavericks, I’ve updated to Camera Raw 8,4, and also did the lastest RAW update ( 5,05 ) for aperture and iphoto. But i’m still unable to open my .NEFF files. I’ve tried with photoshop CS6, Aperture 3,5,1 , iphoto 9,5,1 and aperçu.

  111. Savannah says:

    I bought a new camera canon 60d. I tried to open my cr2 files, but figured out I needed to update. Errors happened saying “unable to update wait and try again later.” I am using PSE9, my old raw files worked fine from my Rebel. How can I get the raw 6.5 to update??

    • Do you have a 60D (which is several years old)? Or a 60Da (Which is the latest version on the market)? The latter isn’t supported until Camera Raw 7.1 or later. You would need to use the Free Adobe DNG Converter if it’s a 60Da.

  112. I have been using my 13″ retina for two years no problem with all my cameras, purchased the 15″ yesterday and what ever i did it would not recognize my D4 nef files even though it was fine with my D3X and D700 nef files, tried the obvious fix latest updates from the help menu in CS6, and hey pressto perfect, its a dream!

  113. Lisa Ahlberg says:

    I am using:
    Sony A7
    Photoshop 3 10.0.1
    Lightroom 4.3
    I downloaded and installed Adobe DNG Converter 8.4 for Mac as instructed above.
    I then used Bridge to get the photos from the camera. The photos appear in Bridge as .dng files.
    BUT, when I try to open a photo I get the message:
    “Could not complete the request because Photoshop does not recognize this type of file.”

    Yet the very first response on this thread states clearly:
    A lot of people ask, “Why do I have to buy a new version of Photoshop or Lightroom just to get the latest camera support?”
    The answer: You don’t have to. Adobe provides backwards compatibility for the latest cameras for FREE in Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5, as well as Lightroom 1, 2, 3 & 4, through the Adobe DNG Converter.
    Download it here:
    Win: Adobe DNG Converter 8.4
    Mac: Adobe DNG Converter 8.4

    PLEASE explain what I am doing wrong.

    • You may need to launch the DNG converter and click on “Change Preferences” and change the Camera Raw compatibility to “4.1 and later” and reconvert your files. (Photoshop CS3 comes with Camera Raw version 4.x)

  114. Jeffrey says:

    With the new release of the Nikon D810, when can we expect an update to Lightroom and Photoshop to be compatible with the D810 Raw NEF files?

  115. Melissa says:

    I have just updated to LR5 (cloud). I also have a new Camera. Nikon D800. Trying to import raw files directly (from camera) into LR. But unsuccessful. Getting the following message. “The files are from a camera which is not recognised by the raw format support in Lightroom.” How can I import please?
    (Also, when I click the import button, all the thumbnails of my images are showing. I wait for a minute while LR says it is importing them, and then I get the above ERROR MESSAGE.)
    Thank you

  116. Paul Bloomer says:

    I use a Nikon D300.. have Photoshop CS5 on my Laptop.. CS5 will not open my NEF RAW files. “Not the right kind of document” message comes on the screen. I can open Jpeg files ..no problem. Have downloaded Adobe Camera Raw, version 6.7 but cannot install it into Photoshop..Same message comes on screen. It’s like having a Rolls-Royce…but only petrol for a Moped. Photoshop was loaded when I bought the Lap-top, so do not have a disc to do an uninstall / re-install..

  117. Paul Bloomer says:

    My first answer seems to have vanished. No transfer was made. Let’s see if the short reply works. NO criticism of Adobe here!!!!

  118. Paul Bloomer says:

    As my short reply seems to have passed the filter system, a little more. I will revert back to my very slow working PC which has a fully functional Photosop CS4.. I quite liked the additional tools on CS5 but I don’t feel right to be using the equivalent of ‘Pirated Software’. Although I’m sure Adobe has sent updates for the CS5 on my Laptop..

  119. Michael says:

    Since no one has recently voiced the desire to include “Multi-Picture Object” format, I figured Adobe has forgotten about it… please don’t forget about these images. That is to say I’d like to re-echo Rob’s comment from March 9, 2011; it would be useful if Lightroom handled MPO files.

  120. Ashley Artis says:

    I have just purchased a Nikon D810 and upgraded to Lightroom 5.6 and d/loaded ACR 8.6. Should LR 5.6 and PS CS5 both recognize ACR 8.6 automatically? Both software programs do not recognize my Nikon D810 with RAW files (NEF) only JPG’s. I continually get the message “The files are from a camera which is not recognized by the raw format support in Lightroom”
    Any assistance would be appreciated

  121. Becka Edmonson says:

    I have Lightroom 3 and it does not support the raw files from the Canon 6D that i just purchased. I downloaded the Converter up above and still could not import the Raw images. Got the same message. Help please!!!!

  122. Anders McDonald says:

    I have a brand new Sony A6000 and LR 5.6 on both my iMac desktop and MacBookPro.

    I am having the same problems as many others here in that I uploaded from my SD card to my external Seagate hard drive and the images appear with a grey overlay and some are just not there. Others are there and clear to work with.

    All my software is up to date. I would greatly appreciate your advice – let me know if you need any more information from me.


  123. donald says:

    ok i got the DNG convertor but its not working on my NEF files from my NIKON D810 even tho they said its updated for this new camera

  124. Grafton Johnson says:

    Do you have an update for the Nikon D750. Light room or my version of Cs will not recognize my NEF files.

  125. Ian McKen says:

    I’m running Elements 12 on Vista and am unable to open cr2 files from myCanon 70D. Is Vista the problem, or is it Elements 12 ? I am already using DNG, but it’s another process to do. Would be grateful for any help. Regards

    • the latest version of Camera Raw doesn’t support Vista. (well, to be exact, Microsoft doesn’t support Vista any longer as it has been End of Life-ed) I would suggest upgrading to Win 7 or later, or use the DNG converter.

  126. John Cox says:

    Hi I have some old CR2 files from an eos 350d recovered from a faulty disk my CC does not recognise them although the cameras is listed and works perfectly on my current 5dmk3

  127. M. Jend says:

    The RAW files from my fuji xt-1 in Lightroomversion 5.6 (Windows7 64 bit) and DNG converter 8.6.have pixel failures, i.e. are useless. Images are OK with Fuji Raw converter.

  128. Shelly Klein says:

    I’m not sure if my question made it to the blog. So I’m asking it again. I have a Nikon D800 and Photoshop CS5, with Camera Raw. I downloaded the DNG converter and was able to convert 3 files to the dng extension which are viewable but then it started giving me errors on all the rest of the files. I’ve tried 3 more times and gave up, since it was supposed to work. I have a PC with Windows 8. Any help? Thank you, Shelly

  129. blue says:

    I’ve Adobe Photoshop CS5 version 12.1 x64 with Camera Raw plug-in and would like to work on my AWR files taken with my Sony ILCE-7. I’ve purchase both the camera and software within just the last year and feel that I should not have to purchase a whole new version of Photoshop to make this happen. Any advice? Thank you.

  130. Vic says:

    I rented a D800, and ended up buying a D600… did a photo shoot with both. I was using Camera RAW 7.0 on CS6, and of course none of the files wouldn’t open. I ran the update to Camera RAW 8.6.
    Now the D800 files open, but the D600 files still won’t open… complaining about the version. Anyone else have this issue? Help!

  131. LS3 says:

    I am using Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 8.7 for CC on a Windows 7 64 bit computer for NEF files from a Nikon D750. The release candidate says it applies to Photoshop and Lightroom, but Lightroom does not recognize (or even see) the files nor does it have a calibration profile for the D750. I am using Bridge to convert the files to dng and then importing them but am wondering if I missed something that makes the release candidate work in Lightroom as well as Bridge. Thanks!

  132. David Taylor says:

    I have been using LR for years now and had been shooting with Nikon. Recently I bought the Olympus OM-D E-M1 along with their Zuiko 12-40 f2.8 and 60 f2.8 macro. I have LR 5.6 installed, and it runs fine with my Nikon 700 and 800, plus lenses. But when I load my ‘ORF’ raw files there are no lens profiles? I’ve read that release 5.3 added the Olympus profiles and while it looks that I didn’t download that release, I have done for 5.4/5 and of course 5.6.

    What am I missing?

    Thanks …. D

  133. henrik says:

    Adobe hasn’t an solution for the Sony Alpha 5100. The adobe converter can’t change the Format arw. to dng.
    I am very sad about that. Is a solution able next time?

  134. Bruno Mello says:

    Suport for Panasonic LX-100 plisss!

  135. Romolo says:

    I bought Canon EOS 7D Mark II. I download latest DNG Converter 8,7 and install it. But my Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 doesn´t show RAW pictures. It doesn´t also in Photoshop CS6 and Bridge. Don´t show the photos in RAW.
    What I have to do, to be it work correctly?

  136. Sandra says:

    I just bought a new Nikon D7100, and was going to open a NEF-file into Photoshop CS6, but it wouldn’t open. There’s no updates and it says it should support Nikon D7100. What do I have to do to make it work?

  137. Alexis says:

    I am trying to open raw files in PS6. I updated camera raw to 8.7 (last version) butstill I cannot open raw files in PS6. Does anybody know why and if there is a solution? Thank you!

  138. Jorge says:

    I recently purchased a Canon 7D Mark II. I did my test shots in RAW and when i went to CS6 (non cloud) to view the files. It gave me an error that CS6 does not support this type of raw file and could not open it. I tried to see what the issue was and how troubleshoot it. I looked at the supported cameras for RAW plug ins link : http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/camera-raw-plug-supported-cameras.html it does list that the EOS7D is supported. Then I went to see if i need to update CS6 and it shows that it is up to date in the “help” drop down on the menu bar. I have the version of Camera Raw and the 13.0 X64 version of CS6. Any suggestions what the issue could be?

    I gladly appreciate the help!

  139. Vincenzo says:

    I’ve just bought and received a Nikon D750, and as soon as the new Lightroom 5.7 was released I made the update.
    Knowing that from the LR5.7 changelog the Nikon D750 was included and supported I had a “blast” when I realized that the new NEF file are not recognized by the program.
    I’ve also tried with the latest version of the Adobe DNG converter, but I got the same issue.
    Using Nikon software Capture NX-D allows me to open the file, but I’m used to the LR workflow and output, and by the way I pay for it, so I don’t want to change.
    Hence can you give me a solution?
    Are you aware of this issue? Any timing for a fix?

    Thanks for your time.

    • Pete Green says:

      How are you importing Vincenzo? Have you tried from card reader, or importing from a folder on the desktop?
      Haven’t been hearing of other reports that D750 isn’t reading.


      • Vincenzo says:

        I’m using the card reader of my MacBook (OS 10.10).
        Photos are imported via Nikon Transfer.
        Usually I use an external Lexar usb3 reader, but using now an SD a tried the Mac’s reader.
        I’ll give a try with the external reader.
        But as I’ve already said, Nikon software reads the NEFs.
        Let me know.


  140. Vincenzo says:

    Importing via the external reader hasn’t changed the result: NEF files stil not readable.

  141. Jerry says:

    I use Lightroom 4.4 on a Windows 8.1 platform. I have downloaded DNG converter 8.7. I purchased a Canon 7D Mk ll and Lightroom says it does not recognize the files (raw). How do I insure that converter is in Lightroom and if not how do I get it there? I import through Lightroom and covert to DNG. It’s not working.

  142. Mandy says:

    i am using CS6 now. recently i bought a conon EOS 5D Mark III ,phones which use this camera took can not be readed ,it said i need to try to let the CS6 be the lastest product,but i am using the latest one .i dont know how to solve it ,can you help me please ?

  143. Donald May says:

    I am unable to download Raw images into Lightroom 4 from my Nikon D 810 camera,JPEG’s seem to download O.K. Lightroom states that the “the files are not recognized by the raw format support in Lightroom” and to check for updates and when checked it states no updates are available.

  144. Wolfgang Oechsler says:

    I have the new Sony Alpha 7 Mark II ( ILCE-7M2K ) and Lightroom 5.7 cannot read RAW files! Since that was my actual purpose of updating from Lightroom 4 to Lightroom 5, I am hoping that this can be done after the next one. When can I expect a new update of Lightroom that can read RAW files?

  145. Steph says:

    I have the latest lightroom 5.7.1, and have downloaded the adobe dng converter. It still is not reading cr2 files.

  146. J Dickson says:

    Having just purchased a Nikon D750, and updated my Photoshop CC to 8.7/Photoshop RAW, I am receiving the message that my files are unsupported. Is this an ongoing problem for others? I see another comment with the same problem from Dec 5 to 9, 2014. Is there an answer to have the software recognize .NEF files from the D750?

    • Lightroom supports the D750. We have seen customers have problems with files from the D750 if they use an older version of Nikon’s software to import them. Files should work fine if you import them directly from the D750 or if you use the latest version of Nikon’s software that doesn’t have the metadata mangling problem.

  147. Ted says:

    Will Photoshop Elements 10 support or accomodate the Camera Raw 8.7.1 Converter? Thanks.

  148. George says:

    Having just purchased the Nikon D810, I’m unable to import/view images to LR3 – where each image should be there’s a message stating “Preview unavailable for this file” – I’ve made sure all my updates are current to LR – I’m new to this, what am I doing wrong? Thanks!

  149. Tracey M says:

    I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS40 camera which can shoot in raw. I still work in Adobe Photoshop 4.0. I downloaded Adobe’s dng converter and supposedly converted a bunch of .rw2 files into dng files. They do not show previews in Bridge and they cannot be opened in photoshop. Now what? Help and suggestions would be appreciated muchly. Thank so much. 🙂

    • Make sure you select the correct compatibility version for your DNGs.

      Click on “Change Preferences” in the DNG Converter and select “Camera Raw 5.4 and later” from the Compatibility popup.

      • Tracey M says:

        Thank you Jeffrey. I tried that and suddenly the dng converter won’t recognize the originals .rw2 or .jpg images off my sdhc card or on my computer. Thoughts?

        • For which camera/model?

          Can anything else open the files?

          • Tracey M says:

            Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS40

            My files are perfectly accessible through anything else. It is simply the ding converter that won’t recognize them either on the photo card or on the computer if I set the preferences to Camera Raw 5.4 and later as you suggested earlier in my thread. 🙂

  150. Linda says:

    Hi, i have got a canon 1200d and my friend has a canon 600d, i have tried to open my RAW images using her photoshop, i think this is the cs6 version, and it wont open them from the 1200d? I am new to this so could someone help me with the simplest terms please?
    Thanks in advance

    • If she has CS6, choose Help>Updates… from Photoshop to install the latest Camera Raw update (8.7.1)

      If it’s an older version, you will need to convert the files to DNG using the free DNG Converter mentioned in the article above.

  151. Brooke says:

    I am using Photoshop, Bridge and Lightroom through CC. All software is up to date. My camera model (a 650 t4i which works fine at home on a Microsoft and Macintosh computer with CS6 and Lightroom4 will not work at work on multiple computers which have CC. I have re-tried downloading the most up to date raw plugins, purge cache, rebooted over and over, nothing is working. The software will only recognize jpg which I can actually open those through Raw in Bridge but other than that I cannot get ACR to come up nor will my thumbnails reflect the actual images through any software despite being updated.

  152. Albo says:

    Hi everyone, I got Windows XP SP3 and a Canon 700D. I can’t even view my RAW files (.CR2) in the image viewer but I don’t really care about that. I own Lightroom 3 that is the latest version for my Operative System and it doesn’t open my Canon 700D RAW files. What should I do? I can’t upgrade my Operative System due to my hardware and I can’t upgrade Lightroom due to my Operative System. I tried to install the latest Adobe DNG Converter version for Windows XP (version 8.3) but it doesn’t read my RAW (.CR2) files aswell. What can I do to edit my Canon 700D RAW pictures in my Lightroom version? Please save me!!!

  153. Briant says:

    I purchased a Canon 70D recently and I cannot get the files to download off of the camera. I have Photoshop CS5 with Camera Raw 6.7 and have downloaded CR 8.7.1 but it doesn’t help. With the card in the camera the files look fine.

  154. Reginald J. Gauthier says:

    Have just purchased the new Olympus E-M5 Mark II camera and cannot import any of it’s raw .ORF photos in latest Adobe Bridge CC, Lightroom 5 or Photoshop CC. What am I missing here ???

  155. Sabrina says:

    I bought a canon 5D mark 3 and when I try to ipload the files from the card to the computer lighroom do not recognize the raw files. I have lighroom 5 and its up to date, the photoshop cc and camera raw have also the last update. What I have to do?

  156. carrie says:

    when i try to install updates, i get this error downloading every time! What´s happening? Can anyone help me out?

  157. I just bought a Nikon D810. I downloaded the raw converter and photoshop and lightroom still will not recognize my raw files.

    • I am going to answer my own question. After posting I realized that I should check to make sure I had the latest version of Photoshop CS6 which I didn’t. Once I updated the software, I was able to open my raw files from my new camera a Nikon D810. I think you need to make sure you have the latest version of your software if Adobe still supports the version you are using.

    • What version of PS and Lighroom are you running? Just downloading the DNG converter doesn’t let Photoshop and Lightroom ‘recognize your raw files.’ You need to convert your raw files to DNG and then open the DNG files in PS & LR.

  158. Michael P. says:

    I have the SONY RX-100-III and Ligthroom-4.
    Does not open RAW.
    In the list of required only Ligthroom-5.
    What can I do to save Ligthroom-4 for RAW SONY RX-100-III.
    Thank you.

  159. Steve W says:

    I have a canon 6d, photoshop cs5.1, and windows vista. I have downloaded DNG 7.3 but it still won’t recognize the raw files.

    • Just downloading the DNG converter doesn’t let Photoshop and Lightroom ‘recognize your raw files.’ You need to convert your raw files to DNG and then open the DNG files in PS & LR.

  160. Alexis V says:

    Hello– Problem in a nutshell: took pics with a Nikon D810. Can’t see/recognize my RAW files.
    Steps taken: 1– latest updates for ACR, PS, CC, LR, BR all installed. Restarted. 2–verified that the camera is on the list of supported cameras. 3–Tried the DNG converter, didn’t work (“The source folder doesn’t contain any supported camera raw files”) ((yes, I put my raw files in there)).

    Help, please? Had I known I wasn’t going to be able to see my RAW files from this particular camera model, I wouldn’t have used it for the majority of my trip… -_-

    Thank you!

    • Alexis V says:

      Hello again,
      In case it helps anyone else out in this predicament, I ditched the Nikon image importer that automatically pops up when I plug my camera in, and instead imported directly from Lightroom. Things seem to be working so far… Thank you!

    • Are you using the Nikon software to pull the images off the camera or any point prior to opening them in Lightroom or Photoshop? If you remove the nikon software from the equation (shoot some new images, and import them directly into Lightroom) does it work correctly?

  161. Steve W says:

    It’s the DNG converter itself that doesn’t recognize the raw files.

  162. lisa says:

    Is there a DNG converter for Mac OS X 10.5.8?

  163. Jelena G says:

    I have got a SONY RX M2.
    Mac + CS3.
    Updated DNG converter according to instructions above. But CS3 and Bridge still cannot see the DNG files converted from SONYs ARW files.
    What can be a reason? What shall I do?
    Thank you in advance!

  164. lostinafog says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Complete newbie to LR, downloaded the trial. Took some shots RAW + JPEG with new OM-D E-m5 II. When I try to import them I get the “no preview available” . The camera shows up on the supported camera raw list. I think I probably just don’t understand something easy. Is the camera raw plug-in for photoshop different than whatever LR uses? Do I have to install PS to convert these raw files for LR? I’ve looked around the site for an hour but couldn’t figure it out. I’m sure its me, not you. Any help appreciated…


    • Too new of camera. Support is coming in the near future.

      • lostinafog says:

        Hi Jeff,
        Yes, I got that, thanks. But can you help me understand the relationship between Adobe Camera Raw and LR (and PS)? Having my camera supported by ACR means what exactly? I know you’re busy and appreciate any help for my newbie questions. Or just point me somewhere if that is better.

        • Adobe Camera Raw is a plug-in for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Bridge, & After Effects. Lightroom does’t use the same Adobe Camera Raw plug-in that these other applications use – but it does use include the all the same code from Camera Raw processor as part of the Lightroom Develop Module (so all your edits are compatible across similar vintage products).

          The Camera Raw processor lets you read and process raw files from your camera. Camera makers have a proprietary raw file formats that we need to reverse engineer for each new model that comes out. Once we have a camera a files from a manufacturer, we’ll do this work to reverse engineer so we can read it and process it. Once we do that, then the camera model is considered “supported.” (the article above explains more)

  165. Caroline Lavelle says:

    I recently got the Canon 1200d camera but can’t open the raw files on my computer. I’m working on a mac os 10.8.6 and have photoshop cs3. From what I’ve been reading, I gather that the versions of the raw plugins and dng converters that are compatible with my computer aren’t compatible with my camera and vice versa. Is there any way to be able to open raw files on my computer?? I’d even be happy to just be able to convert the files to dngs but from what I’ve been trying and can’t even seem to do that! Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

  166. Kev S says:

    I have just purchased a D750 and am unable to load the RAW files onto Photo Elements 12. Camera RAW Plug in version I have tried to figure out from different articles what to do but am now completely lost (in France!!). Your help would be appreciated please!

  167. Manuel says:

    If my old computer with Photoshop and Lightroom recognized my RAW files, and now my new MacBook with same Photoshop and Lightsroom doesn’t recognize my RAW files? What I have to do?

  168. Andrea P says:

    I have a Canon 70D and have been using Lightroom 4 for over a year with no problems what so ever. Now all of a sudden Lightroom is not recognizing the raw format on any of my cards and says it can’t save my .CR2 files. What went wrong and how do I solve the problem?

    • Andrea P says:

      I thought maybe it was because I downloaded the camera’s software and drivers so I uninstalled them and I’m still having the same problem. Suppose its going to trial and error from this point…

      • Andrea P says:

        Okay, so I uninstalled all the camera software but I’m still having the same problems. I’m operating on Windows 8. Lightroom 4 is not recognizing the raw format on any of my cards and says it can’t save my .CR2 files.Hopefully this will be resolved soon because my photo’s are getting backlogged. Any help would be appreciated at this point.

  169. Malo says:

    Can you add support for the Canon M3. I just received it and can not edit my photos. Thanks

    • Support for that camera was added in Camera Raw 9.0 (Photoshop CS6 and later) and Lightroom CC. If you have an older product, you can use the latest DNG Converter to get support in an older product.

  170. David Moerman says:

    Just so I’m clear; I upgraded to Lr 5.7.1 in January and a Nikon D7200 in March but there will be NO pluggin to directly support my camera in my new version of Lr? I have to download to a folder and then convert to DNG before importing to Lr? As I use Lr to control tethered capture thru a microscope this complicates my workflow considerably as I need realtime feedback on what images I’ve actually taken. This has worked fine with my old D7000.

  171. Hector says:

    I just bought a new camera a Nikon D5500 and I currently using Lightroom 5 and it wont let me open the raw file. I just installed the latest update lightroom 5.7.1 and still wont let me open the files, what should I do? thanks for your help

  172. Edward See says:

    I have already updated my standalone CS6, but I am still unable to open my RAW file from my Nikon D750. I have tried using Adobe CC Suite and yet it still cannot open the RAW file. I really need to work with the RAW file, could you please help me to get around this problem. My Camera Raw plugin is also updated. Really appreciate your quick response to my query. Thank you so very much.

    • If you have Camera Raw 8.7.1 or later and still can’t import Nikon D750, my guess is you’re using and old version Nikon Capture NX which damages the raw files metadata by giving it invalid camera model. If you import the files directly from the camera, do they open?

      • Edward See says:

        Let me check it out later and get back to you on this. I will try and import directly from the camera and see, presently, I import the file through Nikon Transfer.

  173. Lucia says:

    Hi, I get it that if I used a newer camera my old versions os LR3 ACR and some DNG converters wont read my files, and that I hace to update them, but WHAT IF I DOWNLEADED MY FILES FROM THE COMPLACTFLASH CARD TO CMY COMPUTER USING THE NIKON TRANSFER SOFTWARE, whic categorizaes my images and in doing so changes the names NOT EXTENSIONS of my files, just the names (adds a suffix) tho always downliad in order… Im not being able to open any file though I get to see the pictures in my finder in thumnails and they appear to be perfect and undamaged.. I downloaded the photoshop free trial to see if it came with updated plugins and its still not being able to open the images.. is it because of the alteration of the name? (does not make any sense) the extension is the same.. :/ I need an EXPERT ON THE MATTER! PLEASE?! 😀

    • If you’re using an old version of Nikon Capture it may be damaging the metadata for camera model which prevents other applications from reading the files. I would eliminate it from your workflow or make sure you’re using the latest version to avoid this problem.

  174. kamoyan says:

    I’m using”Olympus OM-D E-M5 II”,i can’t open the raw file in lightroom,even i update to 5.7.1ver already. i used the Adobe DNG Converter 9.0,it’s r supported my cameras-OM-D E-M5 II,it can’t open my ORF file and change to DNG.

  175. SAP says:

    où trouver la dernière mise à jour pour Caméra Raw ?

  176. Hartmut Jüttner says:

    Fehlermeldung: Dateien werden von der RAW-Unterstützung in Lightroom nicht erkannt
    Kamera:Panasonic DMC-TZ61
    Lightroom 4
    MfG Hartmut Jüttner

    • Die Antwort ist oben in der Post. Nutzen Sie den kostenlosen Adobe DNG-Konverter für DMC-TZ61 in Lightroom 4, oder ein Upgrade auf die neueste Version für native Unterstützung.

  177. Bob Goldsterin says:

    I have a canon T6i and I’m using Lightroom 5.7.1. According to lightroom my camera is supported yet I’m not able to import the CR2 files. I get the message “THE FILE IS NOT RECOGNIZED”. I was told to get the latest drivers but 1- where can I find them 2-how do I download and 3- install

  178. Humza says:

    I have a Nikon D5300 (supported as per the list), I have all the latest updates on CS6, but the NEF files are still not able to work on Photoshop. Any reason as to why that is?

  179. Brad says:

    Bought an A7R and then Lightroom and .arw files imported seamlessly, so I expected A7Rm2 .arw files to do the same. DNG Converter is easy, but one extra external step to importing into a great program. A minor annoyance but still an annoyance that I don’t quite understand. If Lightroom 5 handled .arw’s shortly after the release of a camera, does that mean it received a software upgrade? Why would I not have needed DNG Converter for that, but I do now for the A7Rm2 created files….?

    (P.S. Initially I thought I had no easy way of using Lightroom at all with my new $3,400 camera which was quite depressing. Glad that’s not the case at least with DNG Converter)

  180. Warren says:

    Shooting with a Fuxi x100T…All my camera, Mac and LR software is unto date. Took pics at a family outing, in RAF (Fuji Raw) and as a jpeg…Uploaded into LR CC…After the images were loaded in, they all, both formats, went black…Clicking, picking and proving did nothing to bring any of the images back…They did appear as they were loading, and then went black…The jpegs were in b&w, while the Raw is in color…They both imported as b&w..Thoughts?

  181. Aaron says:

    CR2 files from my 6D, 5D, 70D, t5i all read fine, but the CR2 files from my Canon t5 are not able to be read. I’ve tried to update everything, version numbers are below. Any help with this would be GREAT.

    Canon T5 Firmware vers: 1.0.1
    Photoshop CS6: 13.0.5
    Bridge CS6:
    Camera Raw:






  182. Constantin Tudor says:

    I have a Leica Q. Suddenly Lightroom doesn’t recognise DNG files. I mention that I have updated Lightroom, I have 6.4 version for Mac.
    Please advise.

  183. Constantin Tudor says:

    I’ve just noticed that the folder in which DNG files had to be copied was in Applications. I changed the location and now Lightroom is working. Thank you.

  184. nic says:

    I do not know if Adobe is working on this, but I want to add my voice to those who would be extremely happy if the MPO format were supported.

  185. FC says:

    I have a huge problem with lightroom 6.1.
    It’s since April 2016 that Lightroom doesn’t recognize anymore the lens of my Nikon D7100. I have a Nikkor 18-300 and a nikkor 50 1.8.
    Before April I had no problem at all with the same camera and lenses. Now the same lens appear as “unknown” (please, note that all the other programs read correctly the lenses).
    Thank you for any help you can provide me.

  186. HD says:

    I have a Canon 70D. My Photoshop is old, Elements version 5.0. I understand the need to download something to convert RAW files ( which I can’t currently do) but all your references are to CS files. Mine are CR files – what’s the difference and what do I need to download? If I were to buy new software, what would do the job without downloading anything?

  187. HD says:

    By natively,do you mean that Elements 14 will open my RAW files?

  188. Nataliya says:

    I have Canon DX 1 Mark II and problems wiht LR and Photoshop, they doesn’t recognise files. Photoshop is CS6, Lightroom is 5. Help me please.

  189. Adrian says:

    Ok – so i just tried shooting in raw in my new Nikon D3400 – when i try to import them, Lightroom does not recognise the NEF raw files therefore i can’t import. No problems importing JPEG though. All software is up to date (Adobe CC) and after checking the cameras supported list, mine is on there. Now i know you say to use adobe DNG Converter but i see lots of tutorials where Lightroom is doing it all from in there – what do i do?

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