Photoshop: Basic Troubleshooting steps to fix most issues

I’ve tried to collect a set of basic troubleshooting steps that should solve most problems encountered while using Photoshop.

For detailed instructions on the below topics, see: Photoshop Help / Basic troubleshooting steps to fix most issues

For mostly non-technical questions like How-to’s or What’s New, please see the: Photoshop FAQs  (Frequently Asked Questions)

If your question is with getting up and running, please see the following document: Help with Downloading, Installing or Activating


Table of Contents:

  1. Get The Latest Camera Support
  2. Install Adobe Application Updates
  3. Install Operating System Updates
  4. Troubleshoot Update Errors
  5. Creative Cloud Doesn’t Show Updates Or Applications Are In Trial Mode
  6. I can’t activate Photoshop, or applications are in trial mode
  7. Install Graphics Card Driver Updates
  8. Troubleshoot Graphics Processor (GPU/OpenGL)
  9. Reset Tool Settings
  10. Restore Preferences
  11. Troubleshoot Plug-ins
  12. Troubleshoot Fonts
  13. Troubleshoot User Permissions
  14. Boot in “Safe Mode” to Troubleshoot System Add-Ons and Utilities
  15. Run in 32-bit or 64-bit
  16. Collect logs and system info
  17. Where can I download prior versions?
  18. Additional Information

1,359 Responses to Photoshop: Basic Troubleshooting steps to fix most issues

  1. Connie Duinink says:

    Have Album Starter Ed. 3.2, registration time has expired. Not techy so didn’t know about that. When I try to save pix off my camera, they seem to automatically go into this program. I can see thumbnails of the pix but can’t get at them. Need some kind of a “key” to unlock? What do I have to do to get access to my pictures?

  2. Mel Wittenstein says:

    When i try to use the lens correction function in CS6 i get this message:

    “CS6 Error Message Could not complete the Lens Correction Command because the file could not be found.”

    I also got this message in CS5. While I get some function in Bridge i would much prefer to use it in CS6.

    Thanks for any help with this problem

  3. Johannes Bos says:

    I recently purchased Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 on my computer running Windows 8. The software seems to have installed properly; however, I receive a Windows error message when I attempt to open the program. The program will not open.

    I was told that this software will work in a computer running Windows 8. My computer exceeds all of the other requirements needed to run this software. Can someone give me advise on how I can make this work?

    Thank you

    Johannes Bos

  4. Patricia Sheley says:

    CS6 Processing Prophoto in ACR , opening in PS for conversion through SEP2 then saving as PSD and Tiff. No matter what route is taken the Tiff saves come result overexposure. A large file jpeg is correct, psd is correct but not even image processor can provide a correct tiff. Files are approx. 217MB. All applications up to date and opened PS with the 3 finger reset all preferences. Just can’t figure out why this is happening. The common denominator is in the flattening. All files flattened before save produce a lighter saved image. Thanks for help in understanding. This happens whether working in Prophoto or Adobe RGB spaces. Thanks if this rings a bell with anyone.

  5. Jacqui Wyett says:

    I am getting fed up with not being able to load my Photoshop Elements 9 onto my new laptop with Windows 8, can any one help me please.

  6. Phil Quinn says:

    We cannot open saved e-mails as they come up with the Adobe icon and cannot open old e-mails. Is there a solution to this. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

  7. Chance Garrity says:

    I purchased Premier Elements 11 and it will not wrote to a DVD. It constantly hangs after I create the DVD menu.

  8. George Hubert says:

    Windows 8. is there no info on drivers etc for win 8 every site I visit talks about every windows but 8 I upgraded from win 7 (huge mistake) there seems to be no support for new users and win 8 will not load many of my applications that worked perfectly in win 7

    any help available?

  9. Michael McDermott says:

    When I open my Premeire Elements 11 I get this message
    “We have detected an incompatible display driver. To get a faster playback performance, please update your display driver.
    Display driver details :NVIDIA Corporation-Geoforce GTX 260M/PCIe/SSE2 3.0.0″

    I went through the NVIDIA site to update the driver and everything seems to be updated. No other video programs are showing any there something that I can do on the Adobe side to fix this issue. Any advice would be greatly appreciated…

  10. I run Lightroom 4.3 on a new Windows 8 pc (Lenovo T430s). I have problems exporting from LR4.3 when I try to specify the file size (limiting it to 2 meg). I get an export operations message listing files that could not be written. All files are written, however, the file sizes range from 1 meg to 5 meg. Is anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions?

  11. juan Carlos says:

    when I try to use my photoshop cs4 in an user account, i have an error, but when I use the administrator account works perfectly fine. Can you tell me what files or folders needs to be running as an admin. I am working for a school so we need the users account. thank you

  12. Barry Marshall says:

    I am having trouble getting complete install of Photoshop 7. I had this installed on my computer. My hard drive failed. Put in new 2 TB hard drive. The drive is virtually empty with tons of room. When I install ps7, I get a message that the scratch disc is full. It hasn’t even been installed complelely.

  13. I teach computer art and we have imac 21 inch first gen intels. Each has a dedicated graphics card with 256 megs vram. I use photoshop cs4 extended on all the computers which are basically all cones. However, some will do 3d and some wont. The ones that wont always freeze up when we convert a regular layer to a 3d postcard from layer. The computer then freezes and we are forced to restart photoshop. Any ideas why this is happening?

  14. r says:

    When I try to insert effect on adobe, a window ” could not complete your request because of a program error” pops up. How can I fix this?

  15. Esther Weiler says:

    I am having problems with my eye dropper tool, swatches and also any of my actions that contain a Stoke. Whenever i use these i have a error appear ” Could not complete the command because of a program error” I have reset all my tool preference and re-installed Photoshop. Problem keeps appearing .

  16. Andy says:

    Hey, I’ve been having a weird problem with my Photoshop.
    I can work with it normally, but the “Save As” window keeps popping up. It’s courteous enough to wait while I’m applying effects on the layers, but while I’m working on the image itself (like say, using the brush to color it), the window keeps appearing without warning. Even when I’m using the Transform tool, there’s this box saying “Apply the transformation before saving?” that also keeps appearing. And it’s something recent, too, I haven’t had this kind of problem before.
    What could be causing it? How do I solve this?
    Thanks in advance.

  17. Abid says:

    I have an issue with adobe photoshop CS 6. when i open it there comes a pop up and following error is displayed.
    photoshop has detected graphic hardware that is not officially supported. if you experience problems please uncheck the use graphic processor check box in the performance panel of preferences dialogue. but still problem continues.
    I have tried alot to find new drivers as well but nothing is working can you please help me?

  18. Dennis says:

    Problem solved Had freezing problen in CS6. Software froze when open or new was used. Also did this from Bride and lightroom. Opened in safe mode and it worked fine. Remembered I had updated video driver a few weeks earlyer. Rolled back driver in device manager/properties and all is good and working. If your freezing on opening image, try rolling back video driver.

  19. Mpfunzeni says:

    When loading a tiff file on Adobe Photoshop CS5, The loaded layer appears with the correct boundary but the image contents are replaced by a uniform/single colour showing no details of the image.

  20. rusith says:

    hi … i have a update erro photoshop CS6 please help me how to fix it..

  21. Gabby James says:

    The past few months, I’ve been having a couple different issues: 1) When I save my image, pixels tend to move around of their own accord, and when I go in to fix it and save again, they’ve moved in another seemingly random way (colors change, random lines show up, etc. It doesn’t seem to be limited to just one or two areas/effects, either), and 2) Anytime I hold down shift to make a straight line (sorry, don’t know what that is called), that straight line tends to do one of a few things: lag, appear elsewhere on the image, go the opposite direction I’m trying to go, or go perpendicular to the direction I’m trying to go. These issues have only been occurring in the past month or so, and I’ve made sure everything is up to date (PS, graphics card drivers, etc) and downloaded no 3rd party software. I though it was just overuse (last month was finals and I’m an art student, so it was being used about 23 hours a day for about 5 days.. Fun times), but I took a break from it and the issue is persisting.

    Info I Think You Might Want:
    Photoshop CS6 (I have the whole Master Collection, if that info helps at all. My school rocks) (All Adobe stuff is up to date)
    Windows 7 Professional 64-bit OS Service Pack 1 (up to date)
    Wacom Intuous 4 tablet (though I tried using the Tact-X keyboard and mouse, and there was no difference) (up to date)
    AMD Radeon 6900 series graphics card (drivers up to date)

  22. peter meissner says:

    Sometimes when I try to make a panorama of shots, I cannot, and a message comes up: not enough memory. Has anyone had a problem like this and if so, how to correct it?

  23. Ann says:

    I have 2 problems…
    1) When I click on the type tool I get a message saying “ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS6 HAS STOPPED WORKING: A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available”. And then it shuts down the program.
    2) After it started doing that, now when I open PS I get a message saying “Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver, and has temporarily disabled enhancements which use the graphics hardware. Check the manufacture’s website for the latest software. I click OK and then it lets me start using PS, but not the type tool.

    Any suggestions?

  24. Ann says:

    Thank you, Jeffrey.
    I ended up calling Adobe support and they fixed the problem.

  25. Evelyn Mayes says:

    I have been working in CS 5.1(64 bit) on a very large file of what will be a blues album cover. I have made numerous copies along the way until the last few days of work when suddenly my document will not open. A pop up message says this file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop. Nothing has changed. As I recall I just closed the doc. normally but something seems to have corrupted the file. Is there any way to fix this file and open it again?
    Any advice will be much appreciated as a lot of work went into this document. Thanks so much.
    Evelyn Mayes

    • Hi Evelyn,

      It’s possible the file has been corrupted (file corruption is almost always hardware/disk failure related). I would try restarting your machine and opening the file again. As a last resort, you could try opening the file with the Shift and Alt/Option keys pressed to try and load the composite data. That would open the files composite data (sans layers) – but that may be better than losing the file altogether.

  26. Vall R. Bankston says:

    I’m an “oldie” but I’m still using photoshop 7 and it does everything I need. The problem here is I can’t get it to update. It just says “not enough memory RAM” I don’t understand how to fix this problem..It’s been working great for years and all of a suddenthis…any suggestions..What’s the tech service Phone # for adobe and I’ll just call them…

    • Hi Vall,

      Are you using Photoshop 7.0 (released in 2001) or Photoshop Elements 7 (released in 2008)?

      Did this problem just start happening? Have you tried restarting your computer to free up memory?

  27. Luca says:

    I’ve already installed mountain lion release and now photoshop CS3 v10.0.1 doesn’t launch, doesn’t start at all, any idea?


    • Did you upgrade from a prior OS to Mountain Lion? Often times, Migration Assistant doesn’t move all the required files for Photoshop to run. I would try uninstalling using the uninstaller in the Photoshop application folder and reinstall.

  28. Veronica says:

    I installed Photoshop CS6 in April and it was working smoothly. Recently when I try to launch it it freezes while the survey participation window is trying to open. I’m always ask to participate although I’ve already done it several times. If I decline then the application shuts down. I’m working with Photoshop CS6 on a Macbook Pro
    OS X version 10.4.8

  29. Michael Schwartz says:

    I, obviously, did something wrong.
    Instead of my photo appearing in the upper left-hand corner of the workspace, my photo now appears in the center of the workspace, and the slide bars used to move to different sections of an image have disappeared.

    How do I get my image back to where it should be?

  30. Jamin says:

    Do you know anything about the dynamic media link server? x

    and also about reinstalling CS6…

    • It’s a process used by Photoshop to encode and decode video. You can either quit the process in Activity Monitor (Mac) or Task Manager (PC) or restart the computer.

      • tu says:

        I have problem when trying to import video frames to layers, it didn’t work because: Dynamic Link is not available. I was searching the process of DynamicLink in Task Manager but I didn/t find any. I can’t fix it, can you help me? thank you.

        • Hmm. DynamicLink is shared component. Is it completely missing? If so, try this: install Photoshop CC 2014 over the top of itself (without removing it). To do this, in the Creative Cloud desktop app, go to the Apps tab. In the lower half, labeled Find New Apps, there is a filter drop-down to the right. By default it says All Apps or Filters & Versions, click it and choose Previous Version. Find Photoshop on the list and the button will say “Install” but it will also be a drop-down menu. Choose CC 2014 (15.0). This will do a “repair” install over the top of your existing files.

  31. Patty says:

    I am having trouble using the the mask when trying to use the white and black squares and switching back and forth it won’t work. Keeps coming up ( Could not complete your request because of a program error.) Is there a reset button for this, I have rebooted many times hoping that would fix the problem?

  32. Joshua Lopez says:

    I Have a problen In Photoshop Cs6 Which Started Recently That In Evey Image I Open There Are Small circles Inside The Image So Please Be Kind Enough And Help Me Regurding This Matter
    Thanking You ,
    Joshua Lopez

  33. Mark Strang says:

    Files will not load from Bridge “Tools>Photoshop>Load Files Into Photoshop Layers”

  34. francis says:

    I have a bunch of pictures imported into an old version of photo shop starter addition and I cannot access them, because it keeps asking me to register, but the time has expired to do that? how can I retrieve them?

  35. The clone tool in my CS5 appears, but doesn’t work anymore. I followed the instructions for the video in the “Restore Preferences” section first, but it did not work. I have put the preferences file back into it’s original folder like she mentioned and now I’m not sure what to do. The clone tool has been working perfectly up until yesterday. I have not done anything new or different to my computer or to PS CS5.

  36. Charles Steinberg says:

    Using Bridge to Get images from my camera. Has worked great until now but now Bridge (photo downloader) says “No Device Found.” This happens when even my iphone is connected via USB. Camera connected to different USAA port and neither are found. happens with Bridge from CS 6 and CS5. Happens with changing cables. Images successfully load onto my son’s computer via Picasa. What is going on that photo downloader no longer sees my images.

    I had been using a 800 firewire card reader and several pins bent on that so I stopped.

    Thank You

  37. Charles Steinberg says:

    Wonder from reading this blog whether my having MacKeeper is the issus, version 2.1. I have discarded it and am reloading PS from Adobe…..

  38. jay Seldin says:

    Since I Downloaded PS CC My finder desktop only shows the Generic Icon of my PS Doc. How can I can the photo image back on my PS CC documents/files

  39. JoLo says:

    When I try to edit images in CS6 from LR, LR opens CS6 but no image appears. I get an error message saying “The file could not be opened because CS6 could not be launched” LR then prepares the file for editing. I’m using windows 7 and had this problem with LR4 and now LR5. I can open images in CS6 from other sources but not LR. I feel there is something quite simple at fault here but I don’t know what. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both CS and LR and in different orders, cleaned up registry, rebooted etc but nothing works. Please help!

    • I would try restoring Photoshop preferences and restart both PS and LR.

      • JoLo says:

        I have done that. It makes no difference 🙁

        • Install the 2014.1 update or try this: install Photoshop CC 2014 over the top of itself (without removing it). To do this, in the Creative Cloud desktop app, go to the Apps tab. In the lower half, labeled Find New Apps, there is a filter drop-down to the right. By default it says All Apps or Filters & Versions, click it and choose Previous Version. Find Photoshop on the list and the button will say “Install” but it will also be a drop-down menu. Choose CC 2014 (15.0). This will do a “repair” install over the top of your existing files.

  40. Rose for YOU says:

    am having problem with Right-to-Left writing with Old Turkic

    Turkish is written with extended latin letters left-to-right but;

    Old Turkic is a Turkish variaton which is written Right-to-Left defined in Unicode Standart 5.2 Range 10C00-10C4F (Central Asian Languages group).

    I have all the Unicode fonts with this range that support both the char codes defined by the standard and the glyphs are ok. I also use a custom designed keyboard layout designed with Microsoft Keybord Layout Designer (MKLD)

    The keyboard layout can be downloaded fromök%20Türkçe%20Q%20Klavye%20Düzeni.rar

    In the design test window I can write from Right-to-Left as it should be.

    I can also write Righ-to-Left without problem in the default Windows Notepad.

    The font file turkic.tff can be downloaded from: https://www.dropbox….k21n/Turkic.ttf

    Now what heppens in Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Photoshop CS6: In Illustrator the only problem is Right-to-Left writing. But the glyphs are ok: Screen Capture Adobe Illustrator CS6:

    Now when I copy paste this text to Photoshop I only see empty boxes incase of letters(glyphs): Screen Capture Adobe Photoshop CS6 Part-1:

    When I change Edit-Preferences-Type Text Engine settings of Phtoshop From Middle Eastern to East Asian, I can see the glyps when I rewrite the text (not on the text previosly written) but I lose the right-to-left writing feature: Screen Capture Adobe Photoshop CS6 Part-2:

    Does anyone can help me about this issue?

    • David Mohr says:

      Merhaba Rose,

      In order to do right-to-left typography in Photoshop, you need to switch to the Middle Eastern and South Asian composer. You can do this in CS6 and CC by click Preferences > Type and choosing the correct composer via the radio buttons in the dialog. To see all the controls, click Type > Language Options > Middle Eastern Features. You will notice that your Character and Paragraph panels now have added icons. In the bottom left of the Paragraph panel, click the second icon from the left, which determines text flow. You’re now ready to type in Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, and similar languages. Check out my video which walks you through the whole process:

      If you continue to encounter problems, just ping me and I’d be happy to help you.

      Teshekkür ederim,

  41. Pete Snow says:

    My computer now runs Windows 8. PhotoShop 10 and PhotoElements 10 will not load.

  42. Elize Sander says:

    I have Photoshop CC running on Windows 7. When I attempt to edit photos scanned into Photoshop CS6, I can not edit, can not add or duplicate a layer because it is “locked”. Is there a way to unlock the one layer displayed?

  43. OIS says:

    I have Photoshop CS5 installed on my windows7 system. It was working all fine until last week.
    From last week, I am unable to save the photos that I edit in photoshop.
    Its like, I save them, but I do not find them anywhere, not in the folder I saved them nor anywhere else in the computer.
    I also tried saving the pics as a copy still no luck. This is a work environment. I’d really appreciate it if someone could help me as quickly as possible!

    Thank & regards,

  44. Sean says:

    Howdy Jeffrey,
    I have an oddball issue that also occurs in SafeBoot (mac) and after a reinstall.

    Whenever any text input gains focus, photoshop will select all then delete it. ANY input box. It could be the document name when creating a new file, it could be the file name when saving, color values, border sizes, dimensions, any and all of them. It’s also incredibly frustrating because some of these inputs will display a warning box when their value is erased, something like “this value cannot be blank.”

    It also happens in Bridge.

    Incase my description was poor, here are 3 images showing the process. In reality this process happens in less than a second.

    Exhibit 1
    Exhibit 2
    Exhibit 3

  45. MIKE says:

    I have tried to contact ADOBE to answer a question regarding the thumbnails.
    Why after years has the resolution of my saved raw to tiff thumbnails been reduced that they are no longer visible? When I have completed my corrections/editing of my images I save them in Tiff to a desktop folder. When this folder is open to see the images the thumbnails are so low in resolutions you can not identify them,

    What option has been changed? How can I fix it..

    Mike Frey

  46. MIKE says:

    I have opened my macbook which has CS4 installed. The low resolution of thumbnails is not a problem. All test that I tried raw to correction and saved as tiff on the macbook the thumbnails were of high resolution…I compared the preferences settings on both the desktop and macbook and they are set the same…


  47. MIKE says:

    Both have the same identical operating systems,,,this was done because I sometimes use the macbook out in the field for my photography..


  48. MIKE says:


    If you want I would send you a comparison of the two thumbnail images.


  49. John says:

    i purchased Photoshop CS 3 , then updated to CS 5, i now run CS 6. is it necessary to have all three
    installed on my computer ? It seems now that after working for a while that Photoshop slows down
    until i close it off and reopen it and it’s back up to speed. thoughts ? thank you for all you do .

  50. Rowell says:

    I can’t uninstall Adobe Photoshop cs6. why is that?

  51. Luis says:

    I have Photoshop CS4 and the last several months I have been having an issue where my screen goes blank in the middle of working on anything, I removed Photoshop and it stop happening as often (but I left Ai, Dw, and the rest of the software) I reinstalled OS X and it got better it was not happening, so I decided to re-install Photoshop and it was fine until I started using it the computer crashed again.

    When I finished the installation it said “DONE WITH ERRORS”

    • Luis says:

      I forgot to say that after the computer goes blank I restart it, but after showing the Apple logo it just goes to the blank screen again, I have to shut it down and restart it about 15 times to get it to star up normally and then it asks if I want to open the programs I had open before shutting down.

      • It sounds like the computer is having a kernel panic which would indicate more serious issue (possibly hardware related, possibly OS driver related) I would run hardware diagnostics or have someone at an Apple store help you.

  52. Kelly says:

    I have Adobe Photoshop CS5 and I just got a new computer that is running Windows 8 OS. My disc will not work with it. Anyone know where to find drivers that will let the disc install? Or a download that I can use? Thanks! 🙂

  53. Wayne says:

    When I 1st installed Photoshop CS4, i was unable to see any images unless I was dragging the frame. There was some setting but I can’t remember what iy was. Now it is doing it again. PLEASE help

  54. kevin says:

    hi all i have a problem with layers – i open up a photograph this shows as background…..then i open up another this also is a back ground.( the original goes from the layers box)
    the 2 open photgpahs have a tab each…when i click on each one that one will show as a background in the layers panel…when i go to to the other that then then that is the background….the 2 never appear together on the layer panel…..basically i want one to show as background and the other to show as layer at the same time – any ideas?

  55. Samantha says:

    Hello, I have CS6 Extended and am not seeing the Oil Paint filter in my Filter list. I have tried resetting my preferences and that didn’t work. Any suggestions as to what I should do? Thanks!

  56. Marie says:

    Hey, I’ve been running my Photoshop CS2 and I had to re-install it again after re-installing a new copy of Windows 7. It’s come across this error: ‘Unable to continue because of hardware or software’ every time I’ve opened it. I’ve tried the Alt+Ctrl+Shift option, then deleting and renaming the prefs file, but the issue still continues. Are there any possible suggestions on what I could do to fix this, please? Thank you.

  57. Ronald Backer says:

    Recentlydownloaded Photoshop Element 11. When I open Internet options thid software opens. It will not allow me to open to any web site

  58. Paul says:

    Merge to HDR Pro In photoshop CS4 from lightroom 4… doesn’t work. It opens, seems to process and then it closes the window with zero result. When I open the images in photoshop and run the merge to HDR Pro all i get is a grey screen. Please help. I need a work around or solution.
    This is not a problem in PSD CS5. Please advise.

  59. Luis Castaneda says:

    About three weeks ago I started to have problems with my pictures, being printed with a text massage of “Do Not Copy” no matter what picture I pull from Adobe Bridge, I have checked my Layers, Levels and Channels, still I’m at my end witts, any suggestions? . I may tell you about two years ago I think me label one of my photos with “Text” Do Not Copy at 45 degree. When I printed that picture, it printed with the water mark, but not visible on the monitor. From then on no matter what picture I print it prints with the same watermark. It appears that is somehow in a betch mode.
    Any suggestion can be greatly appreciated.

  60. Dan Caldemeyer says:

    I have CS4 and it has worked great for years. I can not open photos in order to edit and print them. Error pop ups have indicated “Adobe Bridge is running out of room”. Also “Bridge encountered a problem and is unable to read the cache. Try purging the Central Cache in cache preferences to correct the problem. I have no idea what any of this means. I checked my hard drive and it said it only had 3GB out of 999gb left. I have a 1 terabyte HD. I need someone that really knows what they are talking about because my photos are my lively hood. I have everything backed up on an external 2 tb hd. I have tons of photos in IPhoto, (the same ones i have in my pictures in my computer) I dumped a bunch of those but still have a ton left in IPhoto. I could really use some help here. Thanks, Dan

  61. Jinx Bailey says:

    I have Photoshop Beginners 3.2 and XP, Chrome. Yesterday while I was in Internet Explorer something happened and all of a sudden your system popped up and started re downloading all of my photos, over 2,000. When it finished the screen looked like a thumbnail and barely see tiny specks that are photos and I can’t figure out a way to bring them back to the original form, a real picture. I’ve gone in to most of your help sections and I don’t really know what I am looking for so any help will be appreciated. Am afraid that the way the photos look now if I tried to upload the pics to another system I might just get this thumbnail looking thing. Thank you

  62. Craig Tews says:

    My photoshop 5 crop tool is not set right. If I try to crop on the right it brings the whole image to the right.

  63. Paul Van Elsberg says:

    Merge to hdr pro photoshop cs6 does not work. Get weird grey result. Same if I open in photoshop from lightroom 4. Lots of people having this issue. Is there a fix? If so what is it?

  64. Emily Penso says:


    I am having issues with using Photoshop on my new desktop computer.
    When I use the magnetic lasso and text tools the screen flicks black so that I can’t see the image that I am working on. And it is impossible to use. Very frustrating!
    I have read other posts about this and have tried changing my performance preferences to basic drawing mode and it has not helped.
    Do you have any other suggestions?
    Your help is appreciated.
    Emily Penso

  65. Pepper says:

    Signed up for the whole creative suite. Everything seems to work fine, except for Photoshop.
    The screen (working area) turns black when I am using the type tool or the select all. (So I can’t see what I’m doing till I select a different tool from the side bar. I have a brand new computer so I know that’s not the issue.)
    My last version of photoshop was CS3, so dont know if this is something new or a glitch. How do I stop this? Thanks! Pepper

  66. Paul says:

    Hello. When i use my Brush tool, its drawing only white. If i have my both colors set black, it´s still drawing white, help 🙂

  67. Надя says:

    Ошибка: 16 пишет при открытии программы каждый раз. Я дважды переустанавливала программу. Не помогло. Что делать? Загрузка и установка проходит успешно, но программа не открывается. Пишет Ошибка: 16. Помогите. Как её устранить?

  68. Louise Cote says:

    When I quit Photoshop, I get a crash message, and the window has a report that goes back to Apple. Photoshop has also become balky, making me wait for silly things like a window to open or a command to be executed. I remember similar things happening a few revs ago, and there was a (preferences?) file that needed to be deleted, but I’m not that crazy anymore! Your suggestions are appreciated.

    • There’s something wrong if Photoshop is crashing on quit. My guess is you have a Font Management plug-in that has a problem, and or the a corrupt font or font cache. have you tried the troubleshooting steps for Plug-ins and Fonts?

  69. meredith says:

    When I import from a reader card, iPhone, etc the window that pops up does not show completely. I can not get to the bottom of the screen. I am on a mac laptop. This one window will not let me resize it to get everything on the page. At this point I can not import photos from my iPhone. HELP

  70. Audrea says:

    I am having trouble using my pen tool in Photoshop CS6 when I need to use the add anchor point tool. I get a message at the top of the screen that says “No options for the add anchor point tool”. I tried to correct the problem by pressing Ctrl, Alt, Shift as Photoshop was loading, and I did not get the dialog box for me to select yes or no to reset preferences. The dialog box does not show up at all. I have tried this numerous times to no avail. Please help, I am in the middle of a project and need to finish in a timely manner, thanks advance for feedback to this matter.

    • Did you try just resetting the tool? The other option is to watch the video and restore the prefs without using the shortcut method.

      • Audrea says:

        Yes sir I tried resetting the tool and that did not work. I also made sure that I have downloaded all current updates for Photoshop cs6. I will watch the video and hopefully that will help. Thanks for your time.

  71. J Williams says:

    I have Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premium on a Windows 7 64 bit computer. About a month ago Premiere Pro would not open. It would start and then just shut itself down without fully loading. Our IT department reinstalled Premiere and it’s now fine. However, I can no longer open Bridge correctly. It will open and load a page then five seconds later an error window pops up stating “Adobe Bridge CS 5 has stopped working. A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly.”

    How do I fix this and am I going to have this problem happen to each of the programs in CS5 one by one?

    • Hi J, it sounds like the installations are being damaged somehow. You probably want to track down what’s causing that. Are you running system cleaners or other utilities that would modify or delete files that are required by our applications?

  72. J Williams says:

    Ah, that may be a cause. I think someone ran CC cleaner recently. Will look into that. Thanks.

  73. Emil H. Bosch says:


    I’ve created a PNG file that I use as my watermark (Emil Bosch Photography) quite a while ago and have used it to good effect.

    Currently I cannot get it to be placed over my pics. In the layers window it is locked and is called “Index”. I’m using PS CS6.

    Please help!

    Kind regards

  74. Helen Cramer says:

    I am 87 years old and not fully computer wise but have used Adobe photo shop for many years without trouble I have run into with new computer and upgrade to windows 7. In middle of printing a booklet. A lot of photos, No problem, but now doing a number of pages of type and no matter what I do my scans print out with a light grey background on both my coloured printer and black and white. So not printer. I have tried using white background on photoshop for back and foreground but doesn’t make any difference although works if I add another colour. Image looks ok on computer scan screen . I have tried both OCR and straight scanning. Going insane as I have spent days trying to rectify this. Can you please advise. Thanks Helen Cramer

  75. Cindy Cruzen says:

    I am having frequent crashes in Photoshop CS6 when sending a file to print. Can you tell me what to look for in correcting this?

  76. Cynthia Boyson says:

    PLEASE HELP NEEDED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Unable to get Healing Brush Tool to start functioning again. It was working great and then stopped for unknown reasons. I tried reinstalling PSE 9 from my original disc. Tried suggestions from other users posted online including use of reset tool and reset all tools, sample all layers to no avail. Have VERY SHORT DEADLINE TO SEND PHOTO FOR TRANSFER TO CANVAS TODAY TO MEET DEADLINE FOR ART EXHIBITION. ONE SMALL AREA UNCORRECTED!!!! YEOW!

  77. simran says:

    I am trying to import a 3d object into Photoshop CC.

    Message:- Could not complete your request because 3D functionality is currently disabled due to OpenGL being disabled.

    How can I resolve this?

  78. Sabrina Johnson says:

    I downloaded photoshop cs6 recently and when I tried to import a youtube video to make a gif, it says “Photoshop has stopped working”. How do I fix this ?

  79. Sabrina Johnson says:

    I have followed some of the suggestions given and I still receive the same error when I try to import my video, also its a trial version so it would be a waste if I can’t fix this problem now.

  80. I can not see the radial filter in camera raw.
    got the normal linea filter, but still don’t geht the button on the tool bar.

    Install now 8.2, 8.3, and final 8.4. Same story. not button.

    Thank you,

  81. Lilly says:

    When I try to resize images from Bridge by going to tools and selecting photoshop>image processor I get the message “no source files could be opened by photoshop” I’ve used this function hundreds of times in the past and I’m not doing anything different. I’m currently using it with NEF files but even when I’ve converted all the NEFs to JPEGs and try resizing those with the image processor, I get the same message.

  82. Doug Fowley says:

    How do I go from PS CC to LR5 when I have started in PS. I know how to go LR to PS back to LR but I have a photo which is already in PS but want to go to LR. thanks Doug

  83. Frank Gerris says:

    Can not access rulers. I hit cntl +R and nothing happens. I also tried “view” Ruler is greyed out???

  84. Terri says:

    I can not get the document to come up in the main window of Photoshop. I just did a new download of Photoshop yesterday and it was working this morning and now it isn’t working again. Is there something special I can do to make it appear again??

  85. faiz says:

    Adobe Photoshop Version: 13.0 (13.0 20120315.r.428 2012/03/15:21:00:00) x32
    Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
    Version: 6.1 Service Pack 1
    System architecture: Intel CPU Family:6, Model:10, Stepping:7 with MMX, SSE Integer, SSE FP, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, HyperThreading
    Physical processor count: 2
    Logical processor count: 4
    Processor speed: 2394 MHz
    Built-in memory: 4010 MB
    Free memory: 1785 MB
    Memory available to Photoshop: 3255 MB
    Memory used by Photoshop: 59 %
    Image tile size: 128K
    Image cache levels: 4
    OpenGL Drawing: Enabled.
    OpenGL Drawing Mode: Basic
    OpenGL Allow Normal Mode: False.
    OpenGL Allow Advanced Mode: False.
    OpenGL Allow Old GPUs: Not Detected.
    Video Card Vendor: Intel
    Video Card Renderer: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
    Display: 1
    Display Bounds:= top: 0, left: 0, bottom: 768, right: 1366
    Video Card Number: 1
    Video Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
    OpenCL Unavailable
    Driver Version:
    Driver Date: 20101216000000.000000-000

    this is my system info

    can u say why oil paint is not working in my photoshop cs6

    can u fix that problem pls

    • You have multiple problems:

      A) you’re not running the current version: Adobe Photoshop Version: 13.0 (13.0 20120315.r.428 2012/03/15:21:00:00) x32 – and you’re running the 32bit version on a 64bit OS.
      B) Your video card is out of date: Driver Date: 20101216000000.000000-000 – It’s from 2010.

      Follow the instructions above to update Photoshop and your video card driver.

  86. Clay says:

    I’m just trying to use the paint bucket tool and it’s been almost 30 minutes. Any ideas?

  87. Peter Crowell says:

    Creative Cloud says I need to update Photoshop CS6.
    I have tried and tried but the update consistently fails.
    Why can’t I just send an email to get an answer? Why do I have to blog, tweet, Facebook, FAQ myself to death, read pages and pages of stuff that does not help?
    Great support…

  88. huntermatreskew says:

    couple things you can try: try to open it in imageready. if it opens re-save from there.

    try to open w/a third party app. like Photoshop Repair Toolbox

  89. Crystal says:

    When I add an adjustment layer, it adds the layer but I am unable to make any changes and there is no ‘pop-up’ box. I can rename the layer by clicking it but it doesn’t open the editing box. It worked before the last Photoshop update 5 days ago. Any ideas why?

  90. V Crease says:

    The Adobe support adviser Found I cannot update CS5 and to contact support. The support page makes no sense to me.. I was given a Number: 40-17991-080026032014 System Information :
    Operating System = Windows 7 Professional
    Locale = en
    What do I do now please? Vic

  91. Diana White says:

    I have Adboe photoshop 6.0 It is an older version and it does not have “oil Paint” selection under the filter selection. Is there anyway I can get an update for this. I paid a lot for the program and can’t buy another one.
    Thank You

  92. Stephanie says:

    I’m using Photoshop CS6 with Creative Cloud subscription. For the past few months it has been freezing very frequently. It happens at least twice a day and is incredibly disruptive to my workflow as an artist.
    I need help!
    Any advice?
    Thank in advance!

  93. Steve says:

    I am using photoshop 7 and all of a sudden it will not recognise my files as valid photoshop files. What’s up? It will not open files that have opened for years. Do I need to update my version? Someone suggested that I might have to update my plug-in?

  94. Patricia Lim says:

    I am unable to log on to Photoshop CC. It wants a license number and as far as I know there is not license number. I have a monthly subscription that is active. This started when I updated a plug-in from On-One-Software.

  95. Natalie says:

    I have Photoshop CS6 and when I try to open any file it says “Could not complete your request because the file was not found.” Help! Please. I uninstalled and reinstalled Photoshop and still having the same issues.

  96. Frida says:

    Not so long ago I bought the new photoshop wih creative cloud. I use a wacom bamboo tablet on my computer and it works just fine. I’ve used it on others with psd and it works like a charm.
    When I open my new psd however the tablet “lags”. Whenever I lift the pen from the surface of the tablet it stops moving, even when I put it down again it is compleatly still. To make it respond again I have to put the nib on a 2 cm long piece (that goes all the way across the tablet) at the top of the tablet. This I have to do, let’s say every 5 second. It is very annoying and I have contacted wacom about it. Since the trouble just happens on this laptop, when psd is active it sdoesn’t have to do with the tablet. I have tried to re-install psd but to no avail.
    Plese can someone help me!

  97. Frida says:

    I found it and did as you said. I did not work.

  98. Seem to be having a problem when clicking on the pencil tool and selecting a colour in the colour swatch palet, and then applying it to my picture….it is blank…no colour comes through the pencil. Have reset the tools and no luck…………help please!

  99. jamie says:

    Photoshop had an error window which popped up and then crashed so i didn’t have time to read it. But it said something like Photoshop CC has disabled graphics card something…..

    Now it won’t open anything. I’ve tried reinstalling photoshop cc and moving the preferences file etc.
    Please please help!

  100. Eva says:

    I have photoshop elements 9 sometime it will work other times not it keeps asking me to sign in and when I do than I get a pop up message that says Photoshop.comservices are currently unavailable.Please try again later or your network connections.error 400. it does not matter how many times i try signing in it always says the same thing .and the other day it ask me to put in my validate serial code for my version than it tells me that they are not the right codes for this version .But they are listed on my account on your web page .I can sign in to the site without a problem. can you tell me what is wrong.

  101. Ian Johnstone says:

    I have just installed photoshop cs6 on my lap top and it wont open raw files, I have all the correct serial numbers and updated today, can any body help ??

  102. john miniotis says:

    i have photoshop cs5 and Bridge doesnt start at all. can anybody from the adobe company help?

  103. Caroline says:

    I have PSE 10 and just started receiving a “place frame” message when trying to use the software frames. It does not allow me to change the size or insert a pictures. Is there is someway to fix this problem?

  104. When I create a new workspace, name it, save it, all my previous workspaces are altered to the same as the new workspace. I did not notice until i went back to a previous workspace to find all the actions had been replaced by the ones in my new work space. I repeated the process just to check very slowly, that I had not done something in error. I used the essential workspace to set up my new one from but the others all have the same adjustments as the newly created workspace.
    How may I create a workspace without affecting the previous ones?

  105. hayley says:

    I am a new member to cc & have signed up for the £8.78 p/m to have the use of lightroom & photoshop cc. Lightroom has downloaded & is usable, however i keep trying to download photoshop cc & I keep getting the message ‘installation failed’ with the the summary showing : error: DF024 ?? any ideas on what I may need to do to correct this? many thanks

  106. Jenny Teyrant says:

    i have photosop cs6 but when i open it ,the pop-up show
    “Confugartion error, please uninstall and reinstall the product. If this problem still occurs, please contact Adobe technical support for help and mention the error code shown at the bottom of this screen. Error:16”

    so i did unistall and reinstall, but it just same…can you help me?

  107. Justen Dyche says:

    Since OSX 10.9.3 Photoshop CC has become unusable on my maxed-out Mac Mini 2.7, i7, 4 cores, 8gbRAM with discrete graphics (circa 2011).
    The Canvas keeps going blank (dark grey/black) and my image just disappears. If I click outside the canvas it usually comes back but if I try to do anything it just disappears again.
    Everythging has been fine until now, photoshop normally flies along.
    I am a CC subscriber. I have already tried un-installing and reinstalling. I have support for acceleration enabled in preferences.
    What’s gone wrong (it’s totally crippled at the moment?)

    Regards, Justen

    • Pete Green says:

      Hi Justen,

      Are you up to date with the latest version of CC?
      Make sure you’re up to date, then try to reset PS’s preferences –


  108. Justen Dyche says:

    Since OSX 10.9.3 Photoshop CC has become unusable on my maxed-out Mac Mini 2.7, i7, 4 cores, 8gbRAM with discrete graphics (circa 2011).
    The Canvas keeps going blank (dark grey/black) and my image just disappears. If I click outside the canvas it usually comes back but if I try to do anything it just disappears again.
    Everythging has been fine until now, photoshop normally flies along.
    I am a CC subscriber. I have already tried un-installing and reinstalling. I have support for acceleration enabled in preferences.
    What’s gone wrong (it’s totally crippled at the moment?)

  109. tricia says:

    I am having trouble with cs5. All of the sudden, in my edit section, free transform, transform and content aware scale are all grayed out. They are not black. So I can’t use these tools. This just happened today. It was working fine yesterday. Any suggestions?

  110. Mai says:

    Downloaded Photoshop CC 2014 and it cannot start. My latest CC version works normal.

    It says, “This application was unable to start correctly. Error 0xC0000076.”

    Please help.

  111. John Van Put says:

    Uploaded the latest updates to Photoshop CC and rebooted machine as per directed. The new filter (Blur) are not present in the application – I’ve tried to run updates again and it shows that the application is up to date. Running CC on windows 7 – 64 bit machine – never had a problem before but for some reason your latest updates modules are not present. What do I do??

  112. James Kern says:

    Since I downloaded 2014 I can’t open photos from lightroom into PS and I can’t open them from bridge – in bridge I get “Windows cannot find C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6(64bit)\Photoshop.exe. Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again”
    In Lightroom when I try to open a photo, Photoshop will open but nothing happens – the photo never imports.

    The only way I can get images into PS is from Bridge IF I tell bridge to open in Bridge Camera Raw – then from there I can open into 2014.
    Quite frankly guys, this sucks. Any Ideas ???

    • Try this: install Photoshop CC 2014 over the top of itself (without removing it). To do this, in the Creative Cloud desktop app, go to the Apps tab. In the lower half, labeled Find New Apps, there is a filter drop-down to the right. By default it says All Apps or Filters & Versions, click it and choose Previous Version. Find Photoshop on the list and the button will say “Install” but it will also be a drop-down menu. Choose CC 2014 (15.0). This will do a “repair” install over the top of your existing files.

  113. Colin Booth says:

    Just down loaded the up dates for photoshop cc 2014 now I cannot open Lightroom photoshop opens and runs ok
    But when i click on the Lightroom tab it will not open

  114. Piero Annoni says:

    Hi, I’m experiencing frequen PSCC shutdown with the displayed messsage: “Photoshop stopped running and will be closed” when:
    – Apply a layer mask then select brush then click to change “show/hide” boxes on left tool menu.
    What happen is that both boxes become black, the program freeze and then merror message appears, and all its LOST!
    Have to reopen PSCC and start all over again.
    Thank you for your support

  115. Felicia says:

    When I go to open my lightroom app, it says “lightroom catalog 5 corrupt”. I click the repair catalog button and it says it cannot be repaired. I uninstalled and reinstalled lightroom and restarted my computer. I need help! I have wedding pictures that I need to get done asap!

  116. carolyn renee says:

    when I crop an image it creates another layer, how do I turn that off???

  117. Cliff says:

    Upgraded from LR 5 to 5.5 and PS cc to PS cc 2014. Now when I invoke “Edit in Photoshop” from LR, PS opens but the images are not loaded. Also “Edit in (third party software e.g. NIK)” was grayed-out after the upgrade, became available when I reinstalled NIK software, but now is greyed-out again.

  118. Paul Blumstein says:

    Hey Jeffery –
    I’m running Photoshop CC 2014 – on a 2010 MacPro with 21GB’s of ram.
    I also have Photoshop CC on my computer.

    My problem is this:
    When I try to save a Photoshop file for the web -ie: create a jpeg, Photoshop will not let me – I get a “The operation could not be completed. A write permissions error has occurred.”

    Also – when I start up Photoshop CC 2014 – it asks me if I would like to migrate my preferences from the CC version. When I say “Yes,” it says an error occurred. And as it tries to migrate the presets I get an I/O error message for each PS tool.

    Finally – when I go to quit out of PS CC 2014 I get a pop up saying that PS could not save Preferences because the file is locked, you do not have the necessary access permissions, or another program is using the file.

    I have absolutely none of these problems with the previous PS CC program – only the 2014 version.

    What I’ve tried –
    I’ve gone into the “Get Info” panel on both PS CC and PS CC 2014 to make sure Sharing & Permissions give me all Read & Write options.

    I’ve used my Disk Utility to make sure all permissions are verified and repaired.

    I have one thought about a possible fix – I’m wondering if having both PS CC and PS CC 2014 could be causing my conflict? If so I’m thinking that removing PS CC could solve my permissions problem with 2014?

    But I’m nervous about taking this step because if I do that and the problem persists, and then I re-upload PS CC – and then for some reason that blocks my permissions… then I have a really big problem!

    I do not know where else to go here – can you help?

    Thanks so much,

  119. Sébastien-Charles Boitel says:

    Can not import since update (monday may 23rd)

    It freeses, then 2 options are available: close the program, ask google to find a solution and close the program. How can i work on new pictures?

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: lightroom.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 5391f1ae
    Fault Module Name: wpdmanager.mox
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 48a324a9
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 000000000001f885
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 3084
    Additional Information 1: 3a95
    Additional Information 2: 3a95dbaa5d5dcf7b9bc4dca71058dc3f
    Additional Information 3: c688
    Additional Information 4: c688e9afe4115ac0d951f8963349cf14

    Read our privacy statement online:

    If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

  120. Cheri McArthur says:

    Why can I not drag and drop in cs6? I got on the internet and learned there is a problem with dragging photos into one another. I need answers. No easy way to contact this company. What is going on? I considered CC, but no way, too hard to contact anyone when there is a problem.

  121. Michael says:

    I just purchased a one year subscription for LR and PS. Lightroom opened fine, and I imported a collection of photos from Nikon ViewNX2 into LR, and developed a few of them. No problems. However, PS will not open. It simply crashes without indicating any specific error message. I logged out of Creative Cloud and re-logged in but it did not solve the problem. I’m running PS on a TOSHIBA Satellite C55-A laptop running Windows 8, 64 bit OS, and six gigabytes of RAM. Any help would be appreciated.

  122. Hernando Bernal says:

    Help to clean up a mess in Light room and Photoshp?

  123. Leon van Loggenberg says:

    Hi, I purchased my PC from a friend of mine with Photoshop cs6 installed of which had to format the PC as it had too many issues. I was given a copy of Photoshop to install but don’t have the serial number and he does not know where it is either. Can someone please tell me where I can get the serial number from, I really cannot afford to buy it new off the shelf…many thanks

  124. issac says:

    I am having a technical issue here I cant launch my registered photoshop product without the creative cloud telling me to subscribe to the monthly plan, I bought photoshop cs 6 before the membership thing and should still have access to it but I dont. please advise

  125. jereve2 says:

    Same problem as Mai above, running windows 7 64 bit – no difference holding down shift key. Both 32 bit and 64 bit versions will work but 2014 does not.
    Any guidance appreciated


  126. Robert Tucker says:

    I have a Windows computer and updated with the latest version of Photoshop CC 2014. Every time I launch the program, I get a message “Adobe Photoshop 2014 has stopped working” – with the added text “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.”

  127. Stephen says:

    I try to open it and it says please uninstall then re-install but when I try to uninstall it all it says is runtime error! R6034 An application has made an attempt to load the runtime library incorrectly. Please contact the applications support team for more info. Well here I am. Can you help? Please

  128. lucy says:

    I am trying to download my adobe photoshop album 2.0 on my window 7 computer. It managed to download the adobe reader 6.0 but not my photoshop. It state that “operating system is not supported by Adobe Photoshop Album. Is that saying that this will not work on my computer?

  129. John Pruett says:

    Have installed Photoshop 2014 Cloud and can’t save a layered tiff file. I can work around by saving a Photoshop version but the OK button doesn’t work a a layer tif. A flattened tif will save. Could this be a bug??

  130. Daniel says:

    Every time I open a file in photoshop, start working and go to save my work. The program crashes. Why?

  131. GARY DUFFEL says:

    I have just downloaded the trial version of Photoshop CC. Every time I try and use it the program shuts off.
    I have heard so many good things about Photoshop and wanted to try it, but if this is what I can expect, then forget it.

  132. Joel Shearer says:

    Been using Lightroom 3. Just downloaded from cloud, version 5. Installed, and on first run asked to move (copy, I should hope) and convert to new format something in regard to my very small collection of files, completed and gave me the “tour” where parts of the menus and so forth light up as they are explained. Then releases me into the program. My first and only action, to click Develop on the Module Picker.
    Nothing at all happened for a while, but after 20-30 seconds the screens of both my monitors went black. The only visible item was my mouse cursor. Hitting Ctrl key made cursor finder flash as always, so no problem writing to screen, but cannot call up Task Manager or Ctrl+Alt+Del menu, and of course Esc does nothing. In short, nothing but a reset got me out of there. Running Win 8.1 v6.3.9600.
    This does not make me confident about booting this program up again.

  133. Michael Damsgaard says:

    I, all of a sudden, can no longer export a file from LR to CC (2014). When I export from LR, CC opens but does not retrieve the file. I can open a file from the bowser into CC but I can get it via export from LR.

    • Try this: install Photoshop CC 2014 over the top of itself (without removing it). To do this, in the Creative Cloud desktop app, go to the Apps tab. In the lower half, labeled Find New Apps, there is a filter drop-down to the right. By default it says All Apps or Filters & Versions, click it and choose Previous Version. Find Photoshop on the list and the button will say “Install” but it will also be a drop-down menu. Choose CC 2014 (15.0). This will do a “repair” install over the top of your existing files.

  134. Bruce Robinson says:

    I have done all the listed updates for Photoshop CC except for Camera Raw 8.5. Every time I try to update camera raw there is an error – U44M11210.

  135. Lisa Ahlberg says:

    I am using Lightroom 4 on a Mac running OS 10.9.4
    I just purchased a Sony A7.
    I downloaded the 8.4 update for Mac so that I can convert my RAW files to DMG.
    The DMG files appear in Bridge.
    But when I click on any of them, Photoshop opens and I get the following error message:
    “Could not complete your request because Photoshop does not recognize this type of file.”
    Yet your “Official Response” states:
    “A lot of people ask, “Why do I have to buy a new version of Photoshop or Lightroom just to get the latest camera support?”
    The answer: You don’t have to. Adobe provides backwards compatibility for the latest cameras for FREE in Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5, as well as Lightroom 1, 2, 3 & 4, through the Adobe DNG Converter.”

    Why am I having this problem? How can I fix it.
    Thank you.

  136. Dick Kenny says:

    Have installed PsCC14 on OS X 10.9.4, leaving PsCC in place. Every time I launch the CC14 version (after shutting it, or the Mac down) I get an ‘application has moved’ window. This doesn’t happen with the CC14 version. Not the end of world; except that when I attempt to install new/old plug-ins, they are not recognised by the CC14, even though I go through the correct installation procedures. I cannot find any reference to this behaviour in any of the CC14 download tips.

  137. Ian McGeachie says:

    Before my husband (Ian McGeachie) died, he bought me a copy of Photoshop CS5 with his Student ID. All has been ok until recently, when I bought a new lappy, and after an uneventful install of Photoshop on it, I inadvertently reformatted it and had to reinstall everything again. This time around, Adobe tells me that I had the wrong serial number (I haven’t) and won’t let me complete the updates (which I need for my new camera). I feel I need to talk this through with someone from Adobe. The other complication is that I’m only available to talk on the phone outside normal business hours.
    Rosemary McGeachie

    • Hi Rosemary,

      I see the serial # (ending in 5920) as active and under your husbands Adobe ID (the email address you used). I don’t see a recent support record under your husband’s account. I will send you an email at your husbands email address with details.

  138. I would like the ability to change the color of the Bezier Curves and points to a different color other than black
    I find it perplexing while setting points and curves working on a photo that needs to be separated from it’s background for placement on transparent backgrounds.
    Any thoughts?

  139. camille fife says:

    I have Photoshop 7 and am running it in Windows 7 on a 64 bit computer. I have always been able to see the bounding box when using Type mode in a document, but today (and yesterday) it will not appear. I’ve read all of the help documents and tried to make View>show work, but can’t get the right choices. Nothing seems to work. Can you help? The reason I need the bounding box is that seems to be the only way I can rotate the type. I need to do this to finish the map I’m working on.

    • Did you try to restore your prefs and/or update your video driver?

      How far are you zoomed into your document? The handles/border won’t show in some cases if you’re zoomed into a high zoom factor.

  140. camille fife says:

    I just found that I can manipulate the box through Edit>free transform. thanks. anyway.

  141. I am trying to download photoshop cc to a laptop. I keep getting error code 205. How do I fix it?

  142. Olando Diaz says:

    I have cs6 since 2 years ago. Recently I try cs6 extended trial version. When it expired and I try to use my cs6 version, Ican’t use it because appear an advise that ” the trial version expire ,buy now”. I don’t know how to get back my cs6 version again. I download it again but it doesn’t work. I will appreciate your help with this issue. THANKS

  143. tufiesta says:

    I have downloaded Photoshop CC normally.
    When I open it immediatelly a error sign appears sayying that an error has occured and Windows will close the program.
    What can I do to fix that?
    I have already re installed it; restarted the Pc but the problem keeps on.
    Thank you.

  144. Frank Boyer says:

    CS6 is not working. Using Bridge, I had down loaded pictures using camera raw to DNG. The program said that it couldn’t use Photoshop on camera raw files. I downloaded the latest updates. Now it says that there isn’t an associated program for Bridge to work with to do corrections on the pictures. It keeps asking about purchasing my trial version. I bought CS6 over a year ago. The DNG files work with CS5 master.

    • Is Photoshop or Bridge not working? From the description it sounds like something is damaged with Photoshop or it’s not licensed. If you launch Photoshop directly from the OS, does it give an error?

  145. Jenni says:

    When I attempt to save for web, I receive an error message “The operation could not be completed. The system cannot find the path specified.” How do I correct this?

  146. Andrea P says:

    When I try to open Lightroom 4 it displays this message “The Lightroom catalog named “Lightroom 4 Catalog” cannot be opened because another application already has it opened. Quit the other copy of Lightroom before trying to launch.”
    I’ve tried to find the other open application but cant find it so I closed everything and restarted the computer. The same message comes up each time. What do I do now? Should I completely remove the program and reinstall it or is there some other way to fix the problem? I’m getting very frustrated.

  147. After setting up lighroom 5 (.5) and using the programme once, it now will not open again, I get the panels but the splash screen will not go away, it shows “not responding”. At the very top it says Lightroom Catalog 3 not 5, I do not have Lightroom3 on my computer. I have tried to find the lightroom catalog Users/Anthony/pictures/lightroom/lightroom5/.lrcat however after Anthony their is no pictures file/directory and I have searched for *.lrcat but cannot find it anyway.

    Help please.

  148. Sue Josephsen says:

    Each time I open Lightroom 5.4 it shows me a dialogue box with this message:
    “Lightroom has encountered an error when reading its previous cache and needs to quit. Lightroom will attempt to fix this problem next time it launches”

    I have tried to open it a number of times but always get this same message.
    Can you help please?
    Thanks, Sue

    • Are you on Mac or Windows? You may want to delete your preview cache manual. Search your drive for the file: “Lightroom 5 Catalog Preview.lrdata” and put it in the trash. Then relaunch Lightroom.

  149. nilanjan says:

    I am just downloading Photoshop cs4. n after that m following all those installations processes.. but when m trying to open cs4 .. its not working .. showing me licence is expired. but m not reviving any licence box , where i can put that… please help me… where the option ?? where i need to put licence …?? I m using windows 7

  150. Steven says:

    I have Photoshop CS6 running on a new Macbook Pro. I am suddenly having issues printing from Photoshop using the print menu. If I print using Print One Copy, it prints just fine, however sometimes I need crop marks and the like. I can’t rely on just Print One Copy for everything. This hasn’t happened before, and had to recently recreate a document in InDesign in order to print for a client. I’ve not noticed this issue with other Adobe software, and for the time being, can only relate the issue to my Printer at home which is an Epson WF-7520. Any suggestions?

  151. Sam says:

    I’m having errors while trying to download the trial. The following is the error screen that I receive:
    (Any solutions?)

    Exit Code: 21
    Please see specific errors below for troubleshooting. For example, ERROR: DW021 …

    ————————————– Summary ————————————–

    – 0 fatal error(s), 3 error(s)

    ERROR: DW021: Payload {18C53590-8A4E-44FF-B13D-74CB92FD6801} Photoshop Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 Support of version: is not supported by this version: of RIBS

    ERROR: DW021: Payload {D7A4F897-B20A-42D0-862D-CB5F6DB7391D} Photoshop Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 Core of version: is not supported by this version: of RIBS

    ERROR: DW021: Unsupported payload versions included


  152. sheldon says:

    Process: Adobe Photoshop CS6 [9867]
    Path: /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS6/Adobe Photoshop Photoshop CS6
    hello i open up color efex in cs6 and i get this but it works in lightroom please help…

    Identifier: com.adobe.Photoshop
    Version: 13.0.6 (
    Code Type: X86-64 (Native)
    Parent Process: launchd [169]
    Responsible: Adobe Photoshop CS6 [9867]
    User ID: 501

    Date/Time: 2014-08-03 08:21:03.262 -0600
    OS Version: Mac OS X 10.9.4 (13E28)
    Report Version: 11
    Anonymous UUID: E9E9F6F2-E9AD-2C91-F0AB-BDFA755636E3

    Sleep/Wake UUID: 0AA8EB2D-EE4B-4828-94EF-B9F2953E0642

    Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue:

    Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)
    Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000000000

    VM Regions Near 0:
    __TEXT 0000000100000000-000000010366a000 [ 54.4M] r-x/rwx SM=COW /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS6/Adobe Photoshop Photoshop CS6

    Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
    0 0x00000001361a66a2 0x135a5d000 + 7640738
    1 0x0000000136174b48 0x135a5d000 + 7437128
    2 0x0000000136174695 0x135a5d000 + 7435925
    3 0x0000000136174b60 0x135a5d000 + 7437152
    4 0x0000000136174695 0x135a5d000 + 7435925
    5 0x0000000136174b60 0x135a5d000 + 7437152
    6 0x0000000136174695 0x135a5d000 + 7435925
    7 0x0000000136174b60 0x135a5d000 + 7437152
    8 0x000000013614c833 0x135a5d000 + 7272499
    9 0x00000001362099f3 0x135a5d000 + 8047091
    10 0x000000013620a00e 0x135a5d000 + 8048654

  153. Monika says:

    Sorry, but non of those worked on my W7 machine.. The video tips are not clear to me.. I cannot find app data in my laptop and the shortcut would only launch question “are you sure you want the program to make changes to your computer”. After agreeing photoshop was launched. I tried 5 times. Every time same result.

  154. Michael Anderson says:

    Plugins like Perfect Photo Suite, the Nik Collection, Helicon Focus were just fine in LR 5.5. With LR 5.6 half them do not show up in Plugin Manager and none of the them show up when I right click and do an ” Edit in”. Without plugins, I for one don’t need or want LR 5.6.

  155. Josh says:

    When ever I launch Photo Elements 7, it starts up fine with the main screen. Whenever I click on “Edit”, it says it has encountered a problem and must shut down. This happens during the blue screen showing all the people’s names and occurs when it says “Building TWAIN menu items.” I updated it just today. I even uninstalled and reinstalled. I’m running Windows XP and have never had this problem. I just haven’t used the program in a few months. Thank you.

    • Sounds like it’s crashing trying to load the TWAIN plug-in or your scanner driver. Are you using Elements for scanning? If so, make sure your scanner driver is up-to-date and/or reinstall the driver. Otherwise, disable/remove the TWAIN Plug-in.

  156. guyot roberte says:

    je ne peux plus faire de traitement par lot avec mon photoshop cs5 avec les scripts par défauts et avec les miens dans windows 7.dés que je fais fichier, automatisation et traitement par lot ,une fenêtre s’ouvre me disant que windows a cessé de fonctionner et mon logiciel se ferme!
    Merci pour votre aide

  157. Ed Rivera says:

    Need Help
    I loaded windows 8 on my HP Lap top and I want to use Photoshop Element and I keep getting an error
    internet explorer needs to be greater than 4.0 I have Internet Explorer 10. what is my problem and how do I
    fix it. it cant be windows 8 I had PS element working with Windows 8.

  158. John says:

    Hello well i got a problem well my photoshop doesnt open and the problem is amtlib.dll was missing so i download other one and i open C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 (32 Bit) and i place amtlib.dll and i click the photoshop.exe and it says “cannot run on this computer because this version of photoshop requires windows 7 or later” help pls

    • John says:

      well i am using now Windows 7

    • John, how did you place the amtlib.dll? You may need to uninstall and reinstall, or try a repair: install Photoshop CC 2014 over the top of itself (without removing it). To do this, in the Creative Cloud desktop app, go to the Apps tab. In the lower half, labeled Find New Apps, there is a filter drop-down to the right. By default it says All Apps or Filters & Versions, click it and choose Previous Version. Find Photoshop on the list and the button will say “Install” but it will also be a drop-down menu. Choose CC 2014 (15.0). This will do a “repair” install over the top of your existing files.

  159. Pierrick M says:

    J’ai acheté et installé photoshop CC 2014 ainsi que Lightroom 5.
    Photoshop s’ouvre et se referme dès que la fenêtre apparaît.
    Lightroom ne s’ouvre pas du tout.
    J’ai supprimer tous les programmes, préférences, etc relatifs à Adobe puis tout réinstaller, rien ne change.
    J’ai besoin d’aide, je ne sais pas quoi faire de plus.
    Merci d’avance

  160. Ana Rattray says:

    Emergency!!!! Please need help, I need to edit some photos due today and I updated lightroom last night and everything is gone!! All my edited images, folders and catalogs and a plug in “Imogenic” too!!!
    Please help!!!

  161. Regina says:

    I have Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5. I have noticed after editing a raw file and exporting it to jpeg; the image, when pulled-up; looks extremely pixelated. I have an 18mp camera and don’t understand why the image looks so bad when I pull it up on my desktop/ try to set it as my background. I haven’t done exported many daylight photos yet, but the ones I’ve noticed were the evening/night ones as of yet. I don’t know if I have something set wrong within the software programs or if it’s something to do with my computer. When I took the night shots, I had the ISO set to 100; so I know it isn’t noise. Can anyone help me? Perhaps I need to reset some things…

    • Sounds like you either have a small dimensions set or aggressive JPEG compression specific in Lightroom’s export settings. Make sure the dimensions are same as the original and the JPEG compression is set to the max quality.

  162. Had a phone message about my case #185708157 and have tried to call back but apparently this is not possible with the number I have. This is the second time they called (a week apart, and the first call at 5:15 local time!) and I would like to get the issue resolved. There is some problem with Photoshop and Illustrator being recognized properly and showing the proper icon in my start menu)–and plug-ins and extensions can’t find Photoshop (don’t use them in illustrator). I am hoping this can get cleared up.

  163. Kaitlyn says:

    Hello adobe,

    I am having a few issues with Photoshop CC, I make gifs (saving them and all) and I reopen it back in Photoshop and when I try to split the frames in half and copy and paste in a new canvas, it can’t paste into the new file and I have been doing this for forever and it started acting up just today and I dont know why. And my other problem is when I make something and HAVE to save it as PNG, it doesnt give the option to save in PNG. Is this a problem with my program or is it a bug within all Photoshop users? Thank you.

    • Hi Kaitlyn, It sounds like your installation may be damaged. A repair should fix it. Try this: install Photoshop CC 2014 over the top of itself (without removing it). To do this, in the Creative Cloud desktop app, go to the Apps tab. In the lower half, labeled Find New Apps, there is a filter drop-down to the right. By default it says All Apps or Filters & Versions, click it and choose Previous Version. Find Photoshop on the list and the button will say “Install” but it will also be a drop-down menu. Choose CC 2014 (15.0). This will do a “repair” install over the top of your existing files.

  164. Bill Terry says:

    I’ve lost my folders in Lightroom. If I look in File Explorer all the pictures and folders are there. If I double click Lightroom in File Explorer it shows 11 folders without names, just numbers and letters, single digits, and no pictures. There is a bunch of writing that means nothing to me. How do I get everything back in Lightroom????

  165. doris torres says:


  166. laurie says:

    I have a question regarding loaded actions. I have Windows8 and am running CS6 extended. I have a few actions that I love and use all the time. Sometimes the actions work and sometimes they don’t. I have removed them and reloaded them again but still run into the same problem. Any suggestions??

  167. sidney conley says:

    how to uninstall 3 party software from photoshop? (Topaz)

  168. Dennis Gudorf says:

    I use Elements 12 and am having a sudden problem with the Editor not working. When I click on Organizer the photos appear in the Grid. When I click on Editor to edit the photos I get an error “The Exception Unkonwn software exception OxeO6d7363) occurred in the application at location Ox7546c42d.” I just finished prior to this edition over a 100 photos with no problem. I then imported photos from another camera with no problem but can not edit them. These are wedding photos from my niece’s wedding. Please help.
    Elements Organizer
    Core Version: 12.1 (20140303.12.1.49334)
    Language Version: 12.0 (20130903.r.43239)

    Current Catalog:
    Catalog Name: My Catalog
    Catalog Location: C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Elements Organizer\Catalogs\My Catalog\
    Catalog Size: 64.1MB
    Catalog Cache Size: 563.5MB

    Operating System Name: Windows 7
    Operating System Version: 6.1 Service Pack 1
    System Architecture: AMD CPU Family:15 Model:1 Stepping:0 with MMX, SSE Integer, SSE FP
    Built-in Memory: 5.5GB
    Free Memory: 2GB

    Important Drivers / Plug-ins / Libraries:
    Microsoft DirectX Version: 9.0
    Apple QuickTime Version: 7.75
    Adobe Reader Version: Not installed
    Adobe Acrobat Version: Not installed

    CD and DVD drives:
    E: (hp DVD BUS: 2 ID: 2 Firmware: A)

    • Pete Green says:

      Hi Dennis,

      Thanks for the details. Are you able to open the Editor by itself and create a new image?
      Are you only getting this error with a particular set of clicks/workflow?

      What if you reset the Editor preferences?
      Keyboard Shortcut Method to reset Preferences:
      Quit the editor then restart it while immediately holding down CTRL+ALT+SHIFT.
      Keep the keys pressed until a dialog pops up asking if you want to delete the settings file. You do.

      In order for this to work, you must either start the editor from the Welcome Screen, taskbar, or double-click the Editor application file directly.

      Let us know how you get on.

      • Dennis Gudorf says:

        When I click on the Editor vs the Organizer it starts up and immediately shuts down. I’ve not tried to reset the Editor Preferences. I’ll give your suggestion a try.
        and get back to you.

        • Dennis Gudorf says:

          I tried the CTRL+ALT+SHIFT and it almost immediately gave me the shut down notice and shut down, which is the same way it as been doing

          • Dennis Gudorf says:

            I open elembents 12 and when the double page appears offering either Organizer or Editor I click on Organizer. I load the file with the photos I want to edit, load a single file and then click on the editor at the bottom of the page. I’ve been doing this while editing my last 93 albums and 3700 photos in Flickr. After I finish with the editing, I upload the photos to Flickr.

      • Dennis Gudorf says:

        Editor continues to shut down. I still need help.

        • Dennis Gudorf says:

          I was able to get the popup “do you want to delete the settings file. It started up but then the Exception Unkown etc appeared and shut the editor down.

      • Dennis Gudorf says:

        I am able to get the Editor to work on my laptop but NOT my desktop. What do I do now?

    • Dennis Gudorf says:

      Ok, I’ve done everything you suggested. I also re booted my PC in safe mode. I started Elements 12 and click on Organizer. The program started up ok. After a photo was loaded, I clicked on the editor to attempt to edit the photo and the editor shut down just as fast as I started it up. Please help me.


  169. Alex says:

    thx, 1st helped

  170. deb says:

    There’s a problem in my Light Room that keeps opening even after I close the program. It won’t let me use other programs. So if I uninstall and reinstall then it looks like I’ve used the program on another computer. How many times can you reload this program on to your computer? There is an obvious bug in this software and we cannot even work around it any longer. Help….

    • Pete Green says:

      Hi Deb,

      Which version of Lightroom are you using? Is it up to date?
      You can uninstall and reinstall on the same system.

      You can have Lightroom installed on any 2 computers at any given time.

      If it keeps opening, you might try resetting LR’s preferences:


  171. I have a cd with photos . when I open this cd a trial offer comes up for me to use a trial for photoshop 9. This prevents me from downloading and printing these photos. Ii do not remember ordering photoshop 9. how do i remove your offer and print photos? thank yopu veery much.

    • Brett says:

      Is this a Kodak Photo CD? That is what I imagine would produce such a thing.

      However, you don’t need to worry about any auto-pops that are built into the disk. If you are on Windows, go to Computer and right-click your CD drive and choose Explore. They you’ll see the files on the disk rather than any kind of menu it might be presenting. You can navigate to the image files directly from here and copy them to your computer.

  172. Rosanna says:

    I have Lightroom 5.6. When I try to use the Spot Removal Tool, heal, after painting over the area I’d liked removed, there’s never a replica shape, it continually puts there what it wants and I have no options. There’s never a replica shape with the black circle in the middle. Would appreciate some help. Thanks

  173. barbara cardei says:

    the program PS was closed In the wrong way,and re-opening it, created a file” auto recover”.
    Now, every time I open the program, open this file, always. always

  174. Fook Lee says:

    Hi, I have bought Lightroom Student & Teacher Edition, and redeemed my code to get my serial number which I received via email today. However, the serial number does not work. If I go to my CC account, I can see my product registration, however whenever I try to register the serial number, it tells me that my serial number is invalid. How do I fix this? This is very frustrating.

  175. Dennis Gudorf says:

    Will someone please help me????

  176. Trevor Simpson says:

    Hi – I am a lightroom user for the last 3 years – for the first time I went to the web module and every thing was fine until I wanted to Upload/Export – all the file failed with the message “original image could not be found” – I tried images that I imported the day before as well as older images – ALL images are available in the Library/Development/Print modules and on the hard disk.

    My system is an iMac OS X 10.9.4 – my normal workflow is to have LR create a new subdirectory on Import (date stamp) then to update this in the Library with local and photo types (ie. Amsterdam street etc).
    Any help would be much appreciated, Trevor

  177. Dennis Gudorf says:

    I am very happy to report that Adobe Tech Rep Srika resolved the issue with the Elements 12 Editor. It all is now working just great. A very good job my her.

  178. Russ Radeke says:

    I am trying to learn how to edit in version 9. The hand tool has three hand images in the place of one.
    Also I am unable to contact any one to help me. This is why I am sending this message to your site.
    I hope you can respond and give me some help.
    Thanks, Russ

  179. Thomas Grießig says:

    Seit dem neusten Update CC 2014 funktioniert die Funktion “Ebene automatisch überblenden” nicht mehr, sodass nicht mehr alle unscharfen Bereiche von Photoshop automatisch ausgeblendet werden!

  180. James says:

    HI I’m new to Photoshop and I am using creative cloud .
    When I update all my creative cloud apps Photoshop and Bridge will not update. error R49.
    I cannot seem to find an explanation for the error #.

  181. arun gadhoke says:

    How does one clear the cache in adobe cs5 extended. Also are other filters available for free down load or do you have to buy them?

  182. khaother says:

    when I ever try to open the Photoshop it shows me a message telling me that a problem has occurred and it immediately close the Photoshop .. and I have just purchase it and I do not know what’s wrong with it .. I have no use it even once .. please help I really need to do some work

  183. Jill England says:

    I have updated my software with the most current updates but I am still unable to use the oil paint filter with my software. I get an error saying that I have encountered an unknown graphics processor error, to check for updates. I’m not sure what else I would need to do.

  184. Heather says:

    I was just working in my photoshop with no problems, I had just downloaded a free trial pluggin (Filter Forge) but that wasn’t working, so I tried to close photoshop to re open it and it wasn’t responding so I had to force quit it, and when I went to reopen it this box pops up….. “Could not initialize photoshop because the preferences file was invalid (it has been deleted)” I looked up how to fix this and I went under the library on my MAC to try and find the preferences file to move it because they said that would help, well I forgot…..the file has somehow been deleted. My other option that I haven’t tried yet is to open photoshop and do the shortcut keys that resets everything but Im nervous to do that because I don’t know what will get reset. Any help will be awesome I have several projects Im working on and need to finish!

  185. Grison says:

    J’ai un gros problème avec Light room 5.6 que j’ai acquis en licence permanente.
    Toutes les fonctions marchent très très lentement, à retardement, souvent après plusieurs demandes.
    Je suis sur Windows 7
    Mon numéro de cas est : 0213625881
    Je ne parle pas l’anglais. Sorry.
    Pouvez-vous m’aider s’il vous plait ?
    Jacques Grison

  186. Joe says:

    Having a problem updating photoshop cs5.
    Running windows 8.1
    The computer is up to date, just new computer.
    Reinstalled photoshop cs5 and when I go to update I can get the downloads, but it will not update.
    Always get this. (There was an error downloading this update please try again later.)
    Have searched the Adobe site for help without any luck.
    Any help Jeffrey will be appreciated.

  187. Joe says:

    Thank Jeffrey for the information, I’ll try and download the update from
    Not real happy with the Adobe support right now.
    Once they get your money they seem to forget about you when you need help with their product.

  188. Fernando says:


  189. Ric T says:

    My PS5 won’t allow me to save files with Alpha Channels. Also it also says “Some Ap components missing. Reinstall Ap” I have done this often and the error continues.
    My system is an iMac 27″ 10.9.4. Should I be working in 32 bit instead of 64 bit?

    • When does it give you the error about missing components? Do you have any 3rd party plug-ins installed? Did you try the plug-in troubleshooting steps above?

      • Ric T says:

        Jeff, Thanks for talking. The error appears whenever I download the program disc, and whenever I try to open a PSD photo from
        the desk top without have Photoshop Open. Also I have no
        Plug-ins installed which are applicable to Photoshop Activity.

  190. Brian Beebe says:

    I have been using CS6 for sometime with no problems but yesterday (I think, no more than a couple of days ago) I am unable to use the contact sheet or batch because it throws up a requester saying the font needed for the requester is not registered. I have even reinstalled PS6 and ALL the updates for any of the programs for my Design Premium 6. Oh, and the scripting requester calls out an error #324 for the image processor. All of a sudden I have to do everything one at a time. Any help? I am using a Fujitsu AH530 intel i5 with 8 GB ram and Windows 7 Pro. I have a screen shot of the offending window if needed.

  191. Brian Beebe says:

    Hi, Jeff,
    I thought by reinstalling the whole program it would overwrite any missing files and rewrite preferences to the original state, no? If not, HOW do I reset them and I looked repeatedly for a fontname to no avail. The box says (in part) :
    Message: Unable to create Window
    -no font was registered for ScripUI to use
    File:/c/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64
    Bit)/Presets/Scripts/ContactSheetttl.jsx (unless that is the name of a font?)
    Line: 10701
    Error Name: Error
    Error Number: 1

    and then in the end of the msg finishes up with:
    execCSII_UI([Object:[object Object]])
    exceptionMessage([Error:Error. Unatble to creat Window\n-no font
    was registered for ScriptUI to use])

    The only different one was generated when trying to initiate the image processor and it states:
    Error: Unable to create Window
    -no font was registered for ScriptUI to use: 324

    If I need to reinstall these fonts WHERE can I find them. It would seem a simple task to just find and reinstall but I don’t know where they are AND I am also curious if there is any known reason they just DISAPPEARED in the first place. I have been using the program for a long time and it’s not new and this is just so weird. I’ve had no problems with the computer that I can remember of late so that’s no help. I do hope you may have some ideas for me. Thanks in advance.

  192. thejas says:

    I recently got a copy of Photoshop CS6 from my aunt for my birthday, and I was looking forward to everything. Except, the filter I absolutely NEED for this project isn’t working. It gives me the error: The filter you were using encountered an unknown graphics processor error that caused an unexpected exit. Check the manufacturer’s website for the latest software

  193. LR suddenly won’t appear. PS does as well as PS Elements 9.

  194. Joe Ray says:

    I am using Lightroom 5.6In the library I just wanted to move files to my external drive.
    However the only drive that can be displayed is “Macintosh HD”. I tried it with different drives they were all displayed in the finder but not so in Lightroom. It seems to be a bug – How can I solve it?

  195. LR5 will not recognize nor convert the Canon Rebel T3i/600D CR2 files to DNG files.
    Bridge CS6 will recognize the CR2 and convert them to DNG when using Adobe Bridge CS6 Auto Downloader.
    Adobe DNG Converter 8.6 does not recognize CR2 raw files even when set to 4.1 and later in preferences.
    I’m using a Mac Book Pro OS X 10.0.4
    DNG Converter and LR5 were downloaded 8-30-2014 and both are updated.
    I’ve checked compatibility issues and the camera and software are supported. I’ve also put this on the forum and the problem has not been resolved. I’ve rebooted my computer and sill no correction to this problem.
    Any suggestions to correct this? Thank you.

  196. I downloaded Photoshop CC and every time I launch the app, there is a problem and it closes down. Any suggestions?

  197. Rick says:

    I’m running window 8 on a HP ENVY m6. I purchased a 12-month prepaid membership of Adobe Creative Cloud. Photoshop crashes on every attempt to launch the application. The message is “Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 has stopped working”. There is no error code to research the problem. Please someone help me!!

  198. Richard Waterman says:

    I have downloaded CC Photoshop (trial version) and I am trying to do some focus stacking for macro photography. I use “Automate” “photomerge” “Auto” to align the shots. Then select all layers and choose “Auto Bland Layers” (Stack images). Photoshop then does its thing but on completion all layer masks are totally black, the only image to be seen on the workspace is the bottom photo in the stack, if I switch this off the screen is empty bar some traces of other images on the edges only.
    I know this method works as I have used a friends machine and it is always successful.

    I am using Photoshop on Mac OS X
    HELP !!

  199. Jan Sucharda says:

    Padá Lightroom, nejde spustit

  200. Tasmiyah Bhayla says:

    I am having issues with my Photoshop. the tools are not working when i use a tool the entire program and my PC freezes and these lines appear across my screen.
    i downloaded Illustrator and Photoshop at the same time and my Illustrator is working 100% only my PS is giving me problems.

    PLease help

  201. Marianne Schlüter says:

    leider ist bei mir nach dem letzten Upgrade erneut der Fehler zwischen Lightroom und Photoshop aufgetreten.
    Wenn ich ein Foto in Photoshop weiterbearbeiten möchte, erhalte ich folgende Nachricht:
    “Um eine vollständige Kompatibilität zu gewährleisten, wird für diese LR-Version möglicherweise das PS Camera Raw Zusatzmodull Version 8.6 benötigt.” usw
    Bei der vorletzten Version musste ich diese Fehlerquelle mit einem Supportmitarbeiter beseitigen. Es gelingt
    mir auch diesmal nicht, den Fehler zu beseitigen. Deshalb bitte ich um Ihre Unterstützung.
    Herzliche Grüße

  202. darklight says:

    I had a problem with adobe licence agreement popping up many times didn’t allow the photoshop to start.
    I’ve tried so many ways (with system administrator account it was OK but when I switched back to my account the problem have been there). After many tries I changed the name of adobe_licutil.exe and the programs didn’t start at all (this was just for getting the download address) but after that I downloaded the Adobe Application Manager from your site and installed it and TADAAA. It just ask me for agreement once and then everything goes the way it should be.
    I just wanted to share it with you.
    Sorry for my English.

  203. Andy Grob says:

    i can`t open lightroomm catalogue, and automatical repair is not succelfull. Is there any solution`
    thanks in advance

  204. anitra says:

    I feel like an idiot, I can’t make a type of collage or input 2 or more pics in one place. should I be doing this in a different area lightroom? I don’t know what to call it to look it up, and iv done lots of tutorials but none are working for me. only think that works 40% of the time is embedding for the file menu. Even scott kilby book did not work. help!!

  205. Deborah Allen says:

    I have an action that isn’t working in my Adobe Cloud. I’ve tried reinstalling, and it stilld doesn’t work. Haven’t figured out how to uninstall an action without losing them all. any suggestions?

  206. Marcos Appelt says:

    I just bought the license for Photoshop CC and Lightroom.

    I have two troubles with it.
    With Photoshop CC when I save a jpg file it doesn’t create the icon preview, so i don’t know if I have edited or not. In the previous version CS5 used to create a icon on the preview.
    And in the Creative Cloud App doesn’t show me the Photoshop in Apps tab, only shows me the Lightroom.

  207. John says:

    MacBook Pro using Lightroom 5, email photo via gmail. when I set the outgoing mail servers/account manager, I get the green validated icon, compose email/with medium attachment and click send….I get a box stating LR failed to send email.

    Worked fine yesterday, today I get this.


  208. Dannull, Uwe says:

    Although I have already registered my Photoshop CS2 Vers. 9.0 the registration-form appears evermore when I start the programme. How can I fit the problem?

  209. IAN LECK says:

    Re. CS6, after opening Bridge, double clicking on a cr2/psd image opens Windows Live Viewer Photo Gallery and actually shows all the video thumbnails I have, not Photoshop. When I right click on the image it shows me Windows Live Photo Viewer is the default, with no way of changing the default. This just seems to have happened. How do I get this changed please so that double clicking in Bridge gets me into Photoshop.
    Customer ID: 161 111 565
    Many thanks

    • Hi Ian,

      One way to do this is simply reinstall CS6 over itself to do a “repair.” Alternatively, Bridge does allow you to manage file associations under Edit>Preferences and select “File Type Associations”

  210. Ken says:

    i am a student with the new photoshop cc 2014. when i click the background eraser once on an image layer – the cursor shoots in a random direction for a random amount of time leaving a cleared path behind it. 2nd click seems fine and is usually the proper function – 1 click , 1 area erased as per brush size and other settings. i’ve reset the tools but this still persists. any ideas? this is bizarre and no other version of my photoshop ave ever done this. i’m on a windows 8.1 dell 5547 with 16 gig ram – 2 gig dedicated video. this is troubling, in class right now and using this tool but i cannot participate and am the only one having this error. do not see any other errors with any other tools.

    any advice or anyone else get this error?

  211. Ben Mortensen says:

    Recently, the adjustment brush in LR5.6 has become inoperative. The problem occurred after upgrading to version 5.6 from 5.5. Any ideas.

  212. Matt Gill says:

    Hello, I have recently been doing senior pictures and have a problem with what happened to my edited pictures. I just finished editing all of the pictures and now they are gone, not the pictures, but the hours of editing that I did to them is just gone. I had just started exporting them in different filters such as black and white and sepia, but once I went back into lightroom all of the pictures had lost their editing to them. Then I looked at the exported pictures and the black and white ones lost the editing, but the sepia ones hadn’t. Does anyone know how to import a recent export so that all of the changes to the photo are available to still change in lightroom? Or does anyone know what I can do to get my edits back? PLEASE HELP, I am desperate right now because I promised these pictures to someone tomorrow and I don’t have them

  213. Melissa Lawrence says:

    My issue is that any photo I open in PS CC is grainy. They’re not grainy in LR or when I open the picture on my desktop but while in PS they look terrible. I didn’t have this problem until a few days ago. I need to resolve this because I can’t tell what I’m editing.
    Any ideas?

  214. Carl says:

    I have a student version of CS6 Extended. I did an update and now the software is telling me I have a trial version. I entered the old serial number again but I have been directed online with no simple solution.

  215. Patrick says:

    I used Photoshop CS4 without problems until I bought a new Macbook Pro (15″”, 16 Go RAM, MAC OS 10.9.4). I installed on the new computer it and, now, when I try to open a file, Photoshop opens, but doesn’t display anything. I re-installed, but it didn’t solve the problem. It seems the problem has been frequent as I read many posts about it, bu the link to the solution is in the former FAQ and is not in the new ont anymore. Could somebody post here the solution?

  216. jesse says:

    why do my pictures seem zoomed in when i export from lightroom 4 in raw, to jpeg?

  217. Manfred Stuber says:

    Wir haben die Version CS6 Version 13.0.1 x64.
    Beim Abspeichern des bearbeiteten Bildes im JPG Format erfolgt die Speicherung in PS oder ein kleines weißes Rechteck, das sich nicht öffnen lässt.. Beim Anklicken des kleinen Rechtecks erscheint die Meldung
    Der Vorgang konnte nicht ausgeführt werden, weil dieses Dokument nicht vom richtigen Typ ist.
    Es war auch eine Meldung auf dem Bildschirm, dass die Farbpalette RGB Farben nicht übereinstimmen!
    Ich bitte um Prüfung, wie das Problem behoben werden kann.

  218. Allan says:

    I am getting a “could not save as “file name ” because of a program error.
    The file has many layers and is massive. I have been saving it as a PSB and have been working on the file for several days saving it successfully many times. I really don’t want to lose the work I have been doing. Please help.
    It is too big to save as psd or any other file format. I have tried to make a copy and save that but no luck,
    running photoshop CC on a 2.7 Ghz 12 Core intel Xeon E5 new mac pro with 64 Gb 1867 MHz DDR3
    OS 10.9.4 Have plenty of space on my internal SSD drive and and I tried saving to external.
    Hope someone knows the answer.

  219. Paddy Maddock says:

    Problem =
    Lightroom 5 has stopped printing to my printer Epson R3000
    When I press print it displays Communication Error saying The Black ink differs from the one installed in the printer Change the Black Cartridge .
    The Inks are all correct
    I can print through Nikon NX2 without any problem
    Hope you can Help
    Paddy Maddock

  220. Allan says:

    A work around…The way I got around losing the work I had done was by opening up a previous version which was exactly the same size and deleted all the layers. (It may have been possible to simply create a new blank file ) Then, In my corrupted file I grouped all the layers in to one group folder, being careful to link all masks that were not linked and deleting all layers that were not visible. (I often keep unmodified layers for options due to the way I build these complex final images; Dragging a group to a new file can cause layers that weren’t visible to become visible. This can make a very complex image with a massive number of layers to become extremely complex. Easier to just delete them.) I then dragged the group to the file that I just opened and saved it with a new name.
    I restarted the computer and cleared the PRAM

  221. Chuck says:

    I am having start up issues with Photo shop 7.0. Initializes normally load all the tools and the just drops off to my desk top screen

  222. Mateo says:

    I have a little problem with the photocopy filter, since today every photo i do this to it, it just becomes all white, what should i do?

  223. Chuck says:

    I Have my serial number can I reload the Adobe photoshop 7.0 program as a download as I did initially

  224. Steve G says:

    I’m having problems when downloading my photoshop, my Mac is up to date, but it seems I got something missing or the program I’m downloading is not working, this is the message I have just when I click download:
    There is no application set to open the URL aam://SAPCode=PHSP?productVersion=15.0?passPhrase=UdS9+qYHdNtEnbKdIVal15S4iR/tqehrWfLNuME4NCxoccKgze2yi5ZkYU+1sr0kQskOV06gwJ7H4zue91u4GynKSAZ873cy56TRvZXIhC1U2SxBRu94pVNqavJ9t7yKeOefb8W0eAwb+6hYGuuFcfs6QMOHsuSaWeI9FWms4NA=.

  225. Frenzer says:

    ich habe LR 5.6… Ich habe Canon RAW Fotos von der 5DII und III importiert. LR zerstört wahllos einzelne Fotos. Es werden nur noch Teile des Bildes angezeigt und der Rest ist weiss mit farbigen Streifen. Zum Glück habe ich noch Kopien der Dateien. Wenn ich dies ins physische Verzeichnis kopiere lädt LR die Dateien wieder komplett. Allerdings ist es eine never ending Story, da immer wieder neue Dateien defekt angezeigt werden. Da es sich um Fotos einer Hochzeitsreportage handelt ist das äusserst ärgerlich – ich hab auch Bridge und a ist sowas noch nie passiert. Was soll ich tun – so kann ich jedenfalls LR nicht nutzen.
    Gruss Jochen

  226. herman says:

    how do i get rid of this box which keeps appearing everytime i close the program “could not save preferences because the file is locked or you do not have the necessary access priviliges. us the ‘get info’ command in the finder to unlocked the file or change permissions on the file or enclosing folders.

  227. Amar says:

    Recently bought the photoshop and downloaded from creative cloud. The application opens and immediately closes, I am unable to operate. I tried reinstalling several times. what do I do?

  228. Veronika C says:

    Sudden vexing problem: unable to import NEF flles; I get the “RAW format not supported” message.
    I am using the same SD card, same camera, same Windows computer as I have been doing successfully in the last few months.
    LR4.4, Camera Raw 7.4; today I updated CR to the newest version (DNG converter 8.6) with no success.
    Windows 7, 32 bit
    Nikon D5300, 14 bit depth
    Up until yesterday, it worked fine; I was away from my desktop for 2 weeks and now it won’t open my files.
    The files on that same SD card open in Windows Picture Viewer; they open with iPhoto on my MAC laptop and with my iPad.
    LR4.4 successfully imported a RAW file (not called .NEF even though it is also from an older Nikon camera) from another SD card.
    What shall I try next?

  229. William OBrien says:

    1) BRIDGE CS6: I could select x number of files, tools>photoshop>load as layers (for focus stacking)
    2) BRIDGE CC 14.0: tools>photoshop>load as layers is GONE, use open all files in PS, Files>Scripts>Load into stack; then Edit Align, Edit Merge.
    3) BRIDGE CC 14.1 : neither (1) or (2) is available or works.
    Am I doing something wrong, (re down loaded 9/21), is Adobe going to fix ?, is there a timeline for a fix.
    Thanks, Bill

  230. TONY LENTON says:

    I have ± 500 random unsorted photographs n my Elements 11 catalog that I wish to move/export to “My P ictures” prior to copying and pasting into “My LIghtroom photographs” folders that sit in My Pictures
    All the photographs in the Elements 11 catalog have a ? (question mark) in the top left hand corner which prevents them from moving to My Pictures.

    What do do???

    • Pete Green says:

      Hi Tony,

      The Question mark means the Organizer isn’t able to find the images at their original location they were imported from. Do you know where your images are stored? I’d go look in that folder to make sure they’re there, or if they’ve moved somewhere else, you’ll need to reconnect them in Elements Organizer before you can perform moving or other tasks with the images.

      Hope this helps

  231. Lisa Lorentz says:

    I just updated my Photoshop from Adobe Cloud after my Dell hard drive failed and was replaced. Now Photoshop opens for a few seconds and then crashes every time. I tried reinstalling, to no avail. I see from some discussion forums that this is a known problem. How can I simply reinstall the old version of Photoshop? Is there a page on the Cloud for that?

    Thanks for your help.

  232. Sun C. says:

    My hard disk was damages and now I need to change my hard disk. I was using Lightroom 4 and now I am having trouble with retrieving the serial number back. Is there any way I can get my serial number back?

  233. Kelli says:

    Hello, I have tried several times to load CS5 and even tried to open it through light room 3 and all I get is this:
    “Could not initialize photoshop because the file has been damaged by disc error” CS5 has been working just fine until a day ago. Is there anything I can do to get photoshop to open? I’ve even uninstalled and installed it again to see if it would correct the issue. Help!!!

  234. Tammy Scott says:

    I am having issues when importing from Camera Raw into PS cc. Everything looks great in Camera Raw but when it goes into PS CC it becomes all speckled. I have to “Despeckle” every photo several times. This has just been happening the last few weeks. I was told that I may have to reset to factory settings but cant find info how to for PS CC only for PS cs6. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any other ideas how to reset or ways to stop this from happening.


  235. Tyler says:

    I am having issues with my Adobe PS CS5. Whenever I go to “File > New” and make a new document, instead of coming up with a default white canvas with a greyed out workspace in the background, the canvas is transparent or checkered and the workspace background is black. Is there any way to fix this issue and revert back to the default settings?

  236. Tyler says:

    Yes its up to date and it just randomly started after I edited a picture with a black background and then it stayed that way.

  237. Eduardo says:

    I installed Photoshop CC and the update failed. No matter how many times I click on retry it will not update. Any help on what to do next?

  238. TONY LENTON says:

    Thanks very much Pete, sounds simple
    Thank you Pete
    The pictures were originally either in Picasa or Corel Photoshop both of which have been uninstalled.
    The images are currently stored In Elements 11 organizer (+ ? in top L.H.corner)
    How does one “Reconnect” them in Elements 11 since they are already there.?
    Is “Reconnect” an instruction under FILE in Elements 11
    Thank you for your patience

    Best regards

  239. Shawn says:

    When I choose “lighting effects”, my ps cc freezes. I have to go to task manager to shut it down and start over. Any suggestions. Shawn

  240. TONY LENTON says:

    Thanks very much Pete, sounds simple
    Thank you Pete
    The pictures were originally either in Picasa or Corel Photoshop both of which have been uninstalled.
    The images are currently stored In Elements 11 organizer (+ ? in top L.H.corner)
    How does one “Reconnect” them in Elements 11 since they are already there.?
    Is “Reconnect” an instruction under FILE in Elements 11
    Thank you for your patience

    Best regards

  241. Shelly says:

    I was able to import new photos last night, I went to go work on the photos today and the program is telling me that “it can not read form its preview chache and it needs to quit” “Lightroom will attempt to fix this problem the next time it launches.”
    I have close and opened the program several times and it keeps coming up with that message. What can I do I am not able to pull up my photos that I need for a recent shoot.

  242. TONY LENTON says:

    This is to activate my comment is of Sept 8th

  243. TONY LENTON says:

    The pictures have been sitting in Picasa which has been uninstalled.
    The images with ? Are stored In Elements 11 organizer
    I do not know how to “Reconnect” them in Elements 11 since they are already there.?



    • Pete Green says:

      Hi Tony,

      The Organizer doesn’t “store” the images, we just store LINKS to locations where the images are already sitting on your hard drive. If those images get moved from that location, then we mark it as “missing” even though we still have a thumbnail (small version of the image) generated in the Organizer since the organizer wouldn’t then know where the image was moved to. We put up a ?. Hopefully the images are still on the hard drive and can be found. Hopefully they weren’t removed with any uninstallation of other software. Where do you normally import your images to? Try doing a system search for a few names of the images to see if you can find the folders they should be in.

      Let us know how it goes.

  244. Greg says:

    I just updated the OS on my Mac to 10.7.0. Now when I try and open PS4, I get the following error:
    “Licensing for this product has stopped working.
    This product has encountered a problem which requires that you restart your computer….
    Error: 6″

    Restarting does not work. Any suggestions?

  245. TONY LENTON says:

    Thank you very much Pete – will search my hard drive and reply, it might take a bit of time


  246. Sophie says:

    I’ve been using Photoshop CS6 without trouble.
    Last week I started the Photoshop CC trial and it worked fine.
    On monday I started the Illustrator CC trial, and after a few hours Illustrator crashed my Mac: black screen, no keyboard or trackpad input possible. I had to force restart.
    I found I got the same crash after a few minutes spent on Illustrator, and then also as long as the Creative Cloud top menu App Manager widget was running. The crash would eventually happen a few minutes after reboot, without any CC app launched. Quitting the Creative Cloud App Manager widget made my Mac stable and I could use it fine.
    I tried a few things : delete preferences, set a postcript printer, erase a few fonts that had minor defaults. Illustrator CC kept on crashing the Mac a while after I tried using it. Photoshop CC did the same thing.
    Then I just uninstalled all CC apps (Photoshop, Illustrator and the App manager widget).
    And now… Photoshop CS6 displays the same behavior. System crash, reboot. Mac works fine as long as I don’t use Photoshop CS6.
    I also tried unchecking OpenGL in preferences to no avail.
    The crash is either a black screen either an offset screen with black lines.
    What can I do to solve this?

    • Hi Sophie,

      Is it just PS or AI crashing? If you’re whole mac crashed, it’s usually a sign of a broken OS installation or a hardware failure.

      It may help if we could see your Photoshop System Info. Directions for sharing your system info from Photoshop:

      • Sophie says:

        It’s the whole mac crashing, and it only happens if either photoshop or the cc widget is running.
        I’ve performed the apple hardware check and it’s ok. I’ve just updated to Mavericks to see if a more recent system changes anything.

        Here’s my system info for CS6 as I’ve removed CC for the moment:
        Adobe Photoshop Version: 13.0.6 (13.0.6 20131025.r.54 2013/10/25:21:00:00) x64
        Operating System: Mac OS 10.9.3
        System architecture: Intel CPU Family:6, Model:42, Stepping:7 with MMX, SSE Integer, SSE FP, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, HyperThreading
        Physical processor count: 4
        Logical processor count: 8
        Processor speed: 2200 MHz
        Built-in memory: 8192 MB
        Free memory: 4560 MB
        Memory available to Photoshop: 6873 MB
        Memory used by Photoshop: 70 %
        Image tile size: 1024K
        Image cache levels: 4
        OpenGL Drawing: Enabled.
        OpenGL Drawing Mode: Advanced
        OpenGL Allow Normal Mode: True.
        OpenGL Allow Advanced Mode: True.
        OpenGL Allow Old GPUs: Not Detected.
        OpenCL Version: 1.2 (Apr 25 2014 22:04:25)
        OpenGL Version: 2.1
        Video Rect Texture Size: 16384
        OpenGL Memory: 498 MB
        Video Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
        Video Card Renderer: AMD Radeon HD 6750M OpenGL Engine
        Display: 1
        Main Display
        Display Depth: 32
        Display Bounds: top=0, left=0, bottom=1050, right=1680
        Video Renderer ID: 16915206
        Video Card Memory: 512 MB
        Application folder: /Applications/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS6/
        Photoshop scratch has async I/O enabled
        Scratch volume(s):
        Macintosh HD, 465,0G, 146,4G free
        Required Plug-ins folder: /Applications/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS6/Adobe Photoshop
        Primary Plug-ins folder: /Applications/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS6/Plug-ins/
        Additional Plug-ins folder: /Applications/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS6/Plug-ins/

        Optional and third party plug-ins:

        CUR (Windows Cursor) ICOFormat plugin 2.1b1
        for Photoshop CS5
        Copyright (C) Telegraphics Pty Ltd 1995-2010 – from the file “ICOFormat.plugin”
        CUR (Windows Cursor) ICOFormat plugin 2.1b1
        for Photoshop CS5
        Copyright (C) Telegraphics Pty Ltd 1995-2010 – from the file “ICOFormat.plugin”
        ICO (Windows Icon) ICOFormat plugin 2.1b1
        for Photoshop CS5
        Copyright (C) Telegraphics Pty Ltd 1995-2010 – from the file “ICOFormat.plugin”
        ICO (Windows Icon) ICOFormat plugin 2.1b1
        for Photoshop CS5
        Copyright (C) Telegraphics Pty Ltd 1995-2010 – from the file “ICOFormat.plugin”
        Plug-ins that failed to load: NONE

        Flash: NONE
        Installed TWAIN devices: NONE

        • Yes. I would suggest making sure your Mac is up to date.

          I do know there is an upcoming update for the Creative Cloud app/widget early next week to address an issue where your system may be unresponsive when waking from sleep, but will come back after 15-30 seconds after wake.

          • Sophie says:

            Hardware check ok, latest version of Mavericks installed, Photoshop CS6 reinstalled…
            Same crash.
            My mac is perfectly usable (worked through the whole Mavericks install, update, using other software). Until I try using Photoshop.
            Not even talking CC here, my used-to-be-reliable CS6 installation is unusable.

          • Hi Sophie.

            If you run from a new Admin user account and/or Safemode, does CS6 launch correctly?

  247. Quan Walker says:

    The issue with PhotoShop blinking and going black while I’m working in it still happens. It stopped briefly when I called for help last week but the problem persists even when I hold the Shift key down while opening. I can’t locate a phone number for support so please call me today.

  248. roland says:

    I installed Lightroom 5 on my new PC. Since then almost every time during start of Lightroom 5 the program requests to enter the license key…. again and again.
    Even worse: sometimes it forgets the key settings.

    Thanks a lot for any help.
    Ciao, Roland

  249. Amanda says:

    When I open up my Photoshop CS5 on my Mac and i go to open up a file it shows in my layers panel that there is something opened, yet there is no screen displayed. How do i go about fixing this? I have looked at forums online and it says to reset your preferences, and I’ve done that I’ve even uninstalled and then reinstalled and still the same issue is happening. How do i fix this?

  250. philip Hayman says:

    I get an error ” could not load MMX Core routines as file not found” when loading Photoshop CS6 extended.
    Could you help me solve this issue please.

  251. Charles Harris says:

    Using a Nikon D3 and trying to tether with LR4. LR will not recognize the camera and the lcd screen on my camera will only read “PC” with a scrolling bar. Plugged a Canon 5D in and LR saw it immediately. How do I get the Nikon to been seen?
    Firmware on Nikon is 2.03 and I’ve tried a Windows 8 computer and a MacBook Pro with iOS X. Can anyone recommend what to do next?

    • Charles Harris says:

      Found it! Setting in the camera the changes how the computer reads the cameras USB plug.
      Menu button/Settings Menu/USB/m/p if anyone else has had this issue.

  252. Hannes Wagner says:

    Hallo, ich habe Materials.zxp für die 3D-Bearbeitung heruntergeladen. Dann habe ich darauf einen Doppelklick gemacht, der Extension Manager öffnet sich. Aber der Balken bewegt sich bis zum Buchstaben l des Wortes: geladen.
    Ab dann passiert nichts mehr. Wie kann ich den Extension Manager reparieren, damit er wieder funktioniert?
    PS: Ich kann kein Englisch!!!

  253. IMD says:

    There were many CC 2014 updates today. I’m running Win 7. Since the updates, the Photoshop program is intolerably slow. Not only that, it won’t close without task manager. Using a text layer…takes forever…up until the update today it worked fine.

    I have a dump file, but you make it so hard to find answers or send files fast.

  254. Marc Achhammer says:


    I have the Creative Cloud Abo. When I installed Photoshop, it first worked. When I tried to start ist 2-32 weeks later again, I got the following error message:
    “Der Prozedureinsprungpunkt “__crtCreateSymbolicLinkW” wurde in der DLL “C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\MSVCP110.dll” nicht gefunden.”
    Several Deinstallation & reinstallation; cleaning the registry incl. reboots on each step didn’t solve the problem.
    I have Windows 8.1 with the latest Updates installed.
    Thank you for your help.
    P.S.: No issues with Lightroom – it works perfect.

  255. Julie says:

    hey! i can’t get the pen pressure to work on photoshop . It just stands a little triangle with a exclamation mark in it.

  256. Donna says:

    I have been unable to use Photoshop CC 2014 for the past two days. The program loads fine but I can’t access anything. Nothing works when clicked.

    The program was updated about a week ago, but I’ve been unable to even connect to the creative cloud through my cloud interface. The loading icon keeps going and does nothing.

    I can get into Photoshop CC and it works fine. Not sure what the problem is. Anyone have any ideas?

    I’m running Win7 64bit with 16gb memory and a 2 tb hard drive which has plenty of space. Any help will be appreciated.


    • Hi Donna, Have you tried running in Safe Mode (instructions above). Do you have any antivirus installed? If you temporarily disable it, does PS launch properly? If so, check for an update for your antivirus.

  257. Janie says:

    Est-ce que quelqu’un peut m’aider en français ?
    J’ai Windows 8 et je rencontre constamment des bogues avec Lightroom. Est-ce qu’il y a quelque chose que je puisse faire ? La mise à jour de Lightroom est faite.
    Merci !

  258. Antonio acciaro says:

    Salve ! Ho dovuto cambiare da qualche giorno il sistema operativo da Windows-Xp a Windows-7 . Il programma Adobe PhotoDeluxe 4.0 ,che ho acquistato 10 anni fa e con ho utilizzato fino all’altro ieri con XP , oggi non posso più farlo. Il nuovo sistema operativo mi impedisce di r’installare il programma Adobe PotoDeluxe 4.0 in mio possesso. Vi chiedo cortesemente cosa devo fare:
    1). Posso acquistare lo stesso programma aggiornato o devo acquistarne un di nuova generazione ?
    Se devo acquistarne uno di nuova generazione vorrei che il sistema operativo fosse simile a ” Adobe
    PhotoDeluxe 4.0 ” da me usato fino all’altro ieri. E’ possibile ?
    2).Cosa devo fare per acquistarlo ? Qui a Sassari non sono riuscito nel mio intento.
    In attesa di vostre indicazioni , porgo cordiali saluti. Antonio Acciaro.

  259. George Steele says:

    I am having problems with my computer and I am going to have Windows 7 (64bit) re-installed. This will involve me deactivating my Photoshop CC, Photoshop CS 5.5 and Lightroom 5. How do I go about this process?

  260. Marc Achhammer says:

    Dear all,

    if I install Photoshop CC(2014) from the creative cloud, I get the error:
    ““Der Prozedureinsprungpunkt “__crtCreateSymbolicLinkW” wurde in der DLL “C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\MSVCP110.dll” nicht gefunden.”, if I try to start Photoshop.
    If I install from the creative cloud a former version of Photoshop CC (Adobe Photoshop Version: 14.2.1 (14.2.1 20140207.r.570 2014/02/07:23:00:00) x64), it works.
    the .dll is there, so it is NOT the “missing dll”-error and also not the NIK-error, since I haven’t isntalled NIK.
    If I try to reinstall the dll with the tricks, written in some blogs or through the file “vcredist_x64VS2010.exe”. I get the message, that my version of the msvcp110.dll is newer than the one I try to install.
    I have: “Windows 8 64-Bit , Version: 6.2”
    Any idea, what I can do?

    Thank you.



  261. liesl says:

    Hiya. I recently updated lightroom and photoshop and camera raw. Before updating, my exported images looked exactly as they did before I updated. Since updating, my exported images are excessively warm/yellow and much brighter than in LR. I have no issues with colour calibration. It is only LR and PS that are doing this. What settings should I be using and does the ICC profile affect them?

  262. Nicki Frison says:

    Hi there, I am having troubles opening my Lightroom 5.6. A bubble pops up right away saying that “Lightroom has encountered an error when reading from its preview cache and needs to quit. Lightroom will attempt to fix this problem next time it launches.”
    I have tried re-launching many times over many days and same thing. Is there something I can do or how would I go about re-installing? My version of Lightroom 5.6 was a download version.
    Thank you in advance,

  263. lorena scott says:

    hello, photoshop will not open after installing the new OS yosemite. A message saying ” an unexpected and unrecoverable error has occurred pops up. I already tried moving the photoshop preference file out of library and restarting the computer and this did not solve the issue. Please help thanks

  264. laura says:

    I’m having some problems with photoshop and would like some help from a technician of adobe. Could you please get in contact. Appreciate.

  265. Albert says:

    I just installed ps7 on my computer when I try to open it I get a message that says “scratch drive full” and when the box is closed so does ps. Please someone help.

    • Hold down the cmd + opt (mac) or ctrl + alt (Win) keys when launching Photoshop and select a different drive for your scratch disk.

      • John Hatcher says:

        I upgraded to a 2T hard drive and got this startup error. I can’t believe I found a solution for such ancient software. The startup scratch file check just can’t handle a large drive. I made it my recovery partition. Was about to give up. Bless you for having this solution here. I really wanted to keep ps7. THANKS !!

        • Glad that solved it for you!

          • John Hatcher says:

            Just tried a save to the 2T drive and it says it is full. I can save to the small drive and to the network but not the main 2T drive. I’m guessing there is no update for software this old. Any idea of a work around. Knowing the nature of the bug may help. I suppose I can always save elsewhere and copy back to the 2T.

  266. buenas tardes, necesito instalar perfiles nuevos en mi equipo para poder imprimirlos en mi ploter, pero Ps no me los gestiona, es decir, después de meterlos en la carpeta coloursync-proflies-recomended y reiniciar ps, no me aparecen. Alguien puede ayudarme? gracias

  267. Michelle says:

    We have Photoshop CS6 installed on student computers in a school network setting running Windows 7 64 bit. For some reason Photoshop loses the serial number and the serial numbers have to be put in again about every 6 months. Gets a little annoying on 15 computers. Need a fix please. I am signing in before re adding the serial number. It is not on trial.

  268. Katie says:

    Please help, when I select ‘print’ on cs5 it quits unexpectedly. It doest save anything. It is incredibily frustrating. This is the message i get afterwards.
    Process: Adobe Photoshop CS5 [2173]
    Path: /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS5/Adobe Photoshop Photoshop CS5
    Identifier: com.adobe.Photoshop
    Version: 12.0 (12.0×20100407.r.1103] [12.0)

    Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue:

    Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS)
    Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x00007fff76a5de70

    VM Regions Near 0x7fff76a5de70:
    unused shlib __DATA 00007fff76a00000-00007fff76a17000 [ 92K] rw-/rwx SM=COW system shared lib __DATA not used by this process
    –> __DATA 00007fff76a17000-00007fff76a6d000 [ 344K] rw-/rwx SM=COW /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreFoundation.framework/Versions/A/CoreFoundation
    __DATA 00007fff76a6d000-00007fff76a93000 [ 152K] rw-/rwx SM=COW /usr/lib/libcrypto.0.9.8.dylib

    Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
    0 ??? 0x00007fff76a5de70 OBJC_CLASS_$_NSMutableArray + 0
    1 0x00007fff8c993021 PMRelease + 43

    • Hi Katie, few of things:

      1) Your Photoshop isn’t up to date. Make sure you’re up to date:
      2) It’s crashing somewhere down in the apple.print.framework.PrintCore
      3) You are running old software (CS5) on Yosemite. Did it work prior to updating to Yosemite?
      4) It may be the printer driver that’s crashing – make sure your printer driver is compatible with Yosemite

  269. I have 5 year PC Tower running Vista 32 bit. Installed Photoshop pre 9 several years ago and was working just fine untill last thursday. When a kidnapper encrypted about 6000 photos and lots of documents. Now he wants ransom to un encrypt. I have no idea who this hacker is or where he resides. No alternate but to run a complete factory reset On my PC. Had no trouble putting back my Student word disc but I can not download the two #9 discs. It never gets to the stage of asking for the key’s which I have. It gives me an error message that it cant’t find the program so is not there or is corrupted Windows can not find ‘C/Program files(\ 86)Search extensions\Client EXE. Make sure you typed the name correctly and try again.
    I am too old to learn a later Adobe and is very expensive. The #9 works good for me.
    Thanks in advance… hewski

  270. Anna Burt says:

    We are having issues with Photoshop CS 5.5 with regard to saving photos and thought it was a Photoshop problem. We were told that CS 5.5 has the option for users to save a raw photo through “Save As” to another folder other than the original folder. Indeed there is this option – my home computer has CS5.5 and all I have to do is open Photoshop, go to “File”, “Preferences”, “File Saving”, and then uncheck the box that says “Save files to original folder”. However, my work computer has the infamous Windows 8 installed on it (and same CS5.5 software), but it does not have such a saving option. Is there any help for this issue? We really need to find a way to more quickly save our .jpeg images than having to scroll down through lots of drop downs and folders! Thank you ~

  271. AL Partyka says:

    I am running CS6 on a win 7 32 bit for about a year and have found many problems with lack of memory.
    I am going to upgrade to win 7 64 bit. I have done a great deal of research and truly be leave this will fix my problem with Photoshop. What is the correct way to move CS6 to the new OS? As many know converting to Win 7 64 bit is a new install and all the software must be reinstalled. Is it true that all I have to do is “Deactivate” in my present OS and after installing new 64 bit OS reinstall CS6 and input the same serial number?
    And what of my preferences, actions and other configuration? Any way of moving to the new CS6 install?

  272. Carl McDowell says:

    I purchased the Photographers CC 2014 package about six weeks ago and have yet to be able to open Photoshop component (Lightroom works fine) keep getting instant message “Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 has stopped working”

    I have checked drivers etc and all seems to be okay and up to date

    Cannot follow advice posted earlier on this thread as I cannot get into PS to edit preferences etc. !!!

    Help as feeling a tad ripped off at present

  273. Mike says:

    Problem: Using PS6 on my Mac. During my workflow, I work the image(s) in ACR and send to PS6. After cropping and when I hit the Return key the image now opens at 100% each time. Prior to this, I believe it opened at approx. 25%. I know I can manually reduce the size down from 100% but that becomes a issue working under a deadline and would like to view it at approx 25% before saving.
    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated as soon as possible. Thank you.

  274. Joseph Teixeira says:

    When I open PS5, I get this message “An unexpected and unrecoverable problem has occurred. Photoshop will now exit.” I can’t uninstall to reinstall also. At present I can’t use my PS5…

    In Bridge when I try to update I get this message “Photoshop Camera Raw 6.7 Update
    Installation failed. Error Code: U44M1P7″

  275. Peggi says:

    I have 2 problems:
    #1- I cannot print from my Photoshop CS5, it crashes everytime I press the final button in the Print Dialogue box.
    #2- I cannot download the updates to CS5, I get a message that says Download failed, try again later.
    What do I do now?


  276. For some reason Photoshop CC 2014 Freezes up when I open an image to edit. The images open fine then about a minute into, when I click on the text icon, the whole program freezes and I can’t do a thing. I have to click to the task manager and shut the program down. I upgraded the latest drivers on the graphics card. I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit, 24 Intel Zeon processors and 36 GB Memory. I usually run Premier, After Effects and Photoshop all at the same time, but the last couple of days Photoshop has frozen up. Any ideas?

  277. Kevin says:

    I am trying to use photoshop but it says start trial…i have paid for the entire creative suite and this is the second time it has not let me in. I am on a deadline and it is
    really holding me up.

  278. Donald Eros says:

    I have a Creative Cloud accountant that includes Lightroom5 Photoshop CC and Bridge.. My payments are up to date. Every time I run Lightroom I get this message that the trial period is at 0 days. While I am able to run the programs its is an irratation . My question is am I not going to be able to run thses programs someday because the system think I am not registered?

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      It sounds like you have installed the Trial Version of the Lightroom with perpetual licensing instead of the Creative Cloud version. Uninstall Lightroom and then install the version using the Creative Cloud app.

  279. Joanne says:

    All of a sudden… I print a black box over the top of any image I print from Photoshop. Does anyone know how to stop this? Thank you!

  280. ann connor says:

    I have 2 different operating systems Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. ( 8.1 is soon to be installed to update an old XP operating system.)
    I have Photoshop CS5.12 windows.
    Will I have any difficulty working Photoshop on the WIndows 7 computer and then take the Photoshop’s working document and continue using it on the Windows 8.1 computer.
    I would think not but just wanted to double check prior to installing the Windows 8.1 system.

    Thank you

  281. Sandra says:

    Hi there..

    I have the entire adobe suite and was working on an image in photoshop that froze so I turned the computer off to restart and then reopen photoshop but I keep getting the pop up of a supscription for creative cloud when clearly I have the whole suite.. its not allowing me to get into photoshop at all and I need to finish off my work argggggggggg.. what could be the problem???

    It’s all registered with serial numbers etc.. all ather programs like bridge, illustrator etc are all working except for photoshop.

    • Do you get a dialog that has a button that says [License this Software…]? If so, if you click it and enter your serial # does it work?

      I can have someone contact you and get you back up and running.

  282. Vermeersch says:

    I have a client who bought an Adobe Photoshop CS5 v. 12 for Windows Nederlands on 4/3/2011.
    The problem is that they have last their serial number of their package to re-install the CS on a new computer because the other one has crashed. Ingram Micro can’t help us they send us to Adobe self for any further help. Is there something we can do to have a copy of the serial number please, it is a very good client of us ?
    Kind regards for an urgent answer.
    Ann Vermeersch

  283. Cindy says:

    I have recently purchased PSCC and have been using it for over a month. All of a sudden after opening it the panels disappeared, I do have them back. But the photo iD will not appear under the options bar when they are open. What can I do.

  284. Ryan says:

    I have newly-installed window 8 together with the Lightroom. However, i discover that the colour of the photo launched in Lightroom is totally different from that in ACDsee. In lightroom, it just like the photo was covered by a yellow mask. the situation is the same if the photo was opened with the Win8 default photo viewer. However, it is normal when i open it with ACDsee,
    What should i set in order to cure this problem

  285. I started printing a new portfolio yesterday and was able to print about 15 prints on my Espon Stylus Photo R2400, with Moab Entrada Rag Bright 300gsm paper before it started to print a magenta cast on every image. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this? I’ve already contacted Epson and ran several tests on the printer and it is in fact not an issue with the printer but rather with photoshop.
    Please help!!!


    • Sister Agapia says:

      I am having the same issue. Files print just fine outside of photoshop on my Epson Stylus Pro 4900, but with a magenta cast when using Photoshop. Did you ever get any advice?

  286. Fritz Hiersche says:

    I have an old Photoshop CS2 and CS5 too. CS 5 is on PC and I want install the old CS2 on my notebook but it does not accept the product number (24 characters). I bought it some years ago and before I bought CS5 I had it on my PC. With CS5 I cancel it on my PC but have the disc at home. May be that’s the reason why it do not accept the number. Now I bought another notebook and tried to install.

  287. freddie roberts says:

    I’m trying to save photos as a .jpg When I use to save my RAW files as JPEG, it would automatically put .jpg at the end of the file name, so whether they were using mac or pc, they could open it. Photoshop no longer puts .jpg at the end of my file name, i have to do it manually. Is there a way to fix this?

  288. Danrae Babbitt says:

    I’ve bought and paid for my Lightroom 5 and registered it and am unable to use it. When I click on the icon, it says I have 0 days left. I’m not using the trial period and I have the codes , but it will not let me click the next button to get into lightroom. I don’t want to pay again,any ideas?

  289. Happy Tang says:

    Hi, I’m using OS X Yosemite (10.10) and CS6. Ever since I installed Yosemite, Photoshop will hang whenever I switch from Photoshop to other app. This has been really annoying because I often need to switch between apps and have to force close and restart Photoshop when I return. Is there anyway to resolve this?

  290. Melita Vangelatos says:

    I need help with the LT book module please

  291. John Ellis says:

    Hi, I’ve been using PS CS4 (mainly in 64 bit mode) for a year without problem but had not handled a TIFF until today. When I try and save a worked on TIFF ‘as’ (imported from RAW development in DxO), CS4 shuts down instantly. I used to handle TIFFs when using PS CS and had never encountered that problem before.

  292. David Currie says:

    Is there anybody at Adobe I can call to get some help? I have Lightroom 3, maybe 3.6. I originally bought Lightroom 1 and kept updating but the last two years I have not been using the Lightroom or organizing my 22,000 raw images. Recently I bought a Nikon d7100 but I can not import the images like I used to import the images a few years ago from my Leica M9. There never was a problem but now I get a message saying the nikon images can not be imported. First I would like to import the images then back them up. Secondly, I would like to pay someone to tutor my on how to use Lightroom and possibly update to the new Lightroom 5 without losing my images and then I would like to pay someone to tutor me on how to organize and edit these images. Can you help me?

  293. Алексей Леонтьев says:

    при использовании инструмент “пипетка” цвет выбирается в фоновый. где возможно переключить для выбора в основной цвет

  294. Pam says:

    I just downloaded the 30 day free trial of of Photoshop CC and Light Room 5 (had them now for just about 24 hours) to see if I would want to purchase the Photographers subscription. Light Room 5 appears to work just fine (even though there is a learning curve). Photoshop appeared to work fine also but I have run into a problem when trying to use the Light filters under the render filter tab. Custom filter works, but every time I try to load a preset I get the following error message. “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.” I’m kinda irritated about that as the light filters used to be available in Elements 9 but were not included in Elements 12 which I have now. I thought I would be getting back these presets but not so at this point. While Photoshop CC has a lot of features and dozens of tools that I find useful that are not in the elements versions, it’s not very impressive if right off the bat on the free trial, some features don’t work. Not sure I would want to purchase something with a known problem. I’m not a techy person and I read your trouble shooting guide but didn’t find much that helped me. I have a new computer (old one crashed for good after 15 years) and my new computer has windows 8.1 installed. I have 12 GB of RAM so there is plenty of memory. Elements 12 works just fine with no issues, and all the other features of Photoshop that I have tried over the last 24 hours also seem to work fine. I only encountered the problem when trying to use the preset light filters.