Photoshop FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I’ve tried to currate a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions about Photoshop.

Photoshop FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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  1. I recently upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7. I re-installed the same version of photoshop PS5. Why does Bridge have a totally different appearance now?

  2. Hector Ramirez says:

    I am having problems with the size of the font on the menus and the color of the fonts against the background is there a way to make them larger they are very hard to read on my ultrabook any help will be greatly appreciated thanks I am using PS Elements 10 and Premier I just got it

    • Pete Green says:

      You can’t resize the text in the interface itself, but you can change the size of the font samples that show up when you’re using a type tool and choosing a font to use.

      If everything is too small, you might consider lowering your screen resolution which will make everything seem bigger on screen.

  3. Daniel Rose says:

    I am having problems printing images using photoshop CS6
    Can only seem to print images A4 size
    If I try 7×5″ or 6×4″ size paper, part of the A4 size is only printed : wasting lots of paper as a result. Have tried all ways to solve the problem to no avail…..
    Never had a prob with CS4 and mac snow leopard .
    Am now using mac mountain lion
    Can you help me?
    DMR UK

    • Pete Green says:

      Are you setting up the appropriate paper size from within File > Print > Print Settings ?
      That’s the driver itself and where photoshop tells the image to go to be printed after it has left Photoshop’s “hands”.
      If the paper size is not appropriate you’ll just get whatever papersize is being defaulted to there.

      Mountain Lion has shown a few printing issues with some of the printer drivers — if you’re using an Epson, go to their website (for example:, if a diff make, then head there for further mountain lion support.

  4. Harvey Goldstein says:

    Is CS2 compatible with windows 7 with new computer recently purchased?

  5. Siewben Chin says:

    I purchased Photshop CS5 Extended,an educator ed. I had trial ed. before, I played around with it and bought a discounted educator ed. It worked fine until the “your trial has expired” message popped up every time I clicked on the CS5 icon on my desktop. It looks like somehow the CS5 software that I overwritten. I don’t have problem with the CS5 that I installed on my laptop, the one that I have issue is my pc. Not only the proper CS5 doesn’t run now but my Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional had also been disabled after I installed the CS5 extended. I used to able to convert document to PDF with my Acrobat 8 professional, now when I use my Acrobat 8, the photo shop’s “your trail has expired” appears. It is very, very frustrating!
    I can give you my product code:

    I am tempted to re-install CS5 software because I still have the CD, but since I already had used up my license key twice, it probably will not allow me to re-install.
    Please advise, much obliged.

    • Pete Green says:

      Hi Siew,
      Before uninstalling the CS5’s that are on that system, to be sure, hit Help > Deactivate which will allow you to install it and activate it again on this computer.
      Be sure to uninstall any Photoshop trials that might show up in your add/remove programs as well.

      I would go ahead with the uninstall/reinstall as a troubleshooting step.
      Do that and let us know what happens with the trial screen popping up.

      (p.s. I’ve removed your email and product code from your post…)

  6. Steve Dahout says:

    Why is there no Preset Manager for 3d Materials?
    In CS6 you can save individual presets but cannot reorder or group presets selectively into project sets. I suppose you could make your own sets by deleting all presets from the panel and then start all over from scratch by re-entering every single value in every single field for every single face for every single material you have already worked up, but what a time wasting kludge!

  7. Clive says:

    How do I input camera/lens info to metadata when adding photographs to Lightroom from my old film camera?

  8. Elaine B says:

    Hi Jeffery~~found the link to this page on Julieanne Kost’s blog.

    Why is the User Interface of CS6 so Teeny Tiny? :~( The main problem for me is seeing the increments on the Ruler. In my experience light on dark is difficult to see in general.

    I know that I am not the only one who has this problem, because I came across the thread on last night about this topic.

    People who write software are so brilliant~~I am truly in awe of them~~so it would seem that they could come up with a fix in the form of an update, rather than waiting for CS7 to come out. CS6 is the last version I will be able to afford, as I am 62 and I Photoshop for fun, not profit. Photoshop is also a very good anti-depressant for me :~)

    I love Photoshop, so please, please, please help me out :~)

    • Pete Green says:

      Hi Elaine, Thanks for the questions — Are you on a Mac or Windows?
      Photoshop’s interface colors are adjustable, in the case you’d prefer dark text and light interface. Preferences > Interface > Color Theme — There are 4 neutral tones to choose from.

      In terms of the size of the interface, There is also the option in that same preferences dialog for the UI Font Size. Setting this to large may help increase the visibility for you. You will need to restart Photoshop to see this preference’s effect.

      Another thing you could also look into is the resolution of your monitor. If on mac it’s system settins > Displays and On windows you can adjust the resolution as well with the Display>Screen resolution control panel.
      Setting the monitor’s resolution to a lower resolution will also increase the perceived size of Photoshop’s user interface.

      Let us know if this helps. /Regards

  9. peonie says:

    Hi there!!

    I just want to know how do I drape a pattern swatch that I have designed using a photograph such as a dress/shirt in photoshop cs6 to see what the design would look like.


  10. Prashant says:

    hey i use PS cs5 extended on a windows 7 machine… when i rasterize a layer, i cant use the artistic & brush strokes filters on that layer because those two gets grayed out.. i would like to know if there are any ways i can use them.


  11. Paul says:

    I use Photoshop 7.01 on an XP and print to an Epson 7600 Ultrachrome inks printer.
    All prints come out fine. The newer OS systems don’t support the Epson 7600 drivers so I continue to use this setup and it works flawlessly for the fine art portraiture I usually do; however, I have run into a problem with Banner printing.
    When I go to Page Setup and enter in the appropriate info: Paper size, 2400 x 9000 for a 24 inch x 90 inch banner, choose Roll Paper (banner) select the appropriate Media, etc., then Print Preview shows the image incorrectly!

    This never happens with other images, they always display properly. What happens with the Banner image that was created in Photoshop as PDF and I converted to a JPEG is that Print Preview changes the dimensions to something @ 1/2 the Image Size. What shows up is a thin sliver of a bar and if I use Print Preview from the Printer dialog box the Image is only partially there (@ 40% of it).

    I defintiely could use help developing a workaround on this….

  12. John Brand says:

    When I try to open a raw file in CS6 it locks up. It doesn’t matter how I try to open it, from CS6, by going to the “file, open with”, or with Bridge. Other files open up fine.

  13. Bernie Kay says:

    Even after I put a new subject in my HP printer, the printer keeps reprinting a previous subject. How can I convince it to copy the new subject?
    Bernie Kay

  14. Sana says:

    im new to photoshop.
    i want to know how do i import multiple autocad drawings in one photoshop file maintaining their same scale

  15. David Malin says:

    I noted this issue on several user forums. Was it ever resolved?

    I’m using PS CS6 extended V13 x64 on an iMac running OS-X 10.7.5. I get an intractable “Documents must be saved before they can be merged” message attempting to use photomerge make panoramas. BUT it only happens when the images are in portrait (vertical) format. Landscape format images taken of the same scenes with the same (Canon EOS 500D) camera merge perfectly well. it does not matter if i read the files from the camera SD card or from my local HD.

    The files look identical in every way (permissions etc). This is very peculiar, and very frustrating, Some help would be appreciated.

  16. Agneses says:

    can some one please tell me how to get my pictures to 5MB, have already resized them for the web
    but I need them to be 5MB Thank you

  17. Jerrie Lim says:

    I desperately need help right now. I recently installed Adobe Photoshop CS6 but I cannot find the “Motion Workspace”. I think another workspace is missing. Can anyone help me in this?

  18. Yvonne Flores says:

    Help! I have Photoshop 7 on my laptop. I was editing pictures for our family reunion and I was making a display of several pictures on a blank file white page, then saving as a jpeg. Something happend and now the white page work area is one third the size where I placed my pictures. I could not undo it…don’t know how to fix it. I am on a short timeline and totally frustrated. I used the undo button until it was no more. I closed the program out and restarted and it is still one third the size (file, new, blank) Do you know how to fix this? Thanks!!!

  19. mike mccrann says:

    recently returned from the middle east, and have lost the use of my right arm. Is therre away in Photoshop that allows you to press a key and have it function as being held down while you can move the mouse. Example, in cs6, doing the extract function, if you select too much you can press and hold down the ALT key and moving the mouse to deselected parts of your image. I can manage multiple keys at the same time, but not mouse movements too. Really enjoy Photoshop and worked with it since photoshop 7.

    • Hi Mike, Many devices let you map ALT & SHIFT keys to buttons on the device (e.g. multi-button mice or Wacom pen). This is usually done in the device driver. Let me know if this makes sense?

  20. Raymond Cheng says:

    My CS5 has 32 bits and a 64 bit version, but I can only use 32 bit version now . I may delete the 64 bit version.
    I read and tried many online sources about switching between 32 and 64 version. It wouldn’t work for me.
    Now I try to uninstall the CS5 and reinstall it all over again . ( I have installation CD ).
    The PS will not let me do uninstall it. It keeps telling me to close the bridge which it is already closed and there is nothing I can close anymore.

    Now I can’t uninstall the CS5, need some help about this.

  21. Leslie Hanson says:

    Sometimes when I click on my image with a selection tool the image goes away. All I see is a black screen. The selection tool does its thing, but I can’t see what’s going on because the image is gone! What am I doing wrong?

  22. How do I create a template for; title, name, date, and apply to subsequent photos?
    Repeat typeing for each photo is a pain.
    C.R. Scheider

  23. Enca says:

    I purchased Photoshop element 3.0 probably 8-9 yrs ago for my notebook. I hadn’t had the chance to use my notebook much because I left it in another country. 2 yrs ago I was able to bring back my notebook to the UK. I managed to open it but it is terribly slow and dysfunctional in many ways. Would it possible to transfer the photoshop elements 3.0 to my new laptop so I can finally benefit the use of the program ? I have taken beautiful photos the past 2 years and would love to start editing it in Photoshop. Many thanks for your help.

  24. Jade Tinkler says:

    Every time I open a new photo in Photoshop it always opens as 72dpi – very frustrating to say the least! The settings on my cameras are for large jpegs – the highest jpeg quality available. I’ve gone into Preferences for Units & Rulers and set new documents to be 300dpi, but every image is still opening at 72dpi. Any ideas please? I’d really like to get this resolved before the weekend. Many thanks

  25. Dri says:


    I have always been a Windows user and I have my CS2 for around 10 years… And this year I just bought a MACBOOK AIR. I downloaded the CS2 MAC from adobe website but at the end of the installation it fails. Wont I be able to install it at my new laptop?


  26. Hi, can you help me. I have a photo on my computer which i want to reduce the size. I work on windows xp, picture is bmp , i want to reduce to 120 x 140 pixels. Have tried through my computer , tool bar to reduction size but , reduces size to corect dimensions , but only shows top left hand corner. With phot shop can i download my picture onto your site and then reduce size to the correct measurements ? If so, can you tell me the correct steps in doing this task. Thank you

  27. Keesha Tillman says:

    Where are my old photos I had saved t my account in 2012?

  28. Tyler says:

    I’m trying to convert a picture to a colored-pencil sketch. Why does the picture turn red when I turn on the effect?

  29. Paula lee says:

    Hi can you please tell me if photoshop works with windows 8 touch screen. can I use the touch screen like a drawing board.

  30. Rikke knudsen says:

    am i abel to move my photoshop 8 from my old computer to a new one or do i have to buy a new one?

    thanks 4 helping Rikke

  31. henry kee says:

    I can not open my photoshop 6 , when i want to open Photoshop Extended Trial come up and say your trial has expired and ask me to purchase software, when I quit the photoshop 6 was gone, please tell me how to do

    • Hi Henry, It looks like you are a Mac user. First, make sure Photoshop is up-to-date. If you can’t launch Photoshop, you can launch Bridge CS6 and choose Help>Updates…, or launch the Adobe Application Manager, to update your products.

      After you’ve applied all the updates, launch Photoshop CS6 and choose “License This Software” and enter your serial # and/or sign in to activate your product. Let me know if that doesn’t solve the problem for you.

  32. Rikke knudsen says:


    I work with Photoshop Elements 8, I would like to move it from my old computer to my new computer (i use windows.) if it is possible?
    If yes. how do i do?

  33. Larry says:

    Just bought a Nikon D7100 and after downloading the pictures I cannot view them and receive an error message telling me they are in the wrong format. I am running the latest version of photoshop and still have a problem. Anyone know of a possible solution?

    Thank you in advance.

  34. muhammed says:

    i need help please

    my left click works like right click on left tools panel and its open the mini window on tools….

    its annoying badly.
    any tips? i also reset all setting and didnt fix it.


  35. Panda says:

    Hey, just wondering if there was a price to buy photoshop and not keep paying once a month, so if theres an update if i want it i could pay extra for it or something like that? Just dont wanna keep paying each month. A total once payment amount would be nice? 🙂

  36. Maurice C. Poulin says:

    I had PhotoShop Elements 9 with order #AD3554146 Mac English I wish to download now

  37. Lee says:

    I have just uploaded CS6 64bit. My OS is windows 8.1
    Program will not open, it hangs at searching for plug ins
    and I get an error R6034

  38. Hunter says:

    Ok heres my problem I am trying to hook up a Vist/Inkpad drawing tablet for PhotoeShop. The tablet works find on my computer but when i go on Photoeshop it will only make straight lines like i’m using the SHIFT function. By the way i’m on a mac.

  39. Carrie L says:

    I have updated to the most recent creative cloud version – I am a fine-art photographer and I use the oil paint filter as well as frequent use of the adobe exchange window – both of which seem to be gone! I have researched online and can’t seem to find a way of getting them back. Please let me know as soon as you can regarding a fix as I have people waiting and I rely on these 2 important features.
    Thank you.

  40. Lauren says:

    Hi. Whenever I save my photo, I save it as a JPEG. Well, every time I do this my image turns green or washed out looking. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening?

  41. Lauren says:

    Hi. Whenever I save my photo, I save it as a JPEG. Well, every time I do this my image turns green or washed out looking. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening??

    • Where are you viewing the JPEG when it looks washed out? It’s likely your viewing in a non-colormanaged application. Convert the color profile to sRGB to get the closest color representation when viewing in non-managed scenario.

  42. Ale says:

    after many years with Elements, I purchased PS cc. Using Mac OS X 10.7.5 when I save file jpg PS does not save icon preview image. I checked in “preferences” and the settings are correct, set to “always saves” and check the “icon” and “miniature Windows”. what can I do?

  43. Charley Andrisano says:

    When I insert my sd card to view my photos, they automatically open in Lightroom 5.
    Can i open them in Adobe CS-6, and what steps do I take to do so?

  44. KIMC says:

    Unfortunately the student CC version I bought for my daughter for college classes in graphics has caused her huge issues. It went crazy during an exam. Her professor claimed it was CC problems he couldn’t believe it either never seen that. I wish we could just buy good old photoshop and download it but was told by adobe not an option but at my daughter’s school many do just do this – not sure how? I would highly suggest students consider carefully before using CC for class exams and classes (which defies purpose of a student edition) but if it cannot be relied upon its useless. She lost 1/2 of the exam time’s work, had to restart on in classroom computer and redo it all in half the time. She luckily got a b grade but CC cost her a whole letter grade no doubt. I know they like the monthly fee – more money but if its constantly getting bugs in it like this that ruin a student grade it is shameful.

    • Hi Kim,

      Without specific details it’s hard to say what issue is. I only see one tech support case since she started with her membership in 10/13 asking how to install on a second computer which was closed on first contact. We’d need to make sure she’s running the latest updates and troubleshoot her issue: Try these steps to fix most issues: If she needs help, have her contact me or support and I’m sure we can get her fixed up.

  45. Glyn Butters says:

    I am running Windows Vista.
    When starting Photoshop 6 it stalls when trying to load the fonts.
    Is there someway to fix this?


  46. Jennifer Larson says:

    Since upgrading to the new Photoshop CC 2014, I get the ding sound when I try to switch my foreground and background color, and reset them to black and white using my hot keys. If I leave Photoshop and come back to it, it works 🙁 Any idea why these hot keys are now giving me trouble??


  47. Dave Hein says:

    I’m running Adobe Bridge CC on a Windows 7 Professional computer. Whenever I use File > Get Photos From Camera… the Photo Downloader system works fine. But at completion it opens a new instance of Adobe Bridge. How can I prevent that? This didn’t happen with the old stand-alone system. Thanks!

  48. chinni says:

    I’m using Photoshop cs6 every thing is fine but lighting effect did not highlighted what do i have do that problem fix it please help me

  49. arya says:

    Hi.i m using photoshop cs3 and i iball pen tab. In my brush pallete when i choose Control- pen pressure its showing_Control by pen pressure requires the use of a pressure sensitive tablet._ Why? help me

  50. David Peterson says:

    Why can’t I view my files? “Original item can’t be found”? What the hell! My files are right where I left them.

  51. Aurelie says:

    Hi, I’ve got Photoshop CS6 and I’m often using the lighting function. But since 6 months, the ellipse has disappeared and I can’t orientate the ray of light anymore. What can I do to find the ellipse again?
    Thanks a lot for your quick answer.

  52. Tony says:

    Hi, I’m running Photoshop CC v14 on a Windows 8.1 64-bit laptop and I’m having a difficulty to have a smooth circle when I use thick stroke size such as 125px via Layer Style > Stroke. At 125px stroke size, outside edge of the stroke gets distored (not a smooth circle). Please see the attached screen shot here:
    Please advice. Thank you

  53. Jon says:

    Trying to figure out why I’m not able to use all the tool sets. Is the trial version limited to only certain tools?

  54. Pat Jemmett says:

    Is it possible to restore Lightroom 5 to a previous date? My photos are all over the place on my computer, probably because I missed telling them where to go when I finished in the “Develop” area.

  55. Terry says:

    I use CS6 on my Mac. When I copy and paste a jpeg image on another jpeg image, I cannot adjust the contrast or exposure of the pasted image without it affecting the background image. What am I doing wrong?

  56. jabedude says:

    when i copied some pictures from google and then put it on photoshop , why is the picture turns gray?? but not the default color of the pictures , i didnt even change it… someone help… thx

  57. Roger says:

    I keep being asked to uninstall and reinstall my photoshop CS5… I get an error 6 message box… everytime I reboot.. this happens…

  58. sokka stark says:

    I copied some text from Google and paste in Photoshop CS5 it shows the font name Latha and I tried to change the font its not getting change and it stays in the font Latha only. i have instaled some other tamil fonts also its not changing.
    somebody please help me to solve this problem!

  59. Norma Hopper says:

    I have both lightroom and photoshop cc2015. I edit a raw file picture then I save it to desktop as jpeg which if I open on desktop it looks exactly the same but if I email to another device it looses contrast but if I take the same photo and email out of lightroom it looks exactly how it did in photoshop without losing contast can you tell me what I am doing wrong or what is causing this?

    • Make sure you convert the profile to sRGB when you save as a JPEG. The other thing to look at is your email provider. Some email providers recompress images when you email them, so that may be another part of the problem.

  60. While working on an image in PS CC15…I often get a yellow triangle bordered by black with a black apostrophe in it. What does this mean? Thank You.

  61. Lucy Lopez says:

    How do I get an image to duplicate itself?

  62. Hans Johansson says:

    I bought Photoshop CS5 some years ago and it has worked very good – till I installed OS X Yosemite X version 10.10.3 on my Mac. Now it doesn’t work at al and I get this message when I try to start it:
    Some of the Application are missing from the Application directory. Pleas reinstall the application. I Have also read a lot of complaints on the web from people having the same experience as I: non working PS5 with OS Yosemite

    I have a DVD with the CS5 extended program on but my Mac will not accept it. My questions:
    – Has the DVD-disk program exceeded because of the new ‘pay per moth’ method has came instead?
    – If I buy Photoshop CC and pay per month, will my OS-system accept it? If so, I am prepared to accept the special offer of SEK 90:- per month for Photoshop CC and Lightroom.

    I am now a retired teacher and have no company attached to my photo hobby.

    Hans Johansson

  63. Rafah AlQurashi says:

    Suddenly my move tool became selecting whatever it is above.. so if i want to move a layer i have to click on the shape or picture to move it and not anywhere and that is bad

  64. Cricket says:

    Is there a way to copy guides from one photoshop document to another ? Im am using photoshop cc 2015. I have guides set up and i need to apply the same guides for 20 more PSDs with the same resolution as the first one. Is the a way to export guides from the original PSD to the other PSDs. Is there a quicker way ?

    • You can set up a preset under View>New Guide Layout and apply it to new documents, or simply duplicate the document, remove the content you don’t want to share, and save it as a PSD template. GuideGuide is another 3rd party option for managing guides.

  65. Aleksandar Nadj says:

    How to take care of one picture. This image is an old document that was photographed with the camera. It is full of shadows and stains. I’d like to be finishing a white background with black contents. The content consists of a hand-drawn contours and letters. Thanks in advance.

  66. connie houser says:


  67. matija zidaric says:

    Hi ,question ?
    I have a picture which i want to crop and put in another picture irregular shape for my wine label, can anybody help me ??

  68. Sarah says:

    I am having issues with my CS2, it is hard to describe, but it works fine for awhile, then the images just start almost tabbing through and disappear if you touch any keys or do any actions and you have to find them again. SO every step means hitting tab 5 times to do one thing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled on a different computer to test because I thought it was my computer, however it does the same thing. I know this is an old version, however it has worked perfectly for years and at this time I am not in a position to make another big investment I just want what i have to work. Any advice is much appreciated.

  69. Aria Henderson says:

    My computer runs on Ubuntu, not windows. Will Photoshop still work on my computer?

  70. I need to know if I can put my adobe cloud on a lap top. I have it on a desktop now, but am going to be doing some traveling and I would like to take my lap top with me. How do I do this? Is there any additional cost involved?

  71. kaylee says:

    I just bought the 9.99 photoshop. It downloaded LR and now i try to click photoshop on my computer and it won’t open. So i uninstalled it and am now re-installing it but now it says my session had expired. I bought it and thats the whole reason i bought it: for photoshop itself. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP.

  72. Yvonne says:

    File- [Generate] button is always deactivated. How could I possibly activate it?

  73. Tessa Larsen says:

    I downloaded a trial copy of PS Element 15 and Premier Element 15. I recently received the DVDs and want to install. Do I have to uninstall the trial copies before I use the DVD?

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