Photoshop 13.0.4/13.1.2 Updates Now Available

Today we released Photoshop update version 13.0.4 (for Mac perpetual customers) and version 13.1.2 (for Creative Cloud members, Mac and Windows), resolving this licensing issue:

How to get the Update

1. In Photoshop, choose Help > Updates.
2. The Adobe Application Manager will launch. Select Adobe Photoshop CS6 and choose Update.

How to confirm that the Update worked

1. In Photoshop, choose Help > About Photoshop (Win), or Photoshop > About Photoshop (Mac)
2. For Mac perpetual customers, the version at the top should be Version: 13.0.4
3. For Win/Mac Creative Cloud members, the version at the top should be Version: 13.1.2

If you need help with installing the update, please post questions on the Photoshop User to User forums

Giving us feedback

The quality of Photoshop wouldn’t be what it is today without our passionate and loyal customers around the world. Giving us regular feedback helps us to find and fix issues that we may otherwise not know about. We are listening.

Here are a few ways that you can send us feedback:

106 Responses to Photoshop 13.0.4/13.1.2 Updates Now Available

  1. David R. says:

    Even after the 13.0.4 update, I still got the “Continue Design & Web Premium” trial, now at 29 days.

  2. Russ R says:

    Nope, still getting Photoshop extended trial message after update, have to re-enter serial number. Not good in large deployments in multiple locations.

  3. Marty Schwerin says:

    Why did it take so long to resolve this problem. Finally I did not have an issue with an update that ADOBE pushed to me.

  4. gary jaz says:

    Same issue here. Got dropped by Adobe’s super frustrating customer support in chat TWICE after explaining the issues, giving numbers, etc. Is there a worst company on the planet than Adobe when it comes to licenses and customer support?

  5. D. Norman says:

    Have version 13.0.4 but still getting trial message.

    • Have you clicked on [License this Software] and entered the serial # (if you’re a perpetual license holder) or Sign-In using your Adobe ID(Creative Cloud member)?

      Are you running Windows 7 or 8 64bit?

  6. Wasaga43 says:

    Downloaded and installed 13.0.4 patch on MacBook Pro. Restarted CS6 and ‘Extended Trial’ propped up again. Entered serial #, restarted CS6. “About” shows regular version 13.0.4 and there is no popup. Great! I fervently hope it stays that way.

  7. Just downloaded the patch 13.0.4 , after pop up , entered my serial and it seems to work…let’s see tomorow morning! Hope customer service will give us a coupon or code for next CS7…..that will be the minimum.

  8. Willshire says:

    Is there something wrong with the direct download update files on the main Adobe site? They don’t want to work with my install of PS CS6, telling me that the patch is ‘not applicable’ for me. I have my workstation Mac Mini purposefully only connected to my local intranet and rely on moving dmg’s to the machine from my central server for updates. What’s up? Any fix?

    • Curious why you’re not using Help>Updates… to install your updates? This method downloads and installs the correct update for your software version/license.

      Are you a Creative Cloud member or a perpetual license customer? If you’re a cloud member, updates are only available from the Help>Updates… mechanism and the updates on aren’t applicable.

      • Willshire says:

        Hi, Jeff. I just installed the trial edition of CS6 Photoshop last week (maybe 2 weeks ago?) on my workstation/media player Mini that’s downstairs and not connected to public internet, just my local intranet. My main machine, a Dell, serves dmg’s for the Mini to use to update for various applications, so that’s why I’m hitting this stonewall. Does the update dmg not work on trial edition? Will it work when I buy the full version?

        • The updates from here should work to update the trial version:

          • Willshire says:

            “The updates from here should work to update the trial version:

            Interesting, that’s the location from which I was downloading the dmgs, and it was giving me the error. In my situation, where my workstation is on intranet only, is it just best to buy a physical copy disc of Photoshop once my trial ends and not rely on the digital one? Do the physical disc installs go through a different update route? Or are the dmgs on the page you linked to interoperable between cloud, trial, and physical installs of Photoshop?

            Basically after my trial ends I don’t want to buy a version of Photoshop where, with my set-up, I won’t be able to upgrade without an immense amount of added hassle, but I’m not sure which route is best for me. I just want to be able to download update dmg’s on my main machine, and serve them up on my local network.

  9. Ryan says:

    Downloaded the update through the Adobe Updater and the installation failed with the Error Log showing Installation failed. Error Code: U44M2P7.

    Now my photoshop crashes when trying to open. Thanks for the Update Adobe!!!

    what am I supposed to do now?????

    • Post more details on the Photoshop forum, we can help you there:

      This error means that a required component wasn’t found by the update. (Usually caused by renaming or removing of plug-ins, or use of 3rd party OS cleaning utilities). The solution is to repair the original install so the required component is installed correctly – and the update will install correctly.

  10. Harvey Schroeder says:

    Downloaded update CS6 13.0.4 and received the message “Update Failed- Updates could not be applied”

  11. Cheryl Tarbox says:

    After testing the updates on other computers, it seems to have gone well. I’ll consider my initial attempt an outlier…

  12. Mike Stauder says:

    Even after the update 13.0.4, my problem is not resolved. I now show 1 day left on my trial version. I cannot reregister my Product Code. I purchased the Mac version of CS6 Photoshop Extended for Students & Teachers.

    • Hi Mike,

      Did you submit your information for validating your student status to get your serial #? The product code is not a serial #.

      Notes on EDU validation:

      If you purchased a boxed product from Amazon, open the box and follow the instructions inside to submit your information for validation.

      If you purchased a download version from Amazon, the instructions for submitting the product code and validating your student eligibility are contained in a file called “IMPORTANT – How to validate and activate your product.pdf” that’s included in the download.

      If you use your school issued email address from a qualified institution during the process, the validation is instant and no other documentation is needed.

      If you have to submit documents it may take up to three business days to receive confirmation of your proof of eligibility and your serial number from Adobe. PLEASE READ: You can still install and use the product *immediately* by selecting the 30-Trial option during installation.

      Eligibility for education purchasing

      Who is eligible:

      Proof of eligibility:

      Education store FAQ | North America

      Student and Teacher Edition FAQ:

  13. Mike Stauder says:

    I purchased my version from AIMS community college. I followed all of the instructions and registered my version using my school issued email address and did not have this problem for about 90 days.

  14. Justin says:

    I have CS6 extended Student Edition. I don’t get an update notification when I use “update” under the “help” menu. I manually downloaded the new update (To fix the licensing issue) from the adobe website but I keep getting this error when I try to install it. Is the update not for the student version yet?

    Adobe Bridge CS6 5.0.2 Update
    Update is not applicable. Error Code: U44M2P28


    Adobe Photoshop 13.0.4
    Update is not applicable. Error Code: U44M2P28

    I do not want to uninstall CS6 and reinstall my plugins.

  15. Ronald Adams says:

    I’m an iCloud member. I get trail version when I load photoshop cs6. I’ve tried using the update feature. It doesn’t show a version 13.1.2! It says my software is up to date.

    • Hi Ronald, you need to choose “License this Product” and sign-in to activate. After that, you won’t see the trial dialog again. Once you’re activated for your Creative Cloud license, choosing Help Updates… should show the updates available to you as a Creative Cloud member.

  16. Richard Karash says:

    Update 13.0.4 and re-enter serial number. So far, so good.

  17. Carl says:

    Are there any release notes for 13.1.2? I really don’t want to update if this release is only for a licensing issue that I’m not experiencing…

  18. ln20 says:

    I tried to install it on Window8, it not accept the s#, should I remove adobe reader X1 first then reinstall? Or someway else?

  19. Ayman says:

    Photoshop CS6 icon dissappered from dock and launchpad after today’s update. Also, when I launch the program, I can’t use any tool or function! all dimmed.

  20. Klaus says:

    Got the new 13.0.4 maintenance downloaded .. installed this but it crashed half way throuhg restarted adobe installer and installed remaining package parts … now I cannot start CS6 on MAC anymore as it looks that the starter programm part is destroyed.

    get the message in german: Sie können das Programm ‘Adoba Photoshop CS6’ nicht öffnen, da es auf diesem Typ von Mac-Computer nicht unterstützt wird

    english translation: you can not start the program ‘Adobe Photoshop CS6’ as it isnt supported on this type of Mac computer

    what can i do to get my CS6 back working

  21. Klaus says:

    i am currently reinstalling .. strange anyways

  22. Greg says:

    I tried “Help – Updates” and it says my program is up to date. The version is still at: 13.0.2

    This is extremely annoying and frustrating. I am to the point that I wish I would have never purchased the upgrade.

  23. Leontien says:

    When installing the latest update I get the message: Please close the following applications to continue:


    I have no such application running and cannot continue with the update. Now what?!

  24. Thomas Levy says:

    Today, after loading an update to flash player on Feb 8th, I tried to use the photoshop panorama feature from Lightroom 4, to stitch 3 frames into one. I cannot open Photoshop CS6 any longer. I can only see the CS6 Extended trial screen. I do not need the extended version to complete my work. How do I disable the trial wizard and get back to work? I have read several of the 13 pages of comments on this issue. Why is it still an issue?

  25. Mardi Carter says:

    I was forced me into the unwanted trial of CS6 Extended. I have CS6 and don’t want Extended. Now my trial is over at last, but when I say I don’t want to cough up the $$$$ the dialog box closes and Photoshop won’t open.

    I have read the directions for getting the update for CS6 that solves the problem. Unfortunately, I can’t open Photoshop to get the update.

    Help please? Thanks.

  26. Zoltan says:

    I have a Cloud subscription. When I open up Photoshop it says my trial has expired. Continoue Trial is greyed out. When I click on License This Software and sign in the only option I get is to enter a Serial Number. Adobe Application Manager says I am up to date.
    Premiere does the same.
    What do I do now?

  27. shashank says:

    please provide a link for Photoshop 13.0.4/13.1.2 Update.
    Adobe website provides Update only

    • Sounds like you are Windows perpetual license holder, in which case the lastest update is

      • Sergey Staskevich says:

        Hi, I have a windows perpetual license install of cs6 (both x64 and x86) on about 200 machines of various model types on my campus. Am I to conclude that since is the latest update available to perpetual license users we are SOL?

        If the 13.1.2 update fixes the problem, then why is it not made available to us?

        This bug is disrupting classes and frustrating both instructors and IT staff.
        Thanks for any help you can provide.

  28. Carole says:

    Hello Anybody! Last night PS CS6 13.02 which I completely own, started cutting out rectangular holes in a project that represented over a week of work. I was freaked, with no options, I closed out, reopened, and got the dreaded “Trial Version is over message”. Afraid to click on “License the software”, I went to Adobe for help…HA! what a joke! The chat took forever, only tot have the clueless person on the other of the planet, respond completely off topic then say they could not help me! Adobe DOES have to worst customer service on the planet. So I clicked on it and reentered my serial number. I reopened my file and it was
    COMPLETELY DESTROYED! Huge holes cut out of all the layers!!! I am 63 and have worked with PS for over 20 years… Never have felt so violated creatively! I know this has happened to others. SO I downloaded the latest update…but now I read from you guys it doesn’t stop the problem….Class Action Suite Anyone?!

    • Hi Carole,

      If you are seeing issues with file corruption, these are usually caused by issues at a much lower level, either bad RAM or a bad hard driver. Have you run any system hardware diagnostics on your system recently?

      If you need further assistance, post more details on the Photoshop forum, we can help you there:

  29. Leif says:

    I had this happen again to me today, two more computers lost their serialization and had to be reactivated. They were already updated and working last week. This has been an ongoing issue with our 150 deployments losing about 4-6 a week for months, and nothing seems to solve it!

  30. Niall says:


    After just updating to 13.0.4 I have noticed that now when I drag a text box I no longer see the bounding box whilst it is being dragged. I use this feature regularly to duplicate text items and align to a grid layout. Is there a way to resolve this issue?

    Another problem, although not just confined to this update, is that when attempting to horizontally resize a text box the cursor takes around one second to change when hovering over the horizontal resize anchor.

    Any help on these matters would be greatly appreciated.


  31. Naomi says:


  32. Bradley Slavik says:

    We have creative cloud subscription, Macintosh, Adobe Photoshop 13.1.1. It insists it is up to date, and every few days it tells us that the subscription is expired. Does it need to check once a month? Should I have 13.1.2? Why is it not showing up?

  33. Bradley Slavik says:

    While I am at it, Adobe needs to FIX its Adobe Application manager. It needs to tell us what version it thinks is installed on my machine, what version it wants to install on my machine, and it needs to tell me this BEFORE I click on the button to install it. Make another button? Add another information line with each application? I don’t care. We need to know. I have just uninstalled Photoshop 13.1.1. I hope the download will bring 13.1.2 this time.

    • Hi Bradley,

      Choosing Help>Updates… doesn’t show the 13.1.2 update? You can see what version you have installed by select About Photoshop from the Photoshop menu (Mac) or the Help menu (windows).

      More details on updating Photoshop:

      Keeping Photoshop is Up-To-Date:

      If you’re still having trouble getting the 13.1.2 update installed, post more details on the Photoshop forum, we can help you there:

  34. Anthony Gomes says:

    Forcing people to use Cloud and harassing them with reinstalling serial number with each use is destroying your corporate goodwill and the first step towards corporate non relevance. Your rivals can now charge more for their products and do more R&D. I am beginning to like Topaz and Onone even more now

  35. Ed Jaramillo says:

    I have CS6 Master Collection. It was provided by my school (Academy of Art University). I installed and put in the key number that they gave me and everything work perfect. Two months later (two weeks ago), I did Help > Update and when it was finished I received a message saying that there were too many installations of the software and I needed to deactivate one. I only installed it in one computer, I have no other CS products installed (I removed them all before installing CS6). Will doing this update work?

  36. Bill Allen says:

    On my Mac I saw two updates (Illustrator and Photoshop). Updated but only the Illustrator update worked. Did the usual quit app and restart Mac but still no successful installation. Manager says it downloads and gets to 100 percent installation but then get Update Failed message (U44M1P7). Hmmmm.

  37. Maurice says:

    I have PS CS6 Extended, version 13.0.3, running on Snow Leopard. From the Help>Updates menu, I am told I have the latest version. When I tried (on more than one occasion) to install the 13.0.4 update I downloaded from, I received message that the installation failed, error code U44M2P7.

  38. Stan Schwab says:

    I called Adobe after I accidentally entered the wrong license number to get past the stupid trial update again. First I had to spend nearly ten minutes with an operator to verify me before being connected to India. Once I had technical support, he said there was a patch, but instead of telling me where it was on the website, he told me he was emailing the link to me and that was a lie. Then he disconnected me. My case number is 0184119438 and I have another automated call waiting through an IOS app called GetHuman that waits on the line for you. I want to say a few choice words about their poor service. And finally, the only so called “patch” that I’m aware of is another normal CS6 update (3.0.4) that I just applied. If their technical support were not so stupid, they could have just said it was an update (not a patch). I question Adobe’s capability to fix this issue or any other and to even complete a technical support call properly without disconnecting the their customers.

    • Hi Stan,

      Sorry about your experience. Support should always instruct customers to use the Help>Updates… mechanism in our products. Thanks for the case #. I’m following up with support management to correct this experience.

  39. Kat says:


    I’ve started learning photoshop and a have a quick question. How to adjust the settings, so when I click on different images I work on the right layers would be selected automatically? I know it probably sounds confusing. But I hope you understand what I mean. Thank you.

  40. Pratik says:

    Cannot open my Photoshop cs6 Extended:
    It says sing in required and when i click on sign in it says “please connect to internet and retry”
    I am using proxy server and when i click on sign in it ask my username and password but still it is ont connecting. Please help….

  41. Diana says:

    I have no wish to join Adobe Cloud yet and want to remain a Mac Perpetual Customer. I am unable to open Photoshop CS6 v 13.0.let alone upgrade to v13.1.0. I am given no option but to enter my serial number and be joined up to Adobe Cloud.
    How do I remain a Perpetual Customer? I have been using photoshop for years, since Photoshop3, regularly upgrading, but don’t wish to change to Cloud at this time. I am in the middle of a project and it is infuriating that I can’t access something I have paid for.

  42. Diana says:

    Back again. Disregard the above query. I’ve had help from local contact to resolve the problem

  43. Bill Hood says:

    I can’t seem to get the update. When I clik on updates, the Update Manager says “your applications are all up to date as checked…” My version is still listed as13.0.1 (Window CS6 Design Premium). I’ve been dealing with this problem daily, since August 2012. Have been on the phone MANY times with customer service (non-native English speakers) to no avail. Each had a different fix but none were effective. HELP!!! (please)

  44. Kat says:


    Can someone please help me with Soft Proofing. I’m trying to Soft Proof images for Blurb software. But when I go to view – Roof Setup – Custom – in Devices to Simulate – there is no Blurb option. Blurb software is installed on my computer, i’m working in it, so i can’t figure out why it doesn’t appear in the list 🙁 Help!
    Thank you!

  45. Kat says:

    I’m working with Archicad files – plans and elevations in photoshop, but the lines which are perfect at any scale in archicad are a very poor quality in photoshop by some reason. Could you please advise how can I improve the quality of the drawings? Thank you!!

    • I’m personally unfamiliar with Archicad files. My guess is it’s a vector format that either uses PDF or EPS as an interchange/format. Photoshop is a raster application – so depending on resolution – the lines will eventually look pixelated when you zoom in. (That’s an expected difference between vector and raster applications). You can mitigate the pixels in Photoshop by rasterizing at a higher resolution so things will look smoother overall.

  46. Kat says:

    Thank you, i’ll try that. Is it in Image – image size?

  47. Kat says:

    Hello again,

    I select an object with the polygonal lasso tool and want to create a new layer via copy , but instead of saving an object, it saves everything around it. Is something wrong with the tool settings? Please advice, what should I do? Thank you.

  48. Kevin says:

    I have a student edition of CS6 design & Web Suite. After installation the software works fine for 1 start-up, After that the trial screen comes up and asks for either to start trial or license the software. This has been going on for a month. Even after repeated help from customer support (chat & remote control of computer) the problem remains. What is the next step ?

  49. Robert Barford says:

    Same repeated problem after several attempts with Adobe customer support. I repeatedly get the CS6 extended trial message after installing updated manager. When I called customer support and tried to explain my problem, the tech at the other end of the line told me that this would be a PAID assistance, since prior attempts had been unsucessful. When I insisted that it could not be paid due to a recurring problem, he hung up! For this much difficulty with an expensive program is inexcusable!

    • Hi Robert,

      Sorry. Yes, you shouldn’t have to pay support for activation issues. I’m following up on your case with support.

      What OS/version are you on? If on Windows, are you on a 64-bit OS?

  50. SHANE says:

    I have tried to update PS CS6 but I keep getting errors “errors encountered durring installation”. I was hoping this might solve an issue I have been noticing that the direction arrows are not functioning in type mode. Please advise.


    • Are you on Mac or Win? What version are you currently updated to?

      I’m going to assume you have Mac – the cursor issue can be alleviated by disabling the application background. Select Window>Application Background to disable.

  51. Robert says:

    If you’re having “update failed” messages in Adobe App Manager, read this…

    I spent all day yesterday with this issue with WIndows 7. Other apps (After effects, speedgrade, etc.) updated fine, but Photoshop and Premiere would not update in CC. Application manager repeatedly gave me “update failed” with the “U44M1P7” code. After all day of looking through forums like this one and using the above solution from Nancy O with no success, I did this…

    Disable firewall and real time scanning under McAfee Total Protection. When I did that, EVERYTHING worked just fine. It’s more likely the real-time scanning than the firewall, but I just did both to give it the best shot. (Might apply to other similar protection software, not sure).

    Not the first time I’ve had issues between Adobe and McAfee. If you use McAfee, I also recommend that under Real-Time Scanning and “scan these files” you change it to “Programs and documents only” instead of “All files” as that caused Premiere Elements 8 to hang whenever I opened a file.

    This solution seems to get missed in every forum I’ve seen, hopefully this post helps someone out.


  52. Paul Clark says:

    Adobe updater tried to download and install PS6 13.0.5 update. Got error code U44M1P7. Manually downloaded and tried to install update. Now get error code U44M2P7. Now PS6 will not launch.

    Process: Adobe Photoshop CS6 [2253]
    Path: /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS6/Adobe Photoshop Photoshop CS6
    Version: 13.0.4 (
    Code Type: X86-64 (Native)
    Parent Process: launchd [109]

    Date/Time: 2013-06-06 20:59:01.126 -0700
    OS Version: Mac OS X 10.6.8 (10K549)
    Report Version: 6

  53. Richard Schwedhelm says:

    Hi, I’m new to Creative Cloud and I’m having trouble updating Photoshop CS6 on my Macbook Pro. This is the message I keep getting:

    Photoshop 13.1.2 for Creative Cloud
    Installation failed. Error Code: U44M1P7

    Tried updating via Update Manager and from within Photoshop itself. Doesn’t seem to be affecting the working of Photoshop, so should I just wait for the next update? I’m not the most technical of people, so keep the jargon to a minimum please LOL

    Many thanks in advance

  54. jmt says:

    When i check my photoshop version it tells me 13.0.1(on pc) so i went in help-updates to get the new version but application manager says that i m already up to date….

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