Updating/Upgrading to Photoshop CC FAQ

I’ve assembled some Q & A around updating/upgrading to Photoshop CC below. If you don’t see your question answered below, let me know in the comments section and I will try and answer.

Updating/Upgrading to Photoshop CC FAQ


How do I install the Photoshop CC update for Creative Cloud if I’m already a member?

From Photoshop CS6, choose Help>Updates… to launch the Adobe Application Manager. A new version of the Adobe Application Manager will start to download. After it’s downloaded, it will relaunch and the new CC applications will show up when you sign-in.

(Note: If the Adobe Application Manager is already open, quit it and relaunch it to get it to self-update)

  • Note: By default, the Creative Cloud app is a menu item on Mac:



  • If you want it to show up in the OS X Dock and show up in list of open applications when you Cmd + Tab to switch applications, 1. click on the Creative Cloud icon in the menu, and then 2. choose “Open as Window” from the gear menu:




Note: Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app is supported on Mac OS X 10.7 or later, and Windows 7 or later. If you’re downloading an App on an older operating system, Adobe Application Manager is used to download and install your app.

How do I install the Photoshop CC update for Creative Cloud if I’m a new member?

If you’re brand new to Creative Cloud, all apps and services can be installed from the Download Center. (Note: if you still see “Apps” instead of “Download Center” clear your browsers cache and cookies for Adobe.com)

Go to http://creative.adobe.com and sign in with your Adobe ID.

Click Download Center:


You can browse through all the apps and services, and view details about all apps and services. Navigate to the App you want to download and install, and click Download. The product detail page opens:


Review the details, system requirements, and supported languages. Click Download:


  • If this is the first time you’re downloading an app, Adobe Creative Cloud is downloaded and installed on your computer. Adobe Creative Cloud then manages the rest of the installation process.

Note: Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app is supported on Mac OS X 10.7 or later, and Windows 7 or later. If you’re downloading an App on an older operating system, Adobe Application Manager is used to download and install your app.

Clicking download for CC apps isn’t working from the Download Center on creative.adobe.com. AAM gives a generic “Download Error.” What should I do?


Download the the latest version of AAM directly from here:

Creative Cloud Update fails due to DynamicLinkManager. How do I fix it?

If I install Photoshop CC, does it update and replace the version of Photoshop CS6 I currently have installed?

No. Photoshop CC (version 14.0) is a major version update and will install completely separate from Photoshop CS6. You are welcome to keep both versions installed, or uninstall Photoshop CS6 if you want.

Can I uninstall Photoshop CS6 after I install Photoshop CC?

Sure. That decision is totally up to you. After you are comfortable with Photoshop CC and confirmed all your plug-ins, hardware & printer drivers are working correctly, feel free to uninstall CS6.

How do I uninstall a previous version of Photoshop?

On Mac, go into the Photoshop application folder and double-click the “Uninstall Adobe Photoshop CS6” icon:


On Windows, see: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/uninstall-or-change-a-program

I have Photoshop CS6 as perpetual license product. If I cancel my Creative Cloud membership, will that affect whether I can use my old perpetual license products?

No. Canceling Creative Cloud has no affect on the use of older versions of perpetual license products.

Do I have to re-install my 3rd party plug-ins and extension panels after I update?

Yes. Because Photoshop CC is a major version update it will install completely separately from Photoshop CS6 and have a separate plug-ins folder. To install your 3rd party plug-ins for Photoshop CC:



  • Do not manually drag plug-ins from a previous version of Photoshop’s plug-ins folder to a newer version of Photoshop’s ‘Plug-Ins’ folder

If you encounter unexplained problems or crashes in Photoshop, use the following documents to determine if plug-ins are the problem:

Note: we removed the option in preferences to point to a “Additional Plug-Ins Folder” in Photoshop CC as it caused more problems than it solved.

How do I migrate my presets from a previous version of Photoshop?

Choose Edit>Presets>Migrate Presets… and follow the on-screen instructions.


My sync settings function is disabled. How can I fix that?

Go to Help>Sign Out… to sign out. Choose Help>Sign-in… to sign in again. Quit and relaunch Photoshop CC. Sync Settings should be enabled.

I don’t see the updates for Photoshop CC in the updater. Why?

First, make sure your computer meets the minimum hardware and OS requirements for installation and use.

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 with Service Pack 1 or Windows 8
  • Mac OS X v10.7 or v10.8

If your system meets the requirements, make sure that you quit the Adobe Application Manager and relaunch it. If it’s been open it needs to be quit and restarted so that it updates itself to see the CC updates.

I’m having trouble installing Photoshop CC on my system. Where can I get help?

Help with Creative Cloud Download & Install

I’m a Creative Cloud member and Photoshop CC is asking me for a serial #. How do I fix it?

First, make sure your membership is active: https://creative.adobe.com/account/plans

  • If there’s a problem with your account:
  • If your membership is active:
    • Quit Photoshop and AAM. Log out of the Creative Cloud app and sign back in. Note: signing in and out of AAM (Adobe Application Manager) doesn’t work – be sure to log in and out of the Creative Cloud app.
    • Relaunch Photoshop, Sign-In with the correct Adobe ID and select [License this Software]


Photoshop CC crashes immediately when I launch it. How do I fix it?

Log out of the Creative Cloud app and sign back in. See this doc: http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/cc-applications-crash-immediately-launch.html

How do I sign out of the Creative Cloud app?

Click the gear icon in the upper left of the Creative Cloud app and select Preferences:


Click Account in the preferences dialog and click Sign-Out:


How do I fix “Unknown Server Error” when I attempt to log in to the Creative Cloud app?

See this document for a solution: http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/unknown-server-error-launching-cc.html

Where can I learn about more about the new features in Photoshop CC?

I’m brand new to Photoshop. Where should I start?

Where is the feature in Photoshop CC that was demoed at Adobe MAX that allows you to automatically export the contents of any layer by simply adding .JPG or .PNG to the layer name?

The MAX demo was a preview of something we are working on. This feature is not part of Photoshop CC yet. We plan to ship this feature later this year.

Want to learn more about this feature? See more examples/demos on Tom Krcha’s blog:

Where do I find Photoshop CS6 to download from Creative Cloud?

I installed Photoshop CC. Where is Bridge CC? Where is Mini-Bridge?

Bridge CC has it’s own installer. You can install it using the Creative Cloud app or from https://creative.adobe.com/products/bridge

What happened to the Output module/workspace in Bridge CC?

Why doesn’t video work on 10.6.8?

  • Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) is not officially supported. In particular, you cannot work with video files on Mac OS X 10.6. You can create a timeline with stills and add effects like transitions. However, you can export this work only using the File > Export > Render Video > Photoshop Image Sequence option.

Additional Questions:

Additional Information:

237 Responses to Updating/Upgrading to Photoshop CC FAQ

  1. piet says:

    i am trying to download cc this whole morning but it won t download fron this creative cloud.
    every time i try it just opens my cs6

  2. I would just like to mention that the Weird Science callout in your blog’s subtitle made my morning brighter 🙂

  3. Tauratinzwe says:

    After many efforts and much trouble shooting (following leads from Adobe FAQ that proved unrelated to my problem), I succeeded in getting the Adobe Application Manager to install and was able to install Photoshop CC. However, whenever I try to load a psd file, CC crashes.

    The web site makes it practically impossible to find any support suggestions and those offered don’t work. Looking at the forum it seems that I am not alone. There’s something wrong with this roll-out..

    If this is what the Creative Cloud software is like, I’ll not buy. Glad I’m just trying it out first. I’m encountering too many difficulties getting the cloud to load properly and now the software won’t let me load an image. Is this supposed to get me to buy? If someone can help me get this working I’ll reconsider since there are new features I really want. But don’t expect me to sign up to pay for a year for the opportunity to trouble shoot software that doesn’t work. I might do it if you pay me, but I’m not about to waste my time and pay for doing it.

  4. Ash Mills says:

    I notice that mini-bridge is mentioned in the features- I thought that was one of the things not working in CC Bridge? Also where is the Output panel, or its functionality?

  5. Pierrette Guertin says:

    I use Lightroom and want to know if we can open a picture in Photoshop CC from Lightroom. My Lightroom is arealdy set to open a picture in Photoshop CS6 but I want to open first in Psp CC to up sampling properly. Thanks

    • Yes. You will be able to choose “Edit In Photoshop” and it will open the image in the latest version of Photoshop (e.g. CC). If you want to keep CS6 as as an option, you can add it as an additional external editor in Lightroom’s preferences.

  6. Julie McLeod says:

    This question relates to the free trials under the Creative Cloud. With the old licensing model, we were able to download and run a trial of an application for each version release. For, example, I used the trial for CS5 and when CS6 was released was able to trial that version. With the new PS CC, it doesn’t seem like there are going to be version releases, just a continually updating application. Will the counter ever get reset so that a new trial (with new features) can be downloaded and installed? Or, if I use the trial now for PS CC, is that the last time I’m ever going to be able to trial it?

    • Hi Julie,

      You will be able to use a trial at each full version release. For example, Photoshop CC is currently at 14.0. Once we release 15.0, you would be able to run a trial of the full version update. We will of course ship feature bearing updates in between (e.g. 14.1, etc).

  7. Jadine says:


    I’m currently a computer engineering student and am begining a research project to discover the ideal hardware configurations for the top software programs used in feature film, television, 3D modeling and design. I’m doing this to see if there are trends that are emerging, but also distinguish differences, and discover which hardware configuration delivers the best performance, and which components are most important in order of priority, in your case for Photoshop CS6:

    CPU: Is high-clock 4-6 core or lower clock 8-16 configuration best?
    GPU: Which model of GeForce, Quadro or FirePro is best?
    RAM: Is more better? Or is 16 – 32GB enough?
    Hard Drive Speed: How important are file read / write speeds?


  8. Matt Bleakley says:

    I’ve installed Bridge CC and Photoshop CC but everytime I double click on a raw image file (*.NEF in my case), Bridge CC gives me the error message that it can’t find Photoshop CS5.1 and won’t load the picture file into ACR through Photoshop CC. I can right click on the picture and select “Open in Camera Raw” or go through tools –> Photoshop –> [Any Selection] and have it run just fine. It’s only when I try to double click a picture file to open it automatically in ACR through Photoshop CC does Bridge try to find Photoshop CS5.1. I’m running Windows 7. Is there a setting somewhere in Bridge CC that I have to change to tell it to open raw files in Photoshop CC and not CS5.1?

  9. Erland says:

    This(look below) do not work on my PC – and i have tried to get Adobe to look this problem – but no responce…non…!!
    Every time I lounch Photoshop CC it comes with at warning “Adobe Photoshop CC stoped working…” and close again.

    Photoshop CC crashes immediately when I launch it. How do I fix it?
    Log out of the Creative Cloud app and sign back in. See this doc: http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/cc-applications-crash-immediately-launch.html

    • Hi Erland,

      I would try making sure your video card is up-to-date and potentially running in Admin/Safemode to help narrow down the cause: http://bit.ly/Troubleshoot_PS

      • Brian Hofmeister says:

        Jeffery, thanks for the additional information. I am experiencing the same problem Erland had. I’m going to try updating my video card driver and pray that it works. I have a final assignment due in three days, and my only choices are using CS 5.5, or using the online lab through school, which is super slow, so I hope this works.

  10. Debbie Warren says:

    Hi, I have installed the trial version of Creative Cloud and Photoshop CC. When I open Photoshop CC it crashes immediately upon launch. I tried the solution above of logging out and back into Creative Cloud, but that didn’t work. I also tried your on-line chat twice, but they refused to help me because I’m using the trial version. I don’t understand why Adobe offers a trial version if they won’t support it? How can I know if I want to move to Creative Cloud unless I try it. I currently use CS6 and it works great. Is there any way you can help me with my problem. I have posted to the forum and search all Adobe resource materials and none of the solutions work for me. I’d really like to move to CC, but would like to test it first.

    Thank you,
    Debbie Warren

  11. Debbie Warren says:

    By the way, I spent a couple of hours yesterday with your telephone support. He was very patient and helpful, but unfortunately could not solve the problem. He indicated that he would escalate the issue and I would receive a call back in about 5 days. I was very happy that he agreed to help me even though I was using the trial version. After criticizing the support of the on-line chat above, I wanted to point out the patience and helpfulness of the telephone support.

  12. Marianne Schlüter says:

    ich besitze Photoshop CS6 und möchte gerne im Abo CC erwerben. Leider habe ich keine Kreditkarte. Wie kann ich anders zahlen.
    Darf man CC auf 2 Rechner benutzen?
    Freundliche Grüße
    Marianne Schlüter

    • Translated using google translate:

      Hallo, können Sie 12 Monate Prepaid-Karten von Amazon zu kaufen. Ja, Sie können aktivieren und Creative Cloud Apps auf bis zu zwei Ihrer Computer zu einem Zeitpunkt. Sie können installieren auf so vielen Computern wie Sie möchten und Sie sich auf dem System, das Sie bearbeiten möchten – und deaktivieren Sie die Systeme, du bist nicht aktuell.

  13. Dayaram Ganda says:

    trying to up date potoshop cc. will not down load,
    comes up errors U44MIP7. HELP PLS

  14. If you want some advice on what laptop specs you should focus on when buying a Photoshop CC Laptop I cover a lot of it my blog post here:
    Thoughts on Buying a Photoshoip CC Laptop
    If you plan on using some of the more intense features like 3D in Photoshop you are definitely going to want to have the 8GB of Ram and the Quad Core processor (especially when its time to actually render those 3D graphics for final output). For those of you who were on CS6 if you’re laptop supported you, then you are likely okay, but if you plan on using any of the other CC apps like Premier Pro or After Effects, then you should definitely consider an upgrade to something with Quad Core and at least 8GB of Ram.

  15. Karen says:

    Hi! I have a question that I can’t find an answer to. I have CC and have downloaded, installed and used PS, LR, BR, etc., for a while now (LOVE IT). Problem is I am confused as I received a notice about downloading and upgrading to CC which I thought is what I have.

    For instance I have installed PS CS6 & LR. The CC application manager shows under the section “Your apps” it is installed and up to date….but under the section “Find New Apps” it shows PS CC & LR as “not installed” . So, what is the difference?

    Is it an upgrade? If so, why does it say my CS6 is up to date?

    This is probably the one thing I haven’t liked – the “confusion” about what you have, versus what you need to update, versus what the CC App manager shows. Very confusing.

    • Hi Karen,

      CS6 (version 13.x) was the first version of Photoshop available in Creative Cloud. (Lightroom 4 was also the first version of Lightroom available in CC) We just released Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC (version 14.x). You can install the updates and uninstall Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 4 after you install the latest versions. See the topics above about how to uninstall.

  16. Agustin Goba says:

    Photoshop CC crashing on start. Found the above “Log out of the Creative Cloud app and sign back in. See this doc: http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/cc-applications-crash-immediately-launch.html
    Went to the Creative Cloud app page and clicked on download, since I didn’t have it on my computer. Adobe Application Manager opens, but there is no Creative Cloud app listed. How am I supposed to download the app to fix the problem if the app isn’t available to download? The time I have already wasted trying to find out why Photoshop CC won’t open already has cost me more than my monthly subscription fee. In the real world, if I buy a product and it doesn’t work, my money is refunded. This is ridiculous.

  17. Agustin Goba says:

    Update: Uninstalling CC and re-installing seems to have solved the problem. For now.

  18. Agustin Goba says:

    Nope, now it opens but crashes as soon as you click with the type tool.

  19. Helen Yancy says:

    How do I make Photoshop CC the default on a Mac? I can’t find the answer here, and when I go to info for each type of file, it always bounces back to CS6 to open file. It also will not allow me to “change all”. Can you help? Do I need to uninstall CS6?


  20. Arthur Hazboun says:

    How do I “unassociate” files with extension such as pdf or doc or jpg from opening up in Photoshop, when installing photoshop I inadvertently clicked all files to be associated and open in Photoshop. Now everything I want to open will
    open in the photoshop, is there a way to undo this, or pick and select the file associations?

    Thank you

  21. Kristie Hollifield says:

    We have Photoshop CC installed on Mac (OS 10.8.4) I am trying to print jpegs to Epson 3880 and the image come out looking almost like a negative. I have tried dozens of different print settings.

  22. Hi Kristie,
    Does the file look correct if instead of clicking [Print] you click the [PDF] button in the lower left of the print dialog and select “Open PDF in Preview”?
    Is the “Negative” checkbox checked in the print dialog? If not, you may have a bad color profile.

  23. story says:

    oh, how I regret going with CC
    too many reasons to enumerate*, but first off all the “help” with installing plugins is useless. (see the so called help on “workaround” installing NIK — it’s just a Google+ group – blog. ridiculous.
    I’ve spent more work hours (read = $$) since “upgrading” to CC that I completely regret the decision and I’m more and more inclined to work in CS6.

    could not be more disappointed.
    *not to mention the#### of times I’ve had to sign in to Adobe CC to “register” etc and etc and etc. really wanted to “like” it but really, really don’t.

    now onto more hours researching how to install my plug ins – combing through forums, deleting useless links provided here by Adobe… did anyone think this rollout?
    (I thought I was safe waiting for so long before signing up. no such luck)

  24. Lee Hollingsworth says:

    When updating I receive a message “Unknown error occurred……”

  25. Bill Baker says:

    I just changed my operating system from VISTA to Windows 7 so I could download Photoshop CC. Do I have to re-install CS5 in order to download Photoshop CC ..? Or, will it (Photoshop CC) load without CS5 being re-installed..?

  26. William OBrien says:

    installed Adobe Output Module per adobe instructions. output is selectable but nothing shows up in panel. tried the possible fixes, none worked, any additional ideas ??


  27. Diego says:

    I’m a Mac user. I have tried to download Photoshop trial a few times as my internet connection failed. So I got rid off it from applications as I wanted ti do it properly from the beginning. But now I cannot download it again.

    Any help??

    King Regards


  28. Farhad says:

    Does Photoshop CC support 10bit? If yes, where do I find the documentation?

  29. Farhad says:

    10bit does NOT work in Photoshop CC and it DOES work in Photoshop CS6. I raised a ticket against this issue with Adobe (#0211180177), hopefully Adobe will look into it.

    System: DELL Precision T3600
    OS: Windows 7 64bit
    Graphics Card: AMD FirePro W7000 (10bit support enabled in Catalyst Control Center)
    Monitor: DELL U2413
    Connection: DisplayPort
    Test file: 10bit test ramp.psd
    Application: Photoshop CC (30bit Support enabled in Advanced Graphics Processor Settings)

  30. Debra Sue Krajec says:

    HI, I am enjoying the Photos CC trial,and love the idea of haivng the msot recent updates, BUT I am having a problem. I have a PC running Windows 8 with an Intel (R) HD graphics 4000 GPU. I am haivng problems with my selection tools – when I select in an image with any of the selection tools, the cavnas goes to black and flickers on and off – I can see the selected image underneath, but can’t succeed with any selecting. I have been online with both Adobe and my computer manufacturer. The computer folks say my GPU is fine and updated w/ latest drivers, Adobe folks tell me the GPU may be too weak to handle Photoshop CC, and that there are also some problems with Windows 8…I was just about to subscribe to CC when this came up…what do I do? Is it WIndows 8? If so, should I go to CS6 instead? I have been a PSE user…
    PS forums have a few other people wiht similar probelms posting, and some are telling me to get another GPU driver (what will work?), or stick to CS5 or 6…

    Thanks for any help you can give

  31. Tore Lybekk says:

    I have a problem that I did not see covered in this list. My daughter tested CC and then upgraded to the student subscription. Between the two subscription she uninstalled Photoshop and Bridge the mac way by dragging them to the garbage bin. She then downloaded them through the creative cloud desktop app. The app confirms that the download was successful. The apps do however not show up in the programs folder nor can we find them using spotlight search. Other apps (Lightroom) that was not installed during the trial period works ok.

    How do we fix this?

    • Pete Green says:

      Hi Tore,

      Uninstalling by way of dragging to the trash isn’t always the best option, and in the case of Photoshop and Bridge, you’ll want to use the Uninstaller. If you’ve removed the Photoshop CC folder from your applications folder the alias for the uninstaller would have been trashed with it. Did you empty the recycle bin? If not, try dragging Photoshop back to where it was, then run the uninstaller located here: http://blogs.adobe.com/crawlspace/2013/06/updatingupgrading-to-photoshop-cc-faq.html#how_uninstall

      Otherwise you can try locating the uninstaller here (note the long name of the app): /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Uninstall/{2D99B50E-431D-4AA8-85C1-172A6F8BCF09}.app

      If neither of those options work, you can download the Photoshop CC installer directly here: http://prodesigntools.com/adobe-cc-direct-download-links.html
      Try to just install first, and see if that works for you.


  32. Catherine Banks says:

    I installed Photoshop CC yesterday and it worked fine. Today, Creative Cloud gave me a download for BridgeCC. This has installed but when I use it and then try to open the image in Photoshop CC the latter freezes. What can I do.

  33. Kenny Perryman says:

    Some of my CC programs are missing from my computer. They are Photoshop CC, PS touch CC, Prelude CC,Speedgrade CC, and Ideas. Can I uninstall Creative Cloud and then reinstall it.

  34. Laurie says:

    I downloaded a Trial Version of Creative Cloud, for which I have another 23 days or so on the Trial. I currently own Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3.0.

    I have often done the Trial Version of Adobe products before actually purchasing them. Up till now, they have always been fully functional versions. However, I am in Lightroom 5 CC, and, I have an image open in the Develop Module. I go to Photo, Edit In, and then, all of the options
    -Adobe Photoshop CC
    – Photomatix
    – Nik
    are ALL grayed out. I went into Preferences, and Adobe Photoshop CC is clearly selected as the External Editor in Preferences (yes I have it installed) but, as I mentioned, all the options in EDIT IN from Lightroom
    are Grayed out, and cannot be selected. I cannot even change the default selection in the Lightroom Preferences to Photoshop CS5 which I own free and clear.

    What’s up with this? Really? a 30 day trial version of CC, and I cannot open an image from Lightroom and edit in Photoshop and then save back to Lightroom? Surely that cannot be true.

    If there’s some obscure setting I’m missing it would be greatly appreciated. My husband called Adobe, and their only response was to say that they don’t offer support on Trial Versions. That’s a great way to help convince me to buy the product don’t you think?

  35. edicion2 says:

    Hi, I downloaded Photoshop CC with Creative cloud app, after that I uninstalled it accidentally and now I can’t install it again… right now I’m installing other programs but the app says I already installed Photoshop CC, I really need it to work, what should I do?

  36. Chad says:

    I have an image I need to submit to a company online. They have given me the following size requirements:

    640×800 pixels
    no larger than 12×16 inches (I’m aiming for 6×8)
    and no larger than 500kb

    Here’s my problem. No matter how low I try and save this file – as low as 50dpi, less than 80 pixels wide and with the lowest file resolution (0) I STILL keep ending up with a jpeg file larger than 600kb. No matter what I try – NOTHING will get this file down to 500kb or lower. The file has gotten so mall to be absolutely useless – and STILL it says it’s over 600kb in size.

    I’ve contacted the website about their requirements (hoping that there is some kind of confusion on their part), but the fact remains that no matter what mutilations I perform on this images size and/or resolution it ALWAYS saves as a file larger than 500kb. And this is in spite of the dialogue window telling me that the file has fallen far below that size BEFORE saving – I repeat: everything I try – lowering the dimensions and the resolution – consistently gives me an ever-decreasing file size at the top of the Save As dialogue box – but every single time, it saves as a file up to THREE TIMES that size. ALWAYS more than 500kb.

    What am I missing here? Why is so difficult to have it so that I can just tell Photoshop how large I want the file to be and for it to do as commanded and save the file at that size?

    How can I fix this? And time, needless to say, is quickly running out.

  37. Andrew Jones says:

    Just loaded and started using Photoshop CC on Windows 7 64-bit. I use it in conjunction with Lightroom 5 / ACR 8.01. Every time I go to save a file as a jpeg after flattening and converting to 8-bit, Photoshop crashes. Any suggestions? It never happened with previous versions and it seems to happen every time, even after a restart..

  38. Andrew Jones says:

    Hi Jeffrey,
    Thanks for your reply. just below the article you suggested, I noticed a point about plug-ins. It seems I had installed NIK (Google) software incorrectly (I just dragged it into the plug-in folder from CS5). Reinstalling this correctly seems to have cured my problem for now. Just out of interest, how do I access the crash log for future reference?

  39. Andrew Jones says:

    Hi Jeffrey,
    Thanks for this, my problem is still occurring intermittently (quite frequently at least 50% of the time) I have tried deleting and restoring the prefs as you originally suggested, but that did not seem to make a difference. With a bit more experience I can now state that the crash occurs most frequently when entering any dialog into the “save as” command (such as editing the file name or selecting the extension). It also occurs when performing a sync to the CC
    Is the location you give in your last post for the crash log for Windows 7? I can’t find this address.
    Also in the document you reference for submitting the crash log, I can only see a method for Mac OS, how is this done for Windows 7?
    Many thanks

  40. Andrew Jones says:

    Hi Jeffrey,
    Thanks again for your response, I have been submitting each Microsoft crash report, so hopefully you will pick these up and find a clue. Its hard to see any definitive cause/effect pattern as the problem seems to be intermittent, sometimes it happens at every attempt to “save as”, yet sometimes I can save 2 or 3 files in a row without problem, on average more than 50% of attempts to “save as” result in a crash. It has never occurred on a straight “save” so far, but I get the impression it is worse when working big files and multiple layers, I have noticed it seems to happen less when I have autosave switched off, but I’m not certain of this yet. I have lots of scratch disk available on an external 4T sata drive, which is not the one I’m saving files to, so I don’t think there is a conflict there. I’ve been using Photoshop for quite a few years and have never experienced any problem like this one, This has been happening from the moment I have installed Photoshop CC. It is very frustrating, so I hope we can find a solution soom. I will explore your suggestion to try a new admin acc in safe mode.

  41. sallyrose says:

    i cant download photoshop because my OS is Vista and the msg states photoshop no longer works w/ my OS….what can i do?

  42. Andrew Jones says:

    Hi Jeffrey,
    When starting the computer in safe mode, I could repeatedly save files using save as. I noticed that I could use the Google (NIK) plug in in safe mode except for the “Color Efex” which caused the programme to lock up on each occasion (Vivenza and sharpener modules worked without a problem). I deleted the entire NIK suite and ran again in normal mode, but once again it crashed when I tried to “save as”. Where do I go from here?

  43. Richard Williams says:

    The update will not install this is the error message I get.

    Extension Manager 6.0.7 Update
    Installation failed. Error Code: U44M1P7
    I bought the new lightroom but I had to return it because I did not
    have Windows 7 installed

  44. Beth says:

    hi im all new to this. can i download photoshop cc even if i dont have any previous photoshop program?

  45. Glenn Moores says:

    I’m using CS2 and will be buying a new Mac this week. Was wondering if I can use my old CS2 serial # to get a better price on your latest photoshop version?
    Thank you,
    Glenn Moores

  46. GAYATRI RAJAN says:

    What’s the latest version of PS that I can upgrade? I have a very old version. Am I stuck with starting all over again?

  47. Candace McCutcheon says:

    Why doesn’t my Adobe CS5 work anymore – the Photoshop Elements part (the blue logo) since August 14, 2013? I purchased it 1/27/11.


    Candace McCutcheon

  48. I own CS5 but I am taking Photo shop CS6 now at Etiwanda HS (Adult Course) and tache’s name is Denise Warman -tel 909-899-2531 ext 2317 and email warman@cjuhsd.net. What does it cost me to update CS5 PS to CS6 PS? We are using an Adobe CS6 book(which must be fr HS) which is very good and we can’t take home because it is to be used n class only. How can I obtain a copy of the Adobe training book on the CS6 Photoshop?

  49. Cameron Azad says:

    I just installed Bridge and PS CC. I’d like to keep using my perpetual Bridge and CS6 on my computer and use either the ‘old’ or ‘new’ one for a while as I familiarize myself with the new PS.
    When I click on a file in the old Bridge, opening it in ACR, and opening it into PS, it opens to PS CC. Is there a way to open it to the old PS6?

    What am I missing? Thank you.

  50. Jenny Krauss says:

    I own CS6. Do I have to convert to CC or can I go along my merry way without it? Will my software stop working and/or my files disappear if I don’t rent CC? I use CS6 almost daily for my job but don’t need upgrades or care about publishing anything on the web. Thanks.

  51. Netta Ewing says:

    I have been using Photoshop 6 for years, but I recently got a new computer and Photoshop 6 keeps crashing. It also will not recognise my scanner. Can I simply get an upgrade to Photoshop 6 which will enable me to continue using it on my new computer? I don’t need all the new Cloud stuff. I am a very basic user of Photoshop but a very loyal supporter!!!.

  52. Emanuela says:

    Ho aggiornato photoshop 5,5 a CC ma il Lightroom mi è scomparso il pannello degli effetti.
    Come rimediare al più presto?

    Uso Mac 64bit

  53. Fred says:

    The Lighting Filter does not work on either my 64 bit or 32 bit PS CC. I have fully updated drivers for my video card. Does anyone have a similar problem, or better yet, an remedy?

  54. Tony says:

    Why does the Creative Cloud installer continually fail to install? I am trying to reinstall it because when I did install it before, Photoshop wouldn’t download. The photoshop download failed every time. Is this some sort of marketing scheme? They did not ask for a donation for their product. They offered me a working product and I expect nothing less. Thanks for the help!

  55. Vungping Yang says:

    I am falling behind. The last version of the PHOTOSHOP I have is version#8 back in 1988. Now I try to update for the new version or present version. I can not. please help. How can I get the new version or present version of PHOTOSHO?


    Vungping Yang

  56. CIndy Marie says:

    Hi. This is a weird problem. But I really want to download Photoshop CS6, just the trial version. But I can’t find it anywhere D: I was following the instructions here (http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/download-previous-versions-creative-applications.html) but there’s no box beside the Features where I could select Photoshop CS6. I’ve already installed Photoshop CC but I can’t render videos because the Adobe Media Encoder for CC is just for a 64bit computer.. and I’m using a 32bit =((( or did I get it wrong? Can I render videos in Photoshop CC even though my laptop is just 32bit? Please help me 🙁 thank you so much!!!!

  57. Wendy Caine says:

    I have been trying to dowload Photoshop CC and Bridge CC and I keep getting the error to “Please close the following applications to continue – Adobe Bridge CS5” Well I do not have Bridge CS5 running, I have restarted it, gone into my preferences-advanced-an unchecked the open on log in. I have quit Bridge CS5 a total of 5 times, I also forced quit it once…I am still getting this Photoshop CC install box asking me to close Bridge CS5….ARGGGGGGHHHH….please tell me how to continue with the install. I really do not want to uninstall Bridge CS5 at this time.

  58. Filippa says:

    I just got photoshop cc but I can’t import video files to it, as soon as I click on ”import video frames to layers” it just says that my version of mac does’nt support video! please help!

  59. Ron Ridenour says:

    We have just purchased a Rebel Ti5 and will be taking lessons from the camera store we bought it from. The strongly suggest we get Photoshop Elements 11 . We presently have an older version (Elements 7) and wondered if we get a discount on Elements 11 if we buy it?

  60. Andreas Hell says:


    my actual problem is as follows: I habe installed PS CC from Creative Cloud. Now I had to accept, that my CAD- Software isn’t able to communicate to CC, and I need PS CS6. Is it possible to install it again and to activate it with my Creative Cloud Abo?
    I would be very thankful for your help!

    Greetings from Austria
    A. Hell

  61. JOHN PARISI says:

    how to change photoshop cs6 to photoshop cc in lightroom external editing

    LR 5 still opens into CS6 although I have CC. How do I change that?

  62. Aaron Suhr says:

    I have multiple computers here in the office I am working with. The issue that we are having is Photoshop closing when we go to print. we do not get an error message, it just closes. any thoughts?

  63. Kevin Ortiz says:

    Photoshop Cc cs6 update failed.
    Now what?

  64. Trevor Jost says:

    I’ve installed Photoshop CC through a packager – CCP Launcher (we’re a prepress company and would prefer not to have everyone download separately). The Macs are still on OS X 10.6.8 due to problems with Mavericks and our PDF workflow (among others). The problem is that the Adobe Updater doesn’t see that I’ve already installed Photoshop – it still has the install button, so I can’t see if there are updates. The other CC applications I’ve installed through the updater show either updates are ready to be installed or they’re up to date.

  65. Frieda51 says:

    Can you tell me if the Intel® Core™ i5-4200U Processor (specs below) adequate to support running Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop CC? Thanks!

    Intel® Core™ i5-4200U Processor (3M Cache, up to 2.60 GHz)
    Launch Date Q3’13
    DMI2 5 GT/s
    Processor Number i5-4200U
    # of Cores 2
    # of Threads 4
    Clock Speed 1.6 GHz
    Max Turbo Frequency 2.6 GHz
    Intel® Smart Cache 3 MB
    Instruction Set 64-bit
    Instruction Set Extensions SSE 4.1/4.2, AVX 2.0
    Embedded Options Available No
    Lithography 22 nm
    Max TDP 15 W

  66. Liz Cavaluzzo says:

    Recently purchased canon 70 d camera. I own photo shop 4. I shoot in raw. Of course I now can not open raw files in 4. Before upgrading my computer ( costly) with photoshop 6 can I open raw files taken by my Canon 70 D?

  67. Mark Cato says:

    I have CC in Windows 7. Downloaded the apps that I want, but do not see Photoshop CC in the Program List.. I see Photoshop CS6 but when I click on it, it says “License expired”. All of the other applications load normally. I have signed out of the Creative Cloud and signed back in with no change. The Creative Cloud App Manager says that I am up to date on Photoshop CC.

  68. Mohammed Razavi says:

    Dear Sir
    Have a nice day
    I am Photographer and Retoucher Stay in Qatar in Middle East I have already have the original Photoshop CS6 Extended plus Lightroom 5 I would like to join to Creative cloud for Photoshop CC and Bridge CC only at present, is it possible to join for annual membership directly from Adobe sit or I have to buy annual membership from Local dealer only.
    I would like to join directly to Adobe site for Photoshop CC supporting Arabic ME please send me the link so I can join directly.
    On Photoshop CS6 already I have some plug in can I use them on Photoshop CC or I have to purchase them again.

    Best Regard
    Mohammed Razavi

  69. Hi…

    I don’t understand, what is the difference between photoshop CS6 and CC? Is CC the newest version? I’m pretty confused about the whole thing..

  70. Mike Murdock says:

    Can you point me to the codecs needed to open Nikon NEF raw files from my D 800. I’m running Photoshop CC on a Mac tower software 10.6.8


  71. I’m in Ireland and want to install CC – Photoshop and Lightroom.
    When i try to pay, I’m asked for a US state and ZIP… without these I can’t buy !!!
    Surely I can buy in Ireland?…. How? I’ve tried lots of options – but all lead back to the same purchase page.


    • Clodagh,

      Sounds like your Adobe ID is associated with a country other than Ireland. Unfortunately, you cannot change the country associated with Adobe IDs. If you create a new Adobe ID for Ireland you should be able to sign up.

  72. Status: New Mac Pro! New to CC and PS-CC. CC member for 4 months – long time PS user. Downloaded Adobe Application Mgr okay. Trying to download PSCC (presently in progress). Only 30% complete after 6 hours. Concerned about time out and fail to load. Before installing I read extensively to find where one selects download for PC or Mac, but could not locate, so I assume Adobe download site auto detects one’s system? Thanks for your reply.

  73. jessy says:

    i installed photoshop cs6 and also made an creative cloud id but i only installed an trial version of photoshop and now i don’t want that trial version anymore how do i delete it and or cancel my licence or something and also do i have to pay for that.

  74. Richard Wozniak says:

    As a Photoshop CS6 user, I recently installed Photoshop CC as well.
    Both worked fine. (I am using a Mac).
    I then uninstalled CS6 using the proper CS6 uninstaller with no problems but when looking through the system I see lots of CS6 files, folders, logs, etc. scattered about as leftovers.
    How can I ensure that all traces of CS6 are gone without risking adversely affecting Photoshop CC?

    Will the Adobe CS Cleaner Tool do the job or is that only suitable for removing pre-release and beta versions of Photoshop?

  75. Leslie says:

    I cannot figure out how to adjust image resolution in Adobe PS CC. I had no problem with CS6. How can I do this with the CC version?

  76. Debra says:

    I have the paid version of CS6. I am trying to download the trial version CC, but am getting the following error message. Please advise. Thanks!
    Exit Code: 34
    Please see specific errors below for troubleshooting. For example, ERROR:

    ————————————– Summary ————————————–

    – 1 fatal error(s), 0 error(s)

    FATAL: Payload ‘Camera Profiles Installer {539AEF15-3A2B-4A31-A587-7E90F7D9C700}’ information not found in Media_db.


  77. Ed Young says:

    For the past few weeks, I cannot log into Creative Cloud, I get the response, ‘You’ve been signed out/’. I have tried things I have found on message boards, of re-installing CC, running the cleaner, downloading and running the IMSLibREplacer.exe, and looking for but not finding the OOBE folder. Before I contact ADOBE and put on hold forever, can you offer a solution? Thanks.

  78. JBoren says:

    Hi, can I upgrade to CC from photoshop CS5? What is the cost, I.e cheaper if you already have a license or not? Also please confirm If I can sign up for photoshop only. So far I could only see a bundle together with lightroom (which I don’t need) for £8,78 per month.

  79. Wolfgang Schliebner says:

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 12.1 – Update
    Bei der Installation dieses Updates ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Schließen Sie die Installation und wiederholen Sie die Installation zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt. Fehlercode: U44M1P2003

    • Pete Green says:

      Hi Wolfgang,

      The U44M errors typically are due to some sort of disk cleaner utility that can be altering some of the originally installed files and the updater is having trouble performing the update if this has taken place.
      Best bet to get updated successfully would be to uninstall PSE 12, then reinstall it, and perform the update right away.


  80. Mary Nash-Pyott says:

    i’ve installed photoshop cc and bridge, but still get the message that mini-bridge is not working. When i try to open a CR2 file from bridge into photoshop, photoshop freezes. When i try to open a file from photoshop, i can’t without cross-referencing the file# because all i see are a thousand CR2 icons in the directory. Is it really supposed to be this complicated???

    win7/64, amd dual-core 3.2g processor, 8gig ram, ATI mobility radeon 4200

  81. Karolina Kraußer says:

    Hi, is there any update for CS5.1 or LR4 so that I can open RAW files, that I photographed with Nikon d610? Thanks

  82. Howard Warren says:

    I read the FAQ. One reader said he could have CS6 and CC at the same time. I looked for CS5 on my computer but I cannot find it. How do I get it re-installed back on my computer?

  83. Brenda says:

    trying to install Photoshop getting an update failed download error (49)
    tried several times still get error.

  84. Hayley Johansen says:

    Installed Trial – In CC it keeps saying Update failed – retry or contact customer support (49) – this continues to happen & I cannot access Photoshop

  85. John Addison says:

    I recently updated my OS to Windows 7 and with my old XP Pro I was using Photoshop 4.0 LE. Very basic stuff. Which version of Photoshop should I purchase that will give me the basic uses for Windows 7… there are so many versions I’m at a loss. Thanks for your help1

  86. John Addison says:

    I almost forgot… what program can I use for Windows 7 that is similar to Pagemaker… the basic version?

  87. Raul Vieytes says:

    I’ve restored my rand new vaio, where i’ve got installed Adobe CC, Photoshop (64 bits), Illustrator (64), Premier (ídem), and that restoration eliminated the apps. I’m a member of CC, now i’m trying to reinstall Photoshop or Illustrator, but it’s a new version (2014) that stops at just 42% download. What’s the problem?

  88. Em Tee says:

    I am very new to adobe and am currently using the trial version of Photoshop, lightroom, and bridge. I am trying to use mini bridge but have not been able to find it anywhere in photoshop. I cannot click extensions drop the drop down menu under WINDOW. Nor is there anything on the bottom of the screen. Am i missing something here or is mini bridge not available in the trial version?


  89. Frank Huy says:

    I currently have & use CS5.1. Can I purchase CC 2014 as a one-time purchase or is Adobe now making it a yearly subscription / payment type of deal? Is the payments plans I see for the cloud services aspect and do they just sell the stand alone versions like previously. Thanks in advance

  90. Manish says:

    How can i update PS CS5 to PS CS6 currentely I m using PS CS5 trail version but i want to use PS CS6.

  91. Stephen W. Stoneberg says:

    2 questions;
    1) If I am off line, will photoshop cc still work?
    2)if I don’t keep up my subscription, what happens to photoshop cc?

    • Hi Stephen,

      1) The Creative Cloud desktop applications, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, are installed directly on your computer, so you don’t need an ongoing Internet connection to use them. An Internet connection is required the first time you install and activate your apps, but you can use the apps in offline mode for over 3 months at a time after activating

      2) When your membership ends, your license to use & get support the version of Photoshop software and services you use as part of your membership also ends. With Lightroom, however, at the end of a membership, the desktop application will continue to launch and provide access to the photographs managed within Lightroom as well as the Slideshow, Web, Book or Print creations that we know many photographers painstakingly create. Only the Develop and Map modules are disabled. http://blogs.adobe.com/lightroomjournal/2014/07/what-happens-to-lightroom-after-my-membership-ends.html

  92. Aditya Soni says:

    Please help me on how to update PS CS5.

    I am using PS5 trail software but i am willing to upgrade on PS CS6

  93. Jack Ferrante says:

    I have Photoshop CS6 Extended.
    If I rent Photoshop CC14 can I keep CS6 separate from it?
    What about my plug-ins, will they work in both?
    If I decide not to get photoshop CC14 and get a new computer, can I install cs6 on it?

  94. Jack Ferrante says:

    I am purchasing a new MacBook Pro and one choice is the CPU.
    I want to run Photoshop as fast and efficiently as I can.
    Should I opt for the highest GHz on the CPU?
    Would 4 GHz make much difference over 3.7 GHz?
    I will have 16GB of ram and a 512 GB ssd Drive.

  95. Jack Ferrante says:

    If I rent Photoshop CC…..can I only download Photoshop and Bridge…..I am not interested in Lightroom?

  96. Tony says:

    When I try to use the Photoshop Free trial, can i save the picture as jpg or png? I did not find them.

  97. Lee says:

    If I have photoshop cs3, will it still work if I upgrade my OS to Yosemite?

    • I have CS3 installed and running on Yosemite. You will have to install the latest JRE in order for it to run: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1572

      CS3, however, wasn’t designed and nor extensively tested to run on this new OS. I don’t recommend that customers upgrade to Yosemite without doing their own testing to ensure that it will work for their needs with their current hardware and drivers.

      If it’s not obvious, you should never upgrade your critical production environment before testing. Always use a separate partition or drive.

      I also recommend that you do a clean install of the OS and your software.

  98. Eric Kim says:

    Everytime I try to make a new project either after opening one or just off the bat, Photoshop (CC 2014) crashes. Can anyone help me with this?
    (I’m currently using a GTX 750 Ti SC and and AMD FX-8320 Black Edition (if thats the source of the problem))

  99. Sayo says:

    I live in Nigeria, I downloaded the trial version of the CC version because I wasn’t able to buy the full version because it is not available in my country, I am of the opinion that since I am able to download the trial version I should also be able to pay for the full version because I need it. Please you have to help me out. Thank you.

  100. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the update.

    I’ve had a lot of trouble with my Photoshop license last year but glad that it is now moved to cloud so I can use it from anywhere.

    Cheers 🙂

  101. Sam Rob says:

    We have and old computer here in our office with Windows XP. My issue is that Photoshop is automatically closing whenever I try to print, but no crash or error message. Maybe is the print driver? Any help?

  102. Kevin Fraser says:

    Are Dr Brown’s Services 2.3.1 compatible with Bridge/Photoshop CC? I’ve installed them manually as the automated installer was greyed out but on going to Stack-A-Matic in Bridge the option selection window does not come up, rather the programme just switches to Photoshop and no photographs come up. Any ideas?

    Regards, Kevin

  103. Sherry says:

    I just downloaded Adobe Photo Shops trial. it downloaded Creative Cloud. I can’t find out how to get to the start page? All I get is a tutorial on how to do a photo but it doesn’t tell how to get to the beginning page.

  104. ali black says:

    i am brand new to adobe creative cloud. i cannot transfer my photos from lightroom to photoshop because the edit to… option in lightroom is greyed out. what do i do?
    thank you ali black

  105. Kelly Pierce says:

    Question for you: I have an old (and unstalled!) version of CS5. If I install that, is it possible to upgrade to CC for a lower/reduced monthly or yearly price? If it matters, I am an educator and the version of CS5 I have is the student and teacher edition.


  106. Haile brown photography says:

    Hi I just started use CC and was wondering if I have to download the Photoshop and Lightroom apps to my pc or can I use them directly from CC’s webpage

  107. Sue Balk says:

    HELP! I recently had to replace the hard drive in my computer and when I went to re-install my upgrade version of Adobe Photoshop CS5, I realized I had done a very dumb/bad thing.
    I have been using Photoshop for many years, with various version and upgrades and one day in a mad fit of cleaning I purged my office of all the old versions.
    So when I tried to load the upgrade version of CS5, I had nothing to enter as prior code/serial number.
    HELP, please!

    • I only see registered versions of Photoshop Elements under the email address you’ve used to post here. (v 12 and 13) Did you register your CS5? Is it possible it’s under a different email address?

  108. Lisa says:

    I just bought the Nik collection, but I don’t find them in the filters menu of my PSCC15. How can I add them?

  109. Cathrin says:

    I cant download light-room, as it says that Lightroom doesn’t suport my system. How can I upgrade my system to suport light-room and photoshop, please?

  110. yusak says:

    Thank you I was be able to use light-room now, I’m change to 64 bit system, and it all works well

  111. Angelnaomi says:

    I am currently on the subscription at work using CS6, but would like to upgrade to CC. Once I download the 2015 CC version, it opens it as a trial. If I want to continue to use CC, do I just uninstall CS6 and will CC be my default Photoshop from now on, even when the trial expires, and I won’t have to upgrade or pay more after the trial ends?

  112. I was having problems installing Photoshop CC 2015.0.1, but now, I’ll read and see if I solve this and other glitches, there is much material here, I will try and then return. Great job Thanks

  113. A Croas says:

    I am a teacher and we purchased Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 (site license) about a year and a half ago.

    I have a lab of 30 L300 virtual computers. We encountered an error and now I can only have 18 photoshops open a time on my virtual machines. My question is, is Creative Cloud an option for us? Wouldn’t that allow students to work online, instead of running the software on a virtual computer?

    Can we upgrade to Photoshop Creative Cloud. What would the school need to do? What would my students need to do?

    Any help is appreciated.

  114. Jaci says:

    We currently have CS4 (which is very old), what is the best process to upgrade to the newest version of photoshop?

  115. here says:

    Can I install CS 5 in win8 ?

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