Photoshop CC 14.1.1 | 14.1.2 | 14.2.1 Updates Now Available

How to get the updates

  1. Look for the update in the Creative Cloud application and click “Update”. (Quit and restart the Creative Cloud application if you don’t see the update)
  2. If you don’t have the Creative Cloud application running, start Photoshop and choose Help > Updates.
  3. The Adobe Application Manager will launch. Select Adobe Photoshop CC and choose Update.

How to confirm that the Update worked:

  1. In Photoshop, choose Help > About Photoshop (Win), or Photoshop > About Photoshop (Mac)
  2. The version is listed in the about dialog

Give us feedback!

Once you’ve updated to the newest version of Photoshop, don’t forget to leave us feedback about your experiences. The quality of Photoshop wouldn’t be what it is today without our passionate and loyal customers around the world. Giving us regular feedback helps us to find and fix issues that we may otherwise not know about. We are listening.

Here are a few ways that you can send us feedback:

Photoshop 14.2.1 Update (2/18/2014)

2/18/2014 – Today we released Photoshop CC update version 14.2.1 (for Creative Cloud members, Mac and Windows), resolving the following issues:

  • Fixed issue where Smart Object is not updating correctly after going back in history with parent document
  • Fixed issue with Generator and Linked Illustrator Smart Objects
  • Fixed issue where bounds of layers exported via Generator are wrong
  • Fixed program errors when Generator is enabled
  • Fixed issue where backspace key doesn’t delete last point for Polygonal Lasso, Magnetic Lasso, Magnetic Pen 
  • Fixed issue where Generator stops generating files in documents with a large number of layers
  • Fixed coordinate incompatibility between 14.0 and 14.2 when using 3D/actions
  • Improved start-up time when scanning presets
  • Fixed issue where clipboard is not retaining the correct size unless the resolution is set at 72 when copied from Illustrator
  • Fixed issue with Smart Object updating incorrectly after drag and drop between unsaved documents
  • Fixed issue rendering PSDs with 3D content created in prior versions
  • Fixed issues errors, stability, and rendering issues with Scripted Pattern Fill
  • Fixed crash on quit after creating video Smart Object
  • Fixed stability issue when running Camera Shake Reduction filter on new Mac Pro
  • Fixed issue with context menus not working on Windows (document titlebar, unit menu on w & h during transform, etc)
  • Fixed issue where New Linked Smart Object via Copy layer updates wrong Smart Object after edit
  • Fixed issue with inverted bump maps
  • Fixed several crashing issues using Generator
  • Fixed crashing issue build 3D print for Shapeways 3D print
  • Fixed 3D issue with rendering after unchecking Surface Detail
  • Fixed 3D crash when default presets are missing
  • Fixed crashing issue when saving and closing document quickly after applying a filter
  • Fixed issue with merging down 3D extrusion Material
  • Fixed crashing issue with 3D cross-sections
  • Fixed issue with placing linked Smart Object containing animation/motion
  • Fixed issue when placing 3D files using Javascript

Photoshop 14.1.2 Update  (9/25/2013)

9/25/2013 – Today we released Photoshop CC update version 14.1.2 (for Creative Cloud members, Mac and Windows), resolving the following issues:

  • F5 was deleting layers instead of opening Brushes panel
  • Crashing while editing paths
  • Intermittent crash using Generator
  • Issue running actions with Generate>Image Assets enabled
  • OpenGL functionality disabled  on some Windows systems with both NVidia and ATI cards

Photoshop 14.1.1 Update (9/11/2013)

9/11/2013 – Today we released Photoshop CC update version 14.1.1 (for Creative Cloud members, Mac and Windows), resolving the following issues:

  • User preferences reset after applying 14.1 update
  • Inadvertent disablement of Graphics Processor Settings with some hardware configurations

114 Responses to Photoshop CC 14.1.1 | 14.1.2 | 14.2.1 Updates Now Available

  1. Gene F. says:

    Just updated. It’s better than before. GPU sniffer works without hanging and prefs are untouched. Nice work team!
    Mid 2009 Macbook/6 GB ram/Nvdia 9400M 230 MB OpenGL 2.1

  2. Michael Thompson says:

    GPU bits working well now, thank you. Saw the issue pop-up yesterday on first launch, now gone completely. As an aside, I really think it’d be helpful if you guys linked to these blog posts or (listed) a proper change log in the CC updater app, as “addresses of number of issues discovered” doesn’t really tell me anything.

  3. Jeremie W says:

    Trying to update to 14.1.x. No updates available. I have gone as far as to uninstall all Adobe CC products and CC itself and no luck. I only get Photoshop CC 14.0.x. I am using a mac with OS X 10.9. I also subscribe with the educational discount. Does that have anything to do with why I can’t see the update?

    My employer provided Mac updated just fine but they subscribe via a business account.

  4. Mark Sasway says:

    Updated. Ice Cream Head Ache Over. Thank you Adobe. GPU sniffer officially works now, with out being renamed, or much less, crashing, and Ps CC hasn’t disabled 3D features.
    Macbook Pro 17″, Mid 2009
    3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
    NVIDIA 9600M GT 512MB
    Mark S

  5. Lawrence Hudetz says:

    Update from post in earlier thread. Things look fine now. The custom hotkeys are still where I set them except for the refinements (like in Smart Sharpen) which has been simplified but my settings are as last set.
    Also Shadow/Highlight is also where I set them previously.
    I notice others have complained so kudos to the team for correcting so quickly.


  6. Ben Heys says:

    Having trouble updating with my adobe subscription, looking forward to giving the new features a whirl though!

  7. BJ Nicholls says:

    “Nice work team” my #$%. I’m sick of file-corrupting bugs and poorly-implemented updates. A quick turn fix 14.1.1 release in not good work, it’s a symptom of a very poor quality control process. Creative Cloud apps are all “live beta” as far as I’m concerned, and I don’t trust them with my critical files or as tools to make my livelihood.

  8. george hawkins says:

    I’m also NOT getting it.. About says 14.0. My Adobe products are “up to date” Trouble???

  9. Bob Benson says:

    I would respectfully disagree with BJ Nicholls,The Adobe CC suite is the most complicated and intricate software suites on the planet. It runs in two versions of Windows and two versions of Mac OS that are all in constant state of flux with monthly updates and Adobe is facing increasing pressure to come out with a no-Windows_ emulation-necessary Linux version of their software. They not only have to maintain at least 4 to 8 code versions of this suite but make the work-product of this suite totally cross compatible. Adobe to keep abreast of at least 3 manufactures graphic drivers and a myriad of mouse, graphic pad and motherboard drivers. You are talking about millions of line of code that have to be maintained constantly. THERE CODE WILL NEVER EVER BE TOTALLY STABLE! ! ! It is an impossibility, even if they ceased the development of all new features today they would never be through refining and fixing their code.

  10. Fraser says:

    I have Photoshop CC version 14.0. When I open PS CC and select HELP the “UPDATES” are greyed out and therefore I cannot update PS CC to version 14.1.1.
    Is there a way to get the latest update???

  11. Alessandro says:

    I cannot even update to this release. The Creative Cloud stop at around 47-48% with the error I’m not connected to the internet…
    MAC updated at the latest 10.8.5 (hopefully it’s not just because the last Apple updates)

  12. Wendy Setiadi says:

    yess,i just update latest photoshop cc to 14.1.1 and than everything become worst, photoshop cc need update driver graphic card my gt330m on my vaio z, coz sony dosnt have the latest driver update for this kind of nvidia geforce gt330m, what should i do, i dont have any problem before in photoshop cc version 14.0 (windows 7 pro 64 bit), need help please, sorry bad engglish

  13. Poll says:

    I’m sad
    How can i use version 2.7.2
    I can’t use the version 3.0

    Better version 2.7.2

  14. amr ashraf says:

    i do this update but my big problem is i didnt find camera raw filter ! any one can help me in new ver 14.1.1

  15. Jenny says:

    It’s amazing how some people have enough brains to breathe. This app was totally destroyed with the last ‘upgrade’. 90% of the features were removed leaving it a piece of ****. I paid for the app & added features & now they’re all gone. Gone is the premium border pack I paid for. Gone are all the features you usually get with photoshop. The makers of this app just STOLE ALL OF MY MONEY & gutted all of the features the app had. The dolts running this company should WARN BUYERS of this app they will LOSE ALL OF THE FEATURES THEY PAID FOR! The morons at this company won’t even let users remove this ‘upgrade’ to get the app they paid for back. Because they stole from me I’m going to sue the owners for gutting this app and deleting ALL of the app’s previous features. I suppose the idiots who destroyed this app believe they can steal people’s money & replace an app with a white screen that does nothing. They will see me in court and I’ll win and hopefully obtain justice against these psychotic thieves.

  16. Sanchai Thiewprasertkul says:

    I cannot update to 14.1.1. When I started Photoshop and hit Help-Update, nothing show up. Eberything is up to date. From Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app, Photoshop CC is also nup to date. (version 14.0)

    And when I tried download the 14.1.1 patch setuup.dmg, following a link on this form, the update fail. It stated that the update is not valid for my product!!

    Hekp please, other update like InDesign CC to version 28.0.0 work fine

  17. Alessandro Castagnini says:

    I cannot update it.
    I already asked on the forum, but no solutions read in the KB worked for me.

    Any other idea?

  18. Paul Seidel says:

    I now get the message “You can’t open the application “Adobe Photoshop CC” because it is not supported by this type of Mac – i just updated to 10.8.5 on my i5 2013 iMac 27″. I need a fix soon as it’s a regularly used program.

  19. Cici says:

    I have a question with this generator. I set the document as follows: set the preference-> check the enable generator->go to file->click on generate-> Image assets-> change the layer or folder name into XXX.png, jpg. Done! Right?
    But, I can’t find where I saved it. Someone mentioned photoshop will automatically create a folder next to the Psd file where I saved it for all the assets. But, no, it is not there, and I searched all my computer, there is no file name that matches layer name I have been saved for asset from Photoshop. Did I miss something? And I even have no idea whether this feature is working or not. How can I tell?

  20. PoulG says:

    Drag From Safari To PS error…

    I Hope they will fix this error soon…

    I’m having this bug when dragging an image from Safari to Photoshop. (On Mavericks)
    Photoshop interface locks up and i have to CMD click the PS icon in my dock to get Photoshop to “snap out of it”.. I can then go in to Photoshop again and use the interface…

    I seen the problem for quite some time…
    To reproduce the error:
    Open Photoshop
    Create a new document
    Open Safari
    Google a image
    Drag the image into Photoshop
    The Photoshop interface will not not work.

  21. Manfred says:

    OpenGL functionality disabled on some Windows systems with both NVidia and ATI cards!!!???

    photoshop 14.1.2. notebook with windows 8.1 64 bit onboard intel grafic + NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M:
    ps don´t regognized the NVDIA grafic-card and blocked working
    set the timeout in the registry on 8 . . . now it works, but this not the answer of this problem!!
    32-bit version of ps no problems, used automatically the onboard card.

    Today I will update to 14.2.1 . . .seee what happen

  22. Christian Leon christensen says:

    ..still no fix for superslow nudge or move of objects in a document with many layers and many layer comps?

  23. Christoph Werner says:

    I’ve installed the latest photoshop update. Unfortunately the new updates make me now impossible to use the generator routine. My project needs “decades” longer to realise that I’ve activated the generator in the File menu. I click on Genere->Image Assets and nothing happens… first. After half a minute or so the checkbox eppear finally. You must know: I have more than 100 Layers to be generated to single images. A lot of them are smart objects or groups.
    When I finally save my file to start the generate routine, I needs a lot ( ! ) longer to generate the images than before. Additionally my main problem: Impossible to rename any layer or activate the blending menue, while the generator runs, is still there.
    So with this update I’ve to wait much much longer to activate or deactivate the generate routine. Deactivating needs a long time too… What have you done there Adobe? (Sorry for this words.)

    You can reproduce the problem by reading my forums post here:

    @Adobe support: Please contact me personally via mail if possible and I will send you the project file where this problem appear. I can’t publish the file for everybody, sorry guys.

    Do someone knows how to go back to the prevoius installation? Really sad about the generator. A must buy argument and actually a real time saver.

    Best wishes from germany

    • Hi Chris,

      Joel Brandt will be in touch via email to try and get a copy of the file you’re having trouble with so we can troubleshoot your issue.

      • Christoph Werner says:

        Hi Jeffrey.
        Great! So I will wait for his mail.

        Best wishes

        • Christoph Werner says:

          By the way:
          Now the generate routine is not working anymore with complex organised projects. Means: nested groups, layers and smart objects.
          In the meantime I’ve added some more layers and groups with additional content. Sometimes I get an error. But the error reminds me only that generate is stopping because of an “error”.
          To even save my files I have to transfer the respective elements into a temporary project window. Then it works, whereas very slowly and after some clicks.

      • Christoph Werner says:

        Hi Jeff.
        Sorry about posting this, but the generator is not creating scaled images anymore.
        This an issue that is really really a serious problem here for me. I have changed my complete workflow for the generator tool. Now I am not able to keep my project timelines.

        Is there a way how to install Verison 2014 again? I need generator today and not in some days…

        Thank you

        • Christoph Werner says:

          OK. I found the way how to reinstall Photoshop CC 2014. That saves my day! Will work with the old version as long as 2015 generator is not solved.

  24. Alexander S says:

    just updated to 14.2.1
    and still see same bug as it was on fill-patterns-custom pattern-scripted patterns-tree
    Dosen’t work says same as before -Error: Error in Symmetry initialization script: line 43: Variable name
    Use MBP2013 OSX10.9.1

  25. Aero says:

    Can you enable manual download like after effects? I usually like to download at work because my internet at home is too slow. Thanks.

  26. Anthony Edge says:

    Thanks for the 14.2.1 update. I have had odd image size outputs (not conforming to mask sizes, etc) from Generator lately. I see this may have been a bug and might have been addressed. Excellent.

  27. Conny says:

    Can’t update to 14.2.1, error U43M1D204

  28. Arnaud B says:

    Does this update change anything with the use of wacom cintiq product ?

    • Hi Arnaud, sorry, no. We’re still working with Apple and Wacom on a couple of issues there.

      • Angelica Consejo says:

        I would like to emphasize on the importance of this solving issue since it affects a basic tool (lasso) and therefore the general functionality of photoshop. I don’t think I only speak for myself if I say I’m hoping an update for this bug arrives promptly since this is a mayor problem.

  29. Andy says:

    Is there any chance that the Creative Cloud application provides a working link with details for the respective updates? Right now, if you click on “What’s New” under the Photoshop icon, a text box with some more details opens, including a URL for this site – but you can’t click the link and it’s not even possible to copy and paste to a browser. Only way to follow the URL is to type it into the browser, which is kind of weird. Thanks!

  30. jlua says:

    I am on Photoshop CC Ver. 14.2. and my CC Desktop app. is not showing that any 14.2.1 update is available. Plus, Photoshop/Help/Update tells me that there are no updates available. Any ideas of what may be going on?

      • jlua says:

        Yes. That was the first thing I tried. I also logged off and back into my CC account. I also made sure that all my installed apps. are listed together with the same Language selection (“English-International”) set on the CC Desktop app., since I know there are problems with CC Desktop and Language selection disparities. Yet, I still have 4.2, and 4.2.1 is not detected in the CC Desktop, nor in Photoshop/Help/Updates.

      • jlua says:

        I have also tried uninstalling and re-installing PS CC. It just installs Ver. 14.0 and it pops-up an error saying that an Update failed. I have been getting all kinds of errors and problems with the CC Desktop installs since last November. There is something that doesn´t work right with the CC update mechanisms. Just read the user forums.

        • Hi Jlua,

          Are you on Mac or Win? What specific error are you getting?

          • jlua says:

            Jeffrey: It seems that the problem was that some common Adobe files related to the so-called “CSXS” infrastructure were corrupt. For some reason, repeated re-installs of Photoshop CC don´t seem to touch those common Adobe files, so they nevet get fixed, no matter how many re-installs. To get it fixed, it required to manually replace the “CEPServiceManager4” folder under “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe” with a fresh new downloaded folder (provided by Ashutosh Nigam, from the PS team).

            In my humble opinion, I think that Adobe product installs should somehow check the integrity of critical common files, and provide a transparent way to update them when -and if- necessary.

  31. Malte says:

    Hey Adobe, what happened to 14.2.1?

    When i want to select the edges of a specific path/vectorform of a multiple path selection, i cant select one path by clicking on it.

    With 14.2.0 one click on the specific path -> selection done, path active. Now you have to find that path manually in the layer window?

    Is this a bug or feature?

    Also, when only MOVING while transforming an object with text, but not changing any sizes:
    The Text size is changed from eg. 14 px to 14,02 px. And looking pretty ugly in ps. Sometimes the size is the same, but still transformed and looking ugly cluttered.

    What is this?

  32. Michal Baran says:

    Hi Jeffrey. Commenting sections doesn’t work on the other blog anymore so I brought it here.
    Ok so I’m on 14.2.1 Radial and graduated filters still cannot be saved in presets. (camera raw)
    Those two are simply not not there to choose in “New Develop Preset” dialog. Any ideas?

  33. George Adkins says:

    Keep getting TRAIL Version.
    I have bought, Paid For, and Registered and entered numbers for Product Code.
    What do I do Now.
    It also does not recognize my password sometimes not others
    Changed password and does not recognize
    What does one do ? Cancel Credit Card Payment so I can start over.

  34. Keith Bullis says:

    Hello. I have installed Photoshop cc (the photographers version that has Photoshop and lightroom). Lightroom works fine. Photoshop will open, but then there is no response. I can not click any menus or even close the program with the X (running PC Windows 7). I have to shut it down in Task manager (says that the program is unresponsive. I can not even go into the add remove programs and get rid of it. Any help would be great. Thank you.

  35. Clay Swatzell says:

    I am using Photoshop 14.1.2. i7 notebook (8GB) with windows 8.1 64 bit onboard intel graphic + NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M (2GB). Photoshop recognizes the card but when “Use Graphics Processor” is checked the Liquify filter causes Photoshop to lock.

    To add to the 32-bit version of Photoshop runs just fine, I only encounter a problem running the 64-bit version

  36. David Chinn says:

    Photoshop cc keeps crashing on me and I can not figure out how to fix it. It is all updated to my knowledge.
    Help !!!!

  37. Jim Frei says:

    I purchased Photoshop 14.0 on December 31st. Since then I have received no updates. I had an issue with logging in to Creative cloud that was resolved ( Case #0185301965.) I was attempting to check for updates through Creative Cloud. During that process I updated creative cloud but It still showed my current version, 14.0 as up to date. The tech that helped me with that case (S. Vivek) assured me that I had the most up to date version of Photoshop but clearly I do not. I did not argue. Intrestingly, I have a copy of Photoshop CS6 that I run under a volume licensing agreement through a VPN. This copy is not update-able, but it shows up in Creative Cloud as up to date. Could it be that this copy of Photoshop is some how preventing me updating the other version to 14.2.1?

  38. Don Leyn says:

    I purchased a NEW Laptop in November that have a screen resolution of 3200 x 1800. To my surprise I was unable to see the menus on InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. The menus and tools were so small, it was impossible to see. So I ran an update and ID was fixed, and working greatly. After a week or so, I updated AI and it now works fine. But as of today, now 4 months since I first discovered this issue, I am unable to use PS. Why is it Adobe CC cannot get this issue fixed on one of your most popular programs. I must wait until I return home and use PS there to do any work at all. This is very difficult since I travel a minimum of 50,000 miles a year on a plane and do (did) a lot of imaging work while on a plane.

    Come on, Adobe fix the issue. I am not as productive as I used to be and now am considering another solution altogether.

  39. Hristina says:

    can you give me serial number for photo shop 14.2. i cant find nowhere :/ . thanks!

  40. Lee says:

    Photoshop CC v14.2.1
    “Fixed issue where clipboard is not retaining the correct size unless the resolution is set at 72 when copied from Illustrator”

    No, that is not fixed.
    I’m still getting the same problem.

    This is what always happens:

    – Create a 10cm by 10cm box in Illustrator CC
    – Copy it
    – Switch to Photoshop CC
    – Go to ‘File’
    – Select ‘Create New’
    – The default resolution is 72dpi
    – Manually set it to 200dpi
    – Paste the image
    – Select ‘Create New’ again
    – And the default resolution is back to 72dpi (!!!)

    And, even worse, the Width and Height of the new document
    is always 0.01cm smaller than copied Illustrator image.

  41. Jeff says:

    Hi, I’m also stuck at version 14.0 with the greyed out Update link under “Help”. I’ve quit/logged out of the CC app, Photoshop, and my computer and no dice. I’m also getting all of the same bugs as everyone else here: font size and tracking are bonkers and I can’t disable/hide the Properties panel to save my life. I’ll admit upgrading to CC was the worst decision I could have made and accept responsibility for it but is there any way to fix these seemingly endless bugs? All of the links to help forums in this thread are now “undergoing a major upgrade” and are no longer accessible. This is starting to feel like a bad joke.

    Please send help.

  42. Jeff says:

    Hi… still stuck here. Any advice?

  43. Ken says:


    I am very happy to see the inclusion of CJKV OpenType features in Photoshop CC. However I do think that the implementation can be improved. Unlike the latin features, the asian font feature selections are not carried to new text layers from previous ones. Also, the paragraph and charater style options do not include the CJKV features. I hope that this can be added in future updates.


  44. mark says:

    Dear Photoshop gods,
    how is possible that the step “Blend Selected Layers Based On Content” in Panorama sticking is using ONLY ONE CPU CORE?
    About time to rework that code…

  45. Thanks from adobe company
    the softwares is usefull

  46. Surya shakya says:

    My photoshop CC is up to date but the version is still 14.0 and I could not find the features like . 3d or perspective wrap in my version of CC .. Is there any thing I have done wrong? HELP.

  47. Jeff says:

    Hi, was able to update to the latest version of CC but still have two super annoying issues that I’m not sure if anyone else is experiencing…

    The first is that any time I create a vector shape the Properties window auto-opens on top of whatever I’m doing. I keep closing it every time but it’s kind of driving me nuts, especially when working with limited screen space on a laptop. Is there a way to permanently close it and not have it open on its own?

    The second is that I once added a 3 px stroke to a vector shape and ever since, every shape I create has a 3px stroke on it by default. I’ve searched around and can’t seem to find a way to stop it from happening… Is there a way to reset this? I end up having to manually remove the stroke every time – also a time waster and pretty annoying.


  48. Christine says:

    I am hoping to add on the Analog Photo FX extension. Now I am seeing that CC has this update available (which is probably why I have been unable to install the extension no matter which direction I go). However, I fear updating CC (currently running 14.2 x64) as I am working on an older Mac and running 10.6.8. ~ See the System profile below. I AM stuck here for now as i am running some older gear and can’t afford to trash cameras that are working perfectly fine (Don’t EVEN get me started on the lack of support on flagship equipment from Canon that is less than 10 years old — sheeesh!) Last time I called Adobe I was told that future updates would not work unless I upgraded my OS…. Am I SOL?

    Anyone have any better ideas about how to get access to Analog Photo FX?

    Model Name: Mac Pro
    Model Identifier: MacPro4,1
    Processor Name: Quad-Core Intel Xeon
    Processor Speed: 2.66 GHz
    Number Of Processors: 1
    Total Number Of Cores: 4
    L2 Cache (per core): 256 KB
    L3 Cache: 8 MB
    Memory: 16 GB
    Processor Interconnect Speed: 4.8 GT/s
    Boot ROM Version: MP41.0081.B08
    SMC Version (system): 1.39f5
    SMC Version (processor tray): 1.39f5
    Serial Number (system): H09244JV4PD
    Serial Number (processor tray): J59100DM74MFC
    Hardware UUID: 46258092-9E68-5F49-B27F-26A55BD8F006