Lightroom CC/Camera Raw FAQ

I’ve assembled some Q & A around to Lightroom CC/Lightroom 6 below. If you don’t see your question answered below, let me know in the comments section and I will try and answer.

Will the prior version of Lightroom be uninstalled?

No, your prior version will not be uninstalled. Lightroom CC will be installed side by side. You may uninstall the prior version one you’re comfortable in the new version of Lightroom.

Where can I find training materials for Lightroom?

Learning resources can be found on the Lightroom product pages, on Adobe TV, and on the Lightroom YouTube channel. See this blog post for a complete list of free learning resources from Adobe.

What features are GPU accelerated in Lightroom and Camera Raw? What are the hardware/software requirements?

Why am I not seeing the Lightroom CC upgrade/download in the Creative Cloud application?

Lightroom CC won’t be shown in the Creative Cloud desktop application if your system doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements. It’s likely you are on a system with Mac OS 10.7 or earlier, or a 32-bit version of Windows 7 or 8. If you system meets the minimum requirements, try signing out and back into the Creative Cloud application and see if the Apps panel updates.

Are Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC the same thing?

Lightroom 6 is the perpetual license of Lightroom CC, but it does not include access to the Lightroom mobile apps on iOS & Android or Lightroom web.

Where can I find the Lightroom 6 trial?

The trial can be downloaded here. All trials are branded Lightroom CC. If you purchase a perpetual license version, you can license the trial to convert it to Lightroom 6.

Is Lightroom 6 still available as boxed software?

Adobe does not sell boxed products from You can find boxed copies at 3rd party retailers. You can purchase a perpetual download version of Lightroom 6 on here. Note, the perpetual license doesn’t provide access to Lightroom mobile or Lightroom web.

I just purchased Lightroom 5. Do I qualify for a free upgrade?

See this document to see if you qualify: Do I qualify for a free upgrade?

What user reported issues have been fixed in Lightroom CC and Camera Raw 9?

200 Responses to Lightroom CC/Camera Raw FAQ

  1. Jörg says:

    “Where can I find the Lightroom 6 trial?”

    the answer to that question does not answer the question at all. 🙁

    Without all the Adobe cloud app and Adobe ID hassles?

  2. David says:

    Can you clarify if standalone LR6 will receive bug fixes? Listening to Scott Kelby, it seemed like what you buy is what you get with the boxed version. I understand no new “features.” But I’d like to know that at least if some bugs/performance issues are found that they can be fixed and I won’t be left with a paperweight.

    Also where is the upgrade pricing?

  3. Stan Green says:

    Will there be an upgrade ($79) to go from Lightroom 5.7.1 to Lightroom 6?

  4. George Lepp says:

    I’ve downloaded and removed Lightroom CC several times, I’ve removed all Adobe 5 versions of everything, the program shows the splash screen for 1 second and is gone. Both on my Apple Pro (new) and my MacBook Pro. Spent hours on this! Frustrating!

  5. Lipinkumar says:

    Hi, I’ve installed Lightroom CC (on trial) on my MacBook Pro, where I already have Lightroom 5 running on trial. However, every time I try to launch Lightroom CC, the launch window is visible for a moment gets closed. Essentially, I haven’t been able to try Lightroom CC as of now. Should I uninstall Lightroom 5 to try Lightroom CC.? Please advise…

  6. Celeste G says:

    Thank you for putting this together Jeff. It will be shared with my user group.

  7. Linda says:

    Just installed LR cc… and now when I try to run a slideshow all I get are blank screens! I use this feature with every client, so back to LR 5… How do I fix this?

  8. RL Caron says:

    I see Blurb remains the only supplier in the Book Module. Is there a plan to add more sellers?

  9. Marcos Kulenkampff says:

    I Have Yosmite 10.10.3, and I always use lightroom. I have also creative cloud. The lightroom 5 worked perfectly, but when I installed lightroom cc, it doesn’t work anymore…what should I do?

  10. Wilson says:


    I have a Yosemite 10.10 and I always use lightroom.
    Today I format my imac and upgrade all Adobe CC 14 include the new lightroom but when I tried open the lightroom the programa blocks and send a message “Internal Error” – Failed to change modules.
    It is not possible to create the necessary folder: / users / wilson pereira / library / Application Support / Adobe / Lightroom / Develop Presets
    And doesn’t open.

    What should I do?

  11. Anestis georgiadis says:

    is there a way (=special price) to upgrade from Lightroom 5.x to a CC subscription (preferably Photography)?

    Kind regards,

  12. Mariah says:

    I recently tried to import some new photos that are RAW from my Nikon with a different lens. Lightroom 5 is telling me i need an update somtheing, but i’m not sure what to do after that. Can someone help me please?
    Thank You in advance

  13. Jim says:

    Why, when right-clicking and choosing “edit in” or “open as layers in” Photoshop CC, does Lightroom CC require Camera Raw? LR5 never needed ACR.


  14. Christine says:

    I uploaded the newest update for LR CC 2015 last night and am having issues with the crop feature. I can use it once, but when I try to return to it, I am getting a large blue box with a large white line X running through it. And ideas? Thanks!

    • First, update your video driver. Determine what video card you have and go *directly to the manufacturers website (nVidia or ATI/AMD)* and download the latest driver.

      Just doing Windows Update won’t give you the latest and greatest drivers. You must go directly to your card manufacturers website to check for driver updates.

      If that doesn’t work, go to Preferences>Performance and uncheck “Use Graphics Processor”

  15. Theresa McHugh says:

    I tried to export 72 CR2 files synced to the corrections I had made. It exported 45 but gave an error message “could not open 27 files”. What does this mean? It give no clues. The photo’s were taken with the same camera at the same time.

  16. Steve ruddy says:

    Installed lightroom cc through CC desktop app and it still opens 5.7.1 and I don’t see LR CC in my pc program lis tand CC says it’s installed and up to date.

  17. Jiri Jerabek says:

    Hi, I have a license (one off payment) for Lightroom 5 (currently in version 5.7) and I wonder how can I upgrade to version 6. I’m not interested in subscription at all, and I’d like to get a discount, as I’ll be *upgrading*, not buying the whole thing from scratch. The current pricing looks quite complicated to me. Could someone please elaborate how can I upgrade? Thanks!

  18. Marlene says:

    I already have a subscription to Creative Cloud and want to download the new Lightroom CC. I have version Lightroom 5.4 on my Macbook pro, which I don’t use often, but still want to have all the updates. I have the new version on my desktop. Can you provide a link where I can do this? Thanks.

  19. Christine says:

    I downloaded the new version of Lightroom CC today. I then uninstalled the Lightroom 5 using my desktop Creative Cloud. I am noticing a feature from Lightroom 5 (that I found sped up my work process) that is not in Lightroom CC. In 5 you could highlight the photos you wanted to batch edit, right click, hover over develop settings then you would see user presets and could pick your custom presets from there and it would apply to all highlighted photos. Yet when I do this in Lightroom CC it seems the only way to batch edit is to paste previous settings? Did something not install correctly or have they removed this option when updating to the newer version?
    Thank you so very much for your help.

  20. Edward says:

    MP4 and AVI video clips will not show in full screen in Slideshow Module.They play just fine in Library and fill screen, but when I switch to Slideshow module, video images shrink to about one quarter size in both the Preview and Play modes. I have tried changing presets and options to get Slideshow to play with full screen video but with no luck?

  21. Rene says:

    How do I uninstall Lightroom 5 now that I have Lightroom cc installed on my MacBook Pro?

  22. hi, i also have trouble getting LR 6 CC installed. same issue, macbook pro 2009 model, running latest yosemite
    splash screen comes up and disappears. i have tried uninstalling it and re-installing it again but to no avail
    also signing out of CC and back in did not help
    any advice please?

  23. Richard Pitts says:

    Hello can someone help I have the big blue screen with white x. Can not see photo light room or camera raw. Operating system windows 7

    • Hi Richard,

      I would suspect an old/bad video driver.

      First, update your video drivers. Determine what video card you have and go *directly to the manufacturers website (nVidia or ATI/AMD)* and download the latest driver.

      Just doing Windows Update won’t give you the latest and greatest drivers. You must go directly to your card manufacturers website to check for driver updates.

      If that doesn’t solve it, go to the Preferences in Lightroom and uncheck “Use Graphics Processor” under the Performance tab.

  24. Ruben Hernandez says:

    I think it’s important to let you know there are some issues with RAW from a Samsung Camera. It’s been crashing under developed mode. I’ve never experienced anything like this in LR5. Hope to be useful info.

    • I would suspect an old/bad video driver.

      First, update your video drivers. Determine what video card you have and go *directly to the manufacturers website (nVidia or ATI/AMD)* and download the latest driver.

      Just doing Windows Update won’t give you the latest and greatest drivers. You must go directly to your card manufacturers website to check for driver updates.

      If that doesn’t solve it, go to the Preferences in Lightroom and uncheck “Use Graphics Processor” under the Performance tab.

  25. H. Man says:

    This is kind of confusing: On Amazon you can get the boxed Version of LR6, but no upgrade. Directly on Adobe’s site, you can get the upgrade from LR5 (and others), but no boxed version. Where can I get a boxed upgrade version?

    • Upgrades are not available as a boxed product. Upgrades are only available from as a download.

      • H. Man says:

        Thanks for the info. I will never understand Adobe’s incoherent product politics. All other products, even recently released ones, are definitely available as boxed upgrades, as was LR until v5, and I will always prefer to have original Installation media and perpetual licenses when I spend lots of money…

        • You can always burn your own DVD, or store the installer on a local drive. We maintain an archive of installers going all the way back to Lightroom 1 (CS2 on the Photoshop side), so if you ever need to reinstall, you can grab a fresh installer from

          Creative Suite CS6 upgrades were also only available for purchase from as a download.

          The problem with DVDs is they are out of date shortly after we ship and when we provide an update and you have to go to to download an updated version of the product. Lightroom was updated to 6.0.1 earlier this week.

          Further, neither Apple nor Microsoft ship a system with an optical drive. DVDs for software installation are going the way of the dodo bird.

          • H. Man says:

            Well, Microsoft doesn’t sell any PCs at all, so of course there is no optical drive. Almost all PCs with MS operating system do have an optical drive, and rightly so. Apple is hardly a benchmark anymore. If it is, you can strip 10/30 bit graphics support from Photoshop and Lightroom, because Apple doesn’t ship this, too.
            Photoshop CS 6 upgrade is definitely available on DVD…
            Yes, DVDs are outdated soon after release. But when I spend lots of Money I want a hard copy on a data carrier, that’s the way I see it.

          • Microsoft sells Surface Pro 3:

            CS6 upgrades have only been available on and not in the channel (e.g. Amazon). We eliminated boxed product sales from at the same time.

  26. PaulM says:

    While I expect to use LR CC for the foreseeable future, either as part of the full CC or Photography bundle, I’m concerned about what will happen should I decide to leave (age, or worse). Assuming I still have LR 5 installed, what will happen if I try and open the current (LR CC) catalog?

  27. Bardt says:

    I have 1 desktop with RAID, and 1 laptop. Both I use with my catalog on dropbox so I can work most of the time on my laptop. The files are on my raid. The problem is it’s way to slow. Any ideas what do bottleneck could be?
    And in general: I think LR is still way to slow. Adobe, when is this gonna be resolved?

    • This is not a supported configuration. We do not recommend synchronizing a catalog file using a syncing service. It’s dangerous and could lead to a corrupt catalog.

  28. Kelly says:

    Anytime I open the “Develop” module, the actual selected photo doesn’t show. I move the cursor around and in the histogram, numbers are changing and I can swap before/after settings but I never get to see the actual preview of the photo I want to edit. After multiple crashes, I clicked the dialog to see what it was saying and it said Fault Module: Camera Raw.

    I’ve reinstalled Lightroom CC 2015 twice, deleted preferences and restarted but the same thing keeps happening. Live Adobe Chat couldn’t suggest anything else. Can anyone else?

    • I would suspect an old/bad video driver or an unsupported graphics card.

      First, if you’re on windows, update your video drivers. Determine what video card you have and go *directly to the manufacturers website (nVidia or ATI/AMD)* and download the latest driver.

      Just doing Windows Update won’t give you the latest and greatest drivers. You must go directly to your card manufacturers website to check for driver updates.

      If that doesn’t solve it, go to the Preferences in Lightroom and uncheck “Use Graphics Processor” under the Performance tab and restart Lightroom:

  29. guy says:

    I am a Lightroom & Photoshop CC user. I have updated to the latest version. I believe I also am updated to Camera Raw 9.1 and still… in my lightroom there is no slider “dehaze” although I can find it when I use Bridge to open a photo in Camera Raw.
    I’ve been trying and searching and reading and find nowhere any answer that would solve this problem.
    Can you help?
    Yours truly

  30. BD says:

    I purchased LR 6 but I need the update to 6.1 in order to open my Raf files (Fujifilm X-T10)
    I downloaded the update from “Keep my lightroom up to date” but now I can´t install it. Adobe keeps saying “Application Manager might be damaged”
    I renewed the application Manager but it didn´t help

    Any ideas?

  31. Eric says:

    I have Lightroom 6.2.1, which is the latest automatic update provided by Adobe.
    When I select to Edit in Photshop (Photoshop CS6), I get message “This version of Lightroom may require the Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in version 9.2 for full compatibility. Please update the Camera Raw plig-in using the update tool available in the Photoshop help menu.”
    However, ACR 9.2 is not compatible with CS6. Adobe has by their wisdom got me here……now get me through this anomilly.

  32. Henning Appel Larsen says:

    I updated my Medion notebook last week from windows 8.1 to windows 10. Everything runs smoothly except adobe lightroom CC 6.0. When I start the program it stops when I see the starting picture with a message box informing that the program stopped working due to a problem. No reference to the nature of the error.
    I have deleted the program several times and downloaded again but I still have the same error.
    What do I do ?

  33. Greg says:

    Long time user of Lightroom 4 and upgraded to 6 about 4 months ago. Have updated to 6.4 and also 9.4 raw. Using a Nikon D800e and having problems with L6 recognizing my files. Unable to read files for all files.
    Any thoughts? Thanks…..

    • Are you saying that Lightroom 6.4 won’t open the files but Camera Raw 9.4 will? Or both are having trouble opening the files? Is it all files, or only some of the files that having issue? Are you using Nikon Capture to import the images?

  34. Jon Miller says:

    Here’s a question:
    I’ve upgraded LR to LR6.5, when I went to edit an image in Photoshop it stated I needed the Camera Raw 9.5, however the CR9.5 is for LRCC and 9.1.1? is for LR6.1.1? perpetual license.
    Which version of CR do I need to on LR 6.5 perpetual license, because there is an issue here?
    My PS is PS CS6 v13.0.1 extended.
    Naturally if I do a check for updates it bring up the PS CC(2015) and LR CC(2015).

    • Looks like you’re running Photoshop CS4. If you want matched Camera Raw versions, your best bet would be to get the CC Photography Plan which give you the latest updates for compatibility between the two applications.

  35. jesus gomez garmendia says:

    hay posibilidad que lightroom 4 me abra archivos NEF Nikon 5500 ?, o Photoshop elements 10 ?


  36. Peter_B says:

    I have just installed Lightroom CC via Creative Cloud.
    It seems to be having a problem opening Sony ARW files from my Sony RX100M4. I checked the supported camera page and it is listed as a supported format.


  37. kwong k Hui says:

    I have light room 3.6 and photoshop cs4. I am using window vista
    I just purchased a Fuji X-E1, I can’t transfer files from the SD card in to my light room.

    Please, tell me what I need to upgrade or change to be able to process my images ( transfer from card to light room). Thanks

  38. peter hayward says:

    I want to be able to embed keywords etc to my images so that when I export them to (for example) picture agencies, they keywords, descriptions etc, export withthe photos. I put the keywords etc in in LR and can move them around on my system with the keywords, but when I send them out the keywords are not there. Could this be a problem of the agencies who are receiving the pictures?

    • Are you saving the metadata to the files? If you’re shooting raw, are you sending the sidecar metadata along with the raw files (metadata cannot be written to raw files as they are read only – unless you’re using DNG)

  39. musica rock says:

    I have lightroom ver. 6.5.1 and camera raw 9.5 installed in my pc, i have a nikon D5 and have no problem with open tne files, the Big problem is that ligthroom no reconigzed the nikon D5 when i connected to my pc, i use Win 10, ….. can somebody help me please???, thanks…..

    When i connect my nikon d750 no problem, only with the D5…

  40. Lester Baird says:

    I’m checking out a all in one computer (Touch screen) etc Which is this in link, and I’m unfamiliar with core strength to run Lightroom 6 as its a Quad with 1.8Ghz, this is the spec of machine in link – .. At the moment I only have a AMD Athlon Duo 2 processor @ 3 Ghz x 2 6000+ etc .. & (GeForce GTS 450 @ 1G Ram) etc .. And a total of 8Gb on M/Board RAM & Windows 10 64bit OS, upgraded from Window 7 for free, which I still have, but I’m finding the process of exporting and going onto the next image is lagging terribly to a stage I have to wait until the export is finished before going onto the next batch of photos, and make me feel frustrated etc.. So what is it that I need to improve, is it the Processor to a Quad, where the one in the link and all I can afford atm is $300 and cost $300 through private sale or is it a new Graphics card with 2 GB of Ram for my old machine , I’m not sure my motherboard with PC I have at the moment can go any higher than 8Gb on motherboard bios, but the one in link, can get 16Gb upgrade etc, the processor is the only problem.. Any one help with this direct to head above or even mention what other Computer that works well with spec to run Lightroom 6.. Hope I have enough information and not confused anyone :), thanks if you have the time to help, and let me know if the spec in link provided is able to run lightroom 6 to know if I should go ahead or not waste the money spent etc .. ???

  41. Jeffrey Millman says:

    The title of your thread is: Lightroom CC/Camera Raw. is there a separate module of “Camera Raw” in LR, or does LR just have the capability to edit CR photos in the Develop module? The right panel looks like it has the controls found in Camera Raw of PSE and PS

  42. Sam Nichols says:

    Question: I am using lightroom 4.3 (upgraded to 4.4). I use a Nikon D3S and typically shoot raw files. The card is a lexar CF card. I use a lexar card uploader. When uploading my most recent files I received an error message saying the NEF files are “unsupported or damaged”. I have also tried uploading the files direct to the hard drive. They appear in NEF format but are not viewable.

    If a put the card back in the Camera, the files are no longer viewable, though shots taken subsequently are. Any tips on being able to view this batch of raw files in lightroom?

  43. ann thomas says:

    This is . I hate how easy it was for me to buy a product but how difficult it is to communicate with the support team they have set up.
    my issue: “I DO NOT WANT WANT TO SHARE MY INFORMATION WITH ADOBE WHEN TROUBLESHOOTING!” Where ever that information is on the ADOBE website needs to be turned “OFF.” If I need help with your product I should have the right to choose whom I choose to help me. I should not be forced in a polite way to let ADOBE have access to everything on my computer to help me. THAT’S TOTALLY REDICULOUS!!. Can you please direct me on how to turn this function offff. Thank you.

  44. Tze Ting Lee says:

    Is Lightroom 6 supports Nikon D500 & D810 raw files?

  45. Roberto Bueno says:

    One year ago I buy the Lightroom 6 version (not CC). Now I need to update to LR 6.5.1 and I can’t to do, because in the adobe web only appear update of LR6 CC. When I try to update, appears a message saying that the update is not applicable with error code U44M2P28. Please can you help me?

  46. Massimo says:

    which camera raw version is present in lightroom 6?

  47. Bob Stine says:

    After the Windows 10 upgrade, I lost my sync to LR Mobile. How do I re-establish it? Preferences is showing that I’m not signed in.

  48. James Willis says:

    My LR collection will not sync to my devices. It has in the pas, in the upper left corner it reads “trying to connect”. This has been going on for two days now.

  49. Glenn says:

    I recently upgraded to El Capitan OS and I am now unable to open my RAW (.NEF coming out of Nikon D810) files in Lightroom or Preview them in Bridge. I originally couldn’t open in Camera Raw or Photoshop but downloaded new Camera Raw plug-in, they will now open in PS but not Bridge or LR.

    This really slows down my workflow as I will shoot 300 images, make say 40 selects in Bridge, Bring them into LR to do batch edits and then decide on a final 10-15 to really re-touch in PS. Not having RAW files open with Bridge or LR is killing my productivity as I am now forced to load all 300 into PS to see them full size and make selects.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  50. Peter says:

    I just bought the Adobe Creative Cloud especially because I was looking for Lightroom. Now I can not work with Lightroom as it is not supporting my camera raw files (Nikon D7200) – this must be an error. How can I fix this? What did I do wrong

  51. Luanne Jagich says:

    I have moved to a macbook pro 15 inch. During the move, I accepted the update to 2015.6 for lightroom CC. Now my Nikon D5 NEF images are not recognized on import. Any other Nikon D5 users out there seeing the same issue? It seems that once before on an update the D5 which had been working, stopped working (I was on a lenovo laptop at the time…then another update came out the next day and everything was fixed again)

  52. doug martin says:

    I have a propriety version of Lightroom 6. I recently updated to 6.6 hoping to add Camera profiles (I have a Sony A77) as I was only offered Adobe Standard. Unfortunately on installing the update I lost the whole Camera Calibration section – its just disappeared. I have tried rebooting to no avail. Suggestions to rectify welcome.

  53. Luanne Jagich says:

    any update on this?

  54. doug martin says:

    Good Q! I simply imported raw images – camera calibration was there to begin with, but not there after the update. I made no other changes, the raw pics were still in the relevant folders/Hard Drive.

  55. doug martin says:

    Perhaps there are no Camera Profiles available for the A77, but its odd that the whole section has simply vanished.

  56. Thomas Lingley Sr says:

    A couple of days ago I required help installing Light Room 6 but was unable too complete the task. Rather confusing to me. It was case number 0218958880. I believe this case is now closed.
    I would appreciate someones help desperately to get this program installed.I do have the serial number.

  57. Brittany Noska says:

    I have lightroom on my computer and am paying the monthly subscription fee. I just purchased a new computer to better serve my editing needs. How do I download lightroom without being charged again for this service?

  58. Khng Eu Meng says:

    I have been using Lightroom 4 for maybe 3 years and it has served me well.

    Recently, I bought a Nikon D500 and Lightroom 4 doesn’t read the raw files of this camera. If I understand correctly only Lightroom 6 and above can read the raw files. Am I correct?

    If so, am I able to upgrade my Lightroom 4 to the latest version so that I can continue to process my photos taken with the Nikon D500? How do I do this?

  59. Marina Waltz says:

    I have a Nikon D750. It’s no longer a new camera. However, we aren’t allowed to be connected to the cloud at work, so I haven’t been able to update Lightroom CC in order to process my RAW photos. How can I update without the cloud? I haven’t found an answer in my searches. I’m on a Mac, if that makes a difference.

    I have downloaded the latest Camera Raw update and am able to open my images one at a time in Photoshop, but that’s not the most efficient way of doing what I need to do. I could also do everything on my personal computer and then copy everything over, but that’s not efficient, either.

  60. Kobi says:

    After processing the photo using the Lightroom I prefer to rename the photo and export it to the relevant folder. The lightroom does not enable to do this, instead, a window is opened including the sentence: ” Some export operations were not performed”. What should I do ?
    My version is Adobe Lightroom CC2015.
    I appreciate your assistance

  61. Kobi Alon says:

    Dear Jeffrey,
    After processing the photo using the Lightroom I prefer to rename the photo and export it to the relevant folder. The Lightroom does not enable to do this, instead, a window is opened including the sentence: “Some export operations were not performed” Exporting without renaming is possible.
    What should I do ?
    My version is Adobe Lightroom CC2015.
    I appreciate your assistance.

  62. Holly says:

    I brought a Lenovo YOGA 700 which uses Window 10. I downloaded Adobe Lightroom and whenever I open an image in the development module all I see is a blue screen. I can see the image in the navigation area but not where the image can be edited.
    What can I do to fix this?

    • Update your video driver. Determine what video card you have and go *directly to the manufacturers website (nVidia or ATI/AMD)* and download the latest driver.

      Just doing Windows Update won’t give you the latest and greatest drivers. You must go directly to your card manufacturers website to check for driver updates.

      If that doesn’t solve it, go to the Preferences in Lightroom and uncheck “Use Graphics Processor” under the Performance tab and restart Lightroom:

  63. Lindsay says:

    I just downloaded the trial for lightroom. I imported my images from my camera and they show up in my library, but when I click on the develop tab to edit the photos, the screen is all blue and the photo will not show up although it is selected.

  64. Teresa Carter says:

    Hi, been using CC for a very a year. Never had a problem until now. I want to take my laptop on my trip, bought a external hard drive and Now I can get lightroom to see Raw photos. What is wrong?????
    This is really a pain and I tried to import from my camera and that did not work either. I have no problem on my Desktop seeing raw and that is all I shoot in.
    I don’t want to change my shooting techniques. I love editing in Lightroom.
    What am I doing wrong. I use Canon T6i
    I saved my files the first time to WD Passport. But then I get file preview not available.
    Please help me, Thanks.

  65. James Harris says:

    I can’t seem to log into the forums to post this. After I log in, type in my idea, there is no place to actually post the message. Maybe this will work:
    This is an idea for managing a large number of images in multiple formats. It would be so nice to be able to have LightRoom find the same image in multiple formats. I scan negatives to .tif, I have images from the camera as .dng, I also have exports as .tif or .jpg. Often these files get out of their place, then the confusion begins.
    I’d like for everything to begin as .dng, but since some of the originals begin as a .tif scan that isn’t possible. So I need a way to identify a given file as so it can’t be deleted, and the rest of the files as such as an exported file from a .dng.

  66. Tina Schell says:

    I’m confused about L/R and .NEF files. My Nikon D/300s is showing as supported. I just purchased the cc versions of L/R and photoshop so I have the latest software. I can open raw files in P/S but not in L/R. Does that mean I have to always use P/S before L/R? I thought it was better to open in L/R and then use “edit in” P/S. Very disappointed and hoping I’m wrong. Thanks

  67. Dawn says:

    I have a wedding to edit, which by the way was almost done… 800+ pictures. All my files in lightroom are showing as “the folder can not be found” I lost all my edits and it will not let me re upload them to lightroom. I am beyond annoyed and want to cry! I was suppose to deliver these pictures tomorrow! I don’t know what to do! HELP!!!!

  68. John H says:

    Very upset! Considering Capture 1!
    I just purchased the Photo bundle. Deleted and uninstalled everything Adobe. Every time I down load Lightroom I get version 6!
    I shoot a Canon 1DX Mk II and any files in the C-Fast card are unrecognizable!
    Have I just been taken for a ride purchasing this bundle???!!!

  69. Kjell Roar Bjørnsen says:

    I find it really strange that Adobe as the worlds largest Photo edit companies don’t cooperate with one of the two camera giants, Canon, in a tight way. When Canon releases the 5D mark IV, Adobe seems to know nothing about the RAW coming out from the new camera. and tell us to be patient for up to 90 days for an update. I have just collected my new mark IV and was thrilled to use it in a wedding shoot tomorrow….. I don’t dare because it may take months before I can start edit the pictures.

  70. John H says:

    I just purchased Adobe CC Photo. The Lightroom that downloaded is Lightroom version: CC 2015 [1014445]. I keep trying to do all I can from signing out and back in, using the cleaner tool, contacting Adobe help that took over my computer and deleted files then reinstalling and nothing!
    Is there anything else I can do or am I just supposed to keep paying for an old version that will not update???!!!
    Just a whole lot disappointed in the Adobe CC and Adobe not finding a fix for me.

  71. Michael Paine says:

    I just purchased a new Canon EOS 5D mkiv and neither Lightroom 4.1 nor Lightroom CC will download the RAW files (.CR2). What can I do to remedy the problem or is it just that Adobe has not yet updated Lightrooom to read the Canon format?

  72. Rebecca says:

    Just upgraded to L.R 6 because I was told it was compatible with the Mark 4 5d. I am still getting a message when I try to import my pictures to lightroom that they are not compatible. Any suggestions

  73. Jeffrey,
    I do not see my topic, which must be fairly common. I recently copied my photo image files to a new external Gtech 4 TB hard drive due to problems with my present drive. This is where I save Source files. I cannot figure out how to “point” Lightroom 6 to this new drive in order to access my files. Specifically, other than manually reconnecting “missing” photos for 16,000 files, which I did begin, I cannot figure out how to make this easy.
    Please advise.
    Thank you.
    Jeff (Lewis’ dad)

  74. afshin says:

    I just bought a Nikon D5300 and tried to connect to to my Adobe lightroom 5.7.1. But when I tried to tethered it nothing happens. It seems as if my camera is not recognized by the lightroom. Could you please advise me what to do?

  75. Norbert Steiner says:

    I have some pictures. I do not know how they were taken, but several of them have skin colors with edges against each other (the colors). So far I have used Lightroom only for organizing and printing and do not know the terminology for blotches vs. patches or whatever, and now need to smooth out the skin colors. Can I do that in Lightroom or do I get into Photoshop?

    • You can do some skin smoothing in Lightroom using spot removal and local adjustments (using negative Clarity). There are several tutorials for skin smoothing in Lightroom if you google/search for them. That said, you can do some edits in Photoshop that you can’t in Lightroom.

  76. George Savvatoupis says:

    I have a D500 and although the NEF files open in camera raw and Photoshop, they wont import in Lightroom neither produce a thumbnail in the folder they are in… what seems to be the problem?

  77. Geoff says:

    I have just upgraded to lightroom 6.7 to download my Raw files using a Nikon D500 camera. Looking at your camera compatibility chart it should now download my files, as files downloaded from my D810. Negative, What should I do?.

  78. Louis says:

    I had recently subscribed the Creative Cloud and I am using Lightroom CC for photo editing .

    It’s said that I can edit camera raw file in my iPhone 7 plus. So I synced photo to my Lightroom Mobile (which the is the .ARW file) and I tried to edit photo on my phone. I found that I’m just editing the “smart preview” photos rather than the real RAW file. I tried on my another phone (iPhone 6s) and same thing just happened.

    What seems to be the problem?

    BTW, the camera I use is Sony A7rii.


    • Images synced from the desktop are smart previews. The changes you make sync back to your desktop and are applied to your original raw files.

      If you shoot raw on your iPhone 7, or use the Camera Kit to import the raw files in from your Sony directly into your phone, then those original raw files will be on your phone and sync down to your desktop.

      We demoed an upcoming project called “Nimbus” at Adobe MAX that will allow you to sync your original raws up from the desktop.

  79. Frans Vroom says:

    Hello I have a question

    Subject Lightroom cc I use it for some years.
    I always import the raw files (CA2)from my Canon D5 mark3 and this without any problems.
    Now have a Canon GX7 mark3 and which also produces raw (CR2) files, but these files can not I import.
    I keep getting the message preview is not available for this file, and then not interested ported there.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Like an explanation from you.
    French Vroom

  80. Frans Vroom says:

    Yes you are right after the last update it works

  81. James Mercer says:

    My Camera Raw CC appears to be up to date so when will there be a version that can read the cr2 files from a Canon EOS M5 – just got the camera and tried a few shots then found Lightroom could not read them……..

  82. stan van de wouwer says:

    I have just got my new fz2000 from lumix panasonic and having a problem with rw2 files from it
    they stay blank in LR
    updated everything they just won’t show error can not open files in LR

    LR version 2015.7 camera raw 9.7

  83. Christophe says:

    How can I get or will there be a profile for zeiss milvus 135 ?

  84. alice jouniaux says:

    I just have a qestion… I wanted todownload the PhotoshopCC and the lightroom cc suite …. But i can only use LR5… and i cannot find a way to download the CC file. Could someone tell me why and how to upgrade my LR

    Thank u

  85. Stephanie says:

    I have recently purchased boxed software for Lightroom (version 6.0) and I also use Photoshop CS6. I am looking to upgrade my camera from a Nikon D7100 to D500 and I have heard that there are issues opening the D500 images in RAW due to older software. With my current versions of Lightroom and CS6 is it possible to simply download updated RAW plugins or do I need to purchase new software (which I would ideally like to avoid due to additional costs). Nikon seem to update their camera software frequently with each new camera and I am concerned about experiencing issues with RAW images and editing should I change my camera.

    Thank you very much!

  86. Pere Ninou says:

    Hi, through LR cc I can’t do panoramic pictures

  87. Pere Ninou says:

    I’ve just fields marked campus *

  88. Mike Jansz says:

    Hi. I hope you can assist. I have just purchased an Olympus OMD EM-1 M2 camera and it seem that it is not recognised in Lightroom 6. I cannot download Raw files. Jpeg no issues.

  89. Ryan v. l. says:


    For a while I am using Lightroom 6 and there is some trouble with exporting the files. When I export my files as JPG Lightroom will save the metadata in the file. But when I do this in DNG the stays unedited. Can someone please help me out?


  90. Darin says:

    I did the update a week or two ago. low and behold the “dehaze” slider is now gone. whats up? kind of important reason for buying this product. wondering if its some clap trap to switch subscriptions to squeeze more money out of folks already paying for the product for specific reasons.

  91. G.Parrini says:

    I usually use LR CC but not for the DNG files of my Lumia1020 because it does nor appear in the Enable Profile Corrections list. What I wrong?

  92. A.J. van der Kolk says:

    Where can I drop my question? Adobe is very unfriendly and not reachable.

  93. oscar8cantero says:

    I just got my subscription and Lightroom CC is not reading my 80D’s raw files. This is really weird because I had the trial version before and it read my files perfectly. Creative Cloud does not show an update option so I don’t know what to do. HELP PLEASE!

  94. herman nieuwenhuis says:

    I bought a new camera, Nikon D500 and found out that Lightroom 5.7 didnt support that Nef. I read on internet that LR6.5 would do the trick, so I bought that just now and installed it, Nowhere it said it was release 6.0 only. That didnt work either. Why didnt I get the latest release, LR 6.5? I paid for it,can you explain how i can get the right product so i can proces my pictures again?

  95. Mike T. says:

    What exactly is Adobe Camera Raw? I own Lightroom 6 standalone, and it works fine with my camera, and it’s RAW files since I upgraded it, (Eos 5d IV), I thought Adobe Camera Raw was part of Lightroom & Photoshop, but someone said I should get that program or download it. I’m confused, but I’m old and usually confused. Could someone enlighten me? Thank you
    Mike T

    • Adobe Camera Raw is a plug-in for Photoshop and is the engine in Lightroom’s Develop module. So if you have Lightroom, you’re using the Camera Raw engine in Lightroom. There is nothing else to download.

  96. Victor Rivera says:

    I purchased a boxed Lightroom 6 a while back and it does not recognize RAW images from my Nikon D7200. Is there an upgrade or something available?

  97. Normand Lalande says:

    I have the 2015.8 version install on my mac. The shortcut “X” should put a black flag on a picture, but it does not do so. The shortcut “P” is ok. Do you have a solution for me to correct this problem?

  98. ramona boone says:

    Lightroom cc freezes..I ctl alt delete to end task…lr lock and journal are still open when I reopen LR..have gone to older catalogs and get same problem .. just started yesterday

  99. Graham says:

    I have just downloaded Lightroom and am processing my first image taken with an Olympus TG4, I thought I would apply lens correction but I can find no mention of any Olympus cameras when setting up the lens profile.

  100. Ray Luetzen says:

    When will Adobe add the new X-T3 to LR Classic (subscription)?