Photoshop and Lightroom compatibility with Windows 10

Windows 10 was released today. To answer questions about compatibility, Adobe has create an FAQ.

The Photoshop and Lightroom teams have been testing our applications since Windows 10 became available to developers. In our testing, we have found no significant issues with running Creative Cloud products or Lightroom 6 with Windows 10.

Earlier versions of Photoshop (CS6) were also tested to a lesser extent and no significant issues were discovered.

I personally recommend that customers do their own testing on a non-production partition to ensure that new OSes work with their current hardware and drivers.

If you do encounter issues not already documented, feel free to report them on our feedback site.

234 Responses to Photoshop and Lightroom compatibility with Windows 10

  1. Forrest Pan says:

    I just upgraded my Dell XPS9100 with Core i7 930 from Windows 8.1 to 10. After the upgrade Lightroom 6 frequently freezes with a 14% CPU usage when I switch from the Library tab to the Develop tab. Getting the latest Lightroom 6 update didn’t help.

  2. I installed windows 10 and when I launched Lightroom (through CC) it will not load my catalog or any backups or old ones. I get an “Unexpected error opening catalog. The catalog could not be opened due to an unexpected error.” Please advise, I need this for work

    • Is Lightroom up to date? If the backups are compressed, you may not have compatible decompressor on the win 10 instance.

      • Fabe56 says:

        I have exactly the same error and my catalogue are in C:\Users\%username%\Pictures\Lightroom. LR6 are up to date and it’s works if I launch LR6 with run as administrator.

    • Matt says:

      Same problem here. Run as admin fixes. This is due to Win10 new excessively aggressive UAC. I have disabled UAC and set all Adobe apps to run as admin. Not an ideal solution but the only one that doesn’t involve me going insane.

    • Reinhard says:

      Had the same problem after win10-upgrade. But only with catalogs located in c:\users\…
      Those can be opened by starting LR as Admin. All other catalogs – not seated in c:\users\… –
      work fine.

  3. Since I updated CC as well as Windows to v. 10, I have no access to my CC libraries!

  4. Dan Wireman says:

    I installed Windows 10 on my non-production laptop. Everything worked great except for Lightroom 6. I would not open givingme the 0X0000007b error. I tried a reboot, didn’t work. I tried an uninstall, and reinstall, didn’t work, so at this point, there is no way I’m going to risk my production workstation. Anyone with ideas. would love to hear (I was an IT Analyst for 15 years, so I know PCs)

  5. Kim Badley says:

    I have the same issue as Jean-christophe Dick. I do not believe the files are compressed as the disk size and the file size are the same. I checked for permissions and this does not seem to be the issue either. Do you have any other observations?

  6. e says:

    DirectX 12 in Windows 10 is not yet supported on NVIDIA’s older Fermi GPUs

    been struggling with Win10 compatibility with PS/LR/ACR as beta testing Insider on older devices. Suggest that those on an older device WAIT before upgrading to win10. There are other issues as well that create problems with tools and rendering.

  7. wade shanley says:

    I’m experiencing issues as well. I had Lightroom 5.6 installed and after win 10 upgrade it wont’ load catalog. it won’t even allow me to create a new catalog.

  8. Kelly O'Day says:

    I installed Windows 10 and now my CC Lightroom gives me and error message:

    ” The program can’t start because MSVCR110.dll is missin g from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem..

    I’ve reinstalled CC twice. No change.

    Please help. All my non-Adobe programs work fine, problems with CC programs.

  9. JoeRos says:

    After installing Windows 10 – Lightroom CC is crashing after editing of 5 pictures!

  10. Corbyn says:

    I just upgraded to windows ten and i tried to launch my photoshop cc but an error saying “MSVCP110.dll is missing from your computer.” it also says to reinstall photoshop t fix the problem so i did, but nothing changed

  11. Rae says:

    I updated to Windows 10 yesterday and now when I pull up my edited photos it changes the resolution of the photos. It is not showing my editing corrections, it is making all my photos dark and low in contrast. If I’m in my adobe app it looks fine, but once I save the picture to my computer and then pull it up, it is completely different. It even prints out the picture wrong.

  12. Dariusz says:

    After update to win10 LR crash with any operations. Please fix it, because it won’t be possible to use the program.

  13. Andy Jones says:

    If there is a highlighted GUI element in the right hand panel of the develop module mouse wheel scrolling is disabled. You can see this easily by moving the mouse over the exposure slider so the text is highlighted and then try to scroll using the wheel. As soon as you move the mouse away from the slider scrolling starts to work.

    • MONIN Frédéric says:

      I have the same problem in the developing unit.
      This is not blocking, but … annoying.
      Until this is solved, I pass under Windows 8.1.

  14. Terence Chang says:

    I have been experiencing different issues to everyone else on this thread. I have upgraded from windows 8.1 to windows 10. I have updated my graphics driver AMD HD 6450. My libraries are able to be accessed and I am able to work very briefly after I start up my Lightroom CC, but it only runs for about 3 minutes before it becomes unresponsive, after which it just stops working completely and I must close the program. I have updated all my adobe products as of last night so I’m not sure what the issue may be.

  15. Anthony L. Solis says:

    My Lightroom works fine but my Photoshops won’t open. It tells me I have an unexpected error. I just updated to Win10 and didn’t have this problem before.

  16. Joe Tan says:

    LR cannot load the catalog because of permission issue. There are 2 ways to resolve –
    1. Run LR as admin OR
    2. Add permission to the folder where the catalog resides. For my case, my picture folder (holding the catalog) does not assign me as the permitted user. To add, Run ‘File Explorer’, navigate to the folder (picture for my case), click ‘Share’ then ‘Advanced Security’. Click ‘Add’, ‘Select a Principal’, ‘Advanced’, ‘Find Now’ to locate the respective user. Remember to give full permission.

  17. Murali Santhanam says:

    I just updated the AMD Catalyst driver to the latest 15.7.1 Catalyst Driver (Driver Package: 15.20.1062.1002-150715a-187327C) and after the driver update Lightroom has become faster and is not hanging. Hopefully, this fixes the issue.

  18. raphael says:

    thanks for the heads up. i have lightroom cc. i’ll probably wait for a month or two before i upgrade to windows 10. hopefully by then, things will be better…or bugs fixed.

  19. Luis Senessi says:

    I use Photoshop CS5 and I just upgraded my computer to Windows 10 and since then I have the following problem: when I use the keyboard shortcuts to change the tools it goes back to the previous tool. For instance, I’m using the brush tool and then I want to delete. So I press E and then the eraser appears and automatically goes back to the brush tool. This happens with all the tools only when using shortcuts.

    This problem has made my work go slower as before. How can I get this fixed?

  20. Paul Arnold says:

    Made the change to Windows 10 the other day, no problems until I noticed that even though I have the appropriate boxes checked in preferences I still can’t get Lightroom to open up when I insert my memory cards. Worked fine before. I have the Adobe Photographers CC monthly plan, on a Dell computer.
    Thanks, Paul.

    • Dennis Smith says:

      I have this problem as well. insert a memory card into win 10, and no lightroom CC option. I have to fire up LRCC and then insert card and import.

  21. greg says:

    I have a camera Fuji 100 xs and Lightroom 5.7. Installing windows 10, camera is recognized but not able to import through USB the RAW pictures stored on the HD memory card in the camera, since pictures are not visible in LR 5.7.

  22. Tevin Mills says:

    I upgraded to windows 10 last night, my Photoshop works as normal. HOWEVER my lightroom 6 does not open, it just says that windows encountered a problem trying to open the program and the dialogue box would only allow me to close the program. Anyone else having this issue? Any recommended actions?

  23. Simar says:

    Hi All,
    Do we have any update around: Photoshop Elements 13 support over Windows 10?

    We have customers using this combination and the system req OR FAQ does not give clear information around this.
    Please suggest.

  24. Neno says:

    Owning a dual GPU laptop (Intel 4000 and NVidia Gforce 630m) I ran into the same issue.
    This is how I solved it:
    * In the gForce control panel look for the powersaving. Set it to max performance
    * revert to older driver; in my case 347.88; latest driver makes PS crash…

    • john parkhurs says:

      i have the gforce 860m there is not a power saving mode but a auto or max performance was in auto)changed the setting to max and lr has not crash after some time ,which is a change. i still have the card turned off in the setting. but lr is seems to use able now .

  25. Anne says:

    SUCCESS!!! Thank you SO much. Couldn’t even open LR after Win 10 install due to ‘catalog error’. Joe Tan’s Folder share solution – see above – was the only change necessary to enable Lightroom ( ver.3.6 on this older laptop) to run even smother than before installing Window 10 from previous Windows 7. Right click on Pictures folder (or the folder your LR catalog resides in), click on Properties and allow sharing. Should be smooth sailing. Good luck everyone.

  26. Jeff Dort says:

    I’m having the same issue of unable to access the develop module with and AMD graphics card after updating to Windows 10 and having the GPU setting enabled. Is there any update on this?

  27. Ruth Crone says:

    I’ve recently upgraded to Windows 10 and Adobe Lightroom frequently shows ‘not responding’ error (more than half a dozen incidences of this error today alone). I then have to close the program and reopen it. (Very frustrating as you can imagine).

    I only subscribed to Adobe on the same day of the Windows 10 release – I’m a complete novice with the software. Any clues for troubleshooting?

    Thanks in anticipation.

  28. Paul Wan says:

    I have a new computer with windows 10 and Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom CC installed. I have found out that the Adobe Bridge and Lightroom can’t show the RAW files from my Sony A7 camera. When I try to access them, the programs are hanged. However, when I open those files with Photoshop directly, it works. Are there any methods to solve these problems?


  29. Sanne says:

    My laptop crashes all the time when using Adobe Lightroom! And the issue is not my laptop, i just did an upgrade, switched my hdd’s for ssd’s. In combination with mij i7 processor and 2 gb video card plus 12 gb RAM it should not be a problem to run Adobe Lightroom. So there is definately somthing wrong with the compatibility on Windows 10! Please try to fix it!

  30. Kent Spottswood says:

    Attention Windows 10 users with AMD HD5700 graphics cards, this is how to fix Lightroom CC:
    1. Install older version 14.4 of the graphics card driver, available at the following link, and restart your PC:
    2. Launch Lightroom. Go to Edit dropdown menu, choose Preferences, choose Performance tab. Uncheck “Use Graphics Processor.” That’s right! You’ll be able to uncheck it finally.
    3. Close Lightroom, restart your computer, and presto, Lightroom will run better than ever.

  31. David Besson says:

    Lightroom woesks faster, but locks up when you do in develope. Mode when changing images. Would of been nice but here we go again.buggy. ran compatability tester say use wi 8 setting. Rus slower tree but no lock up.

  32. Mike says:

    I just installed windows 10 and now Lightroom cc crashes as soon as I go in to the develop module. I have a Nvidia GTX 970m. What is going on here?

  33. David Besson says:

    I had to uninstall windows 10 then go to preferences uncheck use graphic possessor. and everything is working fine now. Graphic possessor was not supposed to be checked do know how unless it did it on its own . I have Radon HD 7450 card not compatible so I had it un checked. under win 10 locked up so bad it wouldn’t let me un check it. over and hour now playing with Lightroom cc no problems. good luck hope this helps anyone with same card. I am running faster under 10.

  34. Bill Rutherford says:

    I can’t import. When I go to the import dialog LR just freezes. Help Please!

  35. Dieter Myer says:

    I upgraded from win 8.1 to Win 10. Just tried launching Photoshop CC2015 and receive the following message window: “Some of the application components are missing from the Application directory, Please reinstall the application.”
    I updated Photoshop to the latest release, and it still wouldn’t open and gave me the same message. Photoshop CC2014 opens just fine. Lightroom works as well. Any suggestions?

    • Try this: install Photoshop CC 2015 over the top of itself (without removing it). To do this, in the Creative Cloud desktop app, go to the Apps tab. In the lower half, labeled Find New Apps, there is a filter drop-down to the right. By default it says All Apps or Filters & Versions, click it and choose Previous Version. Find Photoshop on the list and the button will say “Install” but it will also be a drop-down menu. Choose CC 2015 (16.0). This will do a “repair” install over the top of your existing files.

  36. Davide says:

    blue screen if i run Photoshop 2015

  37. Lizzy Love says:

    Photoshop cc use to work perfectly on my Lenovo i7 laptop , last week i upgraded to windows 10 professional from windows 7 pro and now photoshop is functioning absolutely horrible!!!! While im working its constantly flashing between a black or transparent screen, sometimes it stops on the black screen and as soon as I touch my brush to the canvas my project reappears. It is soooooooo frustrating! i read else where on the net that peeps were experiencing the same problem in windows 8 and someone from Adobe had commented that they were working on this issue and in the meantime to change the GPU to Basic in the preferences…… so I when I read that I was hopeful that changing from advanced to basic would clear up the problem til adobe does but unfortunately it only escalated the problem to be way worst! I am curious how if this problem was known as far back as windows 8 how we are still dealing with it in windows 10??? I am beyond frustrated as this is my business that is being affected……my livelyhood you now ? any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

    • Which Card/Driver are you using?

      You can disable Use Graphics Processor under Preferences>Performance… and restart. Otherwise, updating your driver directly from the manufacturer should work

  38. Brittany says:

    I upgraded to Windows 10 and now my images look extremely noisy on photoshop. It is awful. I dont know what to do! I have a photo to show of a screen shot I did. I tried to reinstall ps and that did not work. Everything is up to date!

  39. Bill says:

    When will AMD fix the driver issue??
    Running LR 6, Win 10, HP PC with AMD Radeon HD 6700M graphics processor

  40. BonanzaJellybn says:

    My Lightroom 5 wouldn’t open with it’s usual catalog. I created a new catalog in a different folder and it did work, but of course no photos. ——- FIX: So far so good for me. Someone above mentioned locating the folder your catalog is in and making sure it’s shared. I went to mine and it was set to READ ONLY. It was also like this for all of my other folders as well (Music, Documents, etc.) I hadn’t set it this way so I assume only that when I upgraded to Windows 10, it did. I’ve unchecked the READ ONLY option and so far things are back to normal working use. —– I hope this helps at least some of you.

  41. Tim Wilkins says:

    Have installed windows10 and my Photoshop 11 will not let me download photos showing message “cannot create the specified file. The file name is invalid or you do not have the permission to save to the specified directory” Any ideas how to fix this?

  42. Alyson says:

    I recently installed Windows 10. When I try to edit my photos the program crashes. I am currently using Photoshop Elements 8.0. Before program crashes I get an error message that says without internet explorer 5.0 or greater Photoshop will not work. I checked and have internet explorer 11.0.

  43. Dietrich Kunze says:

    I have the same problem as Forrest Pan reported on July 29th. I upgraded my AMD driver to 15.20.1062.1004 and also tried to unset the flag “Use graphics processor” as described here:

    But this does not work at all: after starting LR 6 again and visiting the settings for “Use graphics processor” the checkbox is still marked. Looking at the prefs-file afterwards my manual change is gone and the parameter is: “useAutoBahn = true”!!! The prefs-file ist updated with every start of LR 6 and my manual
    update is undone every time.
    The problem of LR 6 freezing when changing to the development-tab still occurs.
    So is there another workaround as my actual AMD-Driver meets the requirements and the manual setting
    of the “Use graphic processor” is useless?


  44. Jani Ø says:

    I’ve just installed Windows 10 and i have to run as admin every time i use Lightroom CC

  45. Peter says:

    I’m having the experience after upgrading to Windows 10 where Lightroom CC will load, but will freeze (the program will keep “working” with the blue circle pointer and then eventually turn white and non-responsive) when I transfer from “Library” to “Develop,” or vice-versa. This is very frustrating as I’m not able to edit more than one photo before LR CC freezes and has to be shut down and restarted.

  46. Aaron says:

    In case anyone is still looking for a Lightroom CC work around. My Lightroom was freezing when I opened the Develop Module. But it only did it if the Develop Module was open when I closed out of Lightroom. Switching back to the Library Module before closing Lightroom fixed it for me. Good Luck

  47. Peter Budd says:

    I had the same problem. Lightroom 6.1.1 Windows 10 AMD windows 10 driver 15.7.1.
    I tried reinstalling lightroom, downgrading the AMD drivers, changing back to the windows 7 driver and then the windows 8.1 driver. Never fixed the problem.
    I then tried installing and old AMD driver I had on my PC. AMD catalyst 13.10 beta. . rebooted and that seems to have fixed the issue.

  48. Ana Carolina says:

    I’m having an issue since the update, I can’t install the new update for Photoshop Lightroom. I already unistalled and reinstalled and nothing works.
    I got code error 49 and then U44M1I200
    Can someone please help?

  49. Mike says:

    I have CS4 for which I use the Camera Raw editing exclusively. I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and when I browse photos in Bridge and then subsequently try to open a photo in Camera Raw, it won’t open and I get the following error message: “Bridge’s parent application is not active. Bridge requires that a qualifying product has been launched at least once to enable this feature.” Any ideas how to fix? Thanks

  50. Leigh Gray says:

    I recently upgraded to Windows 10 but now my Photoshop CC doesn’t work. I get a message after a few seconds of the program opening, “Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.” My older version of CS6 works fine after the upgrade, as does my Lightroom CC. Any solutions for this. I have tried to re-install PhotoShop CC (although I didn’t do a full uninstall first). Any ideas what has happened and what the solution is?

  51. Julia says:

    I updated to Windows 10 now when I pull up my edited LR photos in the photo viewer it does not show my editing corrections like it did before I upgraded to Windows 10. I am using LR CC and all have not changed any of my settings on computer, absent what Win 10 may have changed when it installed. The edited image is correct when viewing it in LR but when exported to hard drive it does not show the edited image in viewer, it almost looks like the original RAW file without any edits.

    I am using a calibrated ASUS ProArt monitor with an HP Envy core i7 desktop. The images are from a Nikon D5200. I have not changed any of my color mgmt. settings from before the update from Windows 8.1 to 10.

  52. Derek Belsham says:

    I was having the same issues as above amd chip set, win 10, could not change GPU…. I used the Book technique to un check the GPU it worked and now LR works much faster then It ever did since I started using it.

  53. I upgraded to Win 10 yesterday on my Dell computer XPS 15z. When editing i Photoshop CC the picture goes black between every step I take. Please advice me. I have several deadlines today!

  54. Duane Clawson says:

    Have the AMD 7560D driver updated but still cannot edit more than one pic at a time in LR6 any suggestions. When looking at system info under Help tab still shows LR is running in windows 8.1. Upgraded to Windows 10 approx.2 weeks ago. At first no issues but over the last 3 nights this issue has been constant. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    • There’s a bug in windows where the API for getting the system version doesn’t return Windows 10.

      Which specific driver are you using? Can you select Help>System Info… and supply the text from that dialog?

  55. Jeremy says:

    Hi have installed Win 10 Pro N x64 Build 10240 freshly on a machine.
    Clean install.
    Adobe CC LR and PS are installed. Latest builds as of this post.

    No discovered issues in PS so far.
    Issues with LR have noticed a generally slower performance than that of my past Win 7 x64 LR CC installation.
    UI seems slower.

    LR fails to generate any previews for collections of more than 150 photos. It just hangs and does not process further.
    Face detection is working as expected, so far indexing 300k photos and counting.

  56. Tasha says:

    Ever since I updated to windows 10, I cannot even open PS CC through the cloud. When I go to pictures to open a PSD, it says the program cannot open because MSVCR110.dll is missing and try reinstalling. I have deleted everything and started from scratch, still having the same issue.

  57. Willamena says:

    Hello. I upgraded to Photoshop CC 2015 and Windows 10 at about the same time.
    Ever since then, my Photoshop applications have been running extremely slow. Photoshop will run normally for a few moments (usually less than 30 seconds), but then will inevitably hang while applying brush strokes, attempting to undo anything, or while attempting to switch tools. This lasts for about 15 to 30 seconds.

    I have the latest graphics drivers, a decent amount of ram and I’m using a Wacom tablet. All of my non-adobe programs still work perfectly. I tried rolling back to CC 2014 and this did not resolve the issue. Tried with graphics processing on and off, tried with rulers on and off, tried reducing the number of history states, all with no benefit. CC 2014 and CS6 previously worked perfectly on this computer. I’m not sure how I can fix the issues I’m having.

  58. Eddie says:

    Installed windows 10 and Photoshop cc crashes when I open an new layer and try to use dust and scratches filter. Half the screen turns red then crashes.

  59. Sarah says:

    I have Lightroom 5.4.1 and after installing Windows 10, the colors of my RAW photos are all wrong. I can not at all find a way to resolve it. My photos look great in my camera and on Windows Photo viewer. I have not made any changes to my camera and prior to Windows 10, my Lightroom images looked perfect.

  60. MS is bugging me to upgrade to win 10. Since upgrading to cc2015, I have had problems which do resolve by rolling back the Radeon 7700 series card driver to version 14.4 as suggested, which fixed the cc problem but that driver is clunky in any other apps I run. Damn poor tradeoff, imo. This suggests that using that driver in Win 10 to be a no-go.

    I would appreciate links and suggestions by which I might be able to make an informed decision.

    Thank you,


  61. Tom Crews says:

    Photoshop CC and Windows 10.1: “Refine Edge using layers”

    The fine adjustment brush +/- comes up with a Ø symbol instead of allowing me to use the brush.

    Thank you for your help on this…

  62. Brian Chamberlain says:

    I have an old photoshop (CS2) which I have used in windows 7 with no problems. With windows 10 it is asking me to shut down and reinstall. This still happens after re-installation. Help!!! this is a disaster!!

    Brian C

  63. belind frye says:

    my graphics in photoshop is messed up since downloading windows 10. the pictures looks distorted. im a photographer and i need help fixing this

  64. Paul says:

    Lightroom stops responding when dragging images into it?
    Seems to function ok otherwise. Have tried uninstall/install but makes no difference?

  65. Inge says:

    I installed win 10 and Lr 6 (I bought licence) on my new laptop, I 7 and Nvidia 840M.
    Lr runs well till I want to close laptop. I get a message that ‘Google drive’ is still open (I didn’t opened it) and computer freezes. No any reaction possible anymore, even by opening ‘task manager’.

  66. Ruth says:

    I bought Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 a couple of years ago. Box had not been opened. Just tried to load it onto HP Pavilion, which has Windows 10 on it. Disc won’t even load. What do you suggest?

  67. Lee Harman says:

    I am having difficulties with importing photos into Lightroom 3 after downloading Windows 10. Is there a connection?

    • Do you get a specific error? I’d suspect a permissions issue if you’ve upgraded an existing system to Win 10. Also, LR 3 is quite old and wasn’t designed nor tested for use on Windows 10.

  68. dana says:

    I cannot download the free trial current photoshop using my new Windows 10 computer. I have researched for days now and have tried many things suggested, how can I get Photoshop to download? I am receiving the eror code 204. I have admin rights, I have removed firewalls, I have run .exe file as admin – nothing that I have tired is working. please help

  69. Suzanne York says:

    So confused I now can’t put my logo on my photos in Lightroom and it says it is. When I go view the picture after it’s not on there. All since windows 10 upgrade

  70. Keith says:

    Can I run Lr6 with CS5

  71. Ahsan seerat says:

    I upgraded windows 8.1 to windows 10 .nd i installed photoshop cc ,while flicking panning the picture .the screen is vibrating nd once getting white screen nd once transperant

  72. Meriot says:

    Sorry for my English even if google is my friend.

    To return to Windows 10 compatibility problem with adobe (CC for me), then opening crash, does not.
    I tested, désinstalationn, reinstalling the renaming of I do not know what file with “-hold” driver update, etc. Always down, I finally take a careful look into the bowels of the subject with the “Event Viewer” (in the administration tools in the Control Panel or in parmètres with the search bar) in there ” newspapers windows / application “I finally found the culprit (in my case) the file” selective palette.8li “plugin” selective tool “nik software.
    Can be a path to follow for other

  73. Ahsan seerat says:

    I upgraded windows 8.1 to windows 10 .nd i installed photoshop cc ,while flicking panning the picture .the screen is vibrating nd once getting white screen nd once transperant
    .nd there isnt any graffic card in my pc .

  74. Ahsan seerat says:

    the system specification is core i5 2nd generation .4gb rame .250 gb hrdrive nd .3.2 proccesor

  75. Blake says:

    I went from windows 7 (everything was lightning fast) to 10. I use ACR and it takes up to 30seconds just to load a photo when switching between them in ACR. Another 10-15 seconds when making an edit. On windows 7 everything was instant. I have an NVidia 2gb card (can’t remember the model) and I updated the drivers and reverted to older drivers. Nothing works. I even turned GPU off in the settings….nothing. I can’t go back to 7 bc it’s been too long. Is a new video card in order?

  76. Jeannie says:

    I just got a new laptop with Windows 10. I installed Photoshop 10 but when I open it, the windows, and menus are so tiny I can’t even see them. It’s impossible to use the program. Can you tell me why this happened and is there a way to correct the size of the menus.

    • Sounds like you are referring to Elements 10 which doesn’t support hiDPI screens. Elements 14 does support scaling the UI for hiDPI monitors.

    • Ron Watts says:

      I have a similar issue – bought a new laptop with Windows 10. Installed Photoshop CS3 then the upgrade to CS5 – it’s all there and the files open, but the images are small and the text labels miniscule.I suspect this is to do with the resolution of the new screen not being compatible with the operation of Photoshop and there needs to be some disabling of a Windows function to permit full visibility. Maybe somebody out there knows where to look.

  77. Deanne Fortnam says:

    New computer with windows 10 and new installation of LR6, (I was using 1.4 on my old computer) Anyway when I go to the develop module the screen is turquoise blue and no matter what I’ve done I can’t open anything more than the “Before” image in the before and after mode. The after shows the blue screen. ?????

    • I would suspect an old/bad video driver or an unsupported graphics card.

      First, if you’re on windows, update your video drivers. Determine what video card you have and go *directly to the manufacturers website (nVidia or ATI/AMD)* and download the latest driver.

      Just doing Windows Update won’t give you the latest and greatest drivers. You must go directly to your card manufacturers website to check for driver updates.

      If that doesn’t solve it, go to the Preferences in Lightroom and uncheck “Use Graphics Processor” under the Performance tab and restart Lightroom:

  78. Gaynor Gilbert says:

    I cannot install a very old version of Photoshop Elements but I don’t want to buy a newer one if that too wont install. What is the oldest version that would install? or is there a way to install my old photoshop 3. I would need very simple instructions. I really like my old version and am used to it. It starts up – i begin the installation and then it just stops. I see on forums people are having the same problems even with newer versions.

  79. Talisha Barner says:

    Is anyone having touch issues with photoshop cc when upgrading to windows 10? The touch still works on my photoshop cs5 version, but I would rather use cc.

  80. Marsha Gibson says:

    I upgraded to Win 10 and LR 6 on my HP laptop. When I try to tether my Nikon D300s to LR it does not recognize the camera. I tried it in the previous version 5.4 as well and still does not recognize the camera. I then attached the camera to my desk top which is still running WIN 7 and LR 5.4 and had no problem tethering the camera. Is there something in WIN 10 preventing the camera from being recognized by LR? btw, I disabled autoplay in the media card popup.

  81. Tom Forker says:

    Photos imported to LR after installing W10 no longer can be sorted by lens in the metadata. Older photos in the catalog can still be sorted. In Develop, the lens profile can be found and applied, but “Unknown Lens” is displayed in the metadata sort.

  82. Natalie Markova says:

    Having nightmares with this also. Tried even using the 2014 PS because 2015 crashes immediately. I am a professional photographer and have had to save raw files individually. I could cry. I can’t go back without a system reset, losing all my files.

  83. Pranjal Successena says:

    When I run Photoshop CS6 on Windows 10, it freezes for some time showing “Measuring Memory..” And I keep getting 0x000007b error saying that “CS6ServiceManager was unable to start correctly”

  84. Peter says:

    So, I use Photoshop CC. I have upgraded to Windows 10. Photoshop freezes all the time. All Graphics have been up graded. still having problems. had your tech staff in control of my PC and still freezing. I need a solution. And reverting back to Win 8.1 is something that I don`t really want to do.

  85. I installed Windows 10 and noticed color management issues (gama is too dark, banding colors, maybe some color shifting) in Photoshop CS6 on a Dell running NVIDIA GeForce GT 620. If I could get Photoshop to manage the color rather than Bill Gates I think I’d be home free. Please help!

    My art is here:

  86. Irene Griggs says:

    I have LR 5.7 and upgraded to Windows10. Now I can’t open my LR. I also get the error message. How do I get into my files?

  87. Moe says:

    If I buy lightroom 6 on a disk do I after renew it after 12 months, If I down load it you have to renew after 12 months . Currys Digital gives you 2 choices to download only lasts for 12 months, to buy one on a disk it does not say ?. Both are the same price at £109.

    • Lightroom 6 is one time purchase but doesn’t include Lightroom mobile, new feature updates. The 12-month plan is likely the CC Photography Plan which includes Lightroom, Photoshop, Lightroom mobile, a variety of other services, and new feature updates as part of the membership.

  88. Jen says:

    I wanted to upgrade to windows 10 but so worried if Photoshop CS3 will work fine ? Has anyone tried cs3 at windows 10? How was it? Thanks!

    • It should work fine. That said, the bigger problem you may have is with drivers or older hardware working with Windows 10. Set up a partition and try it out first before committing.

  89. C. v.d. Hagen says:

    Since I updated from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro, Photoshop CC (V14.0) is very slow and my clone stamp and brush do not work anymore, this is very annoying; I use those tools a lot.

  90. Whitney says:

    I have a Windows laptop and it has Windows 10. Can I purchase and download the exact same Adobe Photoshop that is compatible with the Mac?

  91. Nicholas Gill says:

    Both of the Photoshops I’ve gotten over the years (7.0 and CS5) refuse to run on my Windows 10 laptop which I got last Christmas. I’m a digital artist and I haven’t been able to produce any work since then because of this. Are there any versions I can get that will work on Windows 10?

  92. Acsm says:

    I was working with LR CC yesterday night and WIN10 asked for an update. So I restarted it and it took about 1 hour to finish. Today morning I tried to open my LR and it doesn’t start. Freezes on the initial screen and closes. Could it be the update? I’ll try to reintall it.

  93. Joe Gierisch says:

    Photoshop CC (2015.5) was working fine with Windows 10. All of a sudden it won’t open. It Shows the cover page, work space and then stops. I get a Windows notice that it is trying to find a fix. Then it gives me a switch to close program.

  94. Alexandr Egorov says:

    I have changed on my PC graphic card( old card geforce(1 gb) to GeForce GTX 1070) , HDD on SSD, add 8 GB of RAM(was 8 GB now is 16 GB) and install Windows 10 (64 bit, was windows 8).

    So the problem is – before i’m using LR very fast for my config, but now i installed LR 2015 cc and after upgrade my PC LR work worse, always freeze when i choose an image in Develop. And the problem only in LR , because i have a Premiere pro cc and SpeedGrade and it work better then before Upgrade of PC.

    Can u help me with this?

    • Alexandr Egorov says:

      When i off GPU acseleration – it work faster, the problem is in my graphic card?

      • Jeffrey Tranberry says:

        It could just be the driver. Is it up to date?

        • Alexandr Egorov says:

          Yeah , i made update to the latest drivers , but freeze and brake continuous.
          I have an old i5 from 2011 and gtx 1070 2016 , may be there is some problems with bad work together this 2 parts of PC?

  95. Jean Mayer says:

    I’m not sure what you called the photo program that preceded what you have now, but your latest change is a poor substitute for the photo program that I was using at least a month ago. I much prefer to make my own choices about depth of color, brightness, etc. With your latest photo options for editing, I have yet to be satisfied with my photos. The amount of control your current photo program provides is not the quality that we had six weeks ago. You gotta come up with something better than this last effort. Get somebody in there who better understands photography.

  96. Hi, I want to get a new PC and photo editing monitor but I don’t want to have to buy photoshop again like I did 3 years ago when I repurchased Abobe creative suite 5. I only use the Photoshop.
    1. Will my Photoshop run on windows 10 and a 4k monitor?
    2. If not, can I upgrade or do I have to buy Photoshop again? Because honestly, if I have to buy Photoshop again I will just keep the same 3 year old PC.