Photoshop CC 2015.0.1 Update Now Available


Photoshop 2015.0.1 Update (08/03/2015)

08/03/2015 – Today we released Photoshop CC 2015 update version 2015.0.1 (Mac and Windows), resolving the following issues:

How to get the updates

  1. Look for the update in the Creative Cloud application and click “Update”. (Sign out and back in to the Creative Cloud desktop application if you don’t see the update)
  2. If you don’t have the Creative Cloud application running, start Photoshop 2015 and choose Help > Updates.
  3. The Adobe Application Manager will launch. Select Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 and choose Update.

How to confirm that the Update worked:

  1. In Photoshop, choose Help > About Photoshop (Win), or Photoshop > About Photoshop (Mac)
  2. The version is listed in the about dialog

Give us feedback!

Once you’ve updated to the newest version of Photoshop, don’t forget to leave us feedback about your experiences. The quality of Photoshop wouldn’t be what it is today without our passionate and loyal customers around the world. Giving us regular feedback helps us to find and fix issues that we may otherwise not know about. We are listening.

Here are a few ways that you can send us feedback:

52 Responses to Photoshop CC 2015.0.1 Update Now Available

  1. Greg Benz says:

    Awesome, thanks Jeff and team – I know this has been a lot of work to get all these updates out quickly!!

  2. John McAssey says:

    ScriptUI is still messed up Dialog Are scaled when the should not be scaled. For my Photoshop Prefernces
    ScriptUI does not trigget events that should be triggered keydown is still not triggered this blog stated that was fixed bug I reported was fixed???

    Scale UI setting is set to 100% yet Script UI scales my displat 200% and some dialof do not fit on screen. Photostoshop display requirement is a display 1024×768 or bigger when Scaled My surface Pro 3 Display 2160×1440 scaled 200% makes that display int ao 1080×720 display that does not meet Photoshop Requirement Still Photoshop SCale UI Auto setting will scale my Display 200% setting it to 100% partle solver that problem Photoshop doen not scale its UI most of the time but always scale ScriptUI Dialogs.

    Script dialogs are not located where they should be.

  3. John McAssey says:

    ScriptUI does not trigget events the should be triggered keydown is still not triggered this blog stated that that was fixed.

  4. John McAssey says:

    After a reboot the script bug I reportes is now fixed in my machine ????

  5. John McAssey says:

    I take it back The bug is not fixed somehow I opeb CC 2014 where its not a bug. Still fails in CC 2015.

    function NumericEditKeyboardHandler (event) {
    try {
    var keyIsOK = KeyIsNumeric (event) ||
    KeyIsDelete (event) ||
    KeyIsLRArrow (event) ||
    KeyIsTabEnterEscape (event);

    if (! keyIsOK) {
    // Bad input: tell ScriptUI not to accept the keydown event
    /* Notify user of invalid input: make sure NOT
    to put up an alert dialog or do anything which
    requires user interaction, because that
    interferes with preventing the ‘default’
    action for the keydown event */
    catch (e) {
    ; // alert (“Ack! bug in NumericEditKeyboardHandler: ” + e);
    // key identifier functions
    function KeyIsNumeric ( event ) {
    return ( event.keyName >= ‘0’ ) && ( event.keyName <= '9' ) && ! KeyHasModifier ( event );
    function KeyHasModifier ( event ) {
    return event.shiftKey || event.ctrlKey || event.altKey || event.metaKey;
    function KeyIsDelete (event) {
    // Shift-delete is ok
    return (event.keyName == 'Backspace') && ! (event.ctrlKey);

    function KeyIsLRArrow (event) {
    return ((event.keyName == 'Left') || (event.keyName == 'Right')) && ! (event.altKey || event.metaKey);

    function KeyIsTabEnterEscape (event) {
    return event.keyName == 'Tab' || event.keyName == 'Enter' || event.keyName == 'Escape';
    function createDialog( ) {
    var dlg = new Window( 'dialog', 'Example Dialog' );
    dlg.maskSt = dlg.add( 'edittext', undefined, '' );
    dlg.maskSt.preferredSize.width = 40;
    dlg.maskSt.addEventListener ('keydown', NumericEditKeyboardHandler );
    dlg.btnPnl = dlg.add( 'panel', undefined, 'Process' );
    dlg.btnPnl.orientation = "row";
    dlg.btnPnl.alignment = "right";
    dlg.btnPnl.okBtn = dlg.btnPnl.add( 'button', undefined, 'Ok', { name:'ok' });
    dlg.btnPnl.cancelBtn = dlg.btnPnl.add( 'button', undefined, 'Cancel', { name:'cancel' });
    return dlg;
    function initializeDialog( w ) {
    w.maskSt.addEventListener ('keydown', NumericEditKeyboardHandler );
    w.maskSt.onChanging = function() {
    // range check if needed
    if( Number(this.text) 100 ){
    alert(‘Out of range’);
    // handle however you like
    this.text = ”;
    w.btnPnl.okBtn.onClick = function ( ) { this.parent.parent.close( 1 ); };
    w.btnPnl.cancelBtn.onClick = function ( ) { this.parent.parent.close( 2 ); };
    runDialog = function( w ) {
    return );
    var win = createDialog();
    initializeDialog( win );
    runDialog( win );

  6. B. Moore says:

    The About Photoshop doesn’t make it clear that the update installed.
    It still shows as CC 2015.0.0 when I was expecting to see CC 2015.0.1.

    I do know all the bugs I reported have been FIXED!



    • Another place to confirm the version is Help>System Info…

      • B. Moore says:

        It clearly shows in the Creative Cloud App that I had to update Photoshop 2 times yesterday. Which tells me there was a bug in the 1st update.

        • Hi B. Moore –

          No, that’s not it… It doesn’t have anything to do with bugs.

          There have actually been 3 separate and different updates to Photoshop CC 2015 in the last two days – a large update for the main program, and two much smaller updates for the Export Assets and Adobe Preview CC components within Photoshop… You can see them given here.

          Not exactly sure why Adobe is now unbundling the Photoshop CC updates into various pieces (small components of the program), but it would be good to know… Jeff, can please help elucidate? Thanks!

  7. M. Shackelford says:

    So…the channel ids for CC 2015 product updates may be found where?

  8. Kate says:

    latest Ps CC 2015.0.1 mac update has brought my workflow to a standstill …. what is going on? extremely slow

  9. Yoel says:

    It is disappointing to me that this update does not address a fundamental bug when using Photoshop on Yosemite with a Cintiq.

    The bug I am referring to is a problem with pressure sensitivity that creates an ugly “shoelace” like trail at the end of a pressure sensitive brush stroke. You can see a sample here: This problem does not exist in CS5 (with Yosemite) , it also does not exist in CS6 unless the White Window Workaround plugin is installed (however not installing it creates other problems.) In all subsequent versions including CC CC2014 and CC2015 this problem is inherent in the software and unavoidable.

    I do not understand why such a fundamental flaw is not be addressed or acknowledged. This is clearly not a Wacom driver issue as it exists with many drivers and does not exist on PS CS5 or 6 (without white window) . This bug can be controlled in a Windows environment with the Lazy Nezumi plugin which allows better control of smoothing, however no such plugin exists for Mac. The only way to create a smooth consistently tapered stroke is to turn off smoothing completely which results in segmented curves— so that too is no solution.

    i have brought this issue up repeatedly. i no other artists are aware of it. Why won’t Adobe acknowledge and address it?

  10. Marie Persson Enström says:

    I am trying to use the crop tool and its so slow. I have a mac book pro and i have also a Imac the imac is working so well!
    What can i do?
    Best regards

  11. steve drury says:

    How do i update to the new version of photoshop on my mac. tried the update thru photoshop and no luck, signed out of creative cloud and no luck.
    Adobe Photoshop Version: 2015.0.0

  12. George says:

    It also fixed a problem I had with the Alt-Drag an Effects Layer method to duplicate that effect onto another layer! My drop shadows would mysteriously change their settings, effectively “fading out” to 0 within two alt-drags. Very annoying and time-consuming having to reset 14 layers on a graphic I update weekly. They now stay consistent. Thanks!

  13. Megan says:

    I am so sick of hearing so many bad things happening and complaints and problems that I refuse to upgrade to Yosemite or to CC15 — even though I’m a cc-member! Let me know when everything works correctly!

  14. Darren Beason says:

    Been having problems where I Airplay to my Apple TV with a Photoshop PSD and the bottom portion of the canvas window is gray.

  15. Karen says:

    Beware of this upgrade. It deleted my plug-ins (and it looks like I have to purchase completely new ones for compatibility) and there is a really annoying welcome screen that I have yet to get rid of.

  16. Neeltje says:

    I have tried those options but no update option is available. I still have the Photoshop 2015.0.0.
    My Artlandia Plugin won’t work in this version, should in the update. Any tips anyone?
    Thanks for reading

  17. jon K says:

    After the update how to we deactivate the real-time healing brush. I want to use the original healing brush.

  18. Rick says:

    Every time I try to download a file from my computer to PS CC 2015 it says its unable to comply because my OpenGL is disabled, and there is no way to enable it.

  19. Steve Brown says:

    Update doesn’t show in CC app… “Updates” under help menu is greyed out…

  20. Steve Brown says:

    Update doesn’t show in CC app… “Updates” under help menu is greyed out…

    Also tried the direct update here but got an error telling me to contact the administrator (even though I ran the patch installer with admin privileges) :/

  21. Ralph Frattura says:

    I have installed the update to 2015.0.1.
    I have restarted using Shift+Ctrl+Alt to reset preferences.
    I have deselected “Use Graphics Processor.”
    I have shut down and restarted my Windows 7 computer.
    Even though I’ve performed all these suggestions and workarounds Photoshop STILL either hangs or quits when I use “save for web.”

    What am I missing? Please help.

      • Ralph Frattura says:

        Thanks for your help. I created new admin account and PS worked while in that account, but not when I went back to my normal account (which I need to be in to access our network.) I’ll see if support contacts me, or I may reach out to them.

        • Jeff says:

          So, from what I can tell, the advice for getting a piece of software running on one’s machine is to specifically ignore the inherent security features of that machine/OS by using an elevated user account when a standard one should suffice for running any (except integral OS functionality providing) software, once installed. Adobe, do you hear yourselves? Seriously, do you?

          May I ask what advice you have for the fact that the latest version runs like a sack of shit and despite huge amounts of RAM seems to be treating one’s hard-drive like road underneath a jackhammer? Go purchase time on a supercomputer? Go buy new hard drives?

          Adobe seems to be determined to take no responsibility at all for the disrupted workflow (and associated loss of earnings), the litany of errors introduced with EVERY new CC build or even with providing responses for support requests in a timely manner. It’s weird, because aren’t we the customers – the ones whom are paying for these products that we then have to spend UNPAID time repairing, by following 2nd rate instructions on a blog?!! Why is the onus on the customer?

          Apparently proof-reading is also too much to handle – as there are even several spelling and grammatical errors in the article.

          All the new paint-work may hide the rust in Adobe’s ship, but it won’t stop it from sinking. The question is how long do they expect us to keep paying them to carry our cargo before it becomes safer to find a different provider to handle it?

          • Hi Jeff,

            Thanks for swearing on my blog and hurling insults at me.

            Running from a fresh admin user account is a an easy troubleshooting step to quickly determine if the problem is damaged permissions/user accounts. Most cases of damaged user accounts/permissions are caused by User Migration Assistant and similar paths when upgrading the OS.

            I don’t see any support cases nor any products registered under you account, so I’m unable to offer further assistance.

            Stay classy.

  22. Karan says:

    Thanks mate finally i am able to run Photoshop. I was regretting the fact i updated my syste, to WINDOWS 10 and was on the verge of formatting when i came across this blog

  23. Mike Rundle says:

    Can we make it clear that you can’t get this or any new updates if you didn’t upgrade your Application Manager to Creative Cloud Desktop app even if you apply the direct update file it will fail what if i don’t want to install the new cc updater and i just want to apply direct manual updates myself I don’t want I don’t want lots of proccess running unstoppable in mac for no reason just to apply updates

  24. Sole Parker says:

    Well… I’m having troubles with this version. It does not recognize my graphic card even when the adobe website says it has been tested on it (Nvidia Geforce GT 650M), I’ve updated the drivers and nothing. And the Scrubby zoom has stopped working completely. I now regret updating… =(

  25. shahzaib says:

    There is a problem of new “CC” version in “CS6” when we click on a shape through “Direct Selection Tool” without selecting the layer it automatically select the shape and focus the border line type but in “CC” it dose not work. First we select the layer then it will work kindly solve this issue.

  26. James Wong says:

    This is the version I have installed: Adobe Photoshop Version: 2015.0.0 20150529.r.88 2015/05/29:23:59:59 CL 1024429 x64

    I assume it is the latest one since Creative Cloud panel doesn’t show any newer updates.

    This version of photoshop still crashes on zoom (windows).

    • I see you are a Creative Cloud Team member – if you’re not seeing updates – your team leader may have updates disabled.

      It looks like you may also be the admin, so go into your admin account and make sure that the update is enabled from the admin tool.

  27. tf says:

    i have updated to 2015.0.1 but am still getting crash to BSOD.
    it seems that the crash happens after i have run the system along with other software for some time. it does not happen after the reboot from BSOD.
    is Adobe going to compensate for the recovery of corrupted pc, hdd and files because of these BSOD crashes?
    running on windows 8.1 with updated gfx/video driver.

  28. jennifer says:

    How about making these updates and versions available outside of creative cloud. I need to revert back to cc 2015 as the latest version is not compatible. Cant get support. All I can find is infornataion on how to find previous verions in creative cloud but they are not there. Paying for something I now cant use and lost a months worth of business

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