Photoshop CC 2015.1.2 Update Now Available

Photoshop 2015.1.2 Update (1/20/2016)

1/20/2016 – Today we released Photoshop CC 2015 update version 2015.1.2 (Mac and Windows) to address several workflow issues.

Customer reported issues resolved

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Once you’ve updated to the newest version of Photoshop, don’t forget to leave us feedback about your experiences. The quality of Photoshop wouldn’t be what it is today without our passionate and loyal customers around the world. Giving us regular feedback helps us to find and fix issues that we may otherwise not know about. We are listening.

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78 Responses to Photoshop CC 2015.1.2 Update Now Available

  1. Ray says:

    Nope, nothing has changed from the problems encountered with Photoshop 2015.1 – still getting this message when trying to open:
    “Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver and has temporarily disabled enhancements which use the graphics hardware”
    These problems did not occur in the first 2015 release or versions prior to that.

  2. Jakob Muxoll says:

    Great! Those tools resetting was getting a little irritating;)

    Now all I (and seemingly a lot of other pro photographers) need is a Lightroom update for Mac that works with Nikon, so I can tether my camera during photoshoots, and avoid switching to Capture One 🙂 I know that Nikon had released a new SDK that works with El Capitan, and that Adobe has tested it, now all we need is an update with the update, rolled out to us all. Feeling silly for subscribing to professional software, that suddenly lacks the tether feature because of an OS update. I know it’s not Adobes fault, but since Nikon released their new SDK a month ago, I would have expected Adobe to have an update to LR out by now. You’re loosing customers to Capture One…

    • The changes to the SDK were fairly extensive and required extensive testing. Stay tuned. The update for Lightroom is coming very soon.

      • Jakob Muxoll says:

        Awesome, Jeff. I didn’t get notified that you had replied to my post, which is probably why Drew (further up) hasn’t replied to your questions either 😉
        Didn’t know about the issue at all, until I switched from Canon to Nikon in December. Found out tethering didn’t work while preparing for a shoot, and found Adobes notification about this by Googling it. Feel like all CC customers should have been notified by email about not updating to El Cap yet, instead I found the information by Googling it myself.
        Sounds great though, Crunching software issues is why you guys are there after all, and what you rock at.
        Tethering is such an important feature, so many are understandably freaked out by this.

  3. Steve Carragher says:

    I’m glad Adobe made the updates, but do you think they will ever produce a legacy checkbox so the interface returns back to the gray and black dialog boxes of all previous Photoshop versions? They solid black or low contrast grays make it difficult to see some dialogs and its difficult to distinguish some of the layer features like whether or not you are in Quick Mask mode.

    • You can control the shade of the interface under Preferences>Interface…

      We’re planning to make the layers panel distinguish when you’re in QuickMask better in a future update (hopefully the very next one).

  4. Paul Freedman says:

    Are there any plans to restore the Sync feature. I used to be able to sync my workspaces and shortcuts between my work and home computer simply by signing on with the same ADOBE ID. Now if I make changes on one PC to a workspace it does not update the workspace on the other PC.

  5. icc says:

    I got some lag when using Photoshop cc 2015.1.2 on windows 7 64 bit and also higher CPU usage when compare with Photoshop CC 14.2.1 64 bit, Why this problem does not urgently solve?

    My computer ram is 16 gb-ddr3 , cpu i5-4440 and VGA Gigabyte GTX650 2GB DDR5.

  6. Josh Wyatt says:

    Does anyone know where the magic eraser tool went? My eraser tool has no options under it,

  7. Dennis Zito says:

    Hi Jeffery,

    I’m not sure if I’m the only one that has this problem when updating. My issue is I loose all my Add On Extension. It’s happened on the last two updates. I have to through removing them, then installing them. It would be nice if the updates would keep them installed.



    • Hi Dennis, when you say updating, what versions are you losing extensions between? You shouldn’t lose them between updates of say 2015.1.1 to 2015.1.2 but some extensions, if you were updating between major versions 2014 to 2015, might not carry over due to compatibility flags.

  8. Heather Ault says:

    Hello! The open dialog box in Photoshop keeps resizing to a small window rather than the previous size I set it to. Is this something that will be addressed soon? Thanks.


  9. Pierre N says:

    Hi! Nice update, but my problem remains.. I cannot “pick up” a color from my CC library when I´m in the color picker (Overlay Color) modal view… =(

  10. Garry Aylott says:

    Great that it’s fixed a couple of issues, however… you guys still haven’t fixed a core issue – it still runs like an overweight, out-of-shape runner trying to do a marathon towing a car through treacle.

    Really am coming close to ditching it all together. Lost as to how the most popular and successful piece of graphics software in the world still gets away with thinking it’s ok to have slow and laggy software? I’ve got a 6 month old Macbook Pro Retina, i7 with 16Gb of Ram and I’ve tried tweaking and changing so many things after reading loads of articles about improving performance, it’s still rubbish. Sorry to be blunt but it is.

    Most of the previous versions were not too bad but CC and CC2015 have been terrible. Been using Sketch more these days which runs quick, responsive and feels like my Macbook Pro isn’t trying to bench press 50 elephants. I understand PS is a much bigger piece of software but come on Adobe, I don’t expect a 1440x1000px blank canvas to be laggy and unresponsive with one layer trying to draw a rectangle. Strangely when I run it in low-res mode it’s super, no probs, so it’s obvious you’ve not developed it to run at modern screen resolutions and/or pixel densities.

    As a last ditch effort, if you or anyone has any last things I could try, I”m all ears.

    • Most times that I’ve seen lag issues, it’s from loading/rendering font previews. If you go Type > Font Preview Size > and set it to “None” and restart Photoshop, does it perform as expected?

    • Don Montalvo says:

      I really wish Adobe would embrace the standard major.minor.patch naming convention…nothing confuses our techs/users as much as this kind of wonky string:
      >>>>>> Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, 16.1.2 (2015.1.2) <<<<<<
      Ok, I'll suck it up and get this packaged and deployed…just sayin' the versioning stinks.

  11. Alex says:

    After I have updated photoshop, Nik Collection disappeared from the list of filters. However it still exist in plug-ins of photoshop. Could you explain the problem

    • Did you happen to hold down the shift key when you launched Photoshop?

      • Barry Singer says:

        Just updated to 2015 1.2 and lost all my Nik plugins. I try to go from Bridge to HDR Efex Pro and I get a ‘command “unknown” at this time’ message. How do I get this back? and no I never touched the shift key.

        • What version did you upgrade from? If you upgraded from 2014 > 2015.1.2, or if something was damaged on disk, you need to run the Nik installer so PS 2015 is aware of the plug-ins.

  12. Murilo Carvalho says:

    Dear all,
    I am experiencing an issue with “snap to” when resizing images/smart objects (CMD+T).
    When I try to resize keeping proportions (i.e. w/ SHIFT key pressed when dragging the corners), the snap to function just don’t work, as if I had pressed ctrl key.
    Otherwise, (when shift key is not pressed), it works perfectly.
    I have just downloaded the latest version (cc 2015.1.2) but the problem remains.
    Any ideia?

  13. Allie says:

    Where is the auto-select in cc 2015.1.2 photoshop? I was unable to select all layers and move them anywhere.

  14. Hi, since updating Photoshop CC yesterday I’m having a problem with the cursor. eg when using the brush tool and changing the opacity in the top menu I can no long decrease/increase it by dragging the cursor along the opacity percentage box. I have to either type in the number manually OR wave the cursor over the down arrow next to the % box and change the opacity by holding down the arrrow key until it gets the amount I want. Hope this makes sense. Thanks

  15. Ruben says:

    I work with photoshop 2015.1.2 and I didn’t find this problem in 2015.1.1

    When i use feathering in a mask in the mask property window, and then i importe the image in illustrator, it appear without feathering. Opening the same image in photoshop 2015.1.1 save it and import it again and it will work perfectly.

    Any Solution?

    thanks for the help

  16. nick says:

    I finally updated a few days ago and now Photoshop is almost unusable. I do have an older MacBook Pro but Photoshop CC would work fine before with a little lag here and there. Now, I can work for a few minutes before every single action requires the spinning beach ball cursor to pop up for the most basic things. I hit the B key to switch to the brush and ended up having to force quit. I tried to copy and paste from one photoshop file to another and again, had to force quit.
    What on earth was added or changed in this update that converted my Photoshop into a bloated pile that collapses under its own weight?

  17. mike stubbs says:

    Photoshop 2015.1.2
    on a pc when you try to edit smart objects in the libraries they do not update to the change, revert back. Create a yellow smart object, save it to the libraries. double click change color to red, hit save. NO CHANGE

  18. Kathy Hancock says:

    I cannot get this latest CC2015 update, none of the programs will open, not even the Creative Could! Absolutely nothing works!!!!!! Very fed up, How can I get this latest fix, should I de-install everything? PLEASE HELP xxx PS: I’m using Windows 7, 64 bit

  19. Kathy Hancock says:

    PS: I’m using Windows 7, 64 bit

  20. Joyce Emilio says:

    I have PhotoShop CC through a subscription on Amazon. When bringing up Lighting Effects, the light circles are not there. The rest of the screen looks correct though.

      • Joyce Emilio says:

        I tried that but I get only a grid over the photo. On the left top there is what looks like a small lightbulb icon which is next to a drop-down menu. Both are not active. Of the three light icons toward the center at the top, only the infinite light works, but no directional spheres present. I have tried updating drivers but no change. I am at a loss as to what else to do.

  21. Dick Barbour says:

    Camera Raw background now matches that for Bridge and PS. I see no mention of this change. I liked a light background in ACR but darker in the others; is there any way to keep them different?

  22. Steve Dahout says:

    There was an update to photoshop 2015.1.2 available last week which I installed on March 17, 2016 via the Creative Cloud app.
    Apparently this update has no version number because the long number currently installed is the same as the long number shown in screenshots from earlier in 2016. (20160113.r.355×64)

    Since installation of the March 2016 update the Camera Raw filter now crashes photoshop to the desktop when you press OK. The program and all your work simply vanishes and nothing is saved. This is a real bummer because the Camera Raw filter inside photoshop has become one of the go-to tools in my workflow and it performed flawlessly until now.
    An overly long and frustrating phone call to Adobe support finally revealed to me that my system does not meet minimum requirements for photoshop CC 2015.1.2 and nothing could be done about it.


    I remember very clearly being forced to upgrade my mac OS to 10.9.5 Mavericks in order to get ps cc 2015 in the first place, and it ran extremely well and reliably until now. The Adobe system requirements page still shows Mac OS X v10.9 as being viable for the cc 2015 release, but according to Adobe phone support I now need OS X 10.10 or 10.11.

    I need some user advocacy here. By what logic is it OK to change system requirements right in the middle of a release version? Why did this update install itself if my OS was not up to minimum standards?

    Is there a fix for the Camera Raw filter crashing issue that was created by this latest “update”?

    macbook pro
    OS X 10.9.5
    16gb ram

  23. Steve Dahout says:

    I can post Crash Reports here if that is appropriate.
    Also I have a thread here that includes Crash Reports:
    Oddly enough, the window size limitation on that other forum only allows about half of any given Crash Report to be pasted.
    Where is the best place to post these crash logs? Here?
    Thank you very much for your help and interest!

  24. Jayant says:

    Can I update my Adobe Photoshop CC v 14.2 to CC 2015.1.2, please confirm.

  25. Perfee says:

    Hello guys from Adobe. I have subscription for Adobe CC and use it on Mac OS 10.11. I pay a lot of money monthly.
    Please, explain me, how it is possible you introduced bug in Photoshop CC 2015.1.2 and you have done nothing to repair it since today. This bug causes I can’t use Photoshop in my normal way.
    The case concerns about feather function which is not saved in PSD or TIFF files. When you apply feather to any bitmap layer mask you can show it on the screen. But it is not saved onto file and preview. I must to use old way – gaussian blur to blur masks instead feather… This is crazy.

  26. Matt Lampley says:

    I cannot get my Photoshop to update. When I check the version it says I have 2015.0.0 Release. When I look at Creative Cloud app it tells me that I am up to date. Why can I not update?

  27. Ben Clark says:

    I have updated by CC apps and have had Photoshop 2016.1.2 for a couple of weeks, but all of a sudden in the last couple of days I’ve noticed severe lagging while using Photoshop on average sized files. Opening FX dialogue boxes and dropdown menus has a good second delay and reszing the paintbrush tool is a task as is gets stuck constantly.

    Is this a problem on my end, seeing as how it only just occurred a few days ago, at least a week or so after I updated my apps, or is it apart of a wider problem to do with PS? (and Illustrator too, actually I’ve noticed….)

  28. Ed Cooley says:

    Updated to 2015.1.2 now all Nik and Topaz filters crash. Topaz filters crash on return to photoshop. Nik crashes photoshop when opening.

    Any ideas on how to resolve? Removed everything and reinstalled.

    Anyway to revert to previous version?

    • I’m not aware of any issues with the latest versions of Nik and Topaz with Photoshop. Have you checked with Nik or Topaz?

      • Ed Cooley says:

        Opened support ticket with Topaz, will work that angle first.

        I reinstalled everything last night, turned off graphics processor and lowered memory to 50%. Still crashes. It’s a surface tablet BTW

        • My only other thought is a video driver issue. I know the drivers that originally shipped with the surface were problematic. Make sure Windows update is current, and possibly disable “Use Graphics Processor” under Preferences > Performance… and restart PS to see if the issue goes away.

  29. Vijay says:


    I bought a Photoshop CC 2015 and Lightroom CC 2015 but in one of my desktop these do not open and also how do I get the master command center where I can update my versions.

  30. Christopher says:


    Since I’ve updated my Photoshop the program runs incredibly slow. It was a joke before but now I can’t do anything. A simple job which should take me 5 minutes can take up to an hour if not more. Everything is a mess. I can’t crop/resize/recolour/filter/select without a severe lag. Opening and saving files is even worse. Me and the team can’t do our jobs. This is supposed to be industry standard software and I can’t get anything done. Please explain to me why we should pay a ridiculous amount of money for a program that doesn’t even work and hasn’t worked properly for the last year! Each upgrade makes it worse we have even bought new hardware and this has made no difference. We are in the process of looking for alternatives to Photoshop and cancelling our subscription.

  31. Colin Rawlings says:

    Hi Guys, I have the old Photoshop 5 elements and would like to update to the latest. I am now retired and have more time to play with my photos. Do I just update or buy the latest program.