Photoshop & Lightroom compatibility with macOS 10.12 Sierra

Adobe has tested Photoshop CC 2017 and Lightroom CC 2015.7/6.7 running on macOS 10.12 (Sierra).


For details on known issues and workarounds, see:

Adobe strongly recommends that customers update Photoshop 2017 and Lightroom to 2015.7/6.7 prior to updating to macOS 10.12 (Sierra).

Older versions of Photoshop and Lightroom were not designed, nor extensively tested to run on macOS Sierra. We strongly recommend that customers do their own testing on a non-production partition to ensure that new operating systems work with their current hardware and drivers (printing, etc). You may wish to remain on an older version of the OS that is compatible with prior versions of our software.

If you do encounter issues that are not already documented, feel free to report them on our feedback site.

137 Responses to Photoshop & Lightroom compatibility with macOS 10.12 Sierra

  1. Doug Thomson says:

    Major printing problems with Photoshop 2015.5.1. Print dialogue box opens but when trying to print PS crashes – maybe 9 times out of 10, then randomly prints.

  2. Stan says:

    Is the ability to upgrade to Lightroom 6.7 only available to the CC version or can the older stand alone Lightroom 6 be upgraded as well? If so, how do you do it. Having trouble when I tried. And, will the stand alone version work with Sierra?

  3. Chud Tsankov says:

    Photoshop CC Save Image For Web in Сиера

    I’m unable to select an image file when ‘Saving For Web’ in the ‘Save As’ finder window in Photoshop CC running on Sierra.

    There are times when I need to save a new image using a similar name by selecting the existing file, which matches the name in the ‘Save As’ dialog field. Using Photoshop CC under Sierra I’m unable to do so because of the inability to select existing files in the Save-as finder window.

    I am able to right-click, so my workaround is to right-click on the file in question, select ‘Rename’ and then copy and paste the filename into the Save As form field.

    Also, the Format, Settings & Slices options in the ‘Save As’ finder window are off-center, situated to the far left.

  4. emilio says:

    my photoshop cc crash when I try to print, after the sierra upgrade
    My printers are not old printers……

  5. Luis M says:

    Lightroom 6.3 on an Imac running el Capitan 10.11.6 , I downloaded the update but it wont install, it says ” failed ” in the little window on the right, when clicked on more info a new window says Try agin or contact customer service ( 49 ), I did a re start, closed the app, still the same message, I havent updated to Sierra yet, I want to do Lightroom first as your suggestion….

  6. Huzefa Sultan says:

    Hello Everyone !!

    I had an issue is whenever i Print from any app Adobe CC all versions from CS3 to CC 2015.3 and give print command it use to crash.

    I write on apple forum and they replied with one link and 3rd option from there worked for me like a charm.

    Article Link:

    Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Printers & Scanners.
    Control-click anywhere in the list of devices, then choose “Reset printing system” from the shortcut menu that appears.
    From the Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder. Type /Library/Printers/ and click Go.
    The Printers folder opens. Choose Edit > Select All to select all items in the folder.
    Choose File > New Folder with Selection to put all of the selected items into a new folder named New Folder With Items.

    in my case after go to step 3 i just delete the all the items (files and folder) in it and install printer driver again from there site.

    Works perfectly i have xerox Phaser 7760DN printer.

    KUDOS to apple 🙂

    Good Luck Guys !!

  7. Ema says:

    I am having the same problem – Photoshop now crashing when trying to print!

  8. Jhon Woods says:

    Same problem here with a Mitsubishi Dye Sub CP9550DW and Sierra. Only solution I can find is to save the file as a .jpeg. Wait for Photoshop to crash. Reopen and print straight away. Tried all the solutions offered so far. This is far from ideal.

    • Rach says:

      Exactly the same problem here – now have to factor in these steps & time before printing ‘anything’ from Photoshop ( HP envy) 🙁

  9. Photoshop 2015.5.1 crashes every time I try to print to my 2 Epson printers (Stylus Pro 3880 and new XT-630) under macOS Sierra 10.12. The crash occur when final print is clicked. I can print photos to plain paper on my Brother HL-3070 laser printer. Both printers work fine with other software including Lightroom 2015.7.

    The Adobe statement that everything is fine is wrong.

    • I have a similar problem printing to Epson Stylus 9890. Called Adobe and they offered no solutions. Called Apple. They were very helpful, but no solutions. Apple person did tell me that Adobe had Sierra for eight months prior to its release, however Adobe had not tested the latest release of Photoshop on Sierra during that time.

  10. Mic says:

    Major printing problems with Photoshop 2015.5.1 and Mac OS Sierra. When I try to print PS crashes.

  11. Guillermo Martin Martinez says:

    hola, tengo una impresora brother dcp7010L y photoshop no imprime todas las imágenes y se cierra inesperadamente…

  12. Francisco Cázares Zermeño says:

    Im having problems with the sierra update version 10.12 (16A323). Im just press F to full screen mode on Adobe Photoshop CS6 and instanty crashes. I regret having upgraded to this version. Every time you become worse

  13. AJPhoto says:

    Same problem here.
    For me, after upgrading to Mac OS X Sierra, Photoshop CC (latest updates as of Oct 2, 2016) crashed 12 out of 13 tries to print. It did work once. I could not get it to print again.
    I finally used Lightroom to print. But this is not a reasonable long term workflow.

  14. AJPhoto says:

    I had the latest printer driver and even removed & added the printer as suggested. STILL CRASHES.
    I found someone who says they talked to several people at Adobe before getting someone that understood both the issue and English.
    Regardless, holding SPACE while printing is suppose to reset things.
    It worked for him, and it just worked of me. Supposedly you only need to do this once.
    Sadly, Photoshop crashes every time I *do not* hold space.
    So far Photoshop *does not* crash if I hold SPACE while clicking [PRINT].

    So not a solution, but a potential workaround.

  15. Alex says:

    OK I’m using a in-house Print Epson Pro Stylus 3800 snd Canon PIXMA MG 7720 Big Problem when trying to Print from there PS CC 2015.5.1 Just close in my face with no warning… I need a SOLUTION ASAP from you people ADOBE…

    APPLE Mac OX S 10.12 SIERRA Works fine just don’t blame them.

  16. Cal Sharp says:

    2016 MacBook Air. After update to Sierra, Photoshop CS6 crashes when I close an open document. Will have to use another computer for production now. Grrr.

  17. Janice says:

    Running LR 6.7 on my OS 10.12 (Sierra) desktop. LR is unable to find Photos so that I can import from that file. Not using CC.

  18. Janice says:

    Using LR 6.7 on iMac desktop running OS 10.12 (Sierra) LR cannot find my Photos file so I can import images to LR for editing. Can anyone help?

  19. Nikki Burke says:

    Every time I close a photograph on Photoshop, Photoshop crashes. I am running CS6. Telling me that Sierra wasn’t extensively tested on CS6 is not really much help. Also…why wasn’t it tested? Opening and closing a document is not exactly complicated stuff.

  20. Joey M. says:

    I’m also having an issue with the “Save for Web (Legacy)” feature on macOS Sierra Version 10.12. Once I click “Preview…”, my browser opens to a blank page with “file:///.file/id=6571367.21210034” in the URL field. This didn’t happen in El Capitan, so please fix this as well.

  21. M Rinaldi says:

    Upgraded to Sierra today, neither Illustrator or PS tools work. Both applications stay permanently in “HAND” mode, I cannot switch the tools at all. They select in the toolbox then immediately revert to the hand…awesome. Renders both apps totally useless, this is not the only bugs from Sierra today, but these are the Adobe ones.

  22. The latest version of Photoshop, CC 2015.5 crashes when I choose print to an Epson Stylus 9890. My operating system is macOS Sierra Version 10.12. The printer is hardwired. I am able to print to a Brother MFC-L2740DW without a Photoshop crash. That suggest to me there may be an issue with the Epson 9890 driver/firmware.

  23. Update: Printing from Apple Pages to Epson Stylus 9890 works fine. Photoshop CC2015.5 crashes when printing to the same Epson printer. The above suggestion that there may be an issue with the Epson 9890 driver/firmware appears not to be true. The printing problem apparently derives in Adobe Photoshop CC2015.5 and macOS Sierra Version 10.12.

  24. Ethan Hill says:

    As this is a known problem, I assume the issue is being addressed and was wondering when the estimated release date is for a patch to resolve the issue?

  25. Rainey Kirk says:

    Mine won’t even access the transform box without rendering the curser useless. Then it crashes.

    HURRY UP!!!

  26. Nickie says:

    I just upgraded to the MacOS Sierra. I also run Lightroom 6.3. Since the Mac update, I can no longer import CR2 files into Lightroom. Lightroom indicates there are no photos in folder. I thought maybe I needed to upgrade my Lightroom to the latest version, but when I go to do so, it takes me to Lightroom CC. Is there a way to download the latest version without the CC? Also, do you think that the Lightroom upgrade will fix my problem?

  27. James says:

    Had to back the Mac OS down to 10.11.6 due to the conflict actually randomly shutting my machine down completely. Took it to the Apple store and they put it through a 36 hour stress test to determine it wasn’t the hardware. Backed it down to Capitan and now it’s running just fine. Looks like Sierra will have to wait until Adobe fixes this issue.

  28. David Grooms says:

    Jeffrey – I am having the same problem as many others after upgrading to macOS Sierra. I have the latest version of Photoshop CC (upgraded while troubleshooting yesterday) and Epson P800 printer. Everything works as it should in Photoshop until you click the print button then photoshop abruptly shuts down. When it does crash the only option the system gives is to send a report to Apple and does not offer an option to send crash report to Adobe. Do you have an email address that I can send a copy and paste of the report to or would you like me to post it here in this thread? As a professional photographer with print orders to fill, you can understand my frustration…not only with this issue but my lack of backing up El Capitan before upgrading. Thus I cannot go back to the previous version of OS X. I have uploaded the latest drivers from Epson for my printer, also I have tried deleting the printer from the computer and re-installing it. I have checked for any Photoshop, OS, and Epson software updates. I need a resolution to this problem as soon as possible as printing from Lightroom does not offer the same quality as Photoshop offers.

  29. Nick Garnett says:

    I have the printing problem but also I have disappearing and garbled text, as in, when I open a file with text layers that I want to change when I click in the layer some text disappears, letters change to different fonts or get truncated. I have a number of important project going on and I’m paying, so a fix is needed ASAP.
    Nick Garnett

  30. Same problem here with Photoshop CS6, MacOS Sierra. The program just shuts down with no warning or anything when I select the “Print” option.

  31. Dan Mitchell says:

    Photoshop 2015.5 CC crashes consistently when I hit the print button. I’m using an Epson 7900. Additionally, the same problem occurs when printing to a different Epson printer over the network. I can print to that printer in all applications except for Photoshop.

    I have reinstalled Photoshop CC. I have manually deleted all print drivers and installed newest versions. I reset preferences in Photoshop. Mac OS X Sierra. I removed all printers from the Apple Printers preferences panel and then re-entered them.

    I have a show in one week. Not very happy right now. 🙁

    • Dan Mitchell says:

      Oh, and yes, I have filed multiple crash reports — for weeks.

      • Dan Mitchell says:

        And I did “reset the printing system” in Mac OS as described here and elsewhere.

        Tried the spacebar trick. Does not work:

        Crash log not submitted here since your forum won’t permit it.

      • Dan Mitchell says:

        Update: Opened files over local network from a copy of Photoshop 2015.5 CC on my laptop and it printed to the same printer. However…

        … after printing the first file, the same problem now afflicts the laptop, too.

  32. Ilshat Karamov says:

    Same problem with HP Photosmart 6510 and Photoshop on macOS Sierra.
    After deleting printer and reinstall driver and adding printer again – error fixed.

  33. Armando says:

    “There are times when I need to save a new image using a similar name by selecting the existing file, which matches the name in the ‘Save As’ dialog field. Using Photoshop CC under Sierra I’m unable to do so because of the inability to select existing files in the Save-as finder window.
    I am able to right-click, so my workaround is to right-click on the file in question, select ‘Rename’ and then copy and paste the filename into the Save As form field. Also, ‘Save As’ finder window are off-center, situated to the far left.”

    Same problem here. Using CS6

  34. Angela says:

    I cannot save photos since upgrading to sierra. I have CS6 and it is up to date. It will let me save the raw file to a jpg but once I open the jpg and trying to save edits it will not save anything. It freezes and eventually I have to force the program to close.

  35. Julie Robichaud says:

    I run actions in photoshop CC 2015 all the time, I upgraded to Sierra, and I have issues. The move tool stopps working, I cannot move the watermark on my wedding images and Siri keeps talking to me when I do keyboard shortcuts…ahhhh . I need to revert to the old operating system….
    Also, I have to reconnect to my network all the time, it does not recognize the path.

  36. Esther says:

    I cannot print (photoshop crashes) since I installed Sierra on my mac… Now whats the problem? Photoshop, My epson 3880 or sierra? And what do I need to do to help this problem?

  37. David Grooms says:

    This has been a known issue for over a month! I have a business to run and need to make prints. Is there any update other than, “We’re working on this issue.”?

  38. Corine says:

    After Sierra update, not only does Photoshop crash when I try to print, it continuously stops responding. Have to force-quit and reboot every time. Not a RAM problem, I checked that. Are there any solutions for this? I’m a designer and I can’t work!

  39. Photoshop CS6 closes when trying to print from the program. It looks like a lot of other people are having the same problem. I updated my Mac and have the most updated version of CS6. The printer I am using is an HP OfficeJet Pro 8710. Any information would be very helpful.

  40. Matt Beaty says:

    Experienced the same issue.
    Using a non-photoshop program, everything prints fine. I’m currently using Print-Tool by Roy Harrington.

    Epson 9880 printer. Latest versions of Sierra and PS CC.
    $40 more than I should have to spend, but it prints the way it should while PS gets stuff figured out.

  41. Cris says:

    Using Sierra 10.12 with CS6, on print command (printer hp designjet T120) crashes. Please help.

  42. Please update to macOS 10.12.1. This should correct this problem for most printers and drivers. Remove the printer from System Preferences > Printers & Scanners and re-add it using a new and different name to clear the driver preferences.

    For some printers, ensuring your printer driver is up-to-date will fix stability issues. Note: Just updating the driver may not work. You need to delete the driver, delete the printer, install the latest driver then install the printer. See this document from Apple on troubleshooting printing on OS X:

  43. David Grooms says:

    I have updated to macOS 10.12.1. I deleted (reset printing) and deleted the print driver. I uploaded the new driver and re added printer with a new name. I am still having the same problem that Ps crashes as soon as I hit the print button. The printer I use is the Epson SureColor P800 Series.

  44. David Grooms says:

    As an update. I have upgrade my Mac to macOS 10.12.1. I deleted my printer and drivers. I used the “reset printing” option in printer setting. I rebooted my Mac. I reinstalled the driver and print, with a different printer name that had ever been used previously. I used the epson software to check for any updated firmware. I rebooted my machine. I opened Ps, chose and image that I need to print. The good news is that it worked. Bad news is that excited that the issue had been resolve I open another client photo that needed to be printed. I got everything ready and clicked the print button and Ps immediately crashed.

    Please advise!

  45. Hyrum M. says:

    Okay I obviously have the same issue as all of you. I didn’t read every singer post here so if I am writing a duplicate of a solution that someone else found, I apologize. So every time we would with with Photoshop in OS Sierra it would crash. We are printing with an Epson Stylus Pro 3880 (via USB incase that makes any difference). I am also running the latest updates with both the OS and Photoshop (Nov 1, 2016). So now that they background info is stated here is my solution:
    *Please note that this is a temporary fix that worked for me*
    1) Made sure all files are running from the computer HDD and not a flash drive
    2) Opened Photoshop with the file and then Cmd + P for the print dialog screen
    3) Changed the quantity from 22 ( we do lots of markets) to 1 ( I imagine if you change the quantity from 1 to something else and then back again it should work the same)
    4) Hit Done not Print – So change the quantity and then hit done. If you need to change the quantity back to 1, do this step again.
    5) Save the document and then wait for about 10+ seconds
    6) Cmd + P and try printing the document again. It worked for me and I really hope it works for all of you as well.

    I’ll be sure to come back to this post to see if any of you are confused by my instructions or if you have any questions. Best of luck!

  46. David Grooms says:

    I updated this morning to Photoshop CC 2017 from previous version. This seems to have resolved my printing issue without the need to remove and re-install the printer.

  47. David says:

    Hi Guys.
    Same problem for me after a time machine restore to a new mac and update to Sierra. The solution for me was to reset the printing system from Printer and Scanners in system preferences and then delete all the files in /Library/Printers/, unplug / replug the printer and let it install again. Photoshop (Cs6) seems to be printing ok now (touch wood) on my Epson R2880.

  48. Flameflash says:

    Adobe Photoshop CS3 won’t even launch in macOS Sierra 10.12.2 Beta (16C32f).

  49. pauline says:

    Photoshop CC and Lightroom crashed in Sierra so I deleted them. Photoshop 5 and Lightroom 6 both now crash on printing in Sierra. How do people put up with this ****. I’ll never buy another Mac.

  50. Guido Koppes says:

    Hyrum … >> Made sure all files are running from the computer HDD and not a flash drive << Damn man, my computer hdd IS a flash drive …

    Jeffrey, seriously, when is adobe going to present a solution, since you guys known this for a while now …

  51. James Garrett says:

    I am a video editor, editing 4K on Premiere Pro.
    I need to upgrade to a new MacBook Pro 2016 model because my old Mac computers are over 7 years old and they choke when trying to edit 4K in Premiere Pro. The problem is the new MBP have the OS Sierra 10.12 software and can’t be downgraded to previous OS. Would this mean I can’t run CS6 or CC 2015? Or will there be a fix for this like you say?

  52. Right. Photoshop no longer crashes on print BUT – I am on CC 2017, Sierra OS and have updated my Epson printer driver for the Stylus Pro 3880. After print > print settings > printer settings, I either get an abbreviated window that does not give me paper selection options or I get a window that gives me blank media type drop downs that are not functional.

    • That’s a driver dialog (not a dialog that Photoshop controls/owns). Have you talked to Epson at all?

      • No, I have not talked with Epson… but this morning I did a clean install of both driver and printer and this seems to have resolved the problem (for now).

        • Jeffrey Tranberry says:

          Excellent. My guess is either a stale driver version or stale driver preferences. The steps you did are a way to get back to a fresh driver state. Thanks for closing the loop.

        • lhdowek says:

          Hi Johnny,
          Pleased to see that you found a solution working with Mac OS Sierra 10.12.2, Photoshop CC and Epson printer 3880. I have the Epson 3800 but can’t find a driver – have you got a link and/or advice ?

  53. LUNAR says:

    I use iMac 4k. After install Photoshop cc 2017, I found the black screen flickering problem same problem as I found in cc 2015. Here is the topic about the problem I said.

    I hope Adobe or Apple (or anybody who authorized) will fix it very very soon because this problem last long over one year without fixing…

  54. Shadowfixer says:

    CS6 crashes when printing and it doesn’t happen when printing out of other programs. I have updated Canon drivers, contacted Apple and they all push the problem back to Adobe. After having had photoshop on various operating systems since the beginning I find this very disappointing, especially when some of the documentation says that CS6 is compatible with Sierra. It seems to be for the most part. A simple fix and a disclaimer for future operating system upgrades would have been a nice thing to do, especially for those of us who have been loyal to Photoshop all of these years. With the internet it would not be hard to get the message out that Photoshop will not be compatible with future updates to operating systems. I am really not looking forward to rolling back my operating system so that I can continue to use CS6. Since I do not use Photoshop except for personal projects and the volunteer work that I do for church and other entities there is no strong inclination to use the subscription service that is now the only offering.

  55. THANH NANG PHAM says:

    Is any fix available from Adobe to fix the crash/quit when printing in OS MAC Sierra 10.12.1 with Photoshop CS6? My old printer ESPON 1430 went bad; I just got new printer ESPON P800 and run into this issues. Please advice. Thank you very much for your help.

  56. Leah says:

    I’m printing through Photoshop Elements 11. Have the issue unless I use the “fix” I saw on this thread by pressing space bar when clicking print. Seems to work so far. Hopefully someone is working on a permanent fix.

  57. Shadowfixer says:

    Interesting that you say earlier in this post that we are working on a solution and later in the post that you recommend moving back to an earlier version of the operating system that we are having problems. Canon updated the drivers, apple pushes us back to adobe and adobe says that we either need to move to a later version of Photoshop. The only one that seems to have made any effort here is Canon and now everyone is just pushing it back and forth. That is the message that I get from all of the responses that I have had from the three parties involved. How sad, how strange that Photoshop is the only one of the many programs both photo and otherwise of lesser reputation and sophiistication that has problems with Sierra.

    • We’ve updated CC 2017 for Sierra compatibility. CS6 is now 5 versions/years old and stopped receiving updates in June of 2015.

      • Irene Smith says:

        I sincerely wish I had known this before updating. How hard would it have been to have to let users know this in this day of social media. I have no way of knowing if the printer is compatable with El Capitan if I roll back which is going to be expensive as I will have to pay someone to do it for me. This seems to me a very deliberate way to push users onto CC.

  58. Irene Smith says:

    I have just got a Epson P600 and am trying to print from Photoshop CS6. Each time I try to print it crashes Photoshop. I am using Sierra 10.12.1. The drivers for Epson are up to date and I am at my wits end with this.
    I am reluctant to roll back to El Capitan as I cannot guarantee it would be any different with it. Plus I will need to pay someone to do it for me as I cannot so it so it will be an expensive downgrade if it doesn’t work. Is this the last option for me?

  59. Joey Tranchina says:

    Can a get the complete upgrade from LR 5. to the latest LR 6.7 (not CC) without going through the various 6.0 upgrades, with their high failure rates?

  60. Shadowfixer says:

    On October 24 response to Michael Klein you say that they are working on a solution and now you have changed your position and respond with roll back to an earlier version of Mac os. Shame on you for giving false hope that a solution was in the works and then back tracking.

  61. Felix says:

    “We’ve updated CC 2017 for Sierra compatibility. CS6 is now 5 versions/years old and stopped receiving updates in June of 2015”. How or where do we get the update?

  62. carrere says:

    Since I moove to Sierra, lot of bugs in mys Photoshop CS5.
    The perspective transformation doesn’t woork anymore and when I try to use the tool as the brush, it works not on the point I’m clicking but below.