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5 things we learned at Sundance London

Last week, the film industry was out in force as Sundance Film Festival hit London, and what a festival it was! From Hereditary to Half the Picture, filmmakers, producers and directors from across the globe headed to the Picturehouse Central to showcase their latest productions.

Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or a movie buff, events like Sundance are a great way of bringing the community together, sharing ideas and supporting the talented individuals that make bold, brave films. Read on for five of my top take-outs from the festival…

  1. Make films that matter

When we caught up with Jennifer Fox, Director, Writer and Producer of The Tale we asked her the big question; ‘Why do you make films?’ Her response? ‘Making films is like walking on glass – why would you do it if you’re not challenging the audience or changing the world?’ I couldn’t agree more. When a film has the power to really move an audience and make an impact or a positive difference to society, that’s when filmmaking is a true success. Jennifer’s film explores a painful episode from her past and with #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns continuing to dominate headlines, not just in Hollywood, but across the globe – this is a brave, powerful production highlighting an important issue – exactly what filmmaking is all about.

  1. The sky is the limit with the latest technology

Whether you’re a fully-fledged director or an indie filmmaker who’s just getting started, our tools are enabling anyone and everyone to create incredible stories. Amy Adrion, Director of Half the Picture, edited her entire film using Creative Cloud’s video tools, calling the software “instrumental” to her filmmaking process, as it allowed her to digest and organise countless hours of footage. Not only that, but the tools allowed her to work collaboratively and remotely with the rest of her team. As Amy put it, “it’s now possible to make a feature film from your home office”. Take heed aspiring filmmakers and start your journey!

  1. Follow your vision; the story is in you

Young filmmaker and Sundance Ignite Fellow Charlotte Regan highlighted that you’ve got to make films for no-one but yourself, “If you try and follow someone else’s vision – it just doesn’t work”, she said. This sentiment was echoed by Desiree Akhavan, Director and Screenwriter of The Miseducation of Cameron Post, who said her instincts have led her to gravitate towards certain films. One of the overarching themes of this year’s festival was to celebrate ‘the story inside you,’ so find a subject you’re passionate about, and run with it.

  1. Network, network, network

One of the things you may have been struck by when walking around the festival was just how many fantastic opportunities there are available to young filmmakers looking to break into the industry. Attending events like this are a great way to meet established names in the industry and get valuable advice and experience. Nurturing the next generation of emerging talent, Adobe is teaming up with the Sundance Institute via our Project 1324 partnership to find the next 15 Sundance Ignite Fellows; up and coming young filmmakers who want to create stories that bring their passions, voices, and perspectives to life. Find out more about this year’s Ignite Challenge here.

  1. Never give up

Everyone faces setbacks, even some of the most successful filmmakers out there. Panel discussions over the course of the festival, featured some of the industry’s most talented directors such as Jennifer Fox who shared some words of wisdom, citing tenacity as being key to making it as a filmmaker. As creatives, we’re constantly learning, growing and improving our craft. Crystal Moselle, Director and Screenwriter of Skate Kitchen acknowledged how starting out in the industry can be tough and even intimidating at times. Her advice? Focus on creating, moving forward and never give up.

For more exclusive behind the scenes interviews from Sundance Film Festival: London, head over to our Sundance Playlist on YouTube.

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