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Creativity for All: Adobe digitaliza los pinceles de Keith Haring en Fresco y Photoshop

Descubre cómo trabajamos con Keith Haring Studio para digitalizar su legendario estilo. Descarga estos pinceles gratis para reinventar tu trabajo.

Creativity for All: Adobe digitalizza i pennelli di Keith Haring su Fresco e Photoshop

Scopri come abbiamo lavorato con il Keith Haring Studio per digitalizzare il suo stile leggendario. Scarica i pennelli gratuiti per ricreare e reimmaginare la sua arte.

Creativity for All: Adobe digitalisiert Keith Harings Pinsel für Fresco und Photoshop

“Creativity for all!” Gemeinsam mit dem Keith Haring Studio haben wir ein Pinsel-Set für Adobe Fresco und Photoshop erarbeitet, mit denen ihr in Keith Harings Fußstapfen treten könnt – sowohl stilistisch als auch lokal. Jetzt könnt auch ihr eure Kunstwerke an Orten ausstellen, die allen zugänglich sind.

September 8, 2020 / Adobe Fresco / Adobe Photoshop /

Creativity for All: Adobe digitises Keith Haring’s brushes in Fresco and Photoshop

Adobe is working to preserve and share the works of great artists, putting their tools in the hands of creators all around the world, and in this year’s edition we are working with the Keith Haring Studio to empower designers to create just like Keith did.

A (quick) look at Fresco’s newest features

It wasn’t quite one year ago that we launched Adobe Fresco. It was even less time ago (May actually) that we released a build loaded with new features. So we’re pretty darn happy about this release and the often-requested features and functions in it.

The Continued Evolution of Adobe Fresco

When Adobe Fresco was released to the world last September, the team had a path, and a plan — to give artists, illustrators, and designers the tools they need to create professional work that could be easily exported as final files. Version 1.6 is the most feature-filled release we’ve had, and a giant step forward on that path.