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March 2, 2017 /Adobe Stock /

Celebrating 3 Million Video Assets

Adobe Stock hit another important milestone for our Creative Cloud community this past week – our video collection just surpassed three million clips!

The rapid growth of video in Adobe Stock has corresponded with a similar growth in the licensing of clips. With the unique integration of Stock video inside of our flagship digital video applications like Premiere Pro and After Effects, Adobe Stock offers contributors an easy way to put their video clips in front of millions of active Creative Cloud subscribers.

And those Creative Cloud customers are hungry for content. We continue to witness an explosion of finished media in the marketplace. More and more people need to create and deliver content to an ever-increasing array of devices and screens. In addition, the importance of delivering high-quality, meaningful content has never been greater in our media savvy society and this is where Adobe Stock fits in a world of content creation. Adobe Stock’s video library is full of high-quality content that covers a wide breadth of meaningful and appropriate and with the Creative Cloud infrastructure and integration, is very easy to use and consume.

If you’re interested in becoming a video contributor, you can find out all the details on our Contributor Portal. If you have 500 or more clips and the metadata associated with them in the right format, you can simply mail us your hard drive and we will ingest the content to your account. For all the details, please go here.

Our congratulations and sincere thanks to the many incredible, talented contributors around the world who make the content offering of Adobe Stock so beautiful and valuable to Creative Cloud users everywhere. Now onwards to four million!

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