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Our Upcoming Drawing and Painting App has a New Name: Adobe Fresco

We’re developing a powerful and sophisticated drawing and painting application. Find out more including it’s name, what it can do for you and why you’ll love it…

Dürfen wir vorstellen: Brianna Wettlaufer, neuer Head of Content bei Adobe Stock

Brianna Wettlaufer ist nicht nur Fotografin, sondern auch eine Pionierin im Stock-Bereich. Wir haben mit ihr über ihr ungewöhnliches Kindheits-Hobby gesprochen – Zeitschriftenclippings zu erstellen – und sie gefragt, wie es sich anfühlt eine eigene Stock-Agentur zu gründen. Außerdem verrät sie uns, warum sie überzeugt ist, dass Stockfotografie sich langsam aber sicher von den Vorurteilen befreit und die kreative Community mehr denn je inspiriert.

April 10, 2019 / Creative Business /

The battle to boost creativity in schools across the UK and London

Adobe are partnering with EdTech charity LGfL (London Grid for Learning) to provide access to creative software that will help to equip the next generation of school children with the skills required to thrive in the world of work.

RooM the Agency on Life in the Stock World and Why Authenticity Sells

RooM the Agency is the brainchild of stock-industry veterans who realised there’s always room in the market for high-quality images.

Spring Design Trends from Adobe Stock

Looking for great ways to inspire your creativity in 2019? Adobe Stock templates can help you discover innovative styles and evolving ideas with the latest design trends we’re anticipating for spring…

Top time saving hacks in Illustrator CC and InDesign CC

Kicking off our new short video series of Creative Coffee Breaks, we’ve teamed up with illustrator and graphic design expert Gordon Reid from Middle Boop Studios who has shared a range of time saving tips and tricks to help you speed up your workflow while creating amazing works of art…