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The Perfect Photo: Myth or Reality?

We asked two landscape photographers if high-end equipment, timing, or one extra helicopter lap can lead to the perfect photograph. Or is the concept as mythic as the Loch Ness monster? They each shared a photograph to help frame their thoughts.

Creative Reality: Lush Utopias for Anxious Times

Exploring how the creative world is responding to anxious times, offering us escapes into altered states of reality and colourful, sensual, richly-textured utopias…

Find Your Shot with Photographer Max Muench

We caught up with photographer Max Muench to share his thoughts on finding inspiration in everyday life.

Multilocalism: Local Experiences Meet Global Consciousness

Exploring how consumers’ increasing global consciousness and a yearning for authentic local experiences is shaping visual culture.

Creative Coffee Breaks: Q&A with Alpha Foodie

As part of our Creative Coffee Break series, we caught up with Samira Kazan AKA Alpha Foodie, a hugely successful food and travel blogger, photographer and stylist, on how she got into the industry. 

Announcing Latest Updates to the Lightroom CC Ecosystem

Today we’re proud to release updates to the entire Lightroom CC ecosystem, including updates for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.