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July 1, 2016 /Inspiration /

D&AD New Blood Awards – Meet the winners – Part 2

In the second of our series of posts taking a look at this year’s hugely talented D&AD New Blood Award winners, we meet four more of the winning teams who will be walking away with a coveted award at next week’s ceremony.

Turning Brand Identity Into User Experience

user experience

What inspired your submission?

I read an article about a psychological experiment that shows that people don’t necessary remember visual details of logos which they see every day. This is due to the overload of visual input we experience everywhere we go and our brains are programmed to forget those details.

That’s why I wanted to implement Creative Cloud’s brand into the user’s workflow making the user feel that CC is always with them. I believe that when the user can experience the brand, it creates a stronger bond between those two.

Creative Team: Julia Baulin

College: Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology


Adobe CC Tango

CC tango


What inspired your submission?

Adobe is one of those brands that is defined by its users, so it was a great opportunity to celebrate the user base—in essence, ourselves. iPhone 6 has a print campaign “shot with iPhone 6,” showcasing photos that customers take—but it gives the spotlight to Apple, not its users.

We reversed this concept to celebrate, not Adobe, but the creatives who use Adobe. Because Adobe is a brand that’s defined by its users, we thought that we should make the new branding fluid to encourage everyone to be a part of it.


Creative Team: Marco Russo, Tori Curtis

College: Miami Ad School New York

The New Black


What inspired your submission?

It’s a very personal project grounded in the way I find creative ideas. I wanted to challenge Creative Cloud’s existing visual communication. Currently Creative Cloud features high quality images created by top artists. I respect the authors but the images don’t inspire me. What inspires me is the future, possibilities, and my best work that is yet to be done.

Creative Team: Alexandra Postnikova

College: British Higher School of Art & Design



Adobe CC Broadcast



What inspired your submission?

The inspiration for my idea came from a number of things, one being the live streaming gaming platform, Twitch. It’s impressive that anyone who plays games can now broadcast themselves playing videogames and entertain thousands of viewers.

Another inspiration was groups on Facebook. I am a part of many art and animation related groups, where a huge community of artists will post and share their projects, either simply to show people what they are up to or to get some feedback and help others. It’s amazing, most of these people are in the same industry, they may even compete for the same job one day but all we care about is to help one other create more beautiful pieces of work. I wanted to try and bring qualities like these into one hub, for creatives.

Creative Team: Damon Winterburn



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