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Every act of creation is first an act of destruction

Over 600 people visited the Bump festival in Kortrijk last week to watch Creative Jams with the theme: `Every act of creation is first an act of destruction’. Next to enjoying the Jams the participating creatives could listen to inspiring key notes from international artists such as Gmunk, Mario Klingemann and Jessica Rozsenkrantz on creative coding, technology and design or just to have fun and share creative ideas. On top of that, Bart Van de Wiele, Solution Consultant Digital Media, explained the Creative Cloud updates that where launched on June 21st.

Participants could also battle against each other in one of the six Creative Jams hosted by Adobe Principal Manager of Creative Cloud Evangelism Rufus Deuchler. All of this mixed together turned the first edition of Bump (formerly known as Multi-Mania) into a huge success.

Several young creatives challenged each other in the unique creative experiences that are the Creative Jams. The goal: create the coolest design possible in just 30 minutes. Highlight was the Creative Jam between young superstars Dan Mumford (UK) and Musketon (BE) which could be followed live on Twitch and Facebook. According to Dan Mumford the Jam was quite a challenge but also a lot of good fun: “Bump was a fantastic experience. Normally I spend at least two days creating a piece of work, so to do so within just 60 minutes was quite different!”

Fill your brain with as much garbage as possible

The theme for the Creative Jams was “Every act of creating is first and act of destruction” by Pablo Picasso. Every team interpreted this very differently. Design agency Little Miss Robot even used death as inspiration for their cool skull design. And Dan Mumford and Musketon came up with two very different designs: “Musketon is a great artist, so to be able to work alongside him/against him in the creative jam was great. It was really interesting to see how he worked and how he tackled the brief compared to what I did”, said Dan.

All the artists find their inspiration in very different things. Dan Mumford gets inspired by music, film and comic books. Musketon on the other hand thinks there’s no better way to come up with new ideas than to travel. GMUNK finds his inspiration at flea markets, vintage stores or even Pinterest.

According to Mario Klingemann, it’s even impossible to create truely new things: “Your brain can only work with things you already have in your brain, you can just make new connections. So you have to fill your brain with as much garbage as possible.”

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