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April 2, 2019 /Audiovisual /Update /

Explore the Freeform Project Panel in Premiere Pro

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The new Freeform view expands the Project panel into an open canvas for organising your media and visualising story ideas. Try it yourself! This post shows you how, including instructions and free footage from Adobe Stock, so you can explore the feature – and expand your skillset.

Want to explore other new features? Try out new Content Aware Fill in After Effects and the new Titling tools with Rulers and Guides in Premiere Pro.

Try out the Freeform Project panel

For these exercises you need:

New to Premiere Pro? We have instructions for setting up the project


  1. Organise your footage with Freeform in Premiere Pro

     2. Create and saving layouts in the Freeform Project panel


    3. Create Sequences in the Freeform Project panel

Explore more with free footage from Adobe Stock

Try new Content-Aware Fill in After Effects and the new Titling tools with Rulers and Guides in Premiere Pro, including instructions and free footage from Adobe Stock.

Learn more about the latest release of the Adobe video and audio apps.

Adobe Stock offers over 10 million original video clips.

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