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Five tips for creatives to take your client relationships to the next level

They say it takes two to work on a relationship – this has never been truer than when it comes to client relationships in the creative field, whether you’re working at an agency or are running your own design bureau. We all know that this kind of a relationship can be a tempestuous one, with both sides under time, budget, resource and communication pressures. And we also all probably know too well that these pressures may sometimes lead to a few (ahem) ‘disagreements’ between both parties – issues that can’t always simply be resolved by a make-up cocktail or a tearful speech saying “it’s me, not you….”


Most of the time, you can discuss and resolve any issues with your clients through your one common goal: to create brilliant, on-brand work which produces great results! However, how do you recognise that you’ve got to the point where you need to take rapid action and boost your client relationship? Follow these steps and see if any of the points sound familiar to you…

1. When the trust just isn’t there


2. When there are just too many amends to be made


3. When there is no budget to pay for the amends


4. When the feedback just isn’t helpful


5. When feedback gets…’unusual’ to say the least



No one wants a stalemate, after all – it’s all so much easier if you all get on. But when relationships get a little tricky, how do you (seriously) resolve these issues?

1. Be open and accepting of change

You have to go through change constantly in life. This is one of those circumstances. All parties should be open for when it happens if it is for the long-term good of the project.


2. Clarity

You know that problem you faced with too many amends? Clarity would have really helped then. Clients should realise detail and specifics are key, and creative professionals should use their imagination whenever and wherever possible! After all, that’s what pays the bills.


3. Bring back the appreciation and value for creativity

Creativity gets you noticed! Don’t create just for the sake of creating, but clients and creative pros should remember each other’s roles – you all want to show innovation!


4. Work on your relationships

Just love each other – remember, everyone is on the same side really 😉


5. Be courageous!

Take risks and get noticed for the right reasons – you can do it! (Especially you creative pros!)

So to sum up, we all want to create on-brand, award-winning, brilliant work – so you must work together. Clients and creative life can of course be stressful, but let’s put aside our differences and put our aims first!


Basically, let’s just love each other


If not….


If you take all our advice, you’ll definitely have boosted your client relationships! But if you want to take your creativity to the next level as well, then check out our masterclasses this spring:

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