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Get Into the Summer Groove with Createfulness

We are excited to announce the winners of the #Createfulness summer series. Congratulations to Céleste Guichot, Giuseppe Laterza, Patrick Marx, Sandrine Bascouert, Anna-Maria Koptenko and Luca Burchietti. And a special thanks to everyone who participated—we really hope we helped you bring full awareness to your creative process! What’s next for our lucky winners? They will soon be taking their creativity further with a private letterpress workshop at the Tipoteca in northern Italy with Erik Spiekermann. We can’t wait to see how it goes! And stay tuned for more exciting news coming soon for another chance to take your creativity to the MAX on October 4th.

This summer become more mindful of your creativity. Now that work has slowed down, there’s no better time to free yourself from the client work and hectic deadlines, and see things with a fresh perspective. Bring a higher awareness to your own creative journey and focus on keeping your personal creativity sustainable all year round. This is what we are call practising #Createfulness. Explore Design’s rich past for inspiration that will help you refuel. Learn from today’s leading creatives and design something unexpected with the latest tools. Go further and play hard, as you turn your personal projects into designs for the future.

Refuel with new inspiration.

Throughout the summer, Adobe will be sharing a series of challenges, exclusive vintage downloadable assets, and video tutorials in order to help guide you through a better practice of #Createfulness. Enjoy developing personal projects in your own space and time while you refuel, plus get the chance to win some amazing prizes. Each video features leading creatives at the top of their game in Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, and UX Design. Learn how they are forging their own creative journey in their own unique way and get ready to be inspired by their personal words and work.

Check out the first video with Vasava Studio! Watch as they turn their creative motto into a cool poster design and then take it even further with animation.

To help get your creative juices flowing, Adobe is giving you exclusive vintage design assets that you can download for free and that are curated from the private collection of designer Erik Spiekermann at the Tipoteca Museum in Italy. Compliment your digital designs with original print elements that have been digitised just for you by Erik and his team. Today we may work with the latest tools, but, remember, the designers of the past did exactly the same: creating innovative types and illustrations with the top printers and foundries of the day. And the results are now timeless—illustrations and typography freed from their physical limitations and given a new flexible life in the digital world. These include fun summery elements from the famous Paris-based metal type foundry Deberny & Peignot, an exciting modular typeset from Giulio da Milano, the remarkable Bifur typeface from famous poster designer Adolphe Jean-Marie Cassandre, and many more.

Here’s what else we have coming up in our video series:

  • Akatre Studio will turn a motion graphic into something really personal, thanks to the vintage elements and their own music tracks.
  • Oliur Rahman’s personal passions ignite to create a one-of-a-kind app design.

Create a new practice.

Once you relax with each video, you’ll have a chance to put all that inspiration into practice and work on your very own personal project. Find fresh new ways to challenge your creativity with the vintage elements, the latest tools, and a newfound focus to sharpen your skills. Then share your artwork with Adobe’s Behance community for a chance at the ultimate reward: an exclusive design workshop with Erik Spiekermann at the Tipoteca Museum in northern Italy.

Follow the creative lead of designers like Maïté Franchi, a freelance Illustrator based in France, who created the #Creatfulness hero design. Using the same vintage elements that you will get, Maïté set out to create an original piece in an exciting new way, with the help of Basile Krasnopolsky and Tarwane. “I used the typogram created by Michel Bouchaud, the illustration is very dynamic and modern and I wanted to show a print process,” says Maïté. Cutting out pieces of the vintage elements and using certain textures and patterns to reinvent the design and then animate it, she took her creativity so much further. Here, Maïté illustrates her own personal style, whilst showcasing the vintage inspiration and a cheerful colour palette. Full of summery fun, this multidimensional work helps show off her own personal passions.

How is Maïté practicing #Createfulness this summer?

“The most difficult part is to know when I have to stop working! Recently, I got a major new priority in my life and the balance has changed, and I have learned to give more space to my personal life. But I write down ideas or sketches everywhere, on my phone, about a story I heard in the subway, the shape of a building, going to the market, an outfit I wore. I also listen to a lot of podcasts to get inspired.”

Go further with new creative goals.

With action comes new opportunities to go further and dream bigger. As summer fades into autumn, keep your newly achieved creative mindfulness soaring. Stay connected to the online creative community and discover new opportunities when you join the 2nd online European Creative Jam. Early October we will give you the chance to take the tools and skills you practised during the summer and try them out with new assets, new creatives, and a new grand prize. And, to better support your creative journey, you’ll also be earning the chance to go to Adobe MAX 2019 – The Creativity Conference in Los Angeles.

Adobe wants you to take your #Createfulness into the rest of the year to help you stay focused on your own personal creativity as you keep discovering new ways to be innovative and on top of what’s next in design. Make the most out of the tools and assets Adobe gives you this summer to explore greater #Createfulness and get a new outlook on what you can do next. Take the time for you own creative journey as you join the online Adobe community and take part in the creative challenges. Get started by joining us today!

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