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January 31, 2019 /Creative Business /Design /

Havas Paris Creative Teams Dissolve Cross-Functional Barriers

Havas Paris Creative Teams Dissolve Cross-Functional Barriers

When creatives collaborate effectively, the results can be powerful. Creative agency Havas Paris understands this as well as anyone—its cross-functional teams that span design, development, video, copy, and more are key to delivering work that shines.

But with this collaboration comes complexity, and under pressure from clients to produce more content faster Havas Paris could no longer afford the delays and confusion that came from searching for assets and passing files back and forth. To keep up with the relentless pace of change and take collaboration to the next level, the agency standardised on Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise.

Creative Cloud Libraries helps Havas creatives in different roles share assets and hand off work more fluidly by keeping all client-specific assets and graphic elements in one place. That means faster delivery and flawless execution of a range of client projects, with more room to experiment.

“Our work with Adobe was crucial to bringing creative staff together on a shared platform,” says Thierry Grouleaud, Deputy General Manager, Havas Paris. “The technology allows us to break down barriers between various creative professions.”

One great example of how the agency is pushing the creative envelope is its innovation studio, LabFab, which brings together creatives in a dynamic maker space to produce innovative new content. Whether working in the LabFab or producing content for client projects, Havas creative pros can use Adobe Premiere Rush CC to produce polished videos and quickly post them online or Adobe XD CC to design and test UX prototypes in minutes. Adobe Stock also makes it easy to find the right stock images for clients in less time.

As a result, Havas Paris is better able to keep up with rapid change and deliver on rising client expectations, providing a wide range of expertise in a highly integrated agency model.

Learn more about how Havas Paris is benefitting from Adobe Creative Cloud and watch here.

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