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Introducing The Hovering Art Director Action Figure

Introducing the Hovering Art Director Action Figure

Do you ever feel like your boss is lurking over your shoulder? Now you can experience that feeling all the time with our talking Hovering Art Director action figure.

What is the Hovering Art Director?  

In March, we rolled out our Hovering Art Director campaign with a funny-because-it’s-true viral video that earned more than one million organic views across social media. The spot highlights the creative challenges designers face while working with opinionated art directors, along with a  solution – Adobe Stock. If you haven’t seen the video yet, watch it now.

The struggle is real – but let’s make it fun

This month, we’re bringing back our bigger-than-life Hovering Art Director – in miniature form. Introducing the talking Hovering Art Director action figure, complete with geometric tattoos, limited-edition sneakers, skinny jeans, and a notebook full of award-winning ideas. Looking for feedback on your project? Tap him on the head and he’ll say one of his iconic, albeit irritating, catchphrases.

How to get your hands on one

There are two chances to get your own Hovering Art Director action figure:

  1. Share your best Hovering Art Director one-liner on social: If the words “Make it pop” and “We need to think about a millennial strategy” cause you to cringe, this is the competition for you. Between May 8-May 21, visit the contest website and use the template to share your quote for the chance to win.
  2. Join us live: On June 7, we’re hosting two live stream sessions on YouTube. In these 2-hour, interactive sessions led by Paul Trani, senior Creative Cloud evangelist, and designers Chuck Anderson, Colin Smith and Lisa Carney, you’ll dive into a real project as you create your own ad for WolfBear ginger beer using Adobe Stock assets. We’ll be giving away action figures during the live streams. Learn more and register here.


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