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Motion Stock: How to Move Forward with Video

From documentaries and movies to mainstream TV programs and commercials, stock footage is everywhere. Adobe Stock customers are looking for a wide range of clips spanning lifestyle, business, nature, animation, drone footage, green screens, and more.

For photographers, adding stock video to your portfolio can expand your range and boost the revenue you can make from sales. As a Adobe Stock contributor, you’ll receive 35% royalties on every video sale. HD videos sell for £47.99 and 4K clips are priced at £120.

If you’re interested in selling your videos to a global audience of creative buyers on Adobe Stock, here are our best tips to get started.

Image source: Adobe Stock / AA+W

What to shoot

  • Focus on what you know and enjoy, whether that’s time-lapses, drone footage, or lifestyle videos.
  • If you’re a photographer, take advantage of shoots and capture footage as well as still images.  It’s a great opportunity to become more familiar with capturing moving content.

General shooting tips

  • If possible, shoot in 4K. Adobe Stock will automatically downsize files and offer customers various resolutions to purchase. This both gives you more products to sell and future-proofs your content with the higher 4K resolution.
  • Shoot at standard frame rates: 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60.
  • Use a monopod or gimbal to stabilise the shot. Keep the camera still and let the action happen in front of the lens.
  • Make sure your content is colour graded.  Colour straight from the camera is fine, as long as it was not recorded in a “Log” setting.  Footage shot in Log needs to be doctored before it can be submitted.
Image source: Adobe Stock / Jacob Lund

Legal guidelines

  • Avoid logos or trademarks — that includes on clothing, shoes, phones, and other personal items. It’s best to avoid them in the shot, but you can also scrub them out in post-production, if you need.
  • Any recognisable person or property will require a model or property release.

File formats

  • We accept MOV, MPG, MP4, and AVI formats.
  • Maximum size for upload is 3.9 GB.
  • Minimum length is 5 seconds, maximum is 60 seconds. Let the content of the footage determine the length.
  • Recommended codec is ProRes or H.264, but we also accept MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Motion JPEG (MJPEG), PNG, DNxHD and DNxHR.
Image source: Adobe Stock / Mihail


  • List your keywords in order of importance — the first 10 keywords are the most important. Make sure any important words from your title are also included in the keywords.
  • Clips can be silent or have ambient sound. If voices are clearly recognisable, you must supply model releases. Music is not accepted.
  • Adobe Stock currently only accepts horizontal videos.

For the full lowdown on how to sell your videos on Adobe Stock, watch the recording of our webinar.

Looking for a little inspiration? Check out our showreels featuring the best of our video collection.

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