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Nordic Creative Talent Award winners: Daniel Brokstad is designing cool fortune cookies

Approaching every work with an innovative sense and having the ability to mix different techniques and apply them to everything from fortune cookies to corporate identity design.

Graphic Designer Daniel Brokstad from Norway from Norway won one of Adobe’s acknowledged Nordic Creative Talent Awards last year:

Read the jury’s motivation for selecting Daniel Brokstad:

”Approaching every work with an innovative sense and having the ability to mix different techniques and apply them to everything from fortune cookies to corporate identity design. Therefore Daniel Brokstad deserves the title Creative Talent.”




“For the launch of the website we had a campaign to tease people about the new portal being launched. is meant to serve as a cultural portal of events coming up, so people can have a good overview of what’s happening in the district, with the slogan “What’s happening, before it’s happening” – becase of this, we used fortune cookies to tease people of what was to come,” says Daniel Brokstad.



Daniel is currently traveling the world while working as a freelancer. He gets inspiration from his travels, experiencing new cultures, art galleries and design blogs. His main focus is on packaging, branding and typography. He also uses many illustrations in his design.


Lervig started their brewery back in 2003, and now as it’s their 10th anniversary they decided to make a limited edition beer as a celebration, only sold directly at the brewery. “The design tells the story of how it started with key words that changed from where they started and where they are now through a typography solution, that falls in similar old style category as the design style of their previous beers. The four pack consisted of 2 of each 2003 and 2013 editions and a little surprise as you open it you’re welcomed with “Enjoy your lervig” written under the closing mechanism. The design was printed as silver on pure black to emphasise both the exclusivity of the limited edition beer and a suitable combination for their anniversary,” says Daniel Brokstad.


”As a multidisciplinary designer I like to deliver the full design service myself of both doing the design and illustrations, without needing to outsource the latter. I often blend in custom typography in my design as well, which also tends to be on the illustrative side,” says Daniel Brokstad.

How does it feel to be a winner of the Nordic Creative Talent Award?

”To a certain degree is kind of unreal. In the sense that I always look to others for inspiration for their good work, not thinking about my own design as the inspiration.”


“nord.lys” is the debut solo album to Norwegian artist Geir Strandenæs Larsen. He plays handpan music inspired by the beautiful Norwegian nature, in a relaxing manner. “Nordlys” in Norwegians means “northern nights”, which takes center stage on the album by having a wave/ribbon inspired by the northern lights flow through. The CD itself is blank with white print on it, and the reflections on the surface is representing the northern light. Each copy of the album contains a purchase certificate, which is signed and numbered, everything is packed together in a dark folded paper, stamped and wax sealed by Geir himself to add a personal touch to each album.


Daniel Brokstad uses Illustrator, Photoshop Indesign and sometimes Dreamweaver and After Effects whenever needed. His favourite tool is the Pen Tool in Illustrator:

”Saying the Pen Tool is the best feature of Illustrator sounds too simple of an answer, but actually it just works so well,” says Daniel Brokstad.

Parallel Darkness

Parallel Darkness is an abstract illustration series focusing on the parallels between how we view and recognise figurative elements in contrast to the same elements being distorted beyond recognition under different rules and logic.



Meet Daniel Brokstad in this video:

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The Nordic Creative Talent Award celebrates the most outstanding talents under 28 years of age, active within the fields of graphic design, digital art, photography, video, motion graphics and imagination. Anyone can nominate a young talent practising in the fields of design, graphic design, digital art, photography, video, motion graphics or web design for this award. A jury will select two winners from each country (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland).

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Daniel Brokstad

Portrait_DanielloresAge: 28
Country: Norway
City: Stavanger
Education: Communication design, RMIT University
Occupation: Graphic Designer

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