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Nordic Creative Talent Award winners: Ermir Peci has got a unique attitude

A unique attitude is found in his own clothing collection, visual identities for DJ collectives and the magazine featuring his own internet browser history.

Designer Ermir Peci from Sweden won one of our Nordic Creative Talent Awards.

Read the jury’s motivation for selecting Ermir Peci:

”One of the most wonderful things to bring to our business is a unique attitude. It’s found in his own clothing collection, visual identities for DJ collectives and the magazine featuring his own internet browser history. Therefore Ermir Peci deserves the title Creative Talent.”



“Sui Generis is the name of the capsule collection I chose to create as my self-titled graduation project in graphic design at Berghs SoC. The clothing collection explores the quest for an identity and the rootless limbo that has been affecting my life for 27 years. As a second generation immigrant, with one foot in Sweden and one in Kosovo, the feeling of being rootless has always been evident. This led me to identify myself with the concept of being “sui generis”, the latin term for “in a class or group of its own” or “not like anything else,” says Ermir Peci. The project won “Best Graduation”-project in the design category.



He started doing designs in 2010. His clothing collection was a graduation project to discover new parts of his own identity:

”I didn’t know of clothing design and how the fusion between concept and fashion would work. I’ve always looked at things and wondered why do they look like they do. I like the problem-solving part of it to communicate the essence of the brand. I like making brands speak to people and give them personalities,” says Ermir Peci who gets inpiration from e.g. reading books:

”Just a couple of sentences can inspire me to create something.”


Good Good is an independent dj-collective from Stockholm breaking new ground in our Sweden. “For the summer premiere of our club at Trädgården in Stockholm, a brand new identity was launched together with merchandise for the members of the project,” says Ermir Peci.


But how does it feel to be a winner of the Nordic Creative Talent Award?

”I feel really blessed. It’s a good receipt for all the hard work and be considered one of these geniuses. It is an honor,” says Ermir Peci.


Young Lions Sweden is a contest for young creatives under 28 years old working in agencies. “We were given a brief determined by the discipline of your craft. The client this year was Diabetesförbundet, who wanted more members to their organisation. Kim Dion-Laplante and my solution was to make an invisible illness visible. Through openness, low thresholds for memberships and a higher purpose we gave the organisation a new face. Today Sweden is a nation of 12 bigger languages. By changing the name and the communication to english we made the organisation more accessible for a bigger part of the Swedish people. The Swedish Diabetes Association is for every one,” says Ermir Peci. The project won gold in Young Lions Sweden.


Ermir uses all applications in Adobe Creative Cloud. The go-to programs are Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

”My favourite tool is Photoshop’s Content Aware – it saves me a lot of time of work, I also like the new feature in Illustrator, where you can round edges really quickly,” says Ermir Peci.


“Browser is my interpretation of the digital era we live in. The magazine is an analogue and tactile web browser, where all my browser history is stored. Every entry in the magazine is filled with authentic content,” says Ermir Peci.


Meet Ermir Peci in this video:

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Ermir Peci

Ermirprofile300x450loresAge: 27
Country: Sweden
City: Stockholm
Education: Berghs SoC
Occupation: Creative Director, At Night – New Business

Design, Graphic Design, Inspiration

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