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Nordic Creative Talent Award winners: Mathias Høst Normark is combining creativity with technology

Always the innovator, breaking new ground when combining creativity with technology, especially in the field of UX.

Design Director Mathias Høst Normark from Denmark won one of our Nordic Creative Talent Awards.

The jury’s motivation for selecting Mathias Høst Normark was:

”Always the innovator, breaking new ground when combining creativity with technology, especially in the field of UX. Ranging from the Guggenheim Museum to mileage apps for business trips. Therefore Mathias Høst Normark deserves the title Creative Talent.”


Changing the way healthcare works. Collective Health is creating the health insurance experience we all want and deserve, starting by fixing what’s broken for US employers, who bear the brunt of most of the US’s private healthcare costs. Mathias Høst Normark did the Art direction and design.



He started designing when the movie Helvetica came out and used the typeface Helvetica all the time:

”Then I came to a phase where I maybe used it too much and started using other typefaces. But the last two years I’ve gotten back to more timeless typefaces like Helvetica,” says Mathias Høst Normark.


“I am the Co-founder & Designer at “80” – a mileage book for business trips. It keeps track of your driving and export your trips when you need to file expense reports, do your taxes or other deductions,” says Mathias Høst Normark.


He is very inspired by Dieter Rams and the Bauhaus movement and the idea of scraping things down to the essentials.

But how does it feel to be a winner of the Nordic Creative Talent Award?

”I feel honoured to be considered a creative talent. Especially because it is an award for the Nordics and not only in Denmark. I took my second education at Hyper Island in Sweden, and I have worked together with creatives from the Nordics and all over the World. I think it is a privilege to be nominated.”


Revelator is the only platform you need to run a music business. Revelator solves today’s music business challenges by integrating sales, marketing, accounting and analytics into one unified system to provide unprecedented transparency, simplicity and efficiency for both independent artists and record labels. Mathias Høst Normark did the art direction and design.


Mathias uses Photoshop for digital works, and develops supporting graphics in Illustrator, and uses InDesign as well.

”The best features are e.g. the integration of TypeKit. It is helping a digital designer like me a lot and also the Artboards in Photoshop are a fantastic help to me,” says Mathias Høst Normark.

Meet Mathias Høst Normark in this video:

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Mathias Høst Normark

mathiashnormark_profilelorsAge: 27
Country: Denmark
City: Copenhagen
Education: Interactive Art Director, Hyper Island.
Occupation: Founder & Design Director at Norgram

Design, Graphic Design, Inspiration

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