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June 5, 2017 /Design /Photography /

OFFF Inspirations: Musketon

Last month, the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona hosted OFFF 2017. Over the course of three days creatives from all over the world showcased and discussed the most avant-garde trends in design, advertising, cinema, television and editorial art.

Here Musketon, the freelance illustrator and author of the book ‘Vector City’, provides a lowdown on all the best bits from the show.

Adobe: What – and who – is motivating your work at the moment?

Musketon: I get inspired by the people I meet and the things I see around me. I don’t buy magazines or books to get inspired. Just walking around in an inspiring city as Barcelona is enough for me. At OFFF, lots of people inspired me. For instance, I bumped into this girl at OFFF who organised an Instagram-challenge called ’36 days of type’. I decided to give it a go and absolutely loved it.

Adobe: How was OFFF 2017 in Barcelona?

Musketon: It was great. I cannot say one bad word about it. It was great to see all these creative people together and everyone was friendly and open. What makes OFFF so great, is that you have a very interesting mix of people there. I met designers, photographers, illustrators,… It’s great to see so much talent together. I was really impressed.

Adobe: Have you been to OFFF before? How was this visit different to previous years?

Musketon: I went last year as well, but the experience was completely different. Last year I was there as a speaker, so I was incredibly nervous. I’ve done a lot of talks prior to OFFF16. But I feel like my talk at OFFF was a tipping point in my career. I talked about my work for clients and how I live my life as a creative. I enjoyed talking at OFFF, but due to the high-quality work from other speakers, I felt a bit out of place. I’m not saying my work isn’t OFFF worthy though! So I flew back home and completely redefined Musketon and myself. That’s how ‘Vector City’ was created.  This year, I was a lot more relaxed and I just enjoyed the experience.

Adobe: Describe the atmosphere at OFFF and in the city of Barcelona. What was it like being surrounded by so many wonderfully creative people?

Musketon: Amazing. Barcelona is the perfect background for OFFF. The weather was great, the hotel was nice and it was a lot of fun to hang out with all the other creatives. I spent a lot of time hanging out with the people from Adobe and the people they invited. I’m always excited to meet new people and hearing about their adventures. Adobe employee Nienke shared her insights on the wonderful world of Yoga. Today I’m using her tips and tricks in Yoga class and feel that it helps me the be a calm creative. I’m very prone to stress and constantly working so now I finally can find some time to relax my mind which helps me to come up with new ideas.

Adobe: What were your highlights and stand-out experiences from OFFF? What design trends did you see?

Musketon: Motion and 3D are definitely hot these days. I love seeing what people can create. I’m an illustrator and focus on 2D images. So I’m always blown away by animation and 3D shapes.

Adobe: Who were the top 5 inspirational creative artists at OFFF that really stood out for you, and why?

Musketon: Gmunk: I’ve seen him many times before, and his keynotes are always good. It’s not just a presentation, it’s truly an act and I really like that. In general, I think all the speakers are great, so it’s hard for me to pick five. I get inspired by most of them and I think the diversity is great.

Adobe: How will your learnings inspire your work going forward? Was there anything you’ll put into your practice?

Musketon: I bumped into Dan Mumford and he was giving a workshop on mobile app design and I decided to join in. He introduced me to Adobe Sketch on the iPad Pro and I was really impressed by that. I decided to buy an iPad Pro myself and started experimenting with it. It’s really the only thing I use the iPad for. So that’s definitely something I take home from OFFF.


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