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Famous typographer Jean-François Porchez and his team organise this summer a 5-week typeface design programme. In addition to this programme, called Type@Paris, they will host weekly talks every Wednesday, delivered by famous international designers and typographers. Adobe and Typekit are both partners of this unique series of talks about creativity, design and typography and here’s the good news: we will live stream all the talks! If you’re interested in following, here is the full agenda and links to the live streams.


Wednesday, June 17 – Nadine Chahine

works-tyrsa-nadineNadine Chahine  is an award-winning Lebanese type designer working as the Arabic and Legibility Specialist at Monotype. She has a MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading (UK) and a PhD from Leiden University (the Netherlands). Nadine’s research focus is on eye movement and legibility studies for the Arabic, Latin and Chinese scripts.

Her talk will happen at 8PM (London time) / 9PM (Paris time) and you can follow the live stream here.


Wednesday, June 24 – Jeremy Tankard

Jeremy Tankard is a famous type designer. Since graduating at the Royal College of Art, Jeremy has gained a worldwide reputation for the high quality and unique designs of his typefaces. His library of typefaces is always expanding and includes several established types such as Bliss, The Shire Types and Aspect.

His talk will happen at 8PM (London time) / 9PM (Paris time) and you can follow the live stream here.


Wednesday, July 1 – Claudia de Almeida & Henrik Kubel

Claudia de Almeida is an award-winning Art Director, graphic design instructor and lover of all things related to letterforms. Claudia worked for nearly 10 years as a designer and Art Director in New York before moving to San Francisco in 2013 to serve as Design Director at WIRED. She has worked for The New York Times, T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Blender, More Magazine, New York Magazine, Domino Special Editions, Gourmet Special Editions and Men’s Health.

If you want to follow her talk, tune in at 7PM (London time) / 8PM (Paris time) and follow the live stream here.


Henrik Kubel is a partner in London-based design and typography office A2/SW/HK + A2-TYPE. He recently designed typefaces for Paul Davis, The Independent Newspaper, Aperture magazine, Android, Airbnb, Expedia, Moscow Metro and the New York Times Magazine. He used to teach at Royal College of Art and he is a member of AGI, Alliance Graphique Internationale.

Stay tuned for Henrik’s talk at 8PM (London time) / 9PM (Paris time) and follow the live stream here.


Wednesday, July 8 – Laurence Madrelle & Lucas de Groot

Laurence Madrelle created the studio LM communiquer in 1987. Right now, in 2015, the limits of the city are being pushed beyond the circular road surrounding Paris: the big challenge of the 21th century. This is where Laurence Madrelle likes to spend her design time. Laurence designs exclusively for the public domain in France: among others, the subjects range from culture, heritage, history, memory, education, health to architecture and urbanism…

If you’re interested in her talk, make sure to tune in at 7PM (London time) / 8PM (Paris time) and follow the live stream here.


Dutch type designer Luc(as) de Groot is best known for his superfamily Thesis: TheSans, TheSerif, TheMix, TheAntiqua, with monospaced and even Arabic variants. He designed custom fonts for periodicals such as Taz, Die Tageszeitung, Der Spiegel and Jungle World in Germany, Le Monde, Metro, and the Brazilian newspaper Folha de S.Paulo. He also designed corporate type for international companies like Sun Microsystems, Bell South, Heineken, Volkswagen and Miele. For Microsoft he developed Consolas, the successor of Courier, and Calibri, the new default typeface in MS Word.

If you want to follow his talk, tune in at 8PM (London time) / 9PM (Paris time) and follow the live stream here.


Wednesday, July 15 – Loran Stosskopf & Erik Spiekermann

Loran Stosskopf, born in 1978, graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and continued his studies at the Cooper Union School of Art in New York. After a stint with the Atelier de Création Graphique, he began his professional career with the Pentagram design studio in London. Since 2002, he has also done international work in the fields of press, art, fashion and architecture.

Make sure to follow his talk at 7PM (London time) / 8PM (Paris time) by following the live stream here.


Erik Spiekermann is an art historian, printer, type designer (Meta, Officina, Unit, Info, Fira, among others), information architect and author. Founder MetaDesign ’79, FontShop ’89. Honorary Royal Designer for Industry Britain 2007. TDC Medal & National German Lifetime Achievement Award 2011. Now he works at Edenspiekermann, with offices based in Berlin, San Francisco and Amsterdam. He lives in Berlin, London and San Francisco. A book about his life and work, ‘Hello I am Erik’, was published by Gestalten Verlag in 2014.

If you ant to follow his talk, tune in at 8PM (London time) / 9PM (Paris time) and follow the live stream here.


I invite you to book these evenings in your calendar and I hope to see you soon online.

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